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Benny VS - in and out! (The Promenade)Fidget123-Feb-16
Eclipse ClimbingFidget102-Apr-15
The HoleFidget125-Aug-11
Evening light at Reiff. James climbing a glowing Black Gold.Fidget208-Aug-11
Neb Buttress in the evening lightFidget106-Aug-11
Cuillin Ridge, mini-planet (well it does feel like a whole separate world up there!)Fidget706-Aug-11
Neb Buttress in the evening lightFidget201-Aug-11
Climbers on summit of Petit CharmozFidget101-Aug-11
Huge stitch shot of climber and Patagonian landscape. RHS, Fitz Roy massif stretching all the way to the left to Domo BlancoFidget101-Aug-11
One of the summit snow mushrooms on Piergiorgio. Fitz Roy and the stunning line of Supercanaleta in the backgroundFidget101-Aug-11
Summit Ridge. Yanapacha (5400m). Cordillera Blanca, Peru.Fidget101-Aug-11
Neb Buttress in the evening lightFidget228-Jul-11
Stitched shot of dry Dali'sFidget304-Jul-11
Serengeti area of Dinorwic Slate Quarries. Fidget129-Jun-11
Yes you can! Matt on Devil's Slide, LundyFidget123-May-11
Karwendel WallFidget107-May-11
Roadside cragging in GlencoeFidget106-May-11
Vivid double rainbow, Northwest HighlandsFidget205-Apr-11
Signing inFidget120-Mar-11
Soloing on Stanage in the sunFidget115-Mar-11
Steps loomingFidget102-Mar-11
Andy on the ExorcistFidget201-Mar-11
ClimbingPixie on Armorican VS 4cFidget523-Aug-10
Chasm Face scrambleFidget108-Jun-10
Mountain hare on Ben ChronzieFidget218-Feb-10
Andy on the Exorcist - almost overFidget210-Jan-10
climber on downfallFidget108-Jan-10
down she came!Fidget124-Nov-09
Slate Guillotine (entrance to California) on 12/11/2005 versus 13/09/2008Fidget323-Nov-09
Digiscope, Gogarth Main WallFidget114-Nov-09
The Lundy MonsterFidget225-Sep-09
Lizzie on LundyFidget124-Sep-09
Getting busy on Carreg WastadFidget125-Jun-09
Adder at South stack.Fidget104-May-09
Crackstone RibFidget101-May-09
Black Velvet Canyon, Red RocksFidget114-Apr-09
Pitch 5 of BirdlandFidget109-Apr-09
Sun beams on a snowy landscapeFidget204-Mar-09
South from Aonach MeadhoinFidget111-Jan-09
Playing beneath the downfallFidget111-Jan-09
Count's Wall, StanageFidget129-Sep-08
SCC and Flicka on Devil's Slide, pitch 2Fidget119-Sep-08
Sphinx Nose TraverseFidget114-Sep-08
Climbers on Wendigo E3 Red Walls GogarthFidget112-Sep-08
Ridge Descent - Aguille du MidiFidget112-Sep-08
Considering the crux on the hidden gem 'Metropia'Fidget110-Sep-08
Font for Fun!Fidget108-Sep-08
Contemplating the gap, at the slate mines near LlanberisFidget320-Jul-08
Dan at Deeply ValeFidget109-Jul-08
Buttermere and HaystacksFidget104-Jul-08
Baby bird out of nest, near Fly WallFidget330-Jun-08
Stick damn it... stickFidget127-Jun-08
Toproping the blowholeFidget127-Jun-08
Mick attemping to second me through a chimneyFidget120-Jun-08
View from Wallowbarrow cragFidget120-Jun-08
Franco soloing Gargoyle FlakeFidget113-Jun-08
Rusty in The ChasmFidget112-Jun-08
a nice boulder near chasm boulder area. sadly there was rubish around the base of the boulderFidget112-Jun-08
Adder at Dancing LedgeFidget205-Jun-08
Im sure your tongue counts as added friction??Fidget101-Jun-08
An arete to win over the most devout of non arete lovers! A wonderfully featured sheet of almost plumb vertical esoterica.Fidget130-May-08
Great moves, better location.Fidget128-May-08
