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Mick Ward

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Always readyMick Ward108:59 Fri
Cnicht from Carreg Hylldrem.Mick Ward108:57 Fri
Calder valley inversion 3Mick Ward220:42 Wed
Cadair Idris from Craig Penmaen.Mick Ward120:41 Wed
Stoodley Pike inversionMick Ward109:36 Wed
Cuillin SunsetMick Ward125-Apr-16
Will Atkinson on Reservoir Dogs E8 7a, Widdop.Mick Ward124-Apr-16
Stanage 1964 - When PA's were all you needed ;)Mick Ward123-Apr-16
A South West classic...Mick Ward121-Apr-16
Always puts a smile on my face..Mick Ward114-Apr-16
Newbiggin CragMick Ward113-Apr-16
Most of the way up Jordu with dwindling light. Mick Ward113-Apr-16
About 20 mins before Sky broke his leg on the same climb.Mick Ward205-Apr-16
The cave of justiceMick Ward105-Apr-16
PewtleMick Ward105-Apr-16
A climber moving there way up the impressive weaver on the vector buttressMick Ward104-Apr-16
Rubicon - 7aMick Ward104-Apr-16
The Gift - hard for 6b+Mick Ward104-Apr-16
Superb Good Friday weather at Portland - Jenna on I Walk the Line - 7bMick Ward104-Apr-16
Wolf CragMick Ward104-Apr-16
Soloing... In approach shoesMick Ward204-Apr-16
New climbing boot on sale now from NHS shop.April 1st Mick Ward202-Apr-16
The SundialMick Ward130-Mar-16
Smile for the birdie.Mick Ward130-Mar-16
Whiter than usualMick Ward130-Mar-16
getting in to the groove moves Mick Ward126-Mar-16
lake wakatipu, new zealand, hdrMick Ward126-Mar-16
Daniel Martin starting out on Ripple WallMick Ward126-Mar-16
Mountain HareMick Ward121-Mar-16
A Longleat BouldererMick Ward113-Mar-16
Why not paint the rocks blue and black?Mick Ward111-Mar-16
Into the Groove in 2007. It's the obvious corner, which has suffered rockfall, since the original ascent.Mick Ward106-Mar-16
close up llyn penMick Ward105-Mar-16
Gordon and John Stainforth on the summit of Store Trolltind, July 2013Mick Ward103-Mar-16
Manchester from the moors, taken from the approah to the Standing Stones.Mick Ward101-Mar-16
Dover and Ellis Chimney 1976Mick Ward101-Mar-16
Pickpocket in 1976Mick Ward101-Mar-16
stevebooteMick Ward128-Feb-16
Woods in the woods: bivvying in the 80'sMick Ward125-Feb-16
SliochMick Ward224-Feb-16
The Lairig GhruMick Ward124-Feb-16
Nantle RidgeMick Ward122-Feb-16
Fiacaill RidgeMick Ward122-Feb-16
Ciste Dhubh, Mullach Fraoch-Choire & A'ChralaigMick Ward122-Feb-16
Waterfall Gully Left Hand Start on the occasion of the first ascent of the True FinishMick Ward122-Feb-16
Tiny person, big places. Aonach Eagach, Glencoe, ScotlandMick Ward122-Feb-16
QuinagMick Ward122-Feb-16
Idwal AiguillesMick Ward121-Feb-16
Embracing the dark side on Antichrist VI, 7Mick Ward121-Feb-16
White Cuillin over a Black Sgurr na StriMick Ward121-Feb-16
Daddy, can I have a rest on your mattress now please?Mick Ward119-Feb-16
Shropshire Hills Mick Ward117-Feb-16
Eglwyseg ValleyMick Ward114-Feb-16
FA Girdle Lower Amphitheatre Wall Craig yr Ysfa1966Mick Ward313-Feb-16
Mossdale rescue. The coroner speaks to rescue teams. My dad is next to the coroner in the white helmet. Mick Ward113-Feb-16
Limestone countryMick Ward109-Feb-16
Old forest in Dumfries & Galloway Mick Ward105-Feb-16
Jake finding out he's not Pat LittlejohnMick Ward105-Feb-16
Monolith Crack: why did I have a cooked breakfast?Mick Ward103-Feb-16
Stob Binnein and Ben MoreMick Ward103-Feb-16
Getting to grip with Heaven Crack. Beautiful grit. Mick Ward103-Feb-16
Dolomites dreamingMick Ward102-Feb-16
Dumont Sand Dunes, CaliforniaMick Ward101-Feb-16
Left Wall.Mick Ward131-Jan-16
Black MirrorMick Ward130-Jan-16
sheenyMick Ward127-Jan-16
Beefy!Mick Ward127-Jan-16
Lake Mono and the Sierra NevadaMick Ward126-Jan-16
Snowdon GlowMick Ward126-Jan-16
Southern SnowdoniaMick Ward126-Jan-16
The end of a perfect day - Elidir FawrMick Ward126-Jan-16
UrglesMick Ward126-Jan-16
Pete Bridgwood on Just for TodayMick Ward124-Jan-16
Castle of the windsMick Ward121-Jan-16
Fan Hir & Fan Brycheiniog from Y GribMick Ward121-Jan-16
An eery finish to FiestaMick Ward120-Jan-16
Pete Trudgill 15/05/70 - 18/01/14 Still in my thoughts every day.Mick Ward119-Jan-16
This weeks boring news Mick Ward119-Jan-16
Espresso 7a, Pinos, Costa BlancaMick Ward118-Jan-16
Dave DouglasMick Ward117-Jan-16
Mark1800Mick Ward117-Jan-16
Robin: Loch LomondMick Ward117-Jan-16
SolitudeMick Ward115-Jan-16
Robbie Phillips gets high on Digital CrackMick Ward114-Jan-16
A glimpse of light as the sun sets on the Odle GroupMick Ward114-Jan-16
Lovely sunny day at BurbageMick Ward114-Jan-16
Sierra Nevada with HorseMick Ward114-Jan-16
Pulling to the undercling in the cruxMick Ward110-Jan-16
Ingleborough eveningMick Ward110-Jan-16
Sail Rock, Donegal, IrelandMick Ward109-Jan-16
On the FA of Daear Ddu Groove, the big corner of The Dare is on the right.Mick Ward108-Jan-16
Azules de Vergara on the Painted RocksMick Ward107-Jan-16
Dan feeling the exposure 8 feet up.Mick Ward107-Jan-16
Clogwyn Duír ArdduMick Ward106-Jan-16
Scott Titt just above the run-out crux of Daear Ddu Groove E3 5c on the FA.Mick Ward106-Jan-16
Bowden Doors at it's best, drenched in evening light (and not a single person in sight)Mick Ward105-Jan-16
Clare after she had said she wouldn't be able to climb green gut and pedastal crack!Mick Ward104-Jan-16
Beinn Liath MhorMick Ward103-Jan-16
Joshua Tree!Mick Ward102-Jan-16
Zabrinskie Point, Death ValleyMick Ward102-Jan-16
Yr WyddfaMick Ward131-Dec-15
whillans hut,Roaches.Mick Ward124-Dec-15
Brodie111Mick Ward117-Dec-15
The art of crack climbing, without crack climbing...Mick Ward115-Dec-15
CarneddauMick Ward106-Dec-15
Salmon - Formation FlyingMick Ward130-Nov-15
Sad News.. Al Parker Mick Ward129-Nov-15
Zabrinskie Point, Death ValleyMick Ward126-Nov-15
Sunrise and moonset over the Matterhorn, ZermattMick Ward126-Nov-15
Classic Stanage SceneMick Ward126-Nov-15
Y LliweddMick Ward125-Nov-15
Ken Wilson at the 2010 BMC AGM GowerMick Ward122-Nov-15
Tim Dunsby on the FA of Deep Heat, Guillemot Ledge, Swanage in 2002Mick Ward122-Nov-15
Steve Bartlett on Hanging Crack at Causey Quarry October 1978Mick Ward122-Nov-15
Falling on the unsuccessful attempt at the FA of Yellow Edge E4 5c, St Aldhelm's Head, SwanageMick Ward122-Nov-15
ned_85Mick Ward120-Nov-15
Truly magical!Mick Ward117-Nov-15
Marion Wintringham climbing Dreams in the Making (HVS)Mick Ward116-Nov-15
Gritstone in PolandMick Ward114-Nov-15
Pete Livesey - solo.Mick Ward107-Nov-15
Inspecting the crux on L'HorlaMick Ward106-Nov-15
Nice easy solo, good warm up.Mick Ward104-Nov-15
Busy day on the Peigne.Mick Ward103-Nov-15
Henry Castle on the first ascent of "Panic at the Disco" E2 5B at Disco Buttress, Pembroke.Mick Ward102-Nov-15
