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Franco Cookson

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another new stoupe highball?Franco Cookson128-Jul-15
Wood for TreesFranco Cookson117-Jul-15
Gym Junkies Franco Cookson102-Jun-15
first ascentFranco Cookson111-Apr-15
HumbugFranco Cookson119-Jan-15
Pulling Into The Thumb Undersprags ON Parochial MasterFranco Cookson118-Dec-14
Paul Ingham on Desperate Den, Highcliffe Nab. 1983.Franco Cookson115-Dec-14
High Above The Pads On The Second Ascent Of 'Gnedl Maedl'Franco Cookson116-Apr-14
Eying Up The Crux Leap On The First Ascent Of 'Fly Agaric' (H8 7a)Franco Cookson116-Apr-14
Spawn Of The Hunt Second Ascent (E5 5c*)Franco Cookson114-Apr-14
In a ground fall position (missed the gear) on a very cold day in November during the first ascent of A Plaice Lost in Time.Franco Cookson114-Apr-14
Dave On Unclimbed E7 at DanbyFranco Cookson113-Apr-14
The Powerful Start To Harbinger Franco Cookson111-Apr-14
Plasticman - The New Maiden's Bluff TestpieceFranco Cookson110-Apr-14
Geoff Fixter and Eric Marr at the top of The Slab [Ordinary], Roseberry Topping. 1958.Franco Cookson107-Apr-14
Hoping The Hard Bit's Over On The FA Of 'Currents Of Change'Franco Cookson107-Apr-14
Playful Climbing At A Serious Height - On The FA Of Archaeopteryx Franco Cookson326-Mar-14
D. Warburton Checking the Moves on Howl Psyche (prior to losing his mind and soloing it)Franco Cookson126-Mar-14
Billet The Kid (E5 6a *)Franco Cookson125-Mar-14
Esoteric Commitment Franco Cookson103-Mar-14
Jack Metcalfe on the First Onsight Ascent of 'The Jungle Drum'Franco Cookson222-Jan-14
'On Urra Moor Baht 'at' FAFranco Cookson119-Jan-14
View showing the line of Blitzrieg, Whitestone Cliffe. 1966.Franco Cookson117-Jan-14
Stonking 14m long Parallel Cracks At Danby. Franco Cookson415-Jan-14
Tony Marr on Top Gun, Ingleby Incline. September 2013. Franco Cookson307-Nov-13
Ken Jackson on the first ascent of Cosmonaut Direct, Peak Scar. 1964.Franco Cookson216-Sep-13
The Unclimbed Landslip AreteFranco Cookson129-Aug-13
DPaul on Up From The Skies,early attemptFranco Cookson121-Aug-13
Thimbleby Crag, near Over Silton village. panoramic shot Franco Cookson103-Aug-13
Psykovsky's SequinsFranco Cookson202-Aug-13
Paul Ingham soloing Sphinx West Direct. 1983.Franco Cookson124-Jun-13
Alan Taylor on Gluon, Highcliffe Nab.1978.Franco Cookson131-May-13
Magic in the Air, Highcliffe Nab. 1982. Paul Ingham climbing.Franco Cookson131-May-13
Luke Hunt crusing 'Pool Wall'Franco Cookson128-May-13
Tony Marr climbing The Bobet Traverse, Eston Nab. 1959.Franco Cookson120-May-13
Simon Walker on The Needle, West Face Direct. 1983.Franco Cookson114-Apr-13
Everybody StreeeeeeetchFranco Cookson127-Mar-13
Bob Sanders doing Pingers one-handedFranco Cookson125-Mar-13
Franco's Wall, just before the rain got meFranco Cookson124-Mar-13
The well-hidden left hand side of the Smuggler's Terrace, in full summer foliage. Franco Cookson119-Mar-13
Esklets CraggingFranco Cookson219-Mar-13
Paul Ingham making the first ascent of Time Captain. September 1979. Ken Jackson belaying.Franco Cookson124-Feb-13