Spot the climbers on Conchubair(?) (yellow & red), Blind Pew(?) (blue) & belaying on Hells Kitchen (blue)Fidget128-May-08
High Rocks panoramaFidget119-May-08
Sika deer on LundyFidget115-May-08
cider nutFidget729-Apr-08
Failing on Blue 7 at Cuvier, it's nails!Fidget314-Apr-08
Kev on Red WallFidget204-Apr-08
The Isatis CrocodileFidget131-Mar-08
Haysie emerging triumphant at the other end of Brendas TubeFidget230-Mar-08
Colourful font, Rocher FinFidget126-Mar-08
cider nut in SardiniaFidget123-Feb-08
Guess the crag!Fidget323-Feb-08
El Chorro showing the walkway and the via ferrata beneath it. The gorge entrance is just hidden from view.Fidget123-Feb-08
Jenn flashing JP's problem (V4)Fidget111-Feb-08
Railway pillar.Fidget211-Feb-08
Sunny AttermireFidget110-Feb-08
Dinorwic Slate Cutting ShedFidget130-Jan-08
Main Gorge at El ChorroFidget123-Jan-08
Borrowdale sceneFidget121-Jan-08
Sunset from HelvellynFidget120-Jan-08
Dalehead from HelvellynFidget120-Jan-08
Striding Edge, Helvellyn, on a Bank HolidayFidget120-Jan-08
Sun set from HelvellynFidget120-Jan-08
Helvellyn PanaramaFidget120-Jan-08
Early season conditions in Gully 1, HelvellynFidget120-Jan-08
Helvellyn SummitFidget120-Jan-08
The amazing variation of rock (angles, strata, types) on the Culm CoastFidget223-Dec-07
Lone Tree, Combestone Tor, DartmoorFidget121-Dec-07
Trees in Dali's Hole, Llanberis slate quarriesFidget129-Nov-07
Hardin at ButhiersFidget227-Nov-07
Corsica: Fiend on some more random chipped overgraded bollox.Fidget116-Nov-07
a Dartmoor Panorama from Hound TorFidget116-Nov-07
Cara cruising the last pitch of Central Groove at the DewerstoneFidget119-Oct-07
The Assassins Cloak - a Corsica deep water soloFidget114-Oct-07
Frozen Lake GR20 CorsicaFidget114-Oct-07
Butser HillFidget127-Sep-07
Fiend at Cae Du. Low pebble height, contrast to -
Larger and uncropped version of this for the benefit of Sean Kelly!Fidget111-Sep-07
Cara trying to catch the Promontary by surpriseFidget210-Sep-07
Ashop EdgeFidget204-Sep-07
Unknown climber on Marion HS, Baggy PointFidget204-Sep-07
onsite solo at owler-torFidget129-Aug-07
Carmen on the first pitch of Shelob (HS) at Paviland, Gower.Fidget118-Aug-07
Water washed limestone at Worms Head, Gower, South Wales.Fidget118-Aug-07
Unknown climbers at Porth ClaisFidget117-Aug-07
Porth Clais ClimbingFidget116-Aug-07
dpmUK on White WallFidget416-Aug-07
Approach to Kinder DownfallFidget116-Aug-07
Climbing Pixie on the relaxed but run out last moves of ArmoricanFidget114-Aug-07
Crag LoughFidget107-Aug-07
Synchronised sport at MalhamFidget128-Jun-07
Stormy StanageFidget128-Jun-07
Goblin on ParachuteFidget125-Jun-07
Randy and Matthew Roby on Rose Coronary Fr7a at Malham CoveFidget125-Jun-07
the hoffFidget122-Jun-07
Coire an Lochain showing climbers on Savage Slit & Fallout CornerFidget111-Jun-07
Me atop Oldridge Pinnacle, having done the easiest VS 4a ever (a typo perhaps, S 4a would be about right)Fidget125-May-07
Weather update at Witches' Quarry part 4Fidget224-May-07
On Vector buttress (from Shadrach belay 1)Fidget120-May-07
Pixie seconding me up Greenteeth CrackFidget125-Apr-07
Seamstress slabFidget420-Apr-07
Unknown climber on Colossus WallFidget119-Apr-07
Ropeboy mid-flight on a very wintry Wings of Unreason (E4 6a), RoachesFidget116-Apr-07
brixton climber in france.Fontainebleau.Fidget112-Apr-07
Alicia soloing Sunset SlabFidget101-Apr-07