me at bottom of 2nd pitchMick Ward131-Oct-15
Jim Jones eyeing up another move away from the gearMick Ward130-Oct-15
Topping out on Piton RouteMick Ward129-Oct-15
Alan Taylor displaying a bit of "flair" on Magic in the Air, Highcliffe Nab. 1982. Mick Ward124-Oct-15
Fallen FeastMick Ward124-Oct-15
Beggars Banquet - cleaned but still a harrowing lead.Mick Ward124-Oct-15
John Syrett climbing at Jesmond Dene, Newcastle upon Tyne sometime in autumn 1978Mick Ward122-Oct-15
paul__in_sheffieldMick Ward111-Oct-15
Bw inversionMick Ward108-Oct-15
I know kung-fu?Mick Ward107-Oct-15
Troach, 1st Ascent. Hugh Banner & Rod WilsonMick Ward105-Oct-15
Tony & SarahMick Ward202-Oct-15
Pete Solo on ParalogismMick Ward130-Sep-15
Dan entering the final crack section of The Lich on Main Wall, Avon GorgeMick Ward130-Sep-15
Early Autumn, WharncliffeMick Ward128-Sep-15
The CullingMick Ward124-Sep-15
'Sport' climbing at WendenstöckeMick Ward122-Sep-15
Third Pitch Rigor Mortis. Castle Rock of TriermainMick Ward217-Sep-15
The East Face of Monte RosaMick Ward117-Sep-15
The morning of his wedding!Mick Ward114-Sep-15
The toe hook move.Mick Ward114-Sep-15
Pen Trwyn Send Train.Mick Ward111-Sep-15
Climbing LegendMick Ward110-Sep-15
deep blue lochan Uaine, looking to TorridonMick Ward110-Sep-15
FredTBMick Ward109-Sep-15
just found this Stanage 25 years agoMick Ward109-Sep-15
There at lastMick Ward109-Sep-15
The BleausardsMick Ward108-Sep-15
Steadying for the crux.Mick Ward107-Sep-15
Dangle and WhackMick Ward105-Sep-15
Roring FortiesMick Ward104-Sep-15
Crimson Cruising.Mick Ward101-Sep-15
LifeIsAmazingMick Ward130-Aug-15
Bryan MMick Ward130-Aug-15
Padarn Lake at nightMick Ward119-Aug-15
last light st sundayMick Ward114-Aug-15
Karst Pavement, Hampsfell, Grange Over sandsMick Ward114-Aug-15
Chris DoveyMick Ward113-Aug-15
Catherine on the first pitchMick Ward112-Aug-15
Boiler on the beachMick Ward112-Aug-15
Matterhorn/Cervin. Four faces.Mick Ward112-Aug-15
The best of friends... a random scrambler who kindly stayed in position to capture the juxtapositionMick Ward104-Aug-15
Paul Bennett going over the Rainbow, on - soon to be off - The ThumbMick Ward127-Jul-15
astley007Mick Ward123-Jul-15
Suicide Wall early ascent, Hugh Banner 1958Mick Ward120-Jul-15
Ali on the crux of La Petite Illusion (7a+)Mick Ward219-Jul-15
The Cullins from Egol, Isle of SkyeMick Ward116-Jul-15
Will Hunt putting in some 'effort' in the Lakes ;-)Mick Ward116-Jul-15
Finishing moves on Amazona.Mick Ward116-Jul-15
A tough bird to fly, expect air time!Mick Ward115-Jul-15
Right before sticking the dyno on Max-a-million. Still from iPhone video Mick Ward115-Jul-15
Demon Wall HVS 5a SoloMick Ward115-Jul-15
Beautiful corner pitch Mick Ward110-Jul-15
Crux?Mick Ward110-Jul-15
Hen party in Cadair Idris summit shelter No2Mick Ward109-Jul-15
A Yorkshire treat, worth making an early start for before the crowds arriveMick Ward107-Jul-15
Sunset at the Tre CimeMick Ward107-Jul-15
A weekend of laughter: the 2015 BMC Cornish Climbing FestivalMick Ward103-Jul-15
Boldest, first ascentMick Ward102-Jul-15
Safer than it looks - Up the AuntyMick Ward101-Jul-15
Big exposure on East Rib!Mick Ward101-Jul-15
Escape from Hell.Mick Ward122-Jun-15
Scotland's most scenic crag?Mick Ward117-Jun-15
Blarmachfoldach from Mullach nan Coirean.Mick Ward115-Jun-15
AlpenglowMick Ward114-Jun-15
(Yr Wyddfa)Mick Ward112-Jun-15
"It is not logical to be scared"Mick Ward112-Jun-15
Wolfscote and Biggin Dales, Peak DistrictMick Ward112-Jun-15
Castell y GwyntMick Ward111-Jun-15
Young Ron Fawcett (circa 1970's) stretching out at CrookriseMick Ward110-Jun-15
Ogwen Valley and TryfanMick Ward107-Jun-15
Coffin Dodgers Cycling Club of Cumbria.Still alive (just) and Well.78-78-82-78Mick Ward107-Jun-15
Somewhere on GritMick Ward107-Jun-15
CD Frankland climbing soloing Central Climb circa 1927Mick Ward103-Jun-15
Snowdon DuskMick Ward202-Jun-15
Patagonia climbers meet in Italy 1999Mick Ward131-May-15
Jack Geldard re-kindling his love for the rock which is few on holds...Mick Ward129-May-15
A study in concentration on Strapadictomy.Mick Ward226-May-15
Misty morning, Loch Ossian.Mick Ward123-May-15
Skye when I was a boyMick Ward120-May-15
Rod Wilson on first ascent of Troach, Cloggy, 4 Oct 1959Mick Ward118-May-15
SkyeMick Ward112-May-15
Just below the last hard move Mick Ward111-May-15
Pete R leading Ann, Wilton 1, Spring 2015.Mick Ward102-May-15
Looking towards Snowdon from Pen yr Ole WenMick Ward229-Apr-15
The Crimson CruiserMick Ward129-Apr-15
Peter Biven on the first ascent of Hearse Arête - 1956Mick Ward128-Apr-15
Jen atop Love in the Mist to a setting sun and a risen crescent moon (look closely)Mick Ward125-Apr-15
Llyn PeninsulaMick Ward124-Apr-15
Walking of the summit of Ben Nevis just before sunset.Mick Ward101-Apr-15
Quietus stanageMick Ward101-Apr-15
Castle of the windsMick Ward101-Apr-15
The late George Homer on Salathe Wall Yosemite 1973Mick Ward101-Apr-15
The Team..Black Canyon ,Colorado 2001. After FA 2000' New Route . "The Way of The Ancients "5.9+Mick Ward101-Apr-15
OmanMick Ward130-Mar-15
donuthead8Mick Ward128-Mar-15
Park of life Mick Ward128-Mar-15
Nik Summers in the zone on his send of Madre Salvaje 7c, DesplomilandiaMick Ward128-Mar-15
The HiestMick Ward126-Mar-15
The hands off rest on GuadaloupeMick Ward110-Mar-15
Before the PumpMick Ward109-Mar-15
Chouca and the moonMick Ward109-Mar-15
John on the first cruxMick Ward108-Mar-15
Lay back and enjoy the rideMick Ward108-Mar-15
Roaches LandscapeMick Ward106-Mar-15
Some top secret beta. It's all about the rests!Mick Ward106-Mar-15
Gleann na Muice, FisherfieldsMick Ward106-Mar-15
Pacemaker, Buoux in mid winterMick Ward105-Mar-15
HEAD IN A BUSH (literally)Mick Ward104-Mar-15
Glen Rosa and Cìr Mhòr Mick Ward104-Mar-15
French ErickMick Ward104-Mar-15
Bleak houseMick Ward103-Mar-15
From the top of Higgor TorMick Ward127-Feb-15
phil64Mick Ward127-Feb-15
Thought roofs were supposed to keep you dry? It was raining!Mick Ward127-Feb-15
Yr WyddfaMick Ward125-Feb-15
Reunion - let's get our priorities right !Mick Ward125-Feb-15
Paul Ross ,Hamish MacInnes on the first British ascent Bonatti Pillar Aiguille du Dru CBMick Ward125-Feb-15
Dawn over Llyn Llydaw and Lliwedd Mick Ward123-Feb-15
Great Langdale from Rossett GillMick Ward123-Feb-15
An evening with mt shasta Mick Ward121-Feb-15
Training circa 1987Mick Ward121-Feb-15
Tackling Right UnconquerableMick Ward120-Feb-15
Rope Boy 1973,,, Below Shepherds CragMick Ward220-Feb-15
On the finishing jugs above the top bulges of Get That Man, 7a+, Cheddar Mick Ward120-Feb-15
Styled it... Mick Ward120-Feb-15
Elidir FawrMick Ward118-Feb-15
Misty morning.Mick Ward113-Feb-15
