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Beastly Squirrel

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Godzilla, Biblins CaveBeastly Squirrel101-Aug-14
Blokesmoker Low Beastly Squirrel129-Jul-14
Cut loose in the Llanberis Pass.Beastly Squirrel109-Jul-14
Mako, Hound TorBeastly Squirrel115-Apr-14
Forgotten your head torch? Not a problem...Beastly Squirrel109-Oct-13
evening on the moorBeastly Squirrel202-Sep-13
Psykovsky's SequinsBeastly Squirrel111-Aug-13
Very Esoteric Micro-routing 2Beastly Squirrel128-Jul-13
The slabs at Cala Luna, SardiniaBeastly Squirrel101-Jun-13
Sticking the crux of The Boatman. New problem at Dinas Rock.Beastly Squirrel105-Apr-13
James Squire working a rather wet 'Butch Cassidy' (font 8a+) at Dinas Rock.Beastly Squirrel101-Apr-13
Sebby on ThudBeastly Squirrel105-Mar-13
BlocFest final leap of faith for James Squire Beastly Squirrel225-Feb-13
Head Torch and stars at Birchen EdgeBeastly Squirrel119-Feb-13
James Squire seaks out an amazing overhanging prow at Sand Point.Beastly Squirrel414-Feb-13
Brean DownBeastly Squirrel109-Feb-13
Cuttings boulder field, portland, VandalismBeastly Squirrel128-Jan-13
Slightly misguided training for Troll WallBeastly Squirrel115-Jan-13
Christmas caption competition...Beastly Squirrel113-Jan-13
The Boy Who Waved To The Waves (FA) 48th birthday present to myself :)Beastly Squirrel110-Jan-13
The mountain's shadow - A shadow has been cast all the way down Edale across the bottom of the rainbow...weird!Beastly Squirrel102-Jan-13
Mouldy Rain V9Beastly Squirrel118-Dec-12
Le cul de chien panoramicBeastly Squirrel125-Nov-12
a taste of what the bouldering on knoydart has to offerBeastly Squirrel213-Oct-12
James Squire reaching for the lip on Jungle V.I.P (font 8a) at Burrator Reservoir, Dartmoor.Beastly Squirrel102-Sep-12
The Angel's LightBeastly Squirrel130-Aug-12
6b - Ben's Wall Overhang at Curbar Boulders.Beastly Squirrel116-Aug-12
James Squire about to pull into the crux move on 'The Highwayman' at Ladye Bay, Clevedon. Beastly Squirrel210-Aug-12
Working the movesBeastly Squirrel107-Jun-12
The HatchlingBeastly Squirrel130-Apr-12
James working 'Larger Than Life' a long traverse project down at Ladye Bay, Clevedon.Beastly Squirrel206-Apr-12
James Squire latching the finishing hold on 'Thumb Wars' V11 at Gollum's Cave, Bristol. Beastly Squirrel104-Apr-12
Sequence of moves on 'No Pain No Gain' at Gollums Cave.Beastly Squirrel121-Feb-12
Adam demonstrating how it's done, with great spotting!Beastly Squirrel104-Feb-12
James Squire climbing 'Boy Racer' at Dinas Rock (Main Crag).Beastly Squirrel126-Jan-12
Stanage boulderingBeastly Squirrel130-Dec-11
Bouldering at LynmouthBeastly Squirrel116-Dec-11
James seconds before latching the jug on Brad Pit, Stanage Plantation. Beastly Squirrel219-Nov-11
Panarama of Mount Fuji, one of many great days in Japan! Beastly Squirrel106-Nov-11
Ratagan RainbowsBeastly Squirrel105-Nov-11
going for a hold on portside traverseBeastly Squirrel105-Nov-11
James on the finishing moves of 'King of the Swingers' V9/10 at the Lakeside Boulders, Burrator. Beastly Squirrel121-Oct-11
Castle Hill BasinBeastly Squirrel119-Sep-11
Objects in the rear view mirror...Beastly Squirrel115-Sep-11
James and Hamish walking along Northcott beach, Cornwall.Beastly Squirrel110-Sep-11
James pulling around the finish on 'J Lo' after a hugh swing catching the final jug at Northcott Mouth.Beastly Squirrel102-Sep-11
Got it!Beastly Squirrel130-Aug-11
3 simple steps to climbing Brad Pit, Stanage Plantation.Beastly Squirrel125-Jun-11
James sending Doughnut Frenzy at Ladye Bay, Clevedon.Beastly Squirrel109-May-11
James on the portside finish of HMS Vectory.Beastly Squirrel121-Apr-11
Will he stick it?Beastly Squirrel219-Apr-11
Close up of some gnarly climbing...Beastly Squirrel119-Apr-11
Involved MenBeastly Squirrel118-Mar-11
James on the first few moves of his new problem Fish and Chips at the Toll Road Crags.Beastly Squirrel124-Feb-11
BBC'S Photo edit.Beastly Squirrel113-Feb-11
James on the AD Into DA traverse (font 7c) at Bourton Combe, Bristol.Beastly Squirrel230-Jan-11
James on The Climbing Academy circuit board.Beastly Squirrel125-Jan-11
Sequence of Toru climbing GaiaBeastly Squirrel124-Jan-11
James working the cave roof project at the Toll Road Crags.Beastly Squirrel301-Jan-11
Beautiful Porth Ysgo TideBeastly Squirrel206-Nov-10
Small Mountain Range Panorama, seen from Porth Ysgo.Beastly Squirrel106-Nov-10
The River Curves from Snowdonia.Beastly Squirrel204-Nov-10
The best multi-pitch sport route in the world? 'Fiesta de los biceps' (F7a), RiglosBeastly Squirrel115-Oct-10
Cairngorms: The Blue MountainsBeastly Squirrel109-Oct-10
"Freak Out"Beastly Squirrel204-Sep-10
Weissmies Summit AreteBeastly Squirrel221-Aug-10
Ads on our favourite problem at Burbage BridgeBeastly Squirrel218-Aug-10
Beauty in the Back Yard.Beastly Squirrel103-Aug-10
James working The Arete Problem(V6) at Avon Gorge (Sea Walls),Bristol.Beastly Squirrel202-Aug-10
What a view! - Jardines BoulderingBeastly Squirrel126-Jul-10
Elgol bayBeastly Squirrel121-Jul-10
Nightsoloing at StanageBeastly Squirrel112-Jun-10
sticking the final break on the wave, v6Beastly Squirrel101-Jun-10
James on the last few difficult moves on The Full AD Traverse (font 7b+) at Bourton Combe, Bristol.Beastly Squirrel126-May-10