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Jon Griffith

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Sunset high up on the North Face of Link Sar (7041m) Pakistan. K7 in the background.Jon Griffith106-Apr-15
Searching for a bivy site on the Grepon at sunsetJon Griffith126-Aug-14
Racing the sunrise on the Kuffner areteJon Griffith126-Aug-14
Onsighting the crux pitch (M6 R) of Full Love for Dry and Ice FAJon Griffith126-Aug-14
Pitch 2 of Maelstrom (?) on Beinn Eighe...Jon Griffith107-Mar-14
The wild vertical ice tunnel that is Metro, KanderstegJon Griffith106-Mar-14
Sunrises from behind Kilimanjaro as we approach the summit of Mt MeruJon Griffith130-Sep-13
Bouldering under a Full Moon with K6 North Face in backgroundJon Griffith103-Sep-13
Eiger 1989 day 4: Below the Quartz CrackJon Griffith123-Jan-13
Crevasse, AntarcticaJon Griffith110-Dec-12
The Milky Way hangs above the K6 massif (7282m) and Kapura, Charakusa Base Camp, PakistanJon Griffith412-Nov-12
Ascending Mt Agamemnon at sunset, Anvers Island. Mt William and Lemaire Channel area behindJon Griffith102-Nov-12
Wonderful atmosphere on the Gervasutti PillarJon Griffith101-Nov-12
Will climbing just below the summit of Sulu Peak (~6000m) at sunrise, PakistanJon Griffith101-Oct-12
Moonrise over the MidiJon Griffith104-Jul-12
The old man of Hoy- I can just be seen on top. Photographer Tony Burkitt (many thanks!)Jon Griffith119-Jun-12
A snapshot from a life of adventure photographer. In the background climbers on Mont Blanc du Tacul. Jon Griffith205-Jun-12
Jesse Huey leading out the crux pitch of the Dru Couloir DirectJon Griffith104-Jun-12
Will arriving on the final snow mushroom of Cerro Standhardt. Cerro Torre and Torre Egger in the backgroundJon Griffith130-May-12
On the stunning ice pitches of Late to Say I'm Sorry, Aiguille VerteJon Griffith130-May-12
Stitched shot approaching the Eiger Summit after climbing the 1938 routeJon Griffith115-May-12
Stitched summit shot of the Drus in winterJon Griffith115-May-12
Suspended above the upper Freney glacier in winter with the Peuterey Integral in profile in the background.Jon Griffith115-May-12
Self portrait of a very cold winter bivy ontop of Les Drus, Mont Blanc massif in the backgroundJon Griffith117-Feb-12
Full moon shines over Aig Noire de Peuterey and CourmayeurJon Griffith128-Nov-11
One of the summit snow mushrooms on Piergiorgio. Fitz Roy and the stunning line of Supercanaleta in the backgroundJon Griffith107-Aug-11
Full moon over the Torre massif on the approach to Exocet. One of my favourite shots.Jon Griffith226-Jul-11
Huge stitch shot of climber and Patagonian landscape. RHS, Fitz Roy massif stretching all the way to the left to Domo BlancoJon Griffith125-Jul-11
Tim Emmett retreating in a storm back to the Grands MontetsJon Griffith129-Sep-10
On a very deep snow ascent of point 12200 just as the clouds started to clear. LHS: Mt Hunter and Moonflower. RHS: Mt FrancisJon Griffith221-Jun-10
Nick Bullock on a new Route on the Argentiere Rive Gauche (VIII,8)Jon Griffith115-Jan-10
Ueli Steck approaching the M6 pitch of the Supercouloir, TaculJon Griffith115-Jan-10
Highest red-light district in Europe?Jon Griffith306-Dec-09
On the stunning mixed ramp that leads to the upper icefield on the Croz, Grandes JorassesJon Griffith131-Oct-09
Alpinist gazing out to the immense Brenva face under the full moon, Mont BlancJon Griffith118-Oct-09
On the penultimate ice pitch of the Croz spur, Grandes JorassesJon Griffith107-Oct-09
Soloing pitch 4 of Mobutu et Bouche Cousue, Red Pillar. BlatiereJon Griffith118-Sep-09
Stitch of Luke Hunt on P. Bich of the Aig Noire. Rest of the Peuterey Integral lined up behind himJon Griffith131-Aug-09
Full moon over the Mont Blanc massif from below the Summit of Les Drus. Chamonix on rightJon Griffith110-Aug-09
Stitched view of sunrise from the Rochefort Arete nearing the Canzio. Alpinist in bottom right to give scaleJon Griffith103-Aug-09
Summit of the Grandes Jorasses at sunriseJon Griffith109-May-09
Ueli Steck racing up the lower ice field on the Colton Macintyre- Grandes JorassesJon Griffith109-May-09
Gavin Pike and Yoshiko Mayasaki on Left Edge at sunrise. Jorasses in the distanceJon Griffith214-Dec-08
On the Kuffner at sunrise with an inversion just belowJon Griffith227-Nov-08
Avalanche Argentiere Chamonix (spot the people)Jon Griffith211-Nov-08
Everest and Lhotse circumzenithal arcJon Griffith107-Nov-08
Nineteen Teams on El CapitanJon Griffith122-Oct-08
Full Moon over the Verte and Droites north face from the bivouacJon Griffith128-Sep-08
mont blanc and mont blanc du tacul from near the couvercle hutJon Griffith122-Sep-08
Morning cloud inversion from the Breithorn (4200m)Jon Griffith219-Sep-08
Just below the final summit seracs on the Gervasutti CouloirJon Griffith116-Sep-08