Witchita LinesmanMick Ward113-Feb-15
kennythescotMick Ward113-Feb-15
Crib GochMick Ward112-Feb-15
Hepburn moor, Northumberland, sunset. Mick Ward112-Feb-15
Inversion bliss on Moel ElioMick Ward112-Feb-15
Alan Taylor on Z Climb, Almscliff. 1994.Mick Ward109-Feb-15
After effects of 'Art' writing near Watkin pathMick Ward109-Feb-15
7th Feb Towards Catbells and Robinson .Mick Ward108-Feb-15
Spartan in the morning.Mick Ward108-Feb-15
Dog leads Cust's GullyMick Ward108-Feb-15
IridescenceMick Ward108-Feb-15
Stickle tarn islandMick Ward108-Feb-15
Glen EtiveMick Ward108-Feb-15
The White FeatherMick Ward106-Feb-15
Aiguille Vert and the DruMick Ward105-Feb-15
Glyder FachMick Ward105-Feb-15
Starry night above Cho OyuMick Ward104-Feb-15
Castle of the windsMick Ward104-Feb-15
Winter sunset from Moel Siabod 01.2.2015 Mick Ward103-Feb-15
Morning mist on Coniston WaterMick Ward102-Feb-15
Jeffcoat's Pinnacle - veterans ascent.Mick Ward127-Jan-15
Pen y Gwryd "Snowdon Club" badge.Mick Ward121-Jan-15
BleaklowMick Ward120-Jan-15
Spindrift and SunlightMick Ward120-Jan-15
Glen Sannox Walk-InMick Ward114-Jan-15
canny viewMick Ward114-Jan-15
Pen Llithrig y Wrach from ClogwynyreryrMick Ward114-Jan-15
sword fight on the CiochMick Ward111-Jan-15
Shooting Stars - E3 (probably) Moonshot Wall, Anstey's CoveMick Ward103-Jan-15
Slioch and Loch MareeMick Ward102-Jan-15
Dalriada _ 06Mick Ward123-Dec-14
Pen yr Ole WenMick Ward114-Dec-14
Banksy on the Freeborn send trainMick Ward113-Dec-14
rupert400mhMick Ward113-Dec-14
Y Glyderau and beyond from the slopes of Elidir FawrMick Ward111-Dec-14
Ken Jackson starting Comet Wall, Guisecliff. June 1969.Mick Ward110-Dec-14
A bad idea to fall off from hereMick Ward104-Dec-14
Remember this John S... FA Rolling Stones.. The joys of Desert Sandstone !Mick Ward101-Dec-14
The Road Not Taken 4th Pitch 5c Fa P.Ross. J.Pheasant . L.Potter . (Var Leads) Lost World Butte . UtahMick Ward129-Nov-14
Progress. Mick Ward128-Nov-14
First time up Snowdon, well worth the trekMick Ward128-Nov-14
Wish I could climb like thatMick Ward126-Nov-14
Ô temps! suspends ton volMick Ward126-Nov-14
A slightly damp revelationMick Ward126-Nov-14
St Mary's lighthouse Mick Ward115-Nov-14
Where no foot has trod? Mick Ward110-Oct-14
Bleaklow Area 1971 GuidebookMick Ward106-Oct-14
Vindication to These Foolish ThingsMick Ward106-Oct-14
through the hazeMick Ward104-Oct-14
Nearly autumn at haweswater Mick Ward102-Oct-14
Robert DurranMick Ward129-Sep-14
Unappealing, unprotected traverse towards the poor hanging belay - pitch 1 of Depth Charge, E5Mick Ward125-Sep-14
Wild camp with Carnedd Llewellyn in view. Aug 2014:Mick Ward124-Sep-14
Fat weak DVT cripple in compression stockings makes it to Aonach Dubh alive.Mick Ward124-Sep-14
Bob Smith on the first ascent.Mick Ward123-Sep-14
Yosemity? - no, just DonegalMick Ward123-Sep-14
Young couple enjoying The Pulpit, Scugdale. 2014.Mick Ward113-Sep-14
Ogwen valleyMick Ward110-Sep-14
A great day on FM. Excellent rockMick Ward110-Sep-14
Adjudicator WallMick Ward109-Sep-14
Cat bellsMick Ward105-Sep-14
LangdaleMick Ward103-Sep-14
Lochan An Ais from Knockan CragMick Ward131-Aug-14
Towards Keswick.Mick Ward129-Aug-14
Trannum nailing conquistadors of the useless (6c) at Portland.Mick Ward128-Aug-14
Reunion at Durlston Castle, Swanage. Winchester climbers from the 60's. Mick Ward125-Aug-14
Paul Ingham on Opus, Almscliff. 1979.Mick Ward124-Aug-14
Light and Shade - Ogwen from Y GarnMick Ward124-Aug-14
Dovestones reservoir Mick Ward109-Aug-14
The CongerMick Ward109-Aug-14
CidersliderMick Ward103-Aug-14
Trying to Relax on Wombat Chimney E2 5b.Mick Ward201-Aug-14
Big Waves, Loose Rock, Rock Samphire and Big Smile. The joy of Somerset sea cliffs! :)Mick Ward101-Aug-14
From Great Gable, LakesMick Ward110-Jul-14
More Snuff NonsenseMick Ward109-Jul-14
Maz on JavelinMick Ward108-Jul-14
Looking down Glen Etive to Ben Cruachan while the sun sets to the North-WestMick Ward108-Jul-14
Midsummer everlasting evening craggingMick Ward106-Jul-14
Start of P2 of Troach (looks slabbier than perhaps it is!)Mick Ward103-Jul-14
bilbo on silhouetteMick Ward103-Jul-14
R Mackintosh, Tiptoe, Gordale, 1st Assent 1963Mick Ward130-Jun-14
CloggyMick Ward126-Jun-14
Nearly bolted.Mick Ward110-Jun-14
John Leonard teaching us the ways.Mick Ward108-Jun-14
Ioan leading the Brant DirectMick Ward105-Jun-14
Mushroom picking in the PfalzMick Ward104-Jun-14
Moody SnowdonMick Ward129-May-14
1959, Yorkshire Dif, climber Roger MackintoshMick Ward128-May-14
James on cadilac Mick Ward128-May-14
Central Pyrenees in MayMick Ward126-May-14
In the morning sunMick Ward124-May-14
Me and my dogMick Ward124-May-14
Contemplating the DesertMick Ward113-May-14
Mountain 15. May 1971Mick Ward105-May-14
Paul Ingham on Black Wall Eliminate. 1978.Mick Ward128-Apr-14
Mathew high up on WalewskaMick Ward123-Apr-14
Rocksport February 1973Mick Ward122-Apr-14
Great Carrs in the Lakes, taken at dawn from Loughrigg FellMick Ward121-Apr-14
Llyn y DywarchenMick Ward121-Apr-14
Tony Marr repeating "Marr's Variation" on Central Buttress, Scafell.2006.Mick Ward120-Apr-14
Jan on Nutcracker, Yosemite.Mick Ward120-Apr-14
Old Friends back in 94Mick Ward116-Apr-14
ZappleMick Ward116-Apr-14
Kafoozalem about to go for the peg on Major Tom (E3 6a), ChudleighMick Ward115-Apr-14
High Above The Pads On The Second Ascent Of 'Gnedl Maedl'Mick Ward115-Apr-14
Cwm BochlwydMick Ward115-Apr-14
Joshua Tree debutMick Ward113-Apr-14
Ogwen lightMick Ward108-Apr-14
Ian Sutherland and Dave Pervis on Ferdinand, Ilkley. 1960.Mick Ward105-Apr-14
Sunrise in the Ogwen Valley Mick Ward102-Apr-14
Tony Marr on the Eastern Exit to Frankland's Green Crack, Almscliff. 1999.Mick Ward130-Mar-14
Long Routes at MontsantMick Ward130-Mar-14
Stone Farm, Summer 1968Mick Ward129-Mar-14
Hearse AreteMick Ward129-Mar-14
Playful Climbing At A Serious Height - On The FA Of Archaeopteryx Mick Ward225-Mar-14
The flanks of Whernside above the Ribblesdale viaductMick Ward125-Mar-14
In a ground fall position (missed the gear) on a very cold day in November during the first ascent of A Plaice Lost in Time.Mick Ward125-Mar-14
EntyMick Ward124-Mar-14
Battleship LandslideMick Ward120-Mar-14
Alex nearing the top of time out of mindMick Ward119-Mar-14
Grit Esoterica.Mick Ward117-Mar-14
Cameron Holloway leads his second HS on Green Gut at FroggattMick Ward117-Mar-14
Scugdale 1st time LeadingMick Ward117-Mar-14
I think the start and main roof crack has fallen downMick Ward117-Mar-14
Great PeterMick Ward117-Mar-14
NantgwynantMick Ward116-Mar-14
long long time ago Mick Ward109-Mar-14
Hoar Frost at Brimham Rocks. 2011.Mick Ward108-Mar-14
