FRI NIGHT VIDEO: Great Wolfrey - Perfect Yorkshire Gritstone

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Aug/2014
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Great Wolfrey... the best gritstone crag you've never been to?

It certainly looks that way in this excellent video from Dave Sutcliffe. Dave and team headed up there and knocked out a load of the classic routes, plus a few new ones for good measure.

With perfect grey gritstone, a peaceful outlook, and a spread of highball style wall climbs, Great Wolfrey is a brilliant summer gritstone venue - if you can find it!

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It needs some traffic to keep things clean. It will hardly get hordes being a long walk with very boggy sections. Park at Grimwith reservoir and walk clockwise around it crossing two brooks at the NW end then when...
Offwidth - 03 Aug 2014

What!??! It's a nice little video that could inspire, what, 4 or 5 parties to make the trek out there. I think you overestimate by several thousand orders of magnitude the effect that a clip on UKC will have on a crag.
Jon Stewart - 03 Aug 2014

I despair, I really do. Can't we all just leave these places alone? Articles such as this remove the adventure of remote unpopular crags, take away the surprise of the discovery. Reading the guidebook should give...
3leggeddog - 03 Aug 2014

About the access issues, YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol 1 says "There has been problems in the past but the crag is undoubtedly on access land". However, It later goes on to say that there's only one permitted...
Nathaniel Larsson - 03 Aug 2014

Minor problems now. CRoW means access is OK most times but there are agreed closures around the shooting season. The track is really boggy as you reach the bird pens so a couple of dry days is best in the warmer months...
Offwidth - 03 Aug 2014

This news story has been read 5,920 times
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