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Stu Tyrrell

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BMC Centenary crab.Stu Tyrrell112:37 Tue
Exiting the thin crack of Christmas Curry / Micah EliminateStu Tyrrell119-Apr-16
Historical Celebrity Wedding ;) Name that crowd!Stu Tyrrell118-Apr-16
Ryan MooreStu Tyrrell111-Mar-16
bantamdaveStu Tyrrell105-Mar-16
Descending the Midi arete in strong winds! Stu Tyrrell109-Feb-16
One man and his DogStu Tyrrell103-Feb-16
Daniel Sromek is climbing in spartacus sektor, KalymnosStu Tyrrell129-Jan-16
Dave DouglasStu Tyrrell117-Jan-16
Petrified sealsStu Tyrrell108-Jan-16
Landing spot for Wigs for Life, Telendos - good skippering skills!Stu Tyrrell105-Jan-16
GeorgTStu Tyrrell105-Jan-16
Dolomites from 30,000' Stu Tyrrell103-Jan-16
Lago Federa reflectionsStu Tyrrell102-Dec-15
dylan.bStu Tyrrell227-Nov-15
Winter meets AutumnStu Tyrrell124-Nov-15
Hornli Ridge of Matterhorn at sundown, SwitzerlandStu Tyrrell119-Nov-15
Above the cloudsStu Tyrrell116-Nov-15
Liz Smart ski touring at the Dent d'Emaney, Marécottes, SwitzerlandStu Tyrrell104-Nov-15
Death and The MaidenStu Tyrrell124-Oct-15
Olly sending Eye of the Tiger Stu Tyrrell116-Oct-15
ollie_eStu Tyrrell112-Oct-15
Cwm IdwalStu Tyrrell111-Oct-15
Comici Dimai...Stu Tyrrell104-Oct-15
Costa Blanca, El DoradoStu Tyrrell110-Sep-14
Unknown wunderkid putting us to shame in the Poema CaveStu Tyrrell111-Aug-14
Paul Ingham on Sandy Crack, Sandy Crag. 1981.Stu Tyrrell206-Aug-14
can u.k. help i.d. this quarry Stu Tyrrell330-Jul-14
Ober Gabelhorn from Pigne de la LeStu Tyrrell109-Jul-14
The Thank God holds at the top of Shrike. Barbara James. Stu Tyrrell221-Jun-14
Fellow scrambler stuck on the El Cid via ferrataStu Tyrrell116-Jun-14
Penny for your thoughts?Stu Tyrrell106-Jun-14
Pondering on a preposterously proportioned protruberance.Stu Tyrrell105-Jun-14
Mushroom picking in the PfalzStu Tyrrell103-Jun-14
Photo Quiz 19Stu Tyrrell108-May-14
Hairy laybacking at the top of Parachute (VS 4b), Stoney MiddletonStu Tyrrell130-Apr-14
Walk in to Mountet Hut. Stu Tyrrell124-Apr-14
do you know who this is?Stu Tyrrell114-Apr-14
Túron SlabsStu Tyrrell107-Apr-14
Topping out in Sennen UBES University of Bristol Expeditions Society Stu Tyrrell103-Apr-14
Just at the crux on this amazing problemStu Tyrrell103-Apr-14
Pegs at bottom of 4th pitch. One is very rusty, the other has a fracture at the backStu Tyrrell128-Feb-14
2nding a route being instructed by Guy Wilson at Pure outdoors ltd ended up meeting RAB himself which I was well chuffed with Stu Tyrrell123-Feb-14
Alistair Duncan, c.1983Stu Tyrrell113-Feb-14
Joe Mallia on the rock bridge of Burdah, above the Original RouteStu Tyrrell101-Feb-14
View into Ennerdale from the summit of Pillar RockStu Tyrrell129-Jan-14
Interesting addition to a rackStu Tyrrell127-Jan-14
Promontory Pool.Stu Tyrrell109-Jan-14
Gurn for Glory!Stu Tyrrell109-Dec-13