An excellent little route. On-sight soloed. Very positive holds but be careful!Mick Ward105-Mar-14
Adam and Eve - why jump?Mick Ward125-Feb-14
Dave Parker seconding Al Evans circa 1970 (note state of the art waist belt!) Mick Ward121-Feb-14
Gordon Tinning leading circa mid 70'sMick Ward121-Feb-14
Dave Garnett, Hilary Sharp and Ian Parsons at Bournebrook wall 1981. Mick Ward117-Feb-14
Ken Jackson on South Wall Traverse, Almscliff. 1975.Mick Ward113-Feb-14
Paul Ingham on Harlot Face, Castle Rock. 1978.Mick Ward113-Feb-14
Tony Marr on Beeline, Rocky Valley, Ilkley. 1978.Mick Ward111-Feb-14
Pasang Tensing former Sherpa with Doug Scott & BonningtonMick Ward111-Feb-14
Liathach and Beinn EigheMick Ward107-Feb-14
The Thank God holds at the top of Shrike. Barbara James. Mick Ward104-Feb-14
A crag somewhere North of BenidormMick Ward302-Feb-14
Aiguilles and Periardes from the Walker Spur. A page from my notebook, August 1988.Mick Ward101-Feb-14
Looking to Mynd MawrMick Ward131-Jan-14
Tony Marr on Zoom, Slipstones. 2003.Mick Ward131-Jan-14
Brian Griffiths and a camelMick Ward130-Jan-14
JMCS Trip To Arran...Good Weather !Mick Ward130-Jan-14
Angela Soper leading Original Route, Slipstones. 2009.Mick Ward130-Jan-14
Ian Vincent on an early ascent of AvengedMick Ward130-Jan-14
As happy as a pig in shit. The Esoteric Mendip Quarry Overlord.Mick Ward229-Jan-14
View into Ennerdale from the summit of Pillar RockMick Ward228-Jan-14
Wild camping in upper EskdaleMick Ward128-Jan-14
Tony Whitehouse above the ElbeMick Ward128-Jan-14
Best dressed Himalayan climberMick Ward128-Jan-14
Anyone know who this is ?Mick Ward128-Jan-14
'On Urra Moor Baht 'at' FAMick Ward118-Jan-14
Tempting or not tempting, Sand Point, possible FA. A wayward cloud is 2 meters to the left.Mick Ward118-Jan-14
Gary Watson attempting a new route at Parco CerrioloMick Ward118-Jan-14
Jim Moran seconding the first ascent of FreebirdMick Ward118-Jan-14
Canberra bomber wreckage from the 1950's on Carn an t-Sagairt Mor - Lochnagar is the prominent peak in the background.Mick Ward117-Jan-14
Scott Titt on the First Ascent of Still Pulling, Parco CerrioloMick Ward114-Jan-14
The Razor and Lost World Stacks.Mick Ward114-Jan-14
Bouldering 2014 - I've seen the future ...Mick Ward113-Jan-14
The Bicton Boys taking the easy way off the Ladram LadyMick Ward113-Jan-14
Ribblehead ViaductMick Ward113-Jan-14
The Dentelles de Montmirail at sunset from the col de la Chaine.Mick Ward112-Jan-14
Out on a stroll with Paul Ross, Dan Morgan @ Ian Johnstone.Mick Ward110-Jan-14
The old man on his 427th ascent of Troutdale Pinnacle.Mick Ward110-Jan-14
Paul Ross at the top of his route Adam.Mick Ward110-Jan-14
The striking line of 'Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun' Mick Ward107-Jan-14
Unknown climber new routing/checking route Mick Ward106-Jan-14
Red Wall after recent tree-fellingMick Ward106-Jan-14
b/w in late afternoonMick Ward105-Jan-14
enjoying a beer left by our car by the climbers infront of us, thank you, it was a long walk off in the pitch black!Mick Ward105-Jan-14
Group photo on Crib GochMick Ward105-Jan-14
Glasgow Uni Mountaineering Club do the DolomitesMick Ward105-Jan-14
Loving the slabs!Mick Ward103-Jan-14
Great columnar joints at Waterfall Rock, Hong KongMick Ward103-Jan-14
martin.appleyardMick Ward127-Dec-13
Christmas CrackMick Ward127-Dec-13
Whernside bwMick Ward127-Dec-13
Ron Fawcett circa 1970's attempting the Goblin's Eyes (I think?) AlmscliffeMick Ward124-Dec-13
Ken Jackson on Ted Cheasby, Castle Rock of Triermain. 1979.Mick Ward119-Dec-13
Ian Myres at the "Sentry Box" on Milestones, Peak Scar. 1965.Mick Ward119-Dec-13
D.I.Y stanage highball classicMick Ward113-Dec-13
Ogwen viewMick Ward111-Dec-13
Simon Walker enjoying Sticky Fingers, Ilkley. 1984.Mick Ward105-Dec-13
Ken Jackson high on Gormenghast, Heron Crag. Tony Marr belaying. 1966.Mick Ward105-Dec-13
The Horse WhispererMick Ward104-Dec-13
Moody Stanage in OctoberMick Ward102-Dec-13
Sunrise at Cerro Torre base camp, PatagoniaMick Ward102-Dec-13
Portland's midnight veins. Mick Ward101-Dec-13
Crookrise BoulderingMick Ward101-Dec-13
The World Champ gets some essential beta...Mick Ward230-Nov-13
only 1 helmet Mick Ward130-Nov-13
Glencoe Hills from Ben Nevis plateauMick Ward129-Nov-13
Mull hills from Ben Nevis plateauMick Ward129-Nov-13
Mendip Riglos.Mick Ward129-Nov-13
Ken Jackson leading Comet Wall, Guisecliff. 1966.Mick Ward127-Nov-13
Nice day for a walk! Ogwen.Mick Ward127-Nov-13
winter sunMick Ward124-Nov-13
Topping out on Halfway to Kansas Mick Ward124-Nov-13
el chorro looking through kings walkwayMick Ward124-Nov-13
Caught in the act 2 !!Mick Ward123-Nov-13
SliochMick Ward120-Nov-13
Visitors book inside the caveMick Ward120-Nov-13
Sunshine through the rain, NantgwynantMick Ward119-Nov-13
The corridor interior, from Lockwood's ChimneyMick Ward109-Nov-13
mountaineeringjoeMick Ward106-Nov-13
First beer in a month.Mick Ward104-Nov-13
Ardverikie WallMick Ward103-Nov-13
Sandra Lisica, Peglica 7bMick Ward103-Nov-13
Rocksport 1970Mick Ward103-Nov-13
What not to wear on Right Eliminate! Graham Hoey in 1975.Mick Ward101-Nov-13
On top of the worldMick Ward129-Oct-13
Amazing rock at the Grotte de CalamancinaMick Ward129-Oct-13
Suilven From The East - paintingMick Ward126-Oct-13
Sheer DesperationMick Ward126-Oct-13
Claudie Dunn leading The Black Chipper, Brimham Rocks. 1984.Mick Ward124-Oct-13
Easy Picking, on-sight lead (attempt!).Mick Ward123-Oct-13
Mountain Craft Spring 1968Mick Ward120-Oct-13
There's a pocket there somewhere!Mick Ward120-Oct-13
Failing on the Bludgeon. Gene Vallee. UtahMick Ward113-Oct-13
A sense of scale on Looning the TubeMick Ward112-Oct-13
Psyching up for the slapMick Ward110-Oct-13
Mendip Bouldering.Mick Ward110-Oct-13
Jago enjoying some Autumn grit.Mick Ward106-Oct-13
Ella enjoying the sun at BamfordMick Ward106-Oct-13
glenn s on zapple Mick Ward106-Oct-13
Bliss - blue skies over WindgatherMick Ward129-Sep-13
Climbers on pitch 1Mick Ward125-Sep-13
Coals to Newcastle.Mick Ward124-Sep-13
Sea of slateMick Ward124-Sep-13
Ian on P2 of "The Magic Crack" on a typically Scottish day in the Cairngorms.Mick Ward124-Sep-13
Turns out my dinky hands turned that fist jam into an off width. Mick Ward123-Sep-13
Upper Eskdale from Border End in the autumnMick Ward113-Sep-13
Pulling through the cruxMick Ward113-Sep-13
Dani Fuertes attempt ExcelsiorMick Ward110-Sep-13
mamores from aonach beagMick Ward110-Sep-13
"Curving crack" on the left and "Main line" (thin cracks) on the rightMick Ward109-Sep-13
Pen y GhentMick Ward109-Sep-13
After the rainMick Ward109-Sep-13
Got the crag to ourselves again! Mick Ward109-Sep-13
Clogwyn Duír ArdduMick Ward105-Sep-13
