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brian cropper

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Photo title (click for details)Posted byPostsDate posted
big boots 1976 Phil Sneyd323-Mar-16
tony howard of troll y h a fountain street manchester 1976tony howard123-Mar-16
aido 2Will Hunt923-Mar-16
alan waterhouse troll h t show 1978paul1966323-Mar-16
paul seddon troll 1978tony howard123-Mar-16
who. tony howard and paul nunn. harragate brian cropper723-Mar-16
ado 1977Mick Ward923-Mar-16
tony howard 1979tony howard123-Mar-16
aido and jimtony howard123-Mar-16
like a ride Mick Ward327-Feb-16
simplification of means and elevation of ends is the goal - thoreau bootsie126-Aug-15
paul howcroft rohan deepstar326-Aug-15
who 1979pneame226-Aug-15
cutting paul mitchell clogwin du,r north walesAl Evans710-Aug-15
a german at brownstones 2004Mick Ward211-May-15
paul cropper profit of doom 1978rabyoung123-Apr-15
spider chew valley o k mr hannah where is itcraig h710-Mar-15
m john harrisonpneame317-Feb-15
ron fawcett laddaw 1982Alex Thompson317-Feb-15
chris booth Pete Pozman117-Feb-15
john stanger chris boothPete Pozman117-Feb-15
john mr cliff stanger 1982jon917-Feb-15
who the cafe stoneymiddleton 1979AlanS_748122-Jan-15
who and n siddiqui i think scotland 1975 who can i d that lovely carIan Bentham527-Nov-14
the beatnik 1966Mick Ward231-Oct-14
crack un ups who remembers them 1979jon505-Sep-14
can u.k. help i.d. this quarry Fiend831-Jul-14
was it sec or thirdjon127-Jul-14
well worth a visit datona walltutbury111-Apr-14
long long time ago Mick Ward411-Mar-14
ben campbell kelly stoneymiddleton 1976Al Evans307-Feb-14
irish mounteneering club hutMick Ward621-Jan-14
cliff by c booth 1980this is right to leftAlex Thompson217-Jan-14
black pudding team dinner smithills bolton 1980 who can you i. d.brian cropper416-Jan-14
al on ronMick Ward306-Jan-14
Geof Birtles and Tom Proctor in Cornwall,1976.Al Evans501-Jan-14
kellys little bookAlex Thompson531-Dec-13
millstone derbyshire 1978beardy mike517-Nov-13
ellis or bob brigham north wales 1978kenneth cooke528-Oct-13
troll No 2 brass about 1976 rope by vikingnutstory124-Oct-13
ian lonsdale with walking stick trowbarrow 1978datoon515-Oct-13
ok let me downbrian cropper405-Sep-13
nice footwearpneame416-Aug-13
tom proctor wee doris photo could be by al evans thanks to k myhill Mick Ward415-Aug-13
rock art 1979brian cropper610-Aug-13
parba nutwildmanwildhouse327-Jul-13
al p d knighton p cropper 1978 i love the cars Stu Tyrrell1322-May-13
my my my Red Rover101-May-13
home made about 1970Burnsie328-Mar-13
postcard nick colton alaska 1980babychick309-Mar-13
i think this is the dent blance photo by joe tasker or d renshaw 1974 ish joe gave me a nummber of photosjon427-Feb-13
he olso fell of max 1976Phil Kelly524-Jan-13
homward boundpneame524-Jan-13
peter liversyMick Ward323-Dec-12
any one i.d. the hillpneame410-Nov-12
peck decenderTomFletcher49130-Oct-12
who laddaw b b c film of h m kelly 1982Alex Thompson316-Sep-12
morning lightMick Ward211-Sep-12
losAl Evans125-Aug-12
climbing will be the death of me Phil Kelly522-Jul-12
for mr wardMick Ward220-Jul-12
lancashire historypneame319-Jul-12