ASBO PopsFranco Cookson124-Feb-13
First free ascent of BBC [E2 5c], Originally required 4 pegs for aid. John Redhead climbing. 24th. September 1978. Franco Cookson117-Feb-13
The Line Of The Tormented Sole, On Easter Island Buttress.Franco Cookson129-Oct-12
Another New Line Down On The CoastFranco Cookson314-Oct-12
Rjukan Ice Festival 2012Franco Cookson120-Aug-12
A Lonely LeadFranco Cookson124-Jul-12
OdinFranco Cookson122-Jun-12
John McsheaFranco Cookson107-Dec-11
'The Hypocrisy Of Moose' Franco Cookson203-Dec-11
On the first ascent of a superb line..Franco Cookson130-Nov-11
Adam Noble on the Direct Route (Pillar variation), Scafell.Franco Cookson130-Nov-11
Attempting to free the old aid line 'Mars Bar'Franco Cookson127-Nov-11
FingersFranco Cookson103-Nov-11
Paul Wilkie seconding The sphinx nose traverseFranco Cookson101-Nov-11
old manFranco Cookson126-Oct-11
Sam MarksFranco Cookson127-Sep-11
Franco on the F.A of 'Curious Intrigue' at the forgotten and neglected leftside of Highcliffe NabFranco Cookson116-Sep-11
Dave WarburtonFranco Cookson126-Aug-11
Body Torque - Stormy Hall BouldersFranco Cookson114-Aug-11
New Highball At DanbyFranco Cookson112-Aug-11
Flute Casts in the underlying Greywacke near Panorama crag.Franco Cookson106-Aug-11
On the Caminito del Rey, The Gorge, El ChorroFranco Cookson104-Aug-11
Dave Birkett on his very own 'Once Upon a Time in the South-West' E9 6c, Dyers Lookout.Franco Cookson122-Jul-11
Usually a solo, but in icy conditions we kept on the walking boots and lead it with minimal gear.Franco Cookson125-Jun-11
adam wilkin following the Haggis Scary E6Franco Cookson125-May-11
About to hit the deck from 19 metres.Franco Cookson125-Mar-11
On the first ascent of Yuckan II.8, The Fat Boy FinishFranco Cookson116-Mar-11
Pete spying the final hold on Equinox (VS 4c, tottering piece of slate, Bus Stop Quarry)Franco Cookson107-Mar-11
Into the dark depth`s of highcliff!Franco Cookson103-Mar-11
Wimberry central section. Is there anywhere to compare with this for hard trad?Franco Cookson103-Mar-11
Bob Sanders doing Pingers one-handedFranco Cookson125-Feb-11
Not sure which climb - HVS 5c I thinkFranco Cookson125-Feb-11
The amazing double arete of EnigmaFranco Cookson120-Jan-11
A big long lead for a young lad.Franco Cookson114-Nov-10
top roping nectar tooFranco Cookson121-Oct-10
Wicked Willie, E5 6b, Hodge Close QuarryFranco Cookson114-Aug-10
doing the ard bit of left wallFranco Cookson214-Aug-10
So....this is safe then??Franco Cookson114-Aug-10
Snowberry ToppingFranco Cookson114-Aug-10
Classic North FaceFranco Cookson109-Aug-10
Warble Fly, E1, 5b, Kepwick Crag, NYMFranco Cookson130-Jun-10
Jason Wood on a mono problem at Ingleby Incline.Franco Cookson107-Jun-10
Bob Sanders on The Nose, Parson's Nose Buttress, Scot Crags, Scugdale.Franco Cookson115-May-10
Martin Parker soloing Shere Khan, once the best route on the crag, now in pieces on the field below.Franco Cookson115-May-10
Dan on FA Captain Planet Direct, E5,6a.Franco Cookson115-May-10
Sean_JFranco Cookson123-Apr-10
early climbing at Almscliff and Ravenscar Franco Cookson211-Apr-10
AlbarracinFranco Cookson111-Oct-09