ok let me downMick Ward105-Sep-13
Great Gable.Mick Ward105-Sep-13
Paddy on World LineMick Ward105-Sep-13
Hillwalking in MallorcaMick Ward103-Sep-13
would you climb on theseMick Ward103-Sep-13
Just one more route dear...Mick Ward103-Sep-13
al on ronMick Ward130-Aug-13
F.A. Hotblack Desiarto.Mick Ward130-Aug-13
The stunning Mirror WallMick Ward129-Aug-13
South down Larig Ghru to Devil's PointMick Ward128-Aug-13
Early morning on Derwent water KeswickMick Ward127-Aug-13
Achmelvich Scotland Again Mick Ward125-Aug-13
What does it all mean?Mick Ward121-Aug-13
Corner Of The Gods!Mick Ward121-Aug-13
Acorn CrackMick Ward120-Aug-13
Aiguilles Blaitière and Plan from Vallorcine.Mick Ward119-Aug-13
The Sandford BOULDERZMick Ward119-Aug-13
Leaving her dad for dust on the descent from Cat BellsMick Ward119-Aug-13
andybirtwistleMick Ward115-Aug-13
trev_fMick Ward110-Aug-13
The old tea shack (Ref previous photo by Sean Kelly)Mick Ward109-Aug-13
On pitch 7 (or 8 if you split it)Mick Ward107-Aug-13
Demo Route, Great fun :) Mick Ward107-Aug-13
FitzyMick Ward107-Aug-13
Before it fell downMick Ward106-Aug-13
Warning Board on the headland of Mupe Bay - After the Finish!Mick Ward203-Aug-13
Come in Phil - Are you there mate?Mick Ward103-Aug-13
Psykovsky's SequinsMick Ward102-Aug-13
Good belay? You be the judgeMick Ward301-Aug-13
Late afternoon soloing on the Rosetta Stone, ArranMick Ward130-Jul-13
The best VDiff in Scotland (Single Pitch that is)Mick Ward130-Jul-13
Rob On EmpireMick Ward129-Jul-13
Chesil Beach Sunset from the top of PortlandMick Ward128-Jul-13
Summer bloom at Cinque TorriMick Ward124-Jul-13
Tre Cime di LaveradoMick Ward118-Jul-13
Class Distinction *** S 4aMick Ward118-Jul-13
Slieve BegMick Ward117-Jul-13
NightmareMick Ward115-Jul-13
Old man on Senex FAMick Ward114-Jul-13
View from my biviMick Ward113-Jul-13
Top out smileMick Ward112-Jul-13
Lissy 2nd The Big Greeny, Matt on Overhanging GrooveMick Ward111-Jul-13
Paul Ingham on The Manta, Bowden Doors. 1979.Mick Ward111-Jul-13
Alistair Bown enjoying some perfect jammingMick Ward101-Jul-13
Stromness - the prelude to HoyMick Ward229-Jun-13
Heading on up the final pitch Mick Ward127-Jun-13
Winning the Champs again!Mick Ward123-Jun-13
Spire Rock, Woodhouse ScarMick Ward123-Jun-13
Graeme Hunter, Doug Lang & Mike Main at Binnein Shuas 1967Mick Ward123-Jun-13
Ken Jackson on Birdlime Traverse, Almscliff. 1974.Mick Ward111-Jun-13
Crux move, second ascent.Mick Ward113-May-13
Committing Une Crime PassionelMick Ward113-May-13
Ron Fawcett on Microscopic Wall, Almscliff.1979.Mick Ward103-May-13
Paul Ingham on Swan Arcade, Brimham.1980.Mick Ward103-May-13
Graham Balcombe.Mick Ward129-Apr-13
Arete Direct c1977 The one and only John BoggMick Ward102-Apr-13
South Wall Traverse c1976Mick Ward102-Apr-13
John Bogg Party c1977 (climbing environment?)Mick Ward131-Mar-13
Almscliff c1977Mick Ward131-Mar-13
The Stanfield Pitch.Mick Ward130-Mar-13
Me first time down Castell Helen 1970Mick Ward122-Jan-13
Roger Healey on Greatend Corner the weekend after 1st accent Mick Ward122-Jan-13
Alevans on 'sleeping oxygen' at camp six on Everest West Ridge 1988Mick Ward120-Jan-13
cippo Comici italian mountain luca 2012Mick Ward116-Jan-13
The Assisted DynoMick Ward115-Jan-13
Nick BondMick Ward115-Jan-13
1st and last wild camp for the missus!Mick Ward112-Jan-13
Cwm DudodynMick Ward112-Jan-13
Learning to jam.Mick Ward111-Jan-13
Sandwood BayMick Ward110-Jan-13
Minneconjou SiouxMick Ward106-Jan-13
Goodbye 2012Mick Ward102-Jan-13
Loooooong rope requiredMick Ward127-Dec-12
Hurry Up,the World is going to End.Mick Ward122-Dec-12
Looking Back....Mick Ward118-Dec-12
OH S**t... Bill taking a dive in New Hampshire Mick Ward115-Dec-12
The Toy at Curbar EdgeMick Ward107-Dec-12
The night before at training camp.. reason for the route name "Glenfiddich Regrets" Mick Ward107-Dec-12
Three hungover chaps on the summit.. Sandstone Alps ,Utah FA of the 950' Glenfiddich Regrets. Mick Ward107-Dec-12
Great Slab Froggatt EdgeMick Ward106-Dec-12
SuilvenMick Ward104-Dec-12
Rocksport August 1969Mick Ward129-Nov-12
Brightside E25CMick Ward127-Nov-12
John on The Rasp E25bMick Ward127-Nov-12
Dawn Over SaddleworthMick Ward127-Nov-12
Soloing Bird's Nest Crack on a Beautiful Almscliff DayMick Ward125-Nov-12
1poundSOCKS swore blind he never dogged this route. The Sole HVS 5b***Mick Ward125-Nov-12
Pierre, my "companion de cordée" with whom I discovered" le Pyrénéisme". Mick Ward124-Nov-12
How We Used To Walk !Mick Ward124-Nov-12
P.Ross on First Ascent P2 Supercrack of the Reef 5c C1Mick Ward124-Nov-12
Geyikbayiri main cliffMick Ward122-Nov-12
Mountain 3 May 1969Mick Ward122-Nov-12
Nearly on top of the world Mick Ward121-Nov-12
Bar group at the first Kendal FestivalMick Ward116-Nov-12
Onsight/flash Sloth- a great memoryMick Ward115-Nov-12
Vix on the Camino Del Rey, El ChorroMick Ward114-Nov-12
Pauline Syrett and John Stainforth at Froggatt, May 27, 2010Mick Ward208-Nov-12
East Face profilesMick Ward108-Nov-12
Dad's route book 1969Mick Ward107-Nov-12
7aMick Ward107-Nov-12
halfwaythere on hitachi and girlsMick Ward106-Nov-12
Loch Etive (Scottish Gaelic, Loch Eite) Mick Ward125-Oct-12
How it all began!Mick Ward124-Oct-12
Autumn in Glen Affric Mick Ward123-Oct-12
On todays hike near Moab... Mr RattlesnakeMick Ward223-Oct-12
Autumnal Glen Etive from near the Etive slabsMick Ward123-Oct-12
The SissyMick Ward122-Oct-12
Slightly misguided training for Troll WallMick Ward120-Oct-12
rare sighting of andy lewandowski in winterMick Ward120-Oct-12
The Trinnacle on Ravenstones Brow, Saddleworth Moor. Mick Ward118-Oct-12
OH! Whats this? ....errr just a 1950's belay!Mick Ward118-Oct-12
Quietus Right HandMick Ward115-Oct-12
Dovedale group nov 82Mick Ward105-Oct-12
The Reluctant Belayer.Mick Ward104-Oct-12
Russ on Scoop FaceMick Ward128-Sep-12
Now and thenMick Ward128-Sep-12
Senior Citizen at Lunch.Mick Ward121-Sep-12
Mick RyanMick Ward118-Sep-12
The 80th birthday of the lad on the right.. Keswick 90's..Names? Photo Tony TooleMick Ward111-Sep-12
Olly topping outMick Ward110-Sep-12
Go West,part 1.Mick Ward110-Sep-12
Chris Gaynon, struggling on Berties Bugbear (S)Mick Ward110-Sep-12
Dom Bush on the other end of the camera cruising The Ghost E3Mick Ward104-Sep-12
Remember Last SummerMick Ward101-Sep-12
Thread Flintstone - surely 7b?Mick Ward101-Sep-12
drying offMick Ward127-Aug-12
Twister at Ingleton FallsMick Ward127-Aug-12
Boys happyMick Ward126-Aug-12
Summer at BurbageMick Ward120-Aug-12
a standard day at running hill pitsMick Ward108-Aug-12
Dawn over Y GlyderauMick Ward107-Aug-12
Alex Schweikart attempting the very bouldery Frankenjura 8c Oddfellows at Pornowand, Germany.Mick Ward120-Jul-12