i would love to know where this is and a translationmockerkin214-Jul-12
hotel morteratsch pog100108-Jul-12
a jem of a quarryAlex Thompson205-Jul-12
dovestones chew valley 1968tutbury227-Jun-12
a lovely valley 1972Darron323-Jun-12
alix and timChristheclimber218-Jun-12
health and safety camp trails 1978Big G 49110-Jun-12
died so young and one of the boysBig G 49310-Jun-12
hot pants who remembers them 1978aln710-Jun-12
etive who has climbed there will never forget 1978Big G 49109-Jun-12
stacking nuts 1975 brian cropper308-Jun-12
y,h,a 1976bootsie131-May-12
with thanks to al evans 1976Al Evans120-May-12
one or two will remember mr jonesbrian cropper415-May-12
what did he win at a b.p.t.d.Micky J324-Apr-12
remember when they were young jon424-Apr-12
richard dunn wall bradford about 1975Cecil Slingsby517-Apr-12
map of grindlewald area about 1920pneame216-Apr-12
chamonix 78jon316-Apr-12
ken wilkinson paul braithwaites oldham 1978Phil Sneyd417-Mar-12
the wallStu Tyrrell113-Mar-12
who b m c buxton 1974John Kirk318-Feb-12
a wedding 1978 holmfirth the cream of lancashire and derbyshire are here i d themblueshound718-Feb-12
gates of perception liam611-Feb-12
e marshall derbyshire 1977keith sanders306-Feb-12
i am darius king of kings 1978Mick Ward425-Jan-12
w todd blond nick john regan nick colton 1974nutstory130-Dec-11
deer hill res chew valley 1977Phil Sneyd620-Dec-11
john goslingbootsie217-Dec-11
bob dearman b m c buxton 1980Al Evans314-Dec-11
b goodwin stoney cafe 1976bootsie114-Dec-11
bill birch A635 pennine way in 5 days 197?bootsie114-Dec-11
far from the madding crowdbrian cropper411-Dec-11
tony barley his book Mick Ward210-Dec-11
he did the odd new route in lancashire 1977Phil Kelly309-Dec-11
every morning at the crag you could see him arive he stood 6ft 6. and weighed 245.jon608-Dec-11
the four just men 1972Mick Ward307-Dec-11
the land of the black pudding 1968conorcussell109-Nov-11
the lane 1975craig h113-Oct-11
the shop 1978brian cropper212-Oct-11
the pass 1964tutbury105-Oct-11
a classic Nic Robinson205-Oct-11
moorland grit 2008Fiend229-Sep-11
old master and young apprentic 2005pneame118-Sep-11
who 1978Mick Ward318-Sep-11
you must remember thisUSBRIT617-Sep-11
two brothersThe Jazz Butcher311-Sep-11
must have been funStu Tyrrell109-Sep-11
nick colton note hole and cig from crags 3 i,v lost the neg Mick Ward407-Sep-11
who 1978Micky J307-Sep-11
ty chihalo101-Sep-11
jump or not 1980Phil Kelly129-Aug-11
in dreams 1976brian cropper122-Aug-11
in the day before tesco or mac.d 1903pneame211-Aug-11
why go to france when you can have this 1976 jon709-Aug-11
fools needledivods601-Aug-11
a lancashire gem 1978Mick Ward526-Jul-11
dove dale 1974Mick Ward121-Jul-11
the dogface guide 1974brian cropper520-Jul-11
shadow dance 1983deepstar109-Jul-11
5.1/2 north faces 1974brian cropper103-Jul-11
spot the climbers 1975pneame228-Jun-11
trevor jones b m c buxton who remembers himNYork1221-May-11
al rouse b m c buxton forgot yearGordon Stainforth321-May-11
the journal 1973brian cropper1119-May-11
isle of skye 1976Mick Ward518-May-11
crag y colton you will not find this gem in rockfax Al Evans518-May-11
