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John Rushby

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The Puig from the Orange HouseJohn Rushby226-Mar-14
Rainbow over Coniston Quarry (looks shopped but it's not, mainly as I don't know how the frick to use 'ShopJohn Rushby118-Sep-13
November Snow on Skipton MoorJohn Rushby614-Nov-12
Rylstone in November as a cliud inversion approaches. too damp to climb. John Rushby104-Nov-12
I think I've got something in my eye...2 nuts short of a rack423-Sep-12
As seen in MBUK and MBR. 50 stitches and 4 titanium plates. John Rushby808-May-12
Grand St Bernard Pass. 100km uphill that day so I wasn't a) tired, b) sunburned c) willing to sell my arse for cold beermr mills325-Oct-10
Martin Harley on the Forbes Arete (AD), Aiguille de Chardonnet - running from the storm jazzyjackson321-Jun-10
Gemma Hagen, leading and stepping out and oblivious to the fact that she has absolutely no quick draws......lummox121-Jun-10
A happy Gemma, is a climbing GemmaJohn Rushby202-Jun-10
Gemma Hagen darting up some E1Pagan320-Apr-10
Gemma Hagen and her traditional pre lead preparation - drinking 2 litres of White LightningUrgles120-Apr-10
AC Chile Meet 2010. Mick Ward105-Mar-10
Back in town, at a very Graham Green-esque bar. The red eyes are natural and not flash induced!!Mick Ward105-Mar-10
1km of Penitentes: Just what you need at 5,400m. Mark Collins105-Mar-10
Alpamayo, with a hooooge corniceSonya Mc1020-Jan-10
Limestoney Brimham by the Seacraig h205-Jan-10
The wind changed and his face stayed like thatDarren Jackson113-Aug-09
THe honeymoon suite on the Argentiere Glacier. The happy couple are Satroi and Tobias at HomeJamie B314-Aug-08
Topping out on the N Face of Les Courtes. Nothing like warm W3+ ice and pooey snow. July 2008satori309-Aug-08
La Grave 1, Rubbishy 0Jus821-Jun-06
Our hero is suprised to find he amounts to less than 120 litresDarren Jackson121-Jan-05