This was taken in 1961 and shows Peter Maddocks on Blue Lights Crack on Wimberry Rocks, Chew valley. Mick Ward217-Jul-12
for mr wardMick Ward112-Jul-12
Old School Grand Course climbing. Paul "Matey" Lloyd climbing Ginat Route Les Droites. Mick Ward110-Jul-12
In the pink - CloggyMick Ward109-Jul-12
A one-day ascent valley to valleyMick Ward105-Jul-12
blast from the past part 2Mick Ward102-Jul-12
Foxy and Lees celebrate after climbing the first route on Craig Bodlyn.Mick Ward102-Jul-12
Al Evans leading Bull's Crack at Heptonstall 1974Mick Ward229-Jun-12
Richard McHardy preparing for Salathe Wall, Yosimite, 1973 with Nancy HomerMick Ward115-Jun-12
Evening sun below Craig BodlynMick Ward104-May-12
BrianT on Great Western at the Almscliff Rocktalk picnic, belayed by Sloper.Mick Ward107-Mar-12
A slatehead in his elementMick Ward107-Mar-12
A slatehead and a Malham-ite on one of the best slab pitches anywhereMick Ward107-Mar-12
Pekkie 1976Mick Ward107-Mar-12
Pekkie topping out on The Rack 1992Mick Ward107-Mar-12
Spiny Norman or what?Mick Ward107-Mar-12
Steve Tonks soloing The Knife - never had the balls myself.Mick Ward107-Mar-12
Savannah HowellsMick Ward105-Mar-12
The Right Wall.Mick Ward105-Mar-12
Main Wall LeftMick Ward105-Mar-12
one or two will remember mr jonesMick Ward103-Mar-12
Glen EtiveMick Ward123-Feb-12
The Great Joe (Morty) Smith in Morocco 2006Mick Ward119-Jan-12
i am darius king of kings 1978Mick Ward118-Jan-12
Portland, west side.Mick Ward117-Jan-12
like a ride Mick Ward117-Jan-12
The classic Si vas niquel fas tard, with the beautiful house with the shady history in the background.Mick Ward208-Jan-12
Sixties hoodlums - Ogwen Cottage group 1961Mick Ward206-Jan-12
Almscliff in the 70'sMick Ward102-Jan-12
Looking to Laddow from Crowden Great BrookMick Ward128-Dec-11
Mynydd Troed and the Black Mountains as seen from Cribyn at 5am May 2010Mick Ward127-Dec-11
Dolomites 1961Mick Ward126-Dec-11
Chuffed! Ken Wilson after an early ascent of Eroica, Pentire Cornwall. Autumn 1973Mick Ward120-Dec-11
The Thing, Dinas CromlechMick Ward220-Dec-11
he olso fell of max 1976Mick Ward119-Dec-11
Second ascent of 19th Hole by S.Claus. Mick Ward115-Dec-11
he did the odd new route in lancashire 1977Mick Ward108-Dec-11
Autumn colour near Whit Beck, Lonscale FellMick Ward107-Dec-11
the four just men 1972Mick Ward103-Dec-11
Ingleborough. Dawn Inversion.Mick Ward128-Nov-11
Pen y Ghent from WhernsideMick Ward128-Nov-11
Early morning runners on LatriggMick Ward127-Nov-11
Just below the summitMick Ward125-Nov-11
FroggattMick Ward124-Nov-11
Cracks of Tranquility (E3) Mick Ward123-Nov-11
Pitch 2 sent. Safe!Mick Ward122-Nov-11
jamjambarwickMick Ward122-Nov-11
One fall but no submissionsMick Ward122-Nov-11
Vintage Hunter 1970Mick Ward115-Nov-11
Alek Skorupa on ,,Hall of Mirrors'' 7c, Portland, The CuttingsMick Ward114-Nov-11
Wilton PanoramaMick Ward113-Nov-11
75yrs old Rowland Edwards leading the first ascent of 11.11.11 (E5) 5 pitches, unnamed crag, Costa Blanca, Spain. Mick Ward112-Nov-11
Evening light on Chatsworth EdgeMick Ward212-Nov-11
The QuiraingMick Ward111-Nov-11
Meg enjoying a day out at Windgather RocksMick Ward126-Oct-11
John Trythall on second ascent of Pebbledash, 6a+Mick Ward125-Oct-11
It doesn't get any easier with age! Climber topping out on Cioch Crack.Mick Ward125-Oct-11
Richard about to step up onto the rib on Whaup Edge.Mick Ward124-Oct-11
mel griffiths on Flaskdance Mick Ward122-Oct-11
mark stephensonMick Ward121-Oct-11
Delicate moves on Scapa Flow (6c+)Mick Ward121-Oct-11
Flying lessons on Meall a' GhiubhaisMick Ward121-Oct-11
Morning Mist on Padarn LakeMick Ward121-Oct-11
A quiet october day at Popular endMick Ward121-Oct-11
Russ Walling at the top of Forked Lightning Crack in his Petzl Ultimate CapMick Ward117-Oct-11
A cold and wet Stefan Jacobsen rappelling down the Nose after an unexpected storm hit.Mick Ward114-Oct-11
Caban DinorwigMick Ward112-Oct-11
Interesting annotations.Mick Ward112-Oct-11
3 Amigos on AmptraxMick Ward112-Oct-11
happy daysMick Ward111-Oct-11
Chasing the sunMick Ward110-Oct-11
Topping out 130m above the road on one of UK's highest sport routesMick Ward106-Oct-11
AlmscliffMick Ward106-Oct-11
Streaky Wall section of Rainbow Bridge Diluted (6a+)Mick Ward104-Oct-11
Marmot Pro Ricky Bell on the high ball 'So High' at Joshua Tree, CA.Mick Ward102-Oct-11
Clichéd shot of the crux of the Cosmiques Arête. Mick Ward127-Sep-11
Doris ButtressMick Ward127-Sep-11
Trish at the start of Grooved AreteMick Ward127-Sep-11
Recreation of old Bentley Beetham photo on Glaciated Slabs in Comb Ghyll, Borrowdale. First climbed by Beetham in Sept 1944.Mick Ward127-Sep-11
Bentley Beetham takes a callMick Ward127-Sep-11
A field near Chamonix, which some may remember.Mick Ward120-Sep-11
At the end of the day, a rainbow lifts the spirits after frequent squally showers dampen ambition. Nant Gwynant.Mick Ward120-Sep-11
Paul Swail bouldering at the Chief Boulders, Squamish on Black SlabbathMick Ward120-Sep-11
who 1978Mick Ward117-Sep-11
Christina BarninghamMick Ward117-Sep-11
photo caption neededMick Ward117-Sep-11
Marcus Payne on AngstMick Ward112-Sep-11
Paul Ross on the FA of the American version of "Rigor Mortis", The Tombstone Formation ,near Moad, UtahMick Ward111-Sep-11
Ben and Marion Winteringham with Paul Ross on the FA of Union Jack 5.9 .Cannon Mt New Hampshire. 1973Mick Ward111-Sep-11
Rebecca EarnshawMick Ward102-Sep-11
Moroccan Team 1996 . Can you name a few ? Mick Ward101-Sep-11
Our groupMick Ward101-Sep-11
John Syrett 1974 on Post Mortem E3 5c,Eagle Crag ,Borrowdale.He was successful but with some jean and knee damageMick Ward114-Aug-11
Al Manson giving Post Mortem a try,1974 with Syrett. Later as second took flight from the crux.See next photo.Mick Ward114-Aug-11
Pendle Hill, August eveningMick Ward112-Aug-11
The warm up for the onsight of Dawes Rides A Shovelhead E8Mick Ward110-Aug-11
Big Curver at Baildon BankMick Ward109-Aug-11
Starting but not finishing...Mick Ward108-Aug-11
why go to france when you can have this 1976 Mick Ward105-Aug-11
Cwm Glas Mawr CC hutMick Ward128-Jul-11
Nordie_mattMick Ward128-Jul-11
Henry Barber on the great flake,Cental Buttress, Scawfell.1974Mick Ward128-Jul-11
From left to right: Main Buttress, Barrel Buttress, Neb Buttress, The Escarpment.Mick Ward127-Jul-11
Ingleborough from Chapel-le-DaleMick Ward127-Jul-11
a lancashire gem 1978Mick Ward226-Jul-11
Fred and Ken dancing the night awayMick Ward126-Jul-11
Julian on Fate again at 51!Mick Ward126-Jul-11
last climb of the dayMick Ward125-Jul-11
Now that's a chockstone- The First pitch of ExocetMick Ward123-Jul-11
dove dale 1974Mick Ward121-Jul-11
