Emma Twyford Flashes Bucket Dynasty - Lakes E7

by Duncan Campbell - UKC Aug/2014
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+Emma Twyford climbing Yukan II, E6/7 6b, Nesscliffe, 176 kb
Emma Twyford climbing Yukan II, E6/7 6b, Nesscliffe
UKC News, Jul 2014
© Ollie Cain

On a recent trip to the Lake District with James McHaffie (Caff), top British climber Emma Twyford made an impressive flash ascent of Bucket Dynasty, E7 6b, at Dove Crag (Dovedale).

The pair headed up to the Lakes and went straight to Dove Crag, where after warming up on Outside Edge, E5 6b, Emma flashed her second E7, Bucket Dynasty, placing gear as she went. Emma described how the ascent went:

"I rather bravely or stupidly asked Caff to take out all the gear so I could place it on lead as some of the placements come mid crux... The moves were big in the crux but I managed to get in the zone and was only shaking placing the gear mid-crux once I had a moment to stop and think... I was so chuffed when I got to the top as its given E7 with a french 7c tech grade. I'd had to fight hard and it meant a lot as my first lakes E7."

Despite being E6 in old guidebooks, Bucket Dynasty was confirmed as E7 with french 7c climbing by Caff, who onsighted the route along with Dusk till Dawn, E7 6b, before Emma climbed it.

This is Emma's second E7 flash after she flashed Yukan II, E6/7 6b, at Nesscliffe last month (UKC News Report and pictured right), with Emma also being the second British woman to climb E9, with an ascent of Rare Lichen, E9 6c, at Gribin Facet in North Wales (UKC Interview).

Emma Twyford is sponsored by: DMM, Five Ten and Rab

Forums ( Read More... | 22 comments, 14 Aug 2014 )
About 20+ years ago! Sorry can't be any more accurate than that, I've never kept any log. I would expect it was either the year the route was first done or very close as Doug, didn't know the route's name or the grade...
davehinton - 14 Aug 2014

Doug's onsight of this route was done in typical Doug style. 'I think someone has done a new route up here Dave, it looks good, and it looks like there's a slot for a friend in that wall'. 5 mins later and about 50ft...
davehinton - 14 Aug 2014

If you think that was bad you should have seen some of the things on Scafell that the Lamb/Botteril team gave E4. Quite a few went several years without a repeat: Caradhras, Cullinan and SOS have just five ascents...
Bob - 08 Aug 2014

Ooof E4! I was just mildly teasing when I said 'the Lakes' spiritual home of undergrading'! But E4... perhaps I wasn't! I was going to say that it's a shame it wasn't included in Extreme Rock... but there again,...
jon - 08 Aug 2014

No photos on UKC of North Buttress routes. Awkward place to get good shots, the best I have seen are in the latest FRCC guide. Well done Emma, I ran out of options ( for me) after seven routes to E5. I have checked...
Rick Graham - 08 Aug 2014

Firstly, another great effort from Emma. You have the benefit of having been to Dove I assume and perhaps even done the route? Most people reading this will have no idea what Dove is like or what the route involves,...
Arms Cliff - 08 Aug 2014

This news story has been read 7,953 times
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