Tree guillotine, Tilberthwaite QuarryFidget130-Mar-07
Toe Jam In...Fidget225-Mar-07
Edited Ramshaw SilhoueteFidget116-Mar-07
Matt on The Crank at Ramshaw,Paul belayingFidget116-Mar-07
Blencathra sunsetFidget107-Jan-07
Three Cliffs, GowerFidget114-Dec-06
A rare site - me bouldering. Anyone else think I look slighty masculine? No? Good... :)Fidget305-Oct-06
Demo RouteFidget104-Sep-06
Moel-y-Gest Main buttresses (South of Tremadog)Fidget303-Sep-06
Doorpost CruxFidget103-Sep-06
At the end of a day on the Aonach EagachFidget116-Aug-06
The exposed upper section of Gabriel at Stoney MiddletonFidget115-Aug-06
Jawbreaker, Porth YsgoFidget115-Aug-06
Hairy laybacking at the top of Parachute (VS 4b), Stoney MiddletonFidget114-Aug-06
cider nut pulling into the delicate final groove of Gabriel (VS 4c), an unsung gem at Stoney MiddletonFidget114-Aug-06
James on Sweatyman DirectFidget107-Aug-06
Corfe Castle, on way in to SwanageFidget117-Jul-06
Jill seconding the excellent Gargoyle Flake (VS 4c) at Bamford EdgeFidget106-Jul-06
A modern Briton on Ancient Briton, Jack Rock.Fidget131-May-06
Emma leading off on Left EdgeFidget102-May-06
Fiend scarcely believing he's in the middle of the Rainbow Slab.Fidget102-May-06
Pete at IsatisFidget125-Apr-06
Thea on the finishing crack of Suspense (E2 5c), LawrencefieldFidget124-Apr-06
Arty fisheye lens shot of climber on Le CoeurFidget124-Apr-06
Brocken Spectre on Boomerang Gully, GlencoeFidget129-Mar-06
Kelly leading pitch 2 of Cervo Di Piazza 6aFidget126-Oct-05
Cam inspectionFidget707-Oct-05
Ice E2 5CFidget105-Oct-05
Therese Ellingsen enjoying the climbing on the third pitch of "Mot sola" (HVS 5a) in Nissedal.Fidget105-Oct-05
Peapod, Australian StyleFidget105-Oct-05
Climbers on Integrity and Trophy Crack.Fidget105-Oct-05
Silhouette arete - new look! Wingman broke it not me, I failed altogether :(Fidget128-Sep-05
Chris having a jolly on Temporary Lifestyle, Cave Hole, Portland. You just want to fall in...Fidget119-Sep-05
Quartvein ScoopFidget101-Sep-05
DWS Connor cove, faller.Fidget131-Aug-05
Man'ana, HVS 5a - a good choice for those seeking loose unprotected Swanage topoutsFidget131-Aug-05
DWS at Cave Hole Area. Ixtlan? (E2 5b)Fidget330-Aug-05
canigou summitFidget124-Aug-05
The magnificent view down the Afon Cywarch valley from the top of Glasgym, Craig Cywarch (Yr Aran range)Fidget124-Aug-05
Rocca di Corno Sud and Sud-Est, Finale Ligure near Genova ItalyFidget111-Jul-05
Mike (over the top!) seconding Cider Apple HS 4a on Apple Buttress at Gardoms. Climb led by Steve.Fidget107-Jul-05
Chillin at the beautiful Craig Y Merched in the Rhinogs.Fidget126-Jun-05
Stanage panoramaFidget224-May-05
Bronze Tarn from Moel SiabodFidget121-Feb-05
Slate mines near LlanberisFidget114-Feb-05
Gary SmithFidget107-Feb-05
Eglwyseg Mountain, Llangollen.Fidget209-Jan-05
Mikeski on 'Looning the tube' E1, Australia (Llanberis Slate mines)Fidget108-Jan-05
Advanced use of combined tactics! Katzensprung in the Elbsandstein, Germany.Fidget109-Dec-04
Enjoying some early ice in Goat Track GullyFidget121-Nov-04
West Hat-Railay catching the last rays of sunshine.Fidget119-Nov-04
Karl deep water plummeting at Phra-nang Bay, ThailandFidget118-Nov-04
Serac climbing in Canada.Fidget111-Nov-04
DaveH sport climbing at Restanca, Catalunya.Fidget109-Nov-04
Ally seconding an unknown route at Burbage NorthFidget201-Oct-04