Ken Jackson climbing Gormenghast, Heron Crag. Tony Marr belaying. 1966. Stu Tyrrell105-Dec-13
Colin EdwardsStu Tyrrell129-Nov-13
Accident prone ? Stu Tyrrell120-Nov-13
The corridor interior, from Lockwood's ChimneyStu Tyrrell109-Nov-13
Choire Horobin on The ArrowStu Tyrrell128-Oct-13
Dan enduring an age of austerity.Stu Tyrrell209-Oct-13
Still smiling about the maddest bit of climbing on the cragStu Tyrrell116-Sep-13
The night before the frendo...Stu Tyrrell113-Sep-13
JamesLloydStu Tyrrell101-Sep-13
ScimitarStu Tyrrell128-Aug-13
Dan Donovan Lost in SpaceStu Tyrrell125-Jul-13
Looking downStu Tyrrell111-Jul-13
Stubai Peg Hammer circa 1967Stu Tyrrell110-Jul-13
hut life, glen etiveStu Tyrrell103-Jun-13
The main competition wall overhanging by 12.5m and 23m long!Stu Tyrrell117-May-13
drilled carabinersStu Tyrrell108-May-13
Looking into MordorStu Tyrrell126-Apr-13
Climbing on Sotra, BergenStu Tyrrell118-Apr-13
LlanberisStu Tyrrell106-Apr-13
Millstone Abstract 2Stu Tyrrell121-Mar-13
Gordon Hibberd second accent AlcazanStu Tyrrell105-Mar-13
Love free climbing this oneStu Tyrrell103-Mar-13
Paul Ingham making the first ascent of Time Captain. September 1979. Ken Jackson belaying.Stu Tyrrell124-Feb-13
Summit Pico de Aneto 3404m having reached the summit by the Llosas ridge.Stu Tyrrell118-Feb-13
Little LlanberisStu Tyrrell115-Jan-13
Cement at dawnStu Tyrrell111-Jan-13
Eve. Sheperds Crag 1964. Second pitchStu Tyrrell111-Jan-13
Bouldering session at Lovrinac bouldering area in Split, Dalmatia. Photo by: Luka KivelaStu Tyrrell128-Dec-12
Christmas caption competition...Stu Tyrrell122-Dec-12
Hardest start to a VS everStu Tyrrell115-Dec-12
'Fitzroy dreaming'Stu Tyrrell114-Dec-12
The summit of Beinn ChaorachStu Tyrrell111-Dec-12
First sport route - Happy Angel...happy DaddyStu Tyrrell125-Sep-12
The patchwork of brick and stone of SlawstonStu Tyrrell108-Sep-12
Medecine Douce, SeuseStu Tyrrell124-Aug-12
this guy needed rescued Stu Tyrrell106-Aug-12
Nicks Arete, Segaria roadside boulder, first ascent 2008.Stu Tyrrell123-Jul-12
Al Evans and Nick Colton in the Costa BlancaStu Tyrrell123-Jul-12
Top pitch of the "Spooky" laybackStu Tyrrell120-Jul-12
Snells Field 1975. Stu Tyrrell104-Jul-12
my great uncle john glencoe 1954Stu Tyrrell127-Mar-12
an old quarry in the woods we found Stu Tyrrell122-Mar-12
the wallStu Tyrrell113-Mar-12
Alpine Accentor - like us, a winter visitor to Chulilla, Spain.Stu Tyrrell117-Feb-12
Kinder Downfall AreaStu Tyrrell113-Feb-12
Carolina GarciaStu Tyrrell109-Feb-12
Stag at the Kings house Glen Coe.Stu Tyrrell131-Jan-12
i am darius king of kings 1978Stu Tyrrell118-Jan-12
Greg Boswell on the first pitch of Daddy LonglegsStu Tyrrell117-Jan-12
Below Stanage Edge, February 1986Stu Tyrrell130-Dec-11
must have been funStu Tyrrell109-Sep-11
on the old manStu Tyrrell127-Aug-11
Track of the Cat (E5) solo, RoachesStu Tyrrell107-Jul-11
