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Patagonia - The Corkscrew soloed, Torre Traverse and more...

Patagonia is not known for stable conditions and climbers visiting the mountains here speak of the elusive "weather window." However, in the last few weeks, a startling number of solos, traverses and first female ascents have been accomplished in marginally decent...

REVIEW: The North Face Point Five NG Jacket and Pants

N amed after one of the most famous ice climbs on The Ben, the Point Five NG wears its intended purpose on its sleeve. This shell jacket and matching pants (when did we...

DESTINATION GUIDE: Climbing in Ethiopia

E thiopia is part of the Horn of Africa, it is the oldest African independent country and it is 4.6 times larger than the UK . It covers 1.13 million Km², and has the...
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Grivel Sigma Twingate

Grivel have revolutionised the world of carabiners with the advent of the Twin Gate system. This new design improves carabiner safety, massively, while making them quicker and easier to use than a classic screw gate they replace.

The Sigma Twingate is a classic offset carabiner for to be used in place of a normal snap link or wherever you want to add extra security like on your cams, hexes or on your last quick draw before a crux.

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COMPETITION: Win a SNAP Air Cell Technology Pad

Snap are a French climbing company, formed in 1996 and still run independently by it's founding creator, nicknamed Snapman When Snap brought out the Wrap 2 years ago...

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Three pitches up La Spada di Damocle with views of Sassongher, Colfosco and...
James Rushforth

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