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Crimpy Slab. Back Bowden, Nothumberland.Russell Lovett407-Feb-14
Crimping on Crimp Slab Back Bowden,.Russell Lovett306-Feb-14
Crimp Slab, Back Bowden Northumberland.Russell Lovett104-Feb-14
Cheviot Sunset.chrismidd107-Dec-13
Hard Reign Direct, Back Bowden Doors.Russell Lovett404-Dec-13
Hard Reign Direct.Russell Lovett304-Dec-13
Yellow Bee Orchid=Ophrys LuteaRussell Lovett304-Jul-13
Sawfly Orchid-Ophrys Tenthredinifera.Dazl223-Apr-13
Barbary Nut-Gynandriris Sisyrinchium.Russell Lovett122-Apr-13
Bertolonis Bee Orchid-Ophrys BertoloniiRussell Lovett222-Apr-13
Bertoloni,s Bee Orchid-Ophrys Bertolonii.Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
Mirror Orchid- Ophrys Speculum. Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
Snow in Mallorca?Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
LayersRussell Lovett115-Apr-13
View East from the Serra Del Cavall Bernat Ridge, Mallorca.Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
A busy day on The Curtain.Russell Lovett430-Mar-13
Paul Wilkie seconding The sphinx nose traverseFranco Cookson212-Mar-13
The Curtain. Ben Nevis.Russell Lovett418-Feb-13
Ledge Rote, Ben Nevis Feb 2013.Russell Lovett112-Feb-13
The Cow Bar search and rescue team spring into action.Russell Lovett720-Jan-13
Dan Varian on The First Leaning Groove, Bowden Doors.IanMcC203-Dec-12
Sam Spence on Birch tree wall Brimham.Wizzy219-Oct-12
Dusk over The Borders from Bowden Doors.Madden215-Oct-12
Velvet Bolete/Suillus Variegatus, Kyloe In The Woods.Russell Lovett214-Oct-12
Fly Agaric/Amanita Muscaria. Kyloe In The Woods, Northumberland.Russell Lovett411-Oct-12
Kyloe Crag on a clear sunny October day.chrismidd209-Oct-12
Coldstream Corner. Kyloe Crag Northumberland.Russell Lovett108-Oct-12
Looking out from Bowden Doors, Northumberland at dusk.Russell Lovett108-Oct-12
High Cup Nick from the valley floor.David Dear217-Sep-12
Northumberland Sunset. Shaftoe Cragschrismidd106-Sep-12
Nightfall, Shaftoe Crags Northumberland. Russell Lovett106-Sep-12
Nico Tardy, Lost Cause, Back Bowden Doors.Madden104-Sep-12
Wave Wall in the evening sun, Bowden Doors.Mike421203-Sep-12
Northumberland View, at dusk.Russell Lovett120-Aug-12
Twistelton Scar. Bee Orchid/Ophrys apifera.Russell Lovett526-Jun-12
Bee Orchid/Ophrys apifera. Twistelton Scars.Russell Lovett224-Jun-12
Pyramidal Orchid/Anacamptis pyramidalis, Twistelton Scar.Russell Lovett122-Jun-12
Bidean Nam Bian Dazl321-Jun-12
Looking back towards Seathwaite on the way up to climb on Gable.chrismidd121-Jun-12
View from Stanage.Russell Lovett319-Jun-12
Weissmies 4017m Saas Valley.Russell Lovett117-Jun-12
Helvellyn from St Sunday Crag.shaun walby228-Apr-12
Did he stick it yes he did.Toby316-Apr-12
Dan Varian off his new project which was to become Empty the bones of you.Russell Lovett216-Apr-12
Corvus Hand Traverse.Russell Lovett110-Apr-12
The Hand Traverse, Corvus, Borrowdale.Russell Lovett310-Apr-12
Lord of all he surveysRussell Lovett109-Apr-12
Looking out from Gordale Scar.Russell Lovett206-Apr-12
