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Russell Lovett

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Squealing like a pig.Russell Lovett229-Mar-16
Smile for the birdie.Russell Lovett129-Mar-16
Family pressures, Bowden Doors, Northumberland.Russell Lovett225-Mar-16
Sharp Edge, Blencathra.Russell Lovett308-Feb-16
Wee walkers. Blencathra.Russell Lovett224-Jan-16
Shadows and cornice.Russell Lovett224-Jan-16
BlencathraRussell Lovett124-Jan-16
Tim Dunsby on the FA of Deep Heat, Guillemot Ledge, Swanage in 2002Russell Lovett122-Nov-15
Natalie Berry climbing Dalriada during shooting for 'Transition'Russell Lovett118-Oct-15
Olly sending GroovyRussell Lovett118-Oct-15
Natalie Berry bouldering in 'God's own Country'Russell Lovett129-Sep-15
A Grey September day on Gimmer.Russell Lovett128-Sep-15
Starting to surf The Tube.Russell Lovett208-Apr-15
Break Dancing.Russell Lovett107-Apr-15
Rainbows over CrimpiauRussell Lovett122-Mar-15
Hepburn moor, Northumberland, sunset. Russell Lovett111-Feb-15
First ascent of The Hay Bale. Patterdale.Russell Lovett203-Feb-15
Dawn in Patterdale.Russell Lovett103-Feb-15
Climbers on Central Buttress and SaxonRussell Lovett123-Nov-14
Aiguille du Goûter refuge and Arve valley by night. Chamonix, FranceRussell Lovett116-Nov-14
St Mary's lighthouse Russell Lovett114-Nov-14
On The Verge.Russell Lovett225-Sep-14
Amethyst Deceiver/Laccaria amethystinaRussell Lovett324-Sep-14
A Barn Owl on The Eagle Rock (Inia Gerakopetra).Russell Lovett130-Aug-14
Waste Water to Kirk Fell, The Lake District.Russell Lovett227-Aug-14
Paul Ingham climbing Roof Route, Back Bowden Doors. 1979.Russell Lovett115-Aug-14
Maggies Wall, Goldsborough Carr.Russell Lovett127-Jul-14
Russell Lovett on Maggies Wall, Goldsborough Carr.Russell Lovett127-Jul-14
Summer Solstice sunset at Vicarage CliffsRussell Lovett123-Jun-14
Bouldering Bowden Doors Northumberland.Russell Lovett122-Jun-14
The cave Bowden DoorsRussell Lovett122-Jun-14
Common Mallow/Malva sylvestris LRussell Lovett229-May-14
Love in the mist/Nigella damascena.Russell Lovett128-May-14
Large Flowered Bee Orchid/Ophrys-episcopalis-Poi.Russell Lovett128-May-14
Bermuda Buttercup/Oxalys pes-caprae LRussell Lovett128-May-14
Eastern Traverse - Tower Ridge - photo credit: PaluchiRussell Lovett119-Mar-14
Tony Marr on Zoom, Slipstones. 2003.Russell Lovett131-Jan-14
Yellow Bee Orchid=Ophrys LuteaRussell Lovett204-Jul-13
Sawfly Orchid-Ophrys Tenthredinifera.Russell Lovett122-Apr-13
Barbary Nut-Gynandriris Sisyrinchium.Russell Lovett122-Apr-13
Bertolonis Bee Orchid-Ophrys BertoloniiRussell Lovett120-Apr-13
Bertoloni,s Bee Orchid-Ophrys Bertolonii.Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
Mirror Orchid- Ophrys Speculum. Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
Snow in Mallorca?Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
View East from the Serra Del Cavall Bernat Ridge, Mallorca.Russell Lovett115-Apr-13
Tim Dunsby on a first ascent at Swanage, just left of Far from the Madding Crowd.Russell Lovett227-Mar-13
The Curtain. Ben Nevis.Russell Lovett218-Feb-13
Ledge Rote, Ben Nevis Feb 2013.Russell Lovett112-Feb-13
A busy day on The Curtain.Russell Lovett111-Feb-13
The Cow Bar search and rescue team spring into action.Russell Lovett218-Jan-13
Dan Varian on The First Leaning Groove, Bowden Doors.Russell Lovett103-Dec-12
View of the Cheviot Hills from Scooped Wall areaRussell Lovett120-Nov-12
Into the unknownRussell Lovett107-Nov-12