Technical Master circa 1981Mick Ward116-Jul-11
The Toy, Curbar Edge circa 1980. Baslow Edge in the distanceMick Ward116-Jul-11
CarefulMick Ward115-Jul-11
After many years of intense fitness...he's ready to take on ladye killer.Mick Ward115-Jul-11
SturgeonMick Ward115-Jul-11
Foxgloves at Windy Hill near CotherstoneMick Ward111-Jul-11
Paul Windross on Flying Buttress Direct HVS 5c, StanageMick Ward109-Jul-11
Zeus (E2 5b), Burbage QuarryMick Ward105-Jul-11
Matt not really trying on Aggro MonkeyMick Ward105-Jul-11
Writing up a first ascent....after a big night on the ale .. Who's Who?Mick Ward103-Jul-11
Cornish Delight.Mick Ward102-Jul-11
spot the climbers 1975Mick Ward128-Jun-11
Poppies in evening light - Os de Balaguer, CatalunyaMick Ward121-Jun-11
Arete SilhouetteMick Ward120-Jun-11
The StrandMick Ward120-Jun-11
Daila Ojeda using a Sterling Rope at Oliana, SpainMick Ward120-Jun-11
Rivelin PinnacleMick Ward113-Jun-11
Stag at the Kings house Glen Coe.Mick Ward108-Jun-11
Great Wall CloggyMick Ward106-Jun-11
First ascentMick Ward106-Jun-11
Sign of the VulcanMick Ward102-Jun-11
Portland EveningsMick Ward101-Jun-11
A good bloke to have on your team.The 500th first ascent.Mick Ward101-Jun-11
at the top of one hell of a windy experience on 'the lich'Mick Ward131-May-11
The big Norwegian on Out of My Tree StartMick Ward130-May-11
Rich Brown on Altar Crack, RivelinMick Ward130-May-11
Mexican Wave was a team effort!Mick Ward130-May-11
Technique.Mick Ward125-May-11
shinylass478Mick Ward125-May-11
great portland streetMick Ward124-May-11
Ship Rock ,New Mexico.Mick Ward124-May-11
Brrrrm Brrrrm - Leader of the Pack !Mick Ward124-May-11
Willi CraterMick Ward123-May-11
Liv HattMick Ward119-May-11
Sarah on the first ascent of 'Up the Apples and Pears', Wallend NorthMick Ward116-May-11
Sarah enjoying a Magnum lolly on Wallsend North beach. Delivered as if by magic! ;)Mick Ward116-May-11
John trying out 'Summer Lightning', just before the rain hit us...Mick Ward116-May-11
Langtang Himal - the walk out.Mick Ward116-May-11
isle of skye 1976Mick Ward116-May-11
sean 1978Mick Ward116-May-11
Badrallach Crag.Mick Ward109-May-11
Colin AKA DHCol ready for a rest on Great CrackMick Ward106-May-11
Boilers Slab, Gower, South WalesMick Ward106-May-11
last munro Creag Meagaidh. 3rd july 2010 self,Liz,Nancy,Rab as ever Bobby behind camera .Mick Ward104-May-11
sport on the ormMick Ward103-May-11
boy wonderMick Ward103-May-11
A hot day on Massambula.Mick Ward103-May-11
harragate trade show 1978Mick Ward103-May-11
morning lightMick Ward128-Apr-11
Layers of hillage across Nant GwynantMick Ward127-Apr-11
The Wild Hunt, FA, video still.Mick Ward126-Apr-11
Great weather for April. First VS of the year to stretch the limbs outMick Ward122-Apr-11
Chris Sharma on First Round First Minute, in Margalef, Spain. Mick Ward122-Apr-11
Minister for Biking, Lairig Leacach, Grey CorriesMick Ward121-Apr-11
john phethean seconding spellbound HVS 5b at witches' quarryMick Ward121-Apr-11
ME+ALAN HINKESMick Ward121-Apr-11
Giles Barker, Dream of White Horses, 13 November 1976Mick Ward121-Apr-11
Reaching the belay on Bloody SlabMick Ward120-Apr-11
a talking ropeMick Ward120-Apr-11
we,ve got to get out of this place 1978Mick Ward120-Apr-11
The westerly view from the bottom of Lofi, Sierra De Toix.Mick Ward119-Apr-11
Trees above Brough, Eden ValleyMick Ward118-Apr-11
Andy on Cock-a-Leekie WallMick Ward118-Apr-11
Cratcliffe DelightMick Ward118-Apr-11
Holey MountainMick Ward117-Apr-11
Ladybower PanoramaMick Ward115-Apr-11
Piz Badile: North Ridge and North East FaceMick Ward115-Apr-11
Dawson Snowfox, a new QUBMC mascot? Tete Rousse basecamp, Aug 200Mick Ward114-Apr-11
Self portrait - Inaccessible BoulderMick Ward113-Apr-11
the one and only 1976Mick Ward113-Apr-11
Liz waiting for dry rockMick Ward111-Apr-11
Passing storm on Harris - PanoramicMick Ward111-Apr-11
the wild and wonderfull chew Mick Ward111-Apr-11
pondering the crux.. jam? lay-back? nah lank it.. Mick Ward111-Apr-11
shall I ?Mick Ward111-Apr-11
Left side of Standlow Nobbs Quarry "Toto" follows the easiest line.Mick Ward111-Apr-11
Pincushion in 1977.Mick Ward110-Apr-11
far from the madding crowdMick Ward110-Apr-11
jawMick Ward110-Apr-11
Probably PuroliticMick Ward105-Apr-11
Caller Crag PanoramicMick Ward104-Apr-11
You haven't changed a bit !Mick Ward102-Apr-11
Ben, finding out Fern Groove's not 'quite' that straight forward.Mick Ward101-Apr-11
Ben on Technical MasterMick Ward131-Mar-11
Ada taking it easyMick Ward131-Mar-11
Nick on Epitaph (HS 4a) at BaildonMick Ward131-Mar-11
Ben in full flowMick Ward131-Mar-11
ActionflackMick Ward130-Mar-11
guy xavier percivalMick Ward130-Mar-11
The White TowerMick Ward130-Mar-11
The second issue of RocksportMick Ward128-Mar-11
on the way up rib & slabMick Ward128-Mar-11
having a go.Mick Ward128-Mar-11
UrglesMick Ward226-Mar-11
stoney 1983Mick Ward126-Mar-11
The East Weare Crag Topo page 2.Mick Ward225-Mar-11
Disappearing ball of gas , White hole , Portland Dorset 17.45 hrs 24.03.11Mick Ward125-Mar-11
Mark DennisonMick Ward125-Mar-11
The East Weare Crags Topo page 1.Mick Ward125-Mar-11
A Worthwhile Pastime But A Sad Ambition E5 6CMick Ward124-Mar-11
Mick on the first ascentMick Ward123-Mar-11
Micky Page on Monk Life. Taken assisting a shoot for Mark Savage's upcoming photography book about Northumberland.Mick Ward114-Mar-11
Jac and Jill demonstrate a see-saw abseil?Mick Ward114-Mar-11
Mark Watson, Cave Wall, E3 5c, FroggattMick Ward114-Mar-11
A busy day at The Veranda.Mick Ward112-Mar-11
going for it on redpoint - day 7 of the siegeMick Ward108-Mar-11
man in white 1967Mick Ward106-Mar-11
First Trip to North Wales.Mick Ward206-Mar-11
Coming up to the crux moves on Lead of Portfolio, windgather rocks (my first HVS!)Mick Ward106-Mar-11
Slugain HowffMick Ward105-Mar-11
Dominic & Daniel Lee, bouldering. West Cork early 90's.Mick Ward105-Mar-11
The Map is Upside DownMick Ward105-Mar-11
Dive the Singing River.Mick Ward102-Mar-11
Father and SonMick Ward101-Mar-11
Buttress at San Vito Lo Capo Sicily, scene of our 600m adventure.Mick Ward127-Feb-11
my lads first severe (age 2)Mick Ward122-Feb-11
Alison Martindale on Yukan IIMick Ward122-Feb-11
Am BuachailleMick Ward122-Feb-11
Brian Cropper at Deeply Vale, circa 1985Mick Ward121-Feb-11
a young who.on whatMick Ward121-Feb-11
Me and the old man on the summit of Mont Blanc as the sun rises.Mick Ward121-Feb-11
Mystery buttress, Widupp, Burnley Caving club 1950sMick Ward120-Feb-11
deepstarMick Ward118-Feb-11
scott tittMick Ward118-Feb-11
Climbing!..with this hair?Mick Ward118-Feb-11
plaisir climb? :-)Mick Ward116-Feb-11
Looking SW from Pen Yr Ole Wen summit.Mick Ward109-Feb-11