Typical West Coast clag and drizzle at Loch Tollaidh.Stu Tyrrell102-May-11
Ken Palmer on TuppenceStu Tyrrell122-Feb-11
a young who.on whatStu Tyrrell121-Feb-11
Rehearsal for the solo of Late Riser E5 5cStu Tyrrell112-Feb-11
Climbing 70's style. Sleeping in the back of vans.Lanberis.Stu Tyrrell111-Feb-11
what can you say Stu Tyrrell109-Feb-11
First Ascent.Ghost Dancer Spire, Escalante Canyon ,Colorado... Just a bit of fun.Stu Tyrrell103-Feb-11
PHOTO QUIZ 7Stu Tyrrell103-Feb-11
Colin ? and the late Pete Williamson with period transport outsie The Robin Hood Inn near Chatsworth EdgeStu Tyrrell106-Jan-11
The Mendips doing a good impression of the AlpsStu Tyrrell122-Dec-10
the CiochStu Tyrrell122-Dec-10
Rivelin EdgeStu Tyrrell120-Dec-10
South Pembs somewhereStu Tyrrell106-Dec-10
Clogwy DduStu Tyrrell129-Nov-10
the valleyStu Tyrrell128-Nov-10
Jason PrestonStu Tyrrell427-Nov-10
Tim having a good time en-route in Wadi RumStu Tyrrell124-Nov-10
Bunkhouse Breakfast.Stu Tyrrell116-Nov-10
Mountaineering 1968Stu Tyrrell116-Nov-10
alpinismus 1966 Stu Tyrrell125-Oct-10
The best kept secret in the Mid-West.Stu Tyrrell213-Oct-10
Heinrich Taugwalder at the notch of the SE ridge of the Zinal Rothorn, August 1967Stu Tyrrell113-Sep-10
PHOTO QUIZ 3 -WHO'S THIS ?Stu Tyrrell131-Aug-10
Red Wall LLiweddStu Tyrrell108-Apr-10
Franco Cookson onsighting Angel's ShareStu Tyrrell107-Apr-10
clairejaneStu Tyrrell418-Mar-10
lancashire and cheshire area meet Stu Tyrrell112-Mar-10
deansgate manchester 1979 Stu Tyrrell111-Mar-10
Scoop Wall, Stoney, 1987.Stu Tyrrell105-Mar-10
Peak Exploration Stu Tyrrell204-Mar-10
Sixtys Icon.Stu Tyrrell122-Feb-10
Simon Nadin's on-sight flash of Under the Thumb/Urgent Action 8a+ at Kilnsey Crag in June 1990.Stu Tyrrell122-Feb-10
the pass lots of old carsStu Tyrrell220-Feb-10
Thought-provoking Obstacle Nr Top of Clogwyn RighthandStu Tyrrell112-Feb-10
A heroic pose. Roger Bennett in the Dolomites, 1972.Stu Tyrrell126-Jan-10
The Soul Of A Mountaineer - He Has That 1000 Yard Stare In His Eyes - Snowdon from Yr Aran in backgroundStu Tyrrell125-Jan-10
froggatt 1978Stu Tyrrell125-Jan-10
al p d knighton p cropper 1978 i love the cars Stu Tyrrell420-Jan-10
Bulkhead Buttress moel y gestStu Tyrrell118-Jan-10
Matthew BurtonStu Tyrrell115-Jan-10
Crossing the home boulderStu Tyrrell108-Jan-10
Windy LedgeStu Tyrrell229-Dec-09
paul mac first ascent fountain street m/c 1974Stu Tyrrell106-Dec-09
Looking down the headwall of the Lotus Flower Tower in 1981. Stu Tyrrell123-Nov-09
Mer ge Glace face, GreponStu Tyrrell121-Nov-09
Location Location Location...PerfectStu Tyrrell102-Nov-09
el cap baby!!Stu Tyrrell124-Oct-09
Harry at Elgol, SkyeStu Tyrrell119-Oct-09
On the initial pitch of String of Pearls, the Bosigran girdle traverse.Stu Tyrrell109-Oct-09
First New route in this quarryStu Tyrrell229-Sep-09
Fashion ikons from the 80's?Stu Tyrrell124-Sep-09
View from El Flare crags Abdet, Costa BlancaStu Tyrrell221-Sep-09