Climbing up the Gervasutti Couloir at sunriseJon Griffith208-Sep-08
Looking down the famous arete on a moody day last winterJon Griffith102-Sep-08
Alpinist on the Kuffner arete- background peaks of the Grandes Jorasses and Monte Rosa far distanceJon Griffith102-Sep-08
TOp of the Cordier PillarJon Griffith121-Aug-08
Crazy Couvercle ladders IIJon Griffith121-Aug-08
Retreated whilst trying to find the Col de la forche bivi hut, so we bivied here instead - awesome sunriseJon Griffith119-Aug-08
The Summit cornice of the Taculjongriffith207-Aug-08
Priming the stove below the south face of the Mont Blanc (Brenva) under the full moonJon Griffith426-Jul-08
A 4000m bivi with a cup of tea (Tacul at sunrise) with Grandes Jorasses in distanceJon Griffith121-Jun-08
Aiguille Blanche du Peuterey under the full moonJon Griffith102-Jun-08
Rob on Gargoyle Wall, Ben NevisJon Griffith120-May-08
On the crux mixed section of the VoglerJon Griffith105-May-08
Alpine StartJon Griffith118-Apr-08
Traversing the snow patch on the North Face of Piz BadileJon Griffith107-Apr-08
A Climber dwarfed on the edge of a half frozen Montmorency falls in QuebecJon Griffith128-Mar-08
Under the full moon- skier watching the lunar panorama (Mont Blanc/ Grandes Jorasses). stitch of three photosjongriffith219-Mar-08
The south face of Mont Blanc and East Face of Tacul at sunrise- part 2jongriffith106-Mar-08
Petit Viking.jongriffith106-Mar-08
Mt. Blanc du Tacul from Vallee Blanchejongriffith104-Mar-08
Salathe Wall, Yosemitejongriffith104-Mar-08
paul on neverneverlandjongriffith101-Mar-08
The Periades Bivouac hut (3440m) with the Dent du Geant on fire in the background.jongriffith225-Feb-08
Dave Birkett on 'Nowt Burra Fleein' thing' E8 6c, Cam Crag, Wasdale. Available as a desktop.jongriffith124-Feb-08
Full moon rising over the Grandes Jorasses noth face- mad colours (alpinists on the croz visible)jongriffith124-Feb-08
Haytor shortly after dawnjongriffith119-Feb-08
Having a brew at Glen Luibegjongriffith119-Feb-08
Corrour Bothy and Devils Pointjongriffith119-Feb-08
Grandes Jorasses - The Ypercouloir of the South Facejongriffith111-Feb-08
Storm getting up on Aonach Morjongriffith106-Feb-08
South Post Directjongriffith106-Feb-08
Descending Midi Arete before the ropes, December 07jongriffith106-Feb-08
Paraglider and a snow plastered Aiguille de la Blatiere, Chamonixjongriffith104-Feb-08
Descending the Midi arete under the full moonjongriffith229-Jan-08
Final Pitch of Nuit Blanche (WI6), Argentiere Ice fallsjongriffith228-Jan-08
On the first pitch of Nuit Blanche (WI6), Argentiere Ice fallsjongriffith327-Jan-08
Winter sunrise from the Abri Simond looking towards the Grandes Jorasses and Italy (2 alpinists on the RHS)jongriffith319-Jan-08
A brief lull in a winter storm, Midi aretejongriffith107-Jan-08
Les Galans, La Gravejongriffith107-Jan-08
Les Praz panorama, taken Dec 2007jongriffith107-Jan-08
Jeremy strung out on a DWS 8a, Poda Island, Thailand (2007)jongriffith121-Dec-07
A cold, starry, winter night at the Abri Simondjongriffith120-Dec-07
Light pollution from the Chamonix Valley reflected off the Bossons glacier, Mont Blancjongriffith417-Dec-07
Sunset on alpinist on the Cosmiques Arete, chamonixjongriffith117-Dec-07
Clearing fresh snow off the Aiguille Du Midi bridge at 4amjongriffith117-Dec-07
Sunset over the Aiguille du Plan and Dru and Verte in the far backgroundjongriffith116-Dec-07
Dave Pickford onsight soloing Spring Squill Salad (E5), Carn Barrajongriffith108-Dec-07
Snout of the Argentiere Glacierjongriffith104-Dec-07
Descending down the Lyskamm after an exhausting climb up the north facejongriffith104-Dec-07
The final pitch on the Frendo Spur at sunrisejongriffith104-Dec-07
Alpinist and seracs in the sunset- probabaly the most intense one i have ever seen. Monte Rosa glacierjongriffith230-Nov-07
Spindrift over Weissmies foresummitjongriffith130-Nov-07
Going for itjongriffith128-Nov-07
American Josh on London Walljongriffith128-Nov-07
Full moon over the Argentiere glacier illuminating the Verte and Droites North Facesjongriffith127-Nov-07
Readza throws some shapes on Borstal Breakout.jongriffith126-Nov-07
Above the Androsace tower, Kuffner Ridgejongriffith126-Nov-07
The Gokyo Lakes, with Cholatse and the Ngozumpa glaciaer behind.jongriffith126-Nov-07
North from Blaven summitjongriffith126-Nov-07
Les Drus from Chamonixjongriffith123-Nov-07
Climbing the Lenspitze north face at dawn (part 1)jongriffith121-Nov-07
Placing pro on the crux of the Rebauffat, Midi south face (E2, 5b?)jongriffith119-Nov-07
Camping below the Midi. The silhouette of the Grandes Jorasses in frontjongriffith419-Nov-07
On the Lenspitze north face (part 2)jongriffith115-Nov-07
A rare moment of calm in the Sources D'Arveyron, Les Boisjongriffith115-Nov-07
The third night at the Abri Simond starts to take its tolljongriffith112-Nov-07