what can you say Mick Ward109-Feb-11
An old boat on UllswaterMick Ward101-Feb-11
Kipper on Body Machine Raven TorMick Ward130-Jan-11
CTotten88Mick Ward129-Jan-11
Gear on demand! The 21 runners used on Midnight CruiserMick Ward127-Jan-11
CoverdaleMick Ward126-Jan-11
Left side of Right Little Potters QuarryMick Ward125-Jan-11
the misses in portlandMick Ward107-Jan-11
Redrockman70 climbing at age 75Mick Ward107-Jan-11
sierra del montsantMick Ward107-Jan-11
Les Bonnington at Bell Hagg mid 1960'sMick Ward106-Jan-11
the young onesMick Ward106-Jan-11
dbarmbsMick Ward126-Dec-10
Warton Main - far left endMick Ward124-Dec-10
MamoresMick Ward122-Dec-10
The last Mountain CraftMick Ward322-Dec-10
East Gully Wall, Cloggy. Chalk drawing.Mick Ward121-Dec-10
Al Evans and Merv Middleton at camp five snowhole.Mick Ward120-Dec-10
The penultimate pitch on the Fiesta highway.........Mick Ward120-Dec-10
Charlotte climbing at Fleswick Bay, with some amazing jewels in the foreground!Mick Ward119-Dec-10
Mountain Craft 1965Mick Ward118-Dec-10
HelvellynMick Ward117-Dec-10
It's a via ferrata, Steve, but not as we know it...Mick Ward117-Dec-10
en avantMick Ward114-Dec-10
Fun on Cracken Edge 1935 StyleMick Ward114-Dec-10
Pictures from Manchester Ramblers Handbook Vol 2 1928 - 31Mick Ward114-Dec-10
dark peak about 1976ish Mick Ward113-Dec-10
Summit of KiliMick Ward113-Dec-10
John Leonard using his new festive bolt glueing gloves ;)Mick Ward113-Dec-10
Time to Go Down.Mick Ward111-Dec-10
Early history of the new Alpine Club presidentMick Ward110-Dec-10
second pageMick Ward110-Dec-10
Sarah Perrett On Fallen Slab Arete 2Mick Ward108-Dec-10
Me and my regular belay buddyMick Ward108-Dec-10
The view from my daughters new house. Am I jealous?Mick Ward104-Dec-10
I'm mad about climbing, me.Mick Ward104-Dec-10
millstoneMick Ward102-Dec-10
Going for a second lookMick Ward119-Nov-10
jimMick Ward119-Nov-10
Drus and Verte from Les Praz.Pencil.1970ishMick Ward118-Nov-10
Hellvelyn from near Dove crag. Chalk.Mick Ward118-Nov-10
Glen etiveMick Ward117-Nov-10
On the way to Cloggy, 1968. Mick Ward117-Nov-10
Wellington Crack Solo Martin WoodMick Ward117-Nov-10
Mountaineering 1968Mick Ward215-Nov-10
shirleyeMick Ward115-Nov-10
Millstones at High NebMick Ward115-Nov-10
Ned Feehally repeating Will on the Mallory boulderMick Ward114-Nov-10
MUMC's Pics3Mick Ward113-Nov-10
MUMC Journal's brilliant climbing picsMick Ward113-Nov-10
1968 Yorkshire Mountaineering Club GuideMick Ward113-Nov-10
old men bag new peakMick Ward112-Nov-10
Great Gable from EnnerdaleMick Ward111-Nov-10
the journal 1973Mick Ward110-Nov-10
HadesMick Ward109-Nov-10
Pendle Hill from Witches QuarryMick Ward107-Nov-10
Rocksport...another early editionMick Ward105-Nov-10
Rememberance Month. Memorial to crew of crashed Halifax bomber 1944 Great CarrsMick Ward102-Nov-10
Ganba ganba!Mick Ward129-Oct-10
Lochaber - When Autumn and Winter meetMick Ward126-Oct-10
Great Gable from Great End, Lake districtMick Ward126-Oct-10
The Quirang, SkyeMick Ward125-Oct-10
War memorial on Col di Lana, DolomitesMick Ward115-Oct-10
Looking up at 'Quietus'Mick Ward114-Oct-10
Campsite on Pabbay (Panorama)Mick Ward113-Oct-10
WasdaleMick Ward113-Oct-10
WOW i love climbing Mick Ward113-Oct-10
A St Bees TopoutMick Ward112-Oct-10
rubiscoMick Ward112-Oct-10
eiger to everest 1966Mick Ward111-Oct-10
See, even Yorkshire Gritstone can make you happy!Mick Ward110-Oct-10
On Bowscale FellMick Ward109-Oct-10
Tigger on Yorkshireman SS, 7c+, Kyloe in the Woods, Northumberland. Mick Ward109-Oct-10
Roadside crag!!Mick Ward108-Oct-10
the beatnik 1966Mick Ward108-Oct-10
Tony & SarahMick Ward105-Oct-10
Windy LedgeMick Ward104-Oct-10
dove dale 1981Mick Ward103-Oct-10
Panorama of Witches Mick Ward101-Oct-10
Wallsend South - PortlandMick Ward101-Oct-10
Men in back of carsMick Ward101-Oct-10
'that' momentMick Ward101-Oct-10
Some old beta. Scribbled in the back of my 1986 Cheedale guide.Mick Ward101-Oct-10
Malc.Knight 1963Mick Ward130-Sep-10
Washday in the Stubaital 1964Mick Ward130-Sep-10
The Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye, Scotland Mick Ward129-Sep-10
Stop off at Gaz Healys gaff at Milton Keynes after trip to SpainMick Ward129-Sep-10
marclloyd77Mick Ward128-Sep-10
a german at brownstones 2004Mick Ward128-Sep-10
dinner 2004 Mick Ward128-Sep-10
Cloggy nut (circa 1960's)Mick Ward126-Sep-10
arran ridgesMick Ward125-Sep-10
the french at shootersMick Ward124-Sep-10
Joan at St BeesMick Ward121-Sep-10
is that a carry out 1977Mick Ward121-Sep-10
Locky on Flying Arete at that awful polished crag in Yorkshire.Mick Ward121-Sep-10
tony ryan 1978Mick Ward120-Sep-10
Leo's mate :O)Mick Ward120-Sep-10
chamonix 1978Mick Ward119-Sep-10
Dave Unwin and Pete Meads (Bowline CC) in Stoney Middleton Reunion 2010Mick Ward116-Sep-10
Chef IanMick Ward116-Sep-10
5 people bivvied up on Windy LedgeMick Ward116-Sep-10
Old Women goes to BanffMick Ward116-Sep-10
Time for Bed.....perhaps?Mick Ward113-Sep-10
myhill and muffin 1979Mick Ward113-Sep-10
Early 70's in EB'sMick Ward105-Sep-10
A moment of contemplationMick Ward105-Sep-10
High on the Steger Route, Cima CatinaccioMick Ward102-Sep-10
Climbers on the Cima Ovest (NE ridge?).Mick Ward130-Aug-10
Scimitar - the VS that thinks it's an E1?Mick Ward129-Aug-10
Celt aged 8 on the First Ascent of We No Speak Americano!Mick Ward129-Aug-10
paul cropperMick Ward129-Aug-10
ado 1977Mick Ward122-Aug-10
Marmot, on the approach to the Blatiere.Mick Ward121-Aug-10
Took alot of Yorkshire Grit to get to top of here!Mick Ward119-Aug-10
Crack 3 up Tryfan Fach. Lovely climb, pitched near the top.Mick Ward119-Aug-10
who neads a tent 1976Mick Ward117-Aug-10
alan on spanish flea annalong buttressMick Ward117-Aug-10
Ian Parsons on the top pitch of Dévers Emossionel on the Barrage d'Emosson.Mick Ward116-Aug-10
Les Calanques En Vau- after climbing Mick Ward116-Aug-10
PHOTO QUIZ 2 - WHO'S THIS ?Mick Ward115-Aug-10
A shot of my belayer from halfway up Scavenger (VS 4b/4c)Mick Ward114-Aug-10
TRIVIA QUIZ - WHO'S THIS ?Mick Ward113-Aug-10
CressbrookeMick Ward112-Aug-10
dinner may 1975Mick Ward112-Aug-10
the boys 1982 ish Mick Ward112-Aug-10
just getting started!Mick Ward111-Aug-10
"Breaking Strain" (E4 6a). Ksar Rock, Afantinzar, Morocco. Mick Ward111-Aug-10
climbers Mick Ward111-Aug-10
North ButtressMick Ward111-Aug-10
"The clean wide crack" !!Mick Ward111-Aug-10
Rob on Brown`s Eliminate E2 5C @ Froggatt.Bold moves above the gear!Mick Ward106-Aug-10
Bumbling at it's finest - Original Route at Back Bowden on a summers eveningMick Ward106-Aug-10
nickMick Ward106-Aug-10
A busy evening at the CorniceMick Ward105-Aug-10
bgMick Ward104-Aug-10