Best crag for miles!Stu Tyrrell102-Sep-09
isle of wightStu Tyrrell101-Sep-09
"Every Little Helps"... Oh wrong shop.Stu Tyrrell124-Aug-09
SulzenauhütteStu Tyrrell114-Aug-09
Logging more air time on Suspense (E2 5C, Lawrencefield) Stu Tyrrell114-Aug-09
Jodie topping out at ArboliStu Tyrrell107-Aug-09
Eigerwand - upper sectionStu Tyrrell130-Jul-09
Awesome late light over SnowdonStu Tyrrell130-Jul-09
Young ibex bouldering.Stu Tyrrell116-Jul-09
Please with myself in J Tree.Stu Tyrrell107-Jul-09
Do I collect my pension or solo something...Stu Tyrrell103-Jul-09
Eyeing the next bolt on Curfew...Stu Tyrrell119-May-09
The Puig Campana Stu Tyrrell119-May-09
Summit of Zinalrothorn to Matterhorn 1981Stu Tyrrell116-May-09
The Cilan Crags of the Lleyn PeninsulaStu Tyrrell213-May-09
Descending the BenStu Tyrrell113-May-09
StrapiombanteStu Tyrrell111-May-09
poster think pink olso a problem at cliff holmfirthStu Tyrrell106-May-09
parrett bagasseeStu Tyrrell106-May-09
*** Climbing in the Blue MountainsStu Tyrrell101-May-09
High on the HornliStu Tyrrell201-Apr-09
Start of Morning Crack, Hell Hath No Fury and What The HellStu Tyrrell130-Mar-09
Christmas 07/08. Pilierdu Couchant 6b+ Todra gorgeStu Tyrrell128-Mar-09
An early adventure with Ernie. Stu Tyrrell126-Mar-09
Downpressor Man.Stu Tyrrell113-Mar-09
tim chamberlainStu Tyrrell109-Mar-09
Guess who?Stu Tyrrell108-Mar-09
b newman stoney middleton 1979 can you i d the car it was new he bent it Stu Tyrrell123-Feb-09
Ron Fawcett on the first free ascent of Paradise Lost, Cheddar.Stu Tyrrell130-Jan-09
Cal on Shot your Bolt? Woz 'belaying' There's belaying and theres f**king belayingStu Tyrrell130-Jan-09
Tryfan and the Glyders. 26 Jan 09Stu Tyrrell128-Jan-09
Trough of Bowland QuarryStu Tyrrell121-Jan-09
Dinas Cromlech.Stu Tyrrell119-Jan-09
South Stack.Stu Tyrrell118-Jan-09
Wen Zawn, GogarthStu Tyrrell116-Jan-09
It's a bit cold and snowy...Stu Tyrrell119-Dec-08
stoney middleton Stu Tyrrell211-Dec-08
Chris Craggs on the gully left of the Cromlech in 1985.Stu Tyrrell104-Dec-08
High above El Chorro, SpainStu Tyrrell104-Dec-08
Zinalrothorn emerging from cloudStu Tyrrell104-Dec-08
blancoStu Tyrrell124-Nov-08
Booga, Delthedub an' Mark 'Be like horsey' DavisStu Tyrrell119-Nov-08
black pudding team dinner 1981 Stu Tyrrell112-Nov-08
Smart BoyStu Tyrrell206-Nov-08
Neil Gresham, John Dunne and James PearsonStu Tyrrell130-Oct-08
Sair Fecht Floors crag E3 6aStu Tyrrell129-Oct-08
one of the Americans about to fall off the cruxStu Tyrrell125-Oct-08
Windy ButtressStu Tyrrell125-Oct-08
ian lonsdale with walking stick trowbarrow 1978Stu Tyrrell118-Aug-08
Mittellegi Ridge from HörnliStu Tyrrell105-Aug-08
Rhapsody composite (zoom)Stu Tyrrell117-Jun-08
Neil Dickson, Cloggy, Margins of the MindStu Tyrrell112-Jun-08
Ali S on Gordan, VB, Black RocksStu Tyrrell117-Apr-08
Slate of The Art at LLAMFF *3Stu Tyrrell115-Feb-08