the young onesMick Ward518-May-11
sean 1978Mick Ward116-May-11
the times pneame114-May-11
the cafe i d 1978Al Evans1111-May-11
harragate trade show 1978Mick Ward408-May-11
boy wonderMick Ward103-May-11
and he did r.i.p.jon224-Apr-11
a talking ropepneame621-Apr-11
lets dancedeepstar121-Apr-11
we,ve got to get out of this place 1978jon420-Apr-11
what a lifepneame318-Apr-11
cham 1980brian cropper116-Apr-11
the one and only 1976grunon614-Apr-11
the wild and wonderfull chew Mick Ward212-Apr-11
jawMick Ward110-Apr-11
shades of blue 1976brian cropper306-Apr-11
stoney 1983deepstar304-Apr-11
he looks happy 1976Phil Kelly701-Apr-11
bondagebrian cropper424-Mar-11
a gem of a quarry 1982deepstar220-Mar-11
the fool,s climbing guide to ecuador and peru 1976jon120-Mar-11
one of the greats of lancashire 1978Lankyman217-Mar-11
haw bank 1967 mikedoc193217-Mar-11
a shaw 1977Mick Ward216-Mar-11
gordon at 60 2007brian cropper116-Mar-11
buxton conference boje415-Mar-11
fig 8 off brass make unknown can ukclimbers i.d.ted rogers109-Mar-11
nine months in plaster 1970jon407-Mar-11
man in white 1967grunon306-Mar-11
a young who.on whatbrian cropper823-Feb-11
Brian Cropper at Deeply Vale, circa 1985Mick Ward121-Feb-11
whale tale decender mid 70tis Gareth Davies321-Feb-11
the sun god 1976brian cropper113-Feb-11
a runner of plastic or rubber i think called a ny choc any one remember them petemeads512-Feb-11
what can you say Mick Ward309-Feb-11
john tout y.h.a. deansgate 1980Phil Kelly430-Jan-11
letter from america 1978brian cropper127-Jan-11
b.p.t,d, 1980brian cropper625-Jan-11
44 mountainchris_s118-Jan-11
al evans and his young lass on a romantic week end at wilton 1 lancashire 1978Al Evans1118-Jan-11
breihornbrian cropper406-Jan-11
are they still standing brian cropper705-Jan-11
that is a friend chris.mac103-Jan-11
who manchester 1977jon1027-Dec-10
no more heroes brian cropper124-Dec-10
sean windrem Mick Ward322-Dec-10
en avant 2brian cropper320-Dec-10
sean windrem ken higgs and who ireland 1978jon519-Dec-10
peak climbing club 1970 1Al Evans119-Dec-10
b m c buxton 1978 rogerskews116-Dec-10
en avantbrian cropper214-Dec-10
dark peak about 1976ish brian cropper413-Dec-10
the looking glass jon213-Dec-10
mountain 47 why were two prints of mt 47Fredt408-Dec-10
the confessions of aleister crowley 1929 tutbury204-Dec-10
wonderwalls 1970brian cropper603-Dec-10
lathkilldale 1982grunon203-Dec-10
millstonebill briggs1903-Dec-10
the valleyStu Tyrrell301-Dec-10
mark stokes kellog about 1979alan monks801-Dec-10
harragate trade showpneame127-Nov-10
piller rock 1938tutbury227-Nov-10
a small crag 1975a lakeland climber226-Nov-10
who Mark Collins526-Nov-10
quietusbrian cropper223-Nov-10
brassington rocks 1950tutbury220-Nov-10
old men bag new peakpneame412-Nov-10
brigue vers belalppneame210-Nov-10
rock climbs in devonshire 1966tutbury407-Nov-10
k myhill orestes shining clough 1977brian cropper107-Nov-10
first ascentjon131-Oct-10
abraham moss salford 1976 Al Evans531-Oct-10
lancashire and cheshire area meet Stu Tyrrell328-Oct-10
daves tittle tripjon228-Oct-10
peter brian cropper227-Oct-10
nick colton y h a deansgate manchester 1978babychick227-Oct-10