Dan Varian working his new Project which was to become Northumberlands hardest route, Empty the bones of you, Highball 8a+.Russell Lovett104-Apr-12
Early Morning Haze Derwentwater.Russell Lovett203-Apr-12
Hazy Derwentwatr Morning.Russell Lovett229-Mar-12
Hay Stacks Tarn.Russell Lovett427-Mar-12
Buttermere on a very hot and hazy March day.Russell Lovett126-Mar-12
Sea Mouse-Ear/Cerastium Diffusum, Crag Lough, NorthumberlandRussell Lovett119-Mar-12
Jack Metcalfe on Harry Potter, Back Bowden, Northumberland.peterp313-Mar-12
Back Bowden Bouldering, Roddy MacKenzie on Little Piggies.Russell Lovett512-Mar-12
Aiguille Du Midi from half way up The Tacul.BigHell302-Mar-12
Sam the hair Webb and Libby Kerr on Lorraine, Bowden Classic.Russell Lovett224-Feb-12
Matterhorn and friendsRussell Lovett220-Feb-12
MatterhornRussell Lovett220-Feb-12
Ravensheugh Block Northumberland.Dave Warburton210-Feb-12
Hazy Northumberland from RavensheughSteveSBlake209-Feb-12
Richard Gage on The Witch, Back Bowden Doors, Northumberland.Russell Lovett217-Jan-12
A very windy and Grey Langdale PikesRussell Lovett313-Jan-12
Housey Crag from Harthope Valley The CheviotsFiend225-Oct-11
50 years old and still getting excited by good moves.chrismidd404-Oct-11
Prime Time ssRussell Lovett126-Sep-11
Brimstone/Gonepteryx. Rofan mountains, Austria.Russell Lovett111-Aug-11
Grass of Parnassia/Parnassia Palustris. Pertisau Austria.Russell Lovett110-Aug-11
Yorkshire,s limestone dales looking at their best.Russell Lovett409-Jul-11
Concrete Jungle E6 6b, Neil McCallum, Gordale Scar.Enty104-Jul-11
Alpine Cinquefoil/Potentilla Crantzii, Malham CoveRussell Lovett103-Jul-11
Biting Stonecrop/Sedum Acre, Malham Cove.Russell Lovett102-Jul-11
North York Moors view from The Wainstones.Lil_Pete108-Jun-11
View from Bamford EdgeThe Pylon King227-Apr-11
Lorraine Bowden ClassicRussell Lovett229-Mar-11
Tony Stone trying Transformer Left Hand. Bowden Bouldering at it,s best.Russell Lovett329-Mar-11
The brutally Handsome Neil Busby soloing, Bowden DoorsRussell Lovett229-Mar-11
Neil Busby on Transformer Righthand, Bouldering at it,s best.Russell Lovett128-Mar-11
Working Class (jumping jack but no flash) Bowden DoorsDavid Bulley228-Mar-11
Clouds down the plughole, The Ben.David Dear508-Mar-11
Teams on Hadrians Wall Direct, The West Face of Observatory Ridge.Tom Knowles308-Mar-11
View from CIC Hut The Ben.pneame108-Mar-11
Skiddaw on a gloomy day from BorrowdaleDavid Dear305-Mar-11
Hazy Lakeland lightRussell Lovett322-Jan-11
Alpine Rock Jasmin/Androsace Alpina, Saas Fee, Switzerland.liz j207-Oct-10
Alpine houseleek/Sedum Sepervivum Tectorim, saas Fee, Switzerland.jon507-Oct-10
A cloudy LagginhornRussell Lovett130-Sep-10
Starry Saxifrage. Saas Fee, Switzerland.Russell Lovett130-Sep-10
Big cravases AllalinhornRussell Lovett129-Sep-10
Breithorn GroupRussell Lovett128-Sep-10
Zermatt GiantsRussell Lovett128-Sep-10
Buachaille Etive BeagRussell Lovett108-May-10
Looking west, sunset from St Sunday Crag.BigHell104-Feb-10
Hart Crag 31.1.2010Russell Lovett104-Feb-10
Sunset from St Sundays Crag 31.1.2010Russell Lovett201-Feb-10
jean jeanieAl Evans101-Jun-08
v corner helvellynRussell Lovett129-May-08