Kitchen WallStu Tyrrell112-Feb-08
Near Miss - Breaking Waves (!) leaving Widdop.Stu Tyrrell128-Jan-08
Me and my shadowStu Tyrrell117-Jan-08
El Dorado E2, Toix Sea Cliff, Costa BlancaStu Tyrrell109-Jan-08
Wen, top pitch traverseStu Tyrrell123-Nov-07
dinas climbStu Tyrrell120-Nov-07
Indian Summer: The tranquil beauty of the mountain enviroment.Stu Tyrrell118-Nov-07
Unconventional tatcics on Tody's Wall. Ben saying "...don't you dare post this on UKC!"Stu Tyrrell127-Sep-07
Grandes Jorasses - East faceStu Tyrrell113-Aug-07
Slab near Jack Scout Cove, LancashireStu Tyrrell131-Jul-07
An empty Pen TrwynStu Tyrrell131-Jul-07
Goblin on ParachuteStu Tyrrell125-Jun-07
Tremadog 1975Stu Tyrrell125-Jun-07
lambrockStu Tyrrell123-Jun-07
BIG SEASStu Tyrrell116-May-07
spot the climbersStu Tyrrell109-May-07
Seventies Fashion.Stu Tyrrell109-May-07
Kat on The Ordinary RouteStu Tyrrell211-Apr-07
Nice view from over here -Stu Tyrrell128-Mar-07
Stop off on the long haul home from Snowdonia.Stu Tyrrell110-Mar-07
Stonnis CrackStu Tyrrell107-Mar-07
watching dave disapear down the ab point,pembroke.Stu Tyrrell115-Jan-07
Ivory Tower - Bosherston HeadStu Tyrrell126-Dec-06
Mont Durand, Pointe Zinal and Dent Blanche from cabane du Grand MountetStu Tyrrell119-Dec-06
jack street on alcasan, stoney middleton, sometime in '74 (between lunchtime closing and evening opening at the moon)Stu Tyrrell119-Dec-06
El ChorroStu Tyrrell116-Dec-06
Kinder DownfallStu Tyrrell115-Dec-06
Niall GrimesStu Tyrrell112-Dec-06
Rog enjoying ridiculous exposure on Syrinx, (severe) Mt Arapiles Australia.Stu Tyrrell112-Dec-06
That moment after a great climbStu Tyrrell105-Dec-06
Dawn light on Loch EtiveStu Tyrrell122-Nov-06
Flowers in the DolomitesStu Tyrrell121-Nov-06
First Solo of Untouchables, Dinorwic SlateStu Tyrrell126-Oct-06
solly on lasts moves of SinbadStu Tyrrell112-Oct-06
PlayStu Tyrrell105-Oct-06
Fumf (VS 5a), RivelinStu Tyrrell102-Oct-06
Tower FaceStu Tyrrell101-Sep-06
Earthsea Trilogy at Dyers LookoutStu Tyrrell125-Aug-06
"Be the Best" - Army training climbing circa 1958Stu Tyrrell122-Aug-06
Intake quarry rockfallStu Tyrrell110-Aug-06
Sam goes for it on TryfanStu Tyrrell110-Aug-06
Layla's High PointStu Tyrrell104-Aug-06
where's that bloody quickie????Stu Tyrrell126-Jul-06
My Own WallStu Tyrrell118-Jul-06
Menopause 1982Stu Tyrrell110-Jul-06
Dorset chalkStu Tyrrell110-Jul-06
Belaying with a large swell. Nick and Ross on 1st Ascent of Gúthwinë, E1 5b.Stu Tyrrell103-Jul-06
Don Pete and ChrisStu Tyrrell122-Jun-06
Horseshoe QuarryStu Tyrrell116-Feb-06
The Dru - June 2005Stu Tyrrell114-Feb-06
Leo Houlding on the crux of The Passage to Freedom, El CapitanStu Tyrrell120-Dec-05
StumpedStu Tyrrell117-Dec-05
Looking into Italy from the Summit of Mont BlancStu Tyrrell112-Dec-05
Rich Orange Magic FluteStu Tyrrell109-Dec-05
China pig, Cherry Hinton chalkpitStu Tyrrell103-Nov-05
Wuthering E25b. Stanage EdgeStu Tyrrell129-Oct-05