o k i.d. them 1977Phil Kelly427-Oct-10
chee dalebrian cropper326-Oct-10
d gray Lusk226-Oct-10
alpinismus 1966 brian cropper225-Oct-10
recent developments on gritstone 1924 Al Evans223-Oct-10
millstone and lawrancefield 16 pages 1969brian cropper121-Oct-10
o k what is it made by asmu RichardMc421-Oct-10
is that a carry out 1977Phil Kelly420-Oct-10
naked before the mountain pneame219-Oct-10
it,s not what you think 1974pneame318-Oct-10
y h a 1978Loris Doyle211-Oct-10
eiger to everest 1966Mick Ward111-Oct-10
the b. a. t. 1982jon310-Oct-10
k myhill after green death sheffield hospital 1978John Kirk309-Oct-10
diggle pog100303-Oct-10
rock cottage 1975David Bulley303-Oct-10
a young nick 1975Phil Kelly403-Oct-10
dove dale 1981brian cropper203-Oct-10
jedd a garlick n stokes b newman steven bancroft stoneymiddleton 1979brian cropper902-Oct-10
dinner 2004 Mick Ward230-Sep-10
chamonix 1978aln728-Sep-10
brownstones 1978 who can you i dbrian cropper1027-Sep-10
d gray d cronshaw l ainsworth wilton 1 1978Phil Kelly127-Sep-10
time for tea den lane 1980 i d the routecraig h227-Sep-10
dave knighton 1978Mick Ward226-Sep-10
the french at shooterspneame324-Sep-10
phil to brian Phil Kelly124-Sep-10
b whittaker 1968Mick Ward323-Sep-10
already seen 1976pneame221-Sep-10
tony ryan 1978Mick Ward120-Sep-10
y h a deansgatePhil Kelly617-Sep-10
malc 1978deepstar317-Sep-10
james morran y h a deansgate manchester 1978Nidderdale at home416-Sep-10
mark and paul 1980brian cropper315-Sep-10
myhill and muffin 1979Mick Ward113-Sep-10
murry hamilton willie todd dave cuthbertson derek jamieson 1978brian cropper1113-Sep-10
could be a peck acornnutstory103-Sep-10
paul cropperMick Ward129-Aug-10
ken martin krenthefire126-Aug-10
chris lawson y h a deansgate manchester 1978brian cropper525-Aug-10
high tor at high noon 1977brian cropper119-Aug-10
who neads a tent 1976pneame217-Aug-10
i like beer brian cropper1315-Aug-10
climbers Mick Ward314-Aug-10
dinner may 1975Mick Ward1112-Aug-10
the boys 1982 ish Mick Ward112-Aug-10
what are rab and sue thinkingdeepstar807-Aug-10
chamonix 1977deepstar307-Aug-10
nick colton 1977Nick Colton, BMC106-Aug-10
a crap shot about 1974 salford who can you i.d.brian cropper706-Aug-10
colin brookes 1980Sean Kelly306-Aug-10
part of the team Mick Ward605-Aug-10
the doors or the gates of perception see aldous huxley Phil Kelly205-Aug-10
glendalough 1978Mick Ward204-Aug-10
barbra machin of granada t.v. Mick Ward128-Jul-10
calvin torrans 1978jon1028-Jul-10
cordeebrian cropper227-Jul-10
the boysdeepstar125-Jul-10
hair styleSean Kelly223-Jul-10
age 13 1975Mick Ward523-Jul-10
phil burke brian cropper219-Jul-10
b m c buxton 1978Mick Ward118-Jul-10
Excel 1976Mick Ward218-Jul-10
legsPhil Kelly213-Jul-10
castle helen 1978brian cropper910-Jul-10
the age of aquariusAl Evans509-Jul-10
paul cropper Phil Kelly409-Jul-10
dave kenyonMick Ward107-Jul-10
very old rock boots can you i.d. themGavin McGrath907-Jul-10
mr hartnett bancroft and cropper 1978Mick Ward306-Jul-10
bancroft 1978brian cropper204-Jul-10
al and lez 1978Mick Ward203-Jul-10
cock-a-leekiebrian cropper324-Jun-10
john tout and who 1979 Nick Colton, BMC223-Jun-10
y h a deansgate 1978brian cropper621-Jun-10
