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Gordon Stainforth

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Sron na Ciche, Cuillin, Isle of SkyeSean Kelly405-Apr-16
Mike Lates on the summit of Blaven after completing the Greater Cuillin Traverse in a heatwave, September 4, 1993Sean Kelly205-Apr-16
Gordon and John Stainforth on the summit of Store Trolltind, July 2013Gordon Stainforth603-Mar-16
Joe Brown repeating The Right Unconquerable, Stanage, 47 years after making the first ascent, belayed by Claude DaviesGordon Stainforth3219-Aug-15
Gordon StainforthMike Lates225-Jun-15
John Dawes strolling up White Slab on Cloggy, July 1990Urgles1618-May-15
John Stainforth completing Holly Tree Wall (VS), Cwm Idwal, in big boots and carrying a sack.Gordon Stainforth417-Jan-15
Bernard Newman and John Stainforth after completing Cloggy Corner (HVS), September 1972Laubie717-Jan-15
Abseiling on Clogwyn y Grochan, August 1968Gordon Stainforth517-Jan-15
John on second pitch of Charity, April 1969Gordon Stainforth217-Jan-15
High Tor, Matlock (before tree cut down)Gordon Stainforth101-Oct-14
Belle Vue Bastion, TryfanGordon Stainforth425-Sep-14
John Stainforth leading the second pitch (the Crescent Slab) of Holly Tree Wall (VS), Cwm Idwal in April 1969Gordon Stainforth221-Aug-14
Vengetind, Romsdal on a fine evening (c.11.30pm)pneame426-May-14
Golden Yardstick (VS), Wild Cat TorGordon Stainforth401-Oct-13
Upper Eskdale from Border End in the autumnGordon Stainforth413-Sep-13
Pauline Syrett and John Stainforth at Froggatt, May 27, 2010Mick Ward723-Jan-13
Gordon soloing Unclimbed Wall, Harrison's Rocks, 1982Gordon Stainforth603-Sep-12
Lime Street Direct (E1), WillersleyGordon Stainforth415-Aug-12
Thames Valley Climbing Club (for it is they!) at Bowles Rocks, 1976Gordon Stainforth727-Oct-11
John Stainforth, on Tensor (HVS), Craig y CastellGordon Stainforth210-Sep-11
Kipling Groove, Gimmer Cragtonyw2815-Aug-11
Chris Jackson at the crux of Debauchery, High Torrobin mueller208-Jul-11
David Jones on Devaluation, Bowles Rocks, 1988Tris609-Mar-11
John Stainforth, belayed by John Syrett, leading The Sloth on sight, January 1970Gordon Stainforth726-Jan-11
Gordon 'starting up' the Nose of El Capitan, April 1999Gordon Stainforth629-Oct-10
Heinrich Taugwalder at the notch of the SE ridge of the Zinal Rothorn, August 1967Gordon Stainforth213-Sep-10
John Syrett and John Stainforth on the first ascent of Problem Rib, Earl Crag, Yorkshire, ?June 1970Will Hunt226-Aug-10
Left Unconquerable (E1, 5b), StanageMark Sheridan421-Jun-10
At the top of Black Rocks on a fine summer eveningDuncan_Andison110-Jun-10
Panorama of the Sutherland mountains (see comments for names of peaks)Gordon Stainforth615-May-10
On the girdle traverse, Bowles RocksGordon Stainforth304-Mar-10
The Trolltind Wall from Fiva Farmpneame112-Dec-09
Neil Foster on Birch Tree Eliminate, E4 6b, Black RocksGordon Stainforth408-Nov-09
Appian Way, Pillar RockUrgles1006-Nov-09
Marc Chrysanthou shortly after swimming in Doxy's Pool, the Roaches, having climbed 45 routes to marc his 45th birthday.Gordon Stainforth301-Nov-09
Gordon shooting light on Llyn Bochlwyd with Russian cinemascope cameragareth higgins231-Oct-09
Al Rouse, Brian Hall, and Martin Boysen at Stanage, 1976jools731-Oct-09
Camping at Winkelmatten, nr Zermatt, August 1967Graham Ad925-Aug-09
Climbers in Mam Tor GullySamuel620-Aug-09
Three climbers in Mam Tor GullyRed Rover420-Aug-09
The Trolltind Wall and the north ridge of Store Trolltind, from Nordre Trolltind, RomsdalGordon Stainforth414-Aug-09
Looking over the edge at Brur Skar at the top of the Trolltind Wall, Romsdal, NorwayGordon Stainforth206-Aug-09
The view from Brur Skar down the Trolltind Wall, RomsdalGordon Stainforth106-Aug-09
High Gait Tarn, after a blizzard.Gordon Stainforth218-Jun-09
Gastro (A3), Dinas Rock, PontneddfechanGordon Stainforth417-Jun-09
Left Unconquerable in a heatwave, May 1997. Steve Dean belaying, Tim James secondingGordon Stainforth112-Jun-09
