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Jotunheimen before google earth, before anything, reallypneame413-Apr-16
Prelude to farcepneame104-Feb-15
Liverpool University Night Climberspneame402-Jan-15
Mostest, below the cornerDave Williams921-Nov-14
Mike led this in style, alike the whimpering secondpneame127-Jun-14
Far East, Cloggypneame127-Jun-14
First day in the alpspneame411-Apr-14
The Mer de Glace - sometime in the 20s / 30s?jon616-Dec-13
Aig Triolet - in the summer!pneame212-Dec-13
They are coming - Rackwick Baydeepstar208-Jul-13
Everest, before the fixed ropespneame3404-Jul-13
Stromness - the prelude to Hoypneame1729-Jun-13
Old Man of Hoyjon328-Jun-13
Everest and Lhotse from a Spitfire XIXpneame619-Jun-13
Everest (foreground), Chomo Lonzo and Makalu (background)pneame318-Jun-13
Dwm p3. The way it used to be donejon503-Sep-12
perspective - Dwm p2jon102-Sep-12
Bivy opposite Cloggy - hedonismpneame1023-Aug-12
Overview of Kongen S. Facepneame325-Jul-12
The flake in the upper part of Kongen S Facejon225-Jul-12
Pottering about in the Vallee Blanche - don't do this!jon103-Jun-12
Rapping off the indexpneame525-Mar-12
Aiguille Rouges from the Albert 1ierepneame324-Sep-11
King (or Queen...) of the Mountaindeepstar118-Sep-11
"Source of the Arveyron" - early 19th centurypneame526-Aug-11
Mer de Glace - likely sometime in the latter half of 19th centurypneame317-Aug-11
Mer de Glace 1998pneame216-Aug-11
Bernard's campsite, Argentiere, Emptypneame530-Jul-11
Ignominious retreat down the Gl. d'Argentiere - avalanche conditions, soft snow, etc etcpneame525-Jul-11
Walker Spur in good nickjon318-Jul-11
Top pitch, Bow-Shaped lslabpneame408-Jun-11
Llithrig - the classic waypneame706-Jun-11
It's August and toutes le monde are going to the Albert 1ierepneame424-May-11
Aig du Plan etc from Aig du Greponmasserin417-May-11
Direct? A2? Ends on the right-hand end of the left-hand terracepneame511-May-11
pneamebrian cropper510-May-11
Somewhere round the upper Vallee Blanche on the way to Tour Rondedeepstar225-Apr-11
Dude, I thought you said this was a glacier?brianrunner120-Apr-11
The Seajon219-Apr-11
The English Ladies in Italyjon219-Apr-11
Bivvy at Albert 1ere close up of quality gearpneame514-Apr-11
Not the best approach.... but we were immortal...jon203-Apr-11
Aig Noire de Peuterey from Col Moorejon213-Mar-11
Aig Blanche de Peuterey from the Col Moorejon213-Mar-11
Liberty Bell group, Cascadespneame320-Dec-10
An early(?) free ascent of Pincushion by Chris Hunterjon420-Dec-10
Hut below Rotenboden, Zermattpneame519-Dec-10
Le Tour Glacierpneame304-Dec-10
Aiguille du Midi - midstation, back in the dayjon104-Dec-10
The Requin in the AM after a tactical errorjon303-Dec-10
Snell's FieldRichard Smith302-Dec-10
Safety nets? We don't need no stinking safety netsjon527-Sep-10
Too much climbing and not enough attention - Norway 1972pneame420-Sep-10
I found this to be quite a thrash in big bootspneame411-Sep-10
Mer ge Glace face, Greponpneame305-Sep-10
Aiguille de L'M, Grand Charmoz and Blaitierejon428-Aug-10
Aig de la Republique and Charmoz N. Face from Charmoz NW ridgejon428-Aug-10
Why do you need an Ice Hammer on Etive? For the midges...Chris F1120-Aug-10
Aig Chardonnet from Grands MontetsJonny Tee 69208-Aug-10
The Bishop and the King (Bispen and Kongen)pneame108-Aug-10
Litlle Brown JugKafoozalem231-Jul-10
Bin 2 goes down the Midi aretepneame331-Jul-10
Tour Rouge hut, Grepon, 1973pneame220-Jun-10
Arch Route, Stone Mountain, NCzach.stone216-Jun-10
I don't think we actually climbed anything, but I do recall being rather hungrybrian cropper430-Apr-10
Lethal harness - luckily the leader doesn't fallpneame213-Apr-10
ShrikeMick Ward213-Apr-10
Aid before people got so fitpneame113-Apr-10
Descending the Nantillons Glacierqueenbee322-Mar-10
Brenva face, Mt. Blancpneame417-Mar-10
Vallee Blanche from the Couverclepneame113-Mar-10
The second of many ignominious retreats from the girdle traverse of Craig Arthurpneame118-Feb-10
Aviemore luxury campingpneame118-Feb-10
Slingsbysbreen, Norway, Jotunheimenpneame112-Dec-09
Top of Liberty Bell, Cascadespneame112-Dec-09
Vallee Blanche from Pt. Lachenalpneame112-Dec-09
1 mile uppneame224-Nov-09
Needle Rock, Lundypneame323-Nov-09
Geant Icefall Top. Our philosophy was that roping up meant you'd have no-one to rescue youjon223-Nov-09
White Slab - the whole thingpneame221-Nov-09
Albert 1ier Bivypneame120-Nov-09