paul nunn Mick Ward321-Jun-10
phil burke deansgate m c 1978brian cropper421-Jun-10
the longest vertical route in yorkshirebrian cropper421-Jun-10
choe brooks brian cropper321-Jun-10
b a cropper n siddiqui thongsbridge west yourshire 1978Mick Ward219-Jun-10
bob toogood y h a fountain street manchester 1976 climber and caver see n mossMick Ward218-Jun-10
dovestones 1968tutbury515-Jun-10
r carrington 1978brian cropper114-Jun-10
arni strapcans 1978brian cropper310-Jun-10
mr lonsdale 1985Phil Kelly107-Jun-10
mick dewsbury brian cropper505-Jun-10
gary Mick Ward103-Jun-10
long long time agojon426-May-10
b m c guidebook committee 1978 Mick Ward125-May-10
rohan 79Urgles321-May-10
wind sand and stars brian cropper419-May-10
lawrancefield 1979brian cropper219-May-10
phil kelly 1985Phil Kelly218-May-10
who and d gray 1979 brian cropper217-May-10
p cropper 1979Mick Ward216-May-10
clog crabMr Lopez413-May-10
ballade of an ungentle dame l w andrewstutbury112-May-10
tree derbyshire 1976brian cropper109-May-10
irish mountenerring club hut pneame406-May-10
marsden bay 1974brian cropper105-May-10
a climbing wall huddesfield 1977Alex Thompson403-May-10
camp trails ireland 1978Mick Ward202-May-10
me and himjon302-May-10
the french conection 1980brian cropper401-May-10
george orwellMick Ward401-May-10
b cropper k merccer 1972jon629-Apr-10
the cornice Neil Foster228-Apr-10
y h a deansgatebrian cropper327-Apr-10
leeds bradford airportYrmenlaf224-Apr-10
we found a toy with wings of steel pneame224-Apr-10
paul mac first ascent fountain street m/c 1974Stu Tyrrell324-Apr-10
cliff holmfirth 2008 who needs a brush when you can have a sawtheterrorwheel523-Apr-10
chew valley 1972Alex Thompson123-Apr-10
a wallpneame218-Apr-10
a boot and crampon 1978jon318-Apr-10
chee daleMick Ward416-Apr-10
t.i.m. lewiss with fingers and paul nunn with badgebrian cropper416-Apr-10
harragate trade show 1979brian cropper315-Apr-10
3 of a kindpneame214-Apr-10
crap pegs 1972pneame212-Apr-10
dave knighton gogarth 1975 photo al evans blue peg thats another storyDaveKnighton210-Apr-10
harragate trade showjon210-Apr-10
peters dale brian cropper208-Apr-10
dave knighton houghton quarry lancashire 1976DaveKnighton107-Apr-10
sean windrem brian cropper702-Apr-10
what the hell brian cropper101-Apr-10
letter peter liverseyMick Ward330-Mar-10
young and freeMadtyke227-Mar-10
lostbrian cropper326-Mar-10
hank could this be mr pPhil Kelly125-Mar-10
mohamed nadium and rehan siddiqui 1978jon425-Mar-10
al evans 1976jon424-Mar-10
g birtles and lord fraser 1982brian cropper324-Mar-10
g desroy anglesarke 1980gungan624-Mar-10
trigMick Ward222-Mar-10
al evans n siddiqui p cropperMutl3y120-Mar-10
silly arete brian cropper619-Mar-10
g desroy 1981Phil Kelly119-Mar-10
s thirsk craig h118-Mar-10
b a cropper cham 1975jon317-Mar-10
jim reading gab regan al evans ra chee dale 1976 free ascentAl Evans715-Mar-10
c.l.inker 1950Mick Ward415-Mar-10
b cropper the prow 1976 photo k merccer brian cropper615-Mar-10
paul cropper 1976pneame415-Mar-10
froggatt 1978Mick Ward512-Mar-10
deansgate manchester 1979 brian cropper311-Mar-10
first guide to 1968 brian cropper211-Mar-10