Ken Wilson on Lean Man's Superdirectjon210-Mar-09
The Lodore Falls in spate.Gordon Stainforth204-Mar-09
John Syrett making the first ascent of Problem Rib, Earl Crag, Yorkshire, c. June 1970?John Stainforth327-Feb-09
The Shield, Winnats Pass, in winterGordon Stainforth109-Feb-09
Aiguille Verte from the Aiguille du ChardonnayRob Exile Ward216-Dec-08
The Sloth, RoachesGordon Stainforth1426-Nov-08
Mitre Ridge, VS, Bheinn a Bhuirdwee jamie317-Aug-08
Ken Wilson at Black Rocks, July 2007Fiend317-Aug-08
John Stainforth leading the first pitch of Cloggy Corner (E1), September 1972Gordon Stainforth329-May-08
Crib Goch, Snowdon and Crib y Ddysgl panoramakevin stephens1029-Mar-08
Striding Edge, Helvellyn, on a Bank HolidayGordon Stainforth1320-Jan-08
John Syrett and John Stainforth on Shrike (E1), Cloggy, August 1970Gordon Stainforth315-Jan-08
John Syrett making the ?first on-sight lead of Wall of Horrors (E3 6a), Almscliff, in a howling gale in November 1970.Ram MkiV706-Jan-08
Gordon soloing Pig's Nose, BowlesGordon Stainforth430-Nov-07
John Stainforth leading Avalanche Wall (HVS), Curbar, c. September 1968Gordon Stainforth602-Oct-07
Matt Saunders climbing the desperate 'The Thing' '6b' at BowlesGordon Stainforth621-Sep-07
Arthur Birtwistle in Grindsbrook, November 1997. His classic Upper Tor Wall (1937) is on the skyline behind.Gordon Stainforth326-Aug-07
Leading Debauchery on High Tor, 1995Gordon Stainforth206-Aug-07
Gordon taking a shot of Yosemite FallsGordon Stainforth211-May-07
The Forbes Arete, Aiguille du Chardonnay, at dawnGordon Stainforth111-May-07
Matt Saunders climbing Fandango Right Hand (5c+) with a broken footGordon Stainforth411-May-07
On the way to Harrison's Rocks, 1967, aged 17Gordon Stainforth314-Apr-07
Gordon Stainforth and (the) Peter Harding climbing at Laddow, August 1994Gordon Stainforth326-Feb-07
A difficult pitch on the East Face of the Rifelhorn, ZermattGordon Stainforth225-Feb-07
On the girdle traverse, Bowles, on a hot summer's evening in 1983Gordon Stainforth125-Feb-07
John starting pitch 5 on Main Wall, Cyrn Las, 1969Gordon Stainforth225-Feb-07
John Stainforth leading Cenotaph Corner (E1), Aug 19, 1970Gordon Stainforth218-Feb-07
On the summit of the Zinal Rothorn, 1967weeschatzi418-Feb-07
Tower Face, Laddow - belayed by author/friend Steve DeanGordon Stainforth218-Feb-07
John Syrett making the first ascent of Joker's Wall (E4 6a), solo, at Brimham, 17 April 1971Gordon Stainforth316-Feb-07
Tim James on Heather Wall (VS), StanageGordon Stainforth216-Feb-07
Tower Face (VS), Laddow, belayed by Steve DeanGordon Stainforth415-Feb-07
Robert Barton on West Flank Route (E1), ArranGordon Stainforth315-Feb-07
Green Cormorant Ledge, BosigranPhil Sneyd115-Feb-07
Mike Danford on the N/W ridge of Punta Albigna, BregagliaGordon Stainforth315-Feb-07
Gordon on the East Ridge of Bispen (III), Isterdal, July 1969Gordon Stainforth413-Feb-07
On Piz Palu, Bernina AlpsGordon Stainforth213-Feb-07
Crib Goch, Snowdon, and Crib Y Ddysgl (thumbnail)Gordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Panorama of the Sutherland mountains in April (thumbnail)Gordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Wastwater in a June heatwaveGordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Sella Towers, Dolomites, May 1975Gordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
On the penultimate pitch of the Biancograt (AD sup), Piz Bernina.Gordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Liathach at dawn after a snowstormGordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Elterwater and the Langdale Pikes in the springGordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Bad weather brewing at High Gait Tarn in March.Gordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
At the top of the East Ferro Pillar (D sup), Bregaglia, August 1971Gordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Descending the Boval Glacier below Piz Bernina, July 1971Gordon Stainforth113-Feb-07
