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Jonny Tee 69

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Photo title (click for details)Posted byPostsDate posted
Pete Trudgill 15/05/70 - 18/01/14 Still in my thoughts every day.Mick Ward119-Jan-16
Approaching the cliffs of Stob Coire nan Lochanuistgr225-Feb-15
The TopJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
Winter AgainJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
Jacob's LadderJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
On topJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
Pete's Ashes 13Urgles503-Aug-14
Pete's Ashes 8sbc_10121-Jun-14
PeteJonny Tee 69104-Mar-14
Yukon Jack Pitch 1 in icy conditionMrRiley214-Nov-13
South Post DirectJonny Tee 69106-Apr-13
Vanishing Gully Rematchdek212-Mar-13
Vanishing GullyJonny Tee 69124-Feb-13
At The TopJonny Tee 69119-Sep-12
Glen Clova Howffdek219-Sep-12
FireJonny Tee 69119-Sep-12
A contender for the worst route at KirrieJonny Tee 69101-Sep-12
VSJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
RoseheartyJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
HVS 5bJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
VSJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
VSJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
The Potty tops out on The WeightJonny Tee 69230-Jul-12
Sea AnemoneJonny Tee 69124-Jul-12
Sea AnemoneJonny Tee 69124-Jul-12
Reach For The SkyJonny Tee 69123-Jul-12
Pop OutJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Tangle Of The IslesJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Slanting CornerJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Meikle NeukJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Pete on a route not in the guidebookJonny Tee 69104-May-12
Creag an FhithichJonny Tee 69104-May-12
Brown CragUrgles119-Apr-12
Diamond BackJonny Tee 69326-Mar-12
Al approaching the sand on Old Peg GrooveJonny Tee 69108-Mar-12
Pete's onsight attempt of The ProphetJonny Tee 69105-Mar-12
BorderlineJonny Tee 69105-Mar-12
MoyCaptain Solo102-Sep-11
Moy....Captain Solo102-Sep-11
Moy.....Captain Solo102-Sep-11
Sair Fecht headpointAlasdair Fulton531-Aug-11
Jonny TeeCaptain Solo108-Aug-11
Coiling the rope after Crypt RouteGlenachulish220-Jun-11
Al on Crypt RouteJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Doctor's ChoiceJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Gardyloo Gullybawbag220-Jun-11
B Gully Chimneyrusty_nails520-Jun-11
Akimbo CrackJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Bee Keepers BotherJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Shangri La Pitch 4Jonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Roy at the top of Hells LumpJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Diagonal GullyJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Organ Pipe WallJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Smith's Gully pitch 3Jonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Al approaching the cave pitch of South Pipe DirectJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Ken feeding his rat on the vertical finish to Smith's Gullypetestack320-Jun-11
Al checking out the first pitch of South Pipe DirectJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
BlockbusterJonny Tee 69119-Jun-11
Brookers Aretet_stork115-Jun-11
Mad Dogs & Englishmen headpointJonny Tee 69112-Jun-11
Dave's DilemmaIan Jones216-May-11
Long SloughJonny Tee 69103-May-11
Silkies Cliffbnewman103-Apr-11
Comb Gully ButtressLaubie330-Mar-11
Zero Gully Pitch 2 - The end of the difficultiesJonny Tee 69412-Mar-11
Douglas Gibson Gully - Pete approaching the overhanging mushJonny Tee 69128-Feb-11
name this routeTom Knowles222-Feb-11
Cairn ToulFrank4short313-Nov-10