homeward bound 1975 Mick Ward108-Mar-10
little girl eaterPhil Kelly305-Mar-10
piller of the lost world 1975 p3jon201-Mar-10
the siddiqui brothers matlock 1977jon126-Feb-10
the boys are back in town manchester 1978Greenie61322-Feb-10
the pass lots of old carsjon922-Feb-10
b cropper 1974pneame221-Feb-10
fire dance Mick Ward418-Feb-10
al harvey b cropper eldon hole 1974brian cropper215-Feb-10
the pass a wet day 1974jon214-Feb-10
ivy groove about 1970Neil Foster214-Feb-10
chris booth m j harrison about 1978 French Erick313-Feb-10
al barker shooters boulders 05 05 Alex Thompson312-Feb-10
gary gibson 2001 jon212-Feb-10
al barker Mick Ward212-Feb-10
paul cropper forgot the pub stoneymiddleton 1978 i d the restJohn Kirk212-Feb-10
steven haston stoneymiddleton 1979Al Evans612-Feb-10
three runners no harness 1976John Kirk212-Feb-10
gab regan froggatt 1976John Kirk111-Feb-10
paul cropper 1978PeakDJ410-Feb-10
bob whittaker 1973brian cropper509-Feb-10
p cropper r siddiqui 1978ishjon408-Feb-10
gary gibson 2001jon408-Feb-10
jim reading about 1976Kafoozalem207-Feb-10
black pudding team dinner smithills bolton Mick Ward207-Feb-10
paul cropper 1974Sean Kelly206-Feb-10
b cropper shooting myhill year before green death 78ish jon302-Feb-10
lost in wales true with thanks to white hall buxton 1972jon630-Jan-10
frank sheppard b cropper eldon pothole club crickhowell 1968deepstar230-Jan-10
dave hollows 1981Mick Ward429-Jan-10
dave knighton blond nick paul cropper edge terrece huddesfield 1976 Mick Ward427-Jan-10
b.m.c. gardening kitjon127-Jan-10
me up myhills mast 1997 photo myhillMick Ward226-Jan-10
warren harding bmc buxton 1982Duck Tape226-Jan-10
geraldine taylor and christine crawshaw . a damp day Mick Ward925-Jan-10
ice screw year god knows mikem950224-Jan-10
mr moorland shooters nab 2008Dan Lane324-Jan-10
al evans Dan Lane524-Jan-10
b m c film show tim lewiss rab carrington sue carrington and who can you i d manchester about 1978brian cropper622-Jan-10
nick colton froggatt 1976Ropeboy222-Jan-10
al evans ian lonsdale phil kelly and who burbage 2001DoctorStone321-Jan-10
nick donnally glen coe about 1978 photo by whojon119-Jan-10
stanage 1978Ropeboy416-Jan-10
jim burton green death millstone derbyshire 1977DannyC209-Jan-10
paul cropper wilton 1 lancashire about 1978jon306-Jan-10
peter liversy harragate 1981 jon202-Jan-10
erebus buttress 1977jon201-Jan-10
hammer holster could be clog or troll midv 70ishjon330-Dec-09
thing for carring pegsAl Evans428-Dec-09
bullshit Al Evans227-Dec-09
ravens tor derbyshire 1968jon226-Dec-09
beal 2003 who and routebrian cropper423-Dec-09
nadim siddiqui h.s. quarry stoneymiddleton 1998 spot the changeAl Evans223-Dec-09
rope boy 1979jon222-Dec-09
alpinismus 1965 photo j clearebeardy mike321-Dec-09
al evans fat wall sp cornwall 1976brian cropper518-Dec-09
jon your little book jon211-Dec-09
mr kelly arthur st 2009 Al Evans411-Dec-09
the peak m.j.baddeley 1887 Mick Ward311-Dec-09
al barker mal baxter laddaw 2006Mick Ward210-Dec-09
a warmsley stannage 1982 before matsAl Evans409-Dec-09
chris addy al evans about 1978 Mick Ward406-Dec-09
paul nunn by sheidan who apart from m ward remembers sheidan NYork405-Dec-09
