FRIDAY NIGHT VIDEO - Arc'teryx Lakeland Revival

by Rob Greenwood - UKC 29/Aug/2014
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This week's Friday Night Video is a celebration of Arc'teryx's Lakeland Revival initiative.

With a lot of routes in the Lakes not getting climbed enough, Arc'teryx wanted to remind people that the climbing here is still some of the best in the UK. With the help of local shops, Needle Sports and The Climbers Shop, Arc'teryx put together a list of 50 classic routes that need reviving.

With stunning camera work from Nick Brown, as well as entertaining footage of Ryan Pasquil and Katy Whittaker getting in and amongst the cleaning themselves, it will hopefully encourage you to get off the beaten track a bit this weekend.

For more information about the Lakeland Revival click here.

Katy Whittaker Arc'teryx and Five Ten

Ryan Pasquil Arc'teryx and Boreal

Forums ( Read More... | 27 comments, 03 Sep 2014 )
What a great marketing campaign. Really impressive idea to not just promote Arc'teryx with some competition but actually get people out there and do some lesser travelled routes. Shame the climbers involved did not seem...
mike lawrence? - 03 Sep 2014

I can vouch for that, having done it in 1975, a couple of months after it was dug out. We were down from Scotland, completely ignorant of recent Lakes development, and at the crag to do Great End Pillar, a sixties route...
Martin Bennett - 02 Sep 2014

The whole crag was basically dug out of the hillside - the first time I did Great End Corner in the early 1980s there was still a huge pile of debris maybe 20ft deep at the base, originally it was reckoned at nearly...
Bob - 02 Sep 2014

What!? The FRCC guides have long been ahead of the game, you have to go back to the 1960s to find hard to use guides from that stable. If a guide has been out of print it has been only for a year or so though I'm...
Bob - 02 Sep 2014

There is a reason for the lack of climbing in the Lakes and that is that for a long time the guidebooks have either been out of print, hard to get hold of or just plain difficult to use. Note that the most popular...
richy381 - 02 Sep 2014

I'm not sure if you are trying to parody someone - yourself maybe - or are serious? If the latter, ownership of what do you think is being grabbed for? I can see that the commercial sponsorship of climbing films can be...
TobyA - 01 Sep 2014

This news story has been read 5,420 times
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