Gordon and John Stainforth with Emil Perren on the summit of the Rifelhorn, August 1967Gordon Stainforth307-Feb-07
1st roped climb, Rifelhorn, Aug 2 66. John, cousins Charles,Michael,Nigel, aunt Hazel, Viktor Taugwalder, self, Emil PerrenGordon Stainforth507-Feb-07
On the East Face of the Rifelhorn, August 1967Gordon Stainforth802-Feb-07
On the East Face of the Rifelhorn, August 1967Gordon Stainforth202-Feb-07
Troll Wall and Store Trolltind, Romsdal, July 1969Gordon Stainforth202-Feb-07
John Stainforth seconding Cloggy Corner, September 1972Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
Gordon on the West Ridge of Vengetind (IV), July 1969Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
John entering the Gash on Gashed Crag, Tryfan, April 1969Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
In Cwm Glas after finishing Main Wall, April 1969Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
John completing the very exposed fourth pitch of Main Wall, Cyrn Las, 1969Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
John on about the 3rd pitch of Charity, 1969Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
Glissading down the Nameless Cwm after climbing Holly Tree Wall, 1969Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
Gordon grapples with 'Slab' ('3a'), Harrison's Rocks, spring 1967. John 'belaying'. We were wearing running shoes.Gordon Stainforth102-Feb-07
Gordon on Great Slab, Cloggy, in the rain, May 1969Gordon Stainforth117-Jan-07
Gordon apparently finding failure on Thin Lizzie (HVS 5b), Cheedale, hilariousGordon Stainforth317-Jan-07
Matterhorn North FaceGordon Stainforth117-Jan-07
The Matterhorn from Winkelmatten campsite in the eveningGordon Stainforth117-Jan-07
Siegfried Herford and George Mallory at Pen y Pass, December 1913Gordon Stainforth417-Jan-07
On the summit of the Aiguille de L'MGordon Stainforth112-Jan-07
The Matterhorn from the foot of the Hornli RidgeGordon Stainforth308-Jan-07
Looking towards the Aiguille du Drus along the north side of the Chamonix Aiguilles from the Aiguille du Peigne.Gordon Stainforth303-Jan-07
On the Forbes Arete, Aiguille du ChardonnayGordon Stainforth303-Jan-07
View south down Derwent Valley from Crow StonesGordon Stainforth102-Jan-07
The summit tower of Piz Bernina, BiancogratGordon Stainforth102-Jan-07
On the Bianograt (AD), Piz Bernina. A tricky section below the summit tower.Gordon Stainforth102-Jan-07
The most difficult part of the Biancograt, Piz BerninaGordon Stainforth102-Jan-07
The Matterhorn from the Gandegg Hut at sunsetGordon Stainforth102-Jan-07
Richard McHardy on Lime Street Direct (E1), Willersley, 1996Gordon Stainforth517-Aug-06
Gordon on Herford's Route (HVS 5a), The Pagoda, Kinder ScoutGlyn Jones115-Aug-06
John Stainforth on Bel Ami (VS), Curbar, April 1969Gordon Stainforth115-Aug-06
Stars over Pike's Crag from camp at HollowstonesGordon Stainforth214-Aug-06
Hillwalker below Mickeldore, with Eskdale behindGordon Stainforth114-Aug-06
Morning mist on Bowfell, from Scafell PikeGordon Stainforth114-Aug-06
My tent (bottom centre of frame) dwarfed by Scafell CragGordon Stainforth114-Aug-06
On Lingmell, with Scafell Crag in the background.Gordon Stainforth114-Aug-06
On way up to Scafell for a three-day photo-shoot, April 1988Gordon Stainforth114-Aug-06
Duncan Bourne and Marc C at Doxy's Pool, The Roaches, having completed 45 climbs as a 45th birthday celebration.Marc C103-Aug-06
John Stainforth leading Cenotaph Corner (E1), August 19, 1970Gordon Stainforth202-Aug-06
Gordon on crux pitch of Main Wall, Cyrn Las, April 1969Smitz201-Aug-06
Herford and Stainforth, Pen y Pass, 1913 and 2005Gordon Stainforth301-Aug-06
Gordon with the ghost of Mallory at Pen y Pass, November 2005Gordon Stainforth401-Aug-06
John Stainforth on Tensor, Tremadoc, August 1970Gordon Stainforth131-Jul-06
John Stainforth on Outside Edge Route, Cwm Silyn, May 1969Gordon Stainforth131-Jul-06
Everest and Nuptse at dawnThe Bantam228-Feb-05
On North Ridge of Tryfan with Swedish camera crewColin Barwell206-Jan-05