off belay 1976Mick Ward103-Dec-09
john or paul kirk froggatt derbyshire the track not the edge 1976old mooner301-Dec-09
den lane 1978Alex Thompson330-Nov-09
n siddiqui holmfirth 1974 in a suit by don whillansbrian cropper530-Nov-09
martin koccis hard at work on the moorland grit guide uppermill 2006groundmagnet330-Nov-09
chris booth bouldering at cliff 2008Al Evans430-Nov-09
paul cropper squirrel quarry a derbyshire hidden gem 1978 mr evans colton and baxter have climbed hereAl Evans730-Nov-09
dave knighton 1976Alex Thompson730-Nov-09
nick donnally edge terrece huddesfield 1976brian cropper430-Nov-09
rehan siddiqui with peg hammer holmfirth 1978Alex Thompson230-Nov-09
nick colton edge terrace huddesfield 1976Alex Thompson129-Nov-09
rehan and nadim sidiqui holmfirth 1978Al Evans429-Nov-09
duncan martin ewe bend pule hill 11 05 08Alex Thompson129-Nov-09
letter g gibson 1983Alex Thompson129-Nov-09
bob whittaker 1976 photo g masonFredt429-Nov-09
ford on the bendeepstar428-Nov-09
the lovely rachel blunt the pits chew valley 2007 ITS428-Nov-09
chris addy stoneymiddleton 1978jon128-Nov-09
paul mitchel 1977Mick Ward327-Nov-09
b newman k wilson harragate trade show 1978brian cropper227-Nov-09
poster rock hoppersChris F626-Nov-09
paul or john kirk stoneymiddleton 1979petemeads325-Nov-09
clog cogKTT225-Nov-09
this is a cover achilles daunt 1889Mick Ward217-Nov-09
enemies mt 83jon217-Nov-09
who is this 1980 Mick Ward316-Nov-09
magic muffin E10 a razzercraig h414-Nov-09
gab regan water cum jolly 1976Al Evans111-Nov-09
r siddiqui manchester 1981jon210-Nov-09
the painted wall 1973Andy Donson507-Nov-09
fig 8 by fishers of keswick mid late 60tis they got hot very very hot apart from me who on uk used the did you al Al Evans305-Nov-09
pop music john bullbrian cropper805-Nov-09
this is climbing north face 1997Mick Ward104-Nov-09
suspended by ankles 1974twigulus203-Nov-09
peter black ian lonsdale davekenyon b cropper 1976Mick Ward210-Oct-09
jill lawrance peter liversy harragate 1979 they did one or two good routes together one on mount asgard baffin islandMick Ward508-Oct-09
b cropper first accent of grip the jacker 1976 photo jane middlemistjon507-Oct-09
phil kelly 2001Greg Kirkpatrick306-Oct-09
A.H. could be home made Mehmet Karatay406-Oct-09
m w crab DNS401-Oct-09
paul cropper e 1978 a good route gonecraig h128-Sep-09
peter crew his little booktutbury426-Sep-09
west nab 2006Gubby1221125-Sep-09
ken merccer 1972 Mick Ward223-Sep-09
blackstone edge 1966 with thanks b whittakerMick Ward323-Sep-09
bob whittaker a lovely man Mick Ward422-Sep-09
al barker mr and mrs dunne 2006Al Evans122-Sep-09
thornton in craven 250ish of limestone with a lake about 1968 Enty221-Sep-09
the ravenstones craig h116-Sep-09
runners about 1965 a bit better then carring pebblesAl Evans316-Sep-09
aido 5 brian cropper214-Sep-09
al evans 1976Al Evans213-Sep-09
al evans leg of n siddiqui bitter finger burbage 1976Al Evans211-Sep-09
what is the route Al Evans428-Aug-09
stannington ruffs mr evans little white book about 1972Mick Ward123-Aug-09
a little red book by w p haskett smith 1884 Mick Ward123-Aug-09
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