Sunbathing MouseFiend410-Nov-10
Going lightweight in TurkeyBrian403-Nov-10
The Logie Head Dive Bomberskrenthefire121-Aug-10
North East EdgeLead dnf208-Aug-10
Slug at Souter HeadLusk102-Aug-10
Beastie at Souter HeadJonny Tee 69101-Aug-10
Bootlace CrackSandy Simpson201-Aug-10
North East EdgeJonny Tee 69125-Jul-10
Fading Staraln118-Jul-10
East OverJonny Tee 69117-Jul-10
Sea AnemoneJonny Tee 69117-Jul-10
Mythical WallJonny Tee 69113-Jul-10
Mythical WallJonny Tee 69113-Jul-10
Black Custard - onsight attemptJonny Tee 69127-Jun-10
All Metal Ice Axeswee jamie222-Jun-10
TerrorsAndy Fielding122-Jun-10
Coup de Grace - The FallJonny Tee 69317-Jun-10
Logie-esque Sport Climbing in SpainJonny Tee 69508-Jun-10
Carn Deargpetestack206-Apr-10
Smith's Gully pitch 4hwackerhage221-Mar-10
B Gully Left Hand Finishdek602-Jan-10
Bon The Edgecashley107-Nov-09
Time TravellerScomuir322-Sep-09
Cairnrobin PointJonny Tee 69201-Sep-09
Hard TalkSandy Simpson126-Aug-09
Magic Crack pitch 4Jonny Tee 69210-Aug-09
White LiningJonny Tee 69127-Jul-09
Blyth SpiritJonny Tee 69127-Jul-09
Thorny IssueJonny Tee 69121-Jul-09
Hell's Lump Pitch 2mulletcocktail2000215-Jul-09
Wayne & JohnJonny Tee 69214-Jul-09
RightJonny Tee 69107-Jul-09
Shangri La Pitch 1Brian103-Jul-09
Sip From The Wine Of Youth Againmulletcocktail2000218-Jun-09
Left Edge DirectLead dnf213-Jun-09
Akimbo CrackSandy Simpson225-May-09
Sweet Revengeflamenco824-May-09
PortlethenSandy Simpson223-May-09
Henning topping out on Freefallhwackerhage121-May-09
Fading Starwhistler120-May-09
The Secret Garden Left Hand Undercut Variation (probably not 6a)Smelly Fox916-May-09
ArmygeddonSonya Mc111-May-09
The Corner CrackJonny Tee 69211-May-09
BomberSonya Mc204-May-09
The FlakeJonny Tee 69104-May-09
Left Edge DirectJonny Tee 69104-May-09
North Wallcoolboy229-Apr-09
Will topping out on a very greasy One Below The BeltSonya Mc223-Apr-09
Pot of Goldbawbag310-Apr-09
Pot DoodlesJonny Tee 69129-Mar-09
Descending from Beinn an DothaidhLawman120-Feb-09
Adam still on The Haston LineJonny Tee 69506-Jan-09
SC GullyBarber Baz427-Dec-08
Placing gear on Johnnie's DanglerJonny Tee 69526-Dec-08
WavelengthJonny Tee 69524-Nov-08
View from Dreishianstennett220-Nov-08
Taxi!Will W604-Nov-08
BraeriachStuart S115-Oct-08
Right Hookmulletcocktail2000206-Oct-08
Jacobs Laddermulletcocktail2000105-Oct-08
Big Daddymulletcocktail2000105-Oct-08
No.1 ChimneySonya Mc124-Sep-08
Sunnyside UpSmeggles120-Jul-08
Approaching the top of Clachnabeinn on a fine October eveningmulletcocktail2000105-May-08
The Opening BreakPete.T714-Jan-08
Hidden Chimneydrunken monkey107-Jan-08
LeftJonny Tee 69306-Jan-08
On The Forcan RidgeSonya Mc605-Jan-08
Final Selectionbawbag222-Oct-07
Final Pitch Indicator WallCurlyStevo111-Oct-07
Cullenary DelightSonya Mc1330-Jul-07
Moray Eelspecky115-Jul-07
The Flying Scotsmanligaya207-Jun-07
Strawberry RippleJonny Tee 69203-Jun-07
Approaching the horrible crux top-out on Quartz DeviantSonya Mc125-May-07
South Pawtattoo2005113-May-07
Logie Headkevin stephens418-Apr-07
Triple ButtressLakesWinter111-Apr-07
Gardyloo Buttressgourd411-Apr-07
The Comb & No. 3 Gully ButtressLaubie123-Feb-07
Fiacaill Couloirdrunken monkey202-Jan-07
The HornsSonya Mc116-Oct-06
Black Spout, Left BranchMattyk124-Aug-06
Roy at the Blek Spowt corniceBarber Baz211-Apr-06
Raeburn's Gully, 2nd April 2006Eskdale massive106-Apr-06
CairngormsJonny Tee 691322-Dec-05
Jonny Tee on Mirror DirectI am the God of Strathyre217-Dec-05
No. 2 Gully 1Willber129-Jul-05
Cairngorms Againbetamonkey109-Jun-05
Approaching Central Buttressthorpedo103-Jun-05
Fannaichs SunriseSean Kelly201-Jun-05
Pete on Diademthorpedo231-May-05
Sunset from Lochnagar after Raeburn's GullyLaurie Rogerson125-May-05
Pete on CrowberryI am the God of Stratheyre220-May-05