Not a day for climbingRussell Lovett120-Oct-12
Lleyn sunset magicRussell Lovett113-Oct-12
Fly Agaric/Amanita Muscaria. Kyloe In The Woods, Northumberland.Russell Lovett211-Oct-12
Velvet Bolete/Suillus Variegatus, Kyloe In The Woods.Russell Lovett110-Oct-12
Nightfall, Shaftoe Crags Northumberland. Russell Lovett106-Sep-12
Wave Wall in the evening sun, Bowden Doors.Russell Lovett103-Sep-12
Jon catching the last of the light on a perfect Shaftoe afternoon.Russell Lovett121-Aug-12
Early Purple Orchid and Roseroot near the path, Devil's Kitchen.Russell Lovett101-Jul-12
Twistelton Scar. Bee Orchid/Ophrys apifera.Russell Lovett324-Jun-12
Pyramidal Orchid/Anacamptis pyramidalis, Twistelton Scar.Russell Lovett122-Jun-12
Bee Orchid/Ophrys apifera. Twistelton Scars.Russell Lovett122-Jun-12
Bidean Nam Bian Russell Lovett121-Jun-12
View from Stanage.Russell Lovett119-Jun-12
Beinn Eighe (Munro) range with Ruadh - stac Beag (Corbett) in the foreground, taken from Meall a' Ghiubhais.Russell Lovett117-Jun-12
Weissmies 4017m Saas Valley.Russell Lovett117-Jun-12
Helvellyn from St Sunday Crag.Russell Lovett117-Apr-12
Hay Stacks Tarn.Russell Lovett126-Mar-12
Sea Mouse-Ear/Cerastium Diffusum, Crag Lough, NorthumberlandRussell Lovett119-Mar-12
Did he stick it yes he did.Russell Lovett113-Mar-12
Blencathra and a treeRussell Lovett107-Mar-12
Vaughany89Russell Lovett129-Feb-12
Ravensheugh Block Northumberland.Russell Lovett110-Feb-12
Lleyn sunset, Elidir FawrRussell Lovett118-Jan-12
Richard Gage on The Witch, Back Bowden Doors, Northumberland.Russell Lovett116-Jan-12
A very windy and Grey Langdale PikesRussell Lovett213-Jan-12
Last light on Runscar and PenyghentRussell Lovett130-Nov-11
Meg enjoying a day out at Windgather RocksRussell Lovett130-Oct-11
Midi AreteRussell Lovett305-Oct-11
Howlerhirst!Russell Lovett102-Oct-11
Pykestone Hill (centre)Drumelzier Law (right)-Scottish BordersRussell Lovett230-Sep-11
Main Road In MongoliaRussell Lovett126-Sep-11
The Sound of Silence Russell Lovett126-Sep-11
The mountains magically reveal themselves the first morning at Ailefroide after a storm. Parc des EcrinsRussell Lovett107-Sep-11
Esoteric Yorkshire Limestone.Russell Lovett106-Sep-11
Brimstone/Gonepteryx. Rofan mountains, Austria.Russell Lovett111-Aug-11
Grass of Parnassia/Parnassia Palustris. Pertisau Austria.Russell Lovett110-Aug-11
Julian on Fate again at 51!Russell Lovett126-Jul-11
Sunset (this time in Colour)Russell Lovett123-Jul-11
Full moon over the Torre massif on the approach to Exocet. One of my favourite shots.Russell Lovett123-Jul-11
Sunset over the Bossons Glacier from the Balcony of t he Cosmiques HutRussell Lovett123-Jul-11
Descending at the Cattle Troughs, SwanageRussell Lovett117-Jul-11
Yorkshire,s limestone dales looking at their best.Russell Lovett205-Jul-11
Alpine Cinquefoil/Potentilla Crantzii, Malham CoveRussell Lovett103-Jul-11
Biting Stonecrop/Sedum Acre, Malham Cove.Russell Lovett102-Jul-11
Why??Russell Lovett102-Jun-11
QuiquillonRussell Lovett104-May-11
A lone boulder above EnnerdaleRussell Lovett220-Apr-11
Michele Caminati, Gaia, Black Rocks, DerbyshireRussell Lovett107-Apr-11
Me on Right-Hand Crack, should have been wary of the VDiff grade given in the 1989 guide!Russell Lovett128-Mar-11
The brutally Handsome Neil Busby soloing, Bowden DoorsRussell Lovett128-Mar-11
Clouds down the plughole, The Ben.Russell Lovett208-Mar-11
are they still standing Russell Lovett305-Jan