Sunny Bolt ClippingStu Tyrrell110-Oct-05
A step too far... Walking from Glen Nevis to Staoineag bothyStu Tyrrell122-Sep-05
View from summit of RothornStu Tyrrell317-Sep-05
Lofoten!Stu Tyrrell117-Sep-05
brixton climber in spain."naranjo de bulnes" north faceStu Tyrrell110-Sep-05
Four small men...Stu Tyrrell130-Aug-05
Pete trainingStu Tyrrell122-Aug-05
Car travelling past Burbage North at duskStu Tyrrell115-Aug-05
Cuttings boulder field, portland, VandalismStu Tyrrell115-Aug-05
Helicopter arrives at Carrel hut on day 4 when weather clearsStu Tyrrell113-Aug-05
Weisshorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn and other eastern Valais Peaks from the Grand CornierStu Tyrrell103-Aug-05
Neil leading Be Brave (?) E1, Carreg-y-Barcud, PembrokeStu Tyrrell123-Jul-05
50 years ago and in brogues!Stu Tyrrell101-Jul-05
Great Stone Shoot, Cuillin, Isle of SkyeStu Tyrrell123-Jun-05
Coming down from "Dafni" Seaside kitchen, Kalymnos.Stu Tyrrell111-Jun-05
At the old Albert 1er refuge - 34 years on from the previous photo - the wood's still the same colour!Stu Tyrrell126-May-05
Alec Agnew, Cairngorms.Stu Tyrrell107-Apr-05
Stu TyrrellStu Tyrrell107-Apr-05
Ow My Leg!!!!Stu Tyrrell107-Apr-05
mazuleStu Tyrrell107-Apr-05
School's Out (6a+) on the main wall at Horseshoe QuarryStu Tyrrell107-Apr-05
The hardest boulder problem on Tryfan...Stu Tyrrell121-Mar-05
Where In The World Is This?Stu Tyrrell122-Feb-05
Canyonlands, Utah, June 2004Stu Tyrrell102-Feb-05
me on the knock.Stu Tyrrell115-Jan-05
Starting up Felt Mountain.Stu Tyrrell110-Jan-05
Woo some gear! :)Stu Tyrrell124-Dec-04
Neil Conway on Warton Upper CragStu Tyrrell122-Dec-04
Erick leading his first Grade V, Savage Slit, Coire an Lochan, Northern Corries V,6.Stu Tyrrell120-Dec-04
Tai Chi Olta Costa BlancaStu Tyrrell130-Nov-04
Things to do on a wet weekend in the Lakes: Intake RidgeStu Tyrrell124-Nov-04
Diedro UBSA, Penon de Ifach: Looking down from the ledge after the abseil. Gulp!Stu Tyrrell230-Oct-04
Sophie Milner and Paul Dearden posing for the cover of the Peak Rockfax (1992) on Lady of the Lake (E5 6b), WCJ.Stu Tyrrell120-Oct-04
Alan James on Salvea Mea (8a) at Altea Col on the Costa Blanca.Stu Tyrrell101-Oct-04
Recognise anything?Stu Tyrrell101-Oct-04
Ally seconding an unknown route at Burbage NorthStu Tyrrell130-Sep-04
Chris B. on Dent Du GeantStu Tyrrell128-Sep-04
Cocaine Gully, Smith RockStu Tyrrell125-Sep-04
Froggatt Pinnacle BoulderStu Tyrrell124-Sep-04
Obergabelhorn from Pic TyndallStu Tyrrell123-Sep-04
Crag x, Quebrada IshincaStu Tyrrell113-Sep-04
arms pumped keep holdin on!Stu Tyrrell106-Sep-04
Ibex, Mont BlancStu Tyrrell104-Sep-04
Britomartis (HVS 5a), GogarthStu Tyrrell126-Aug-04
Would you climb with this man?Stu Tyrrell119-Aug-04
St BeesStu Tyrrell111-Aug-04
Crack and SlabStu Tyrrell111-Aug-04
Sunset Crack, FroggattStu Tyrrell111-Aug-04
tobyfkStu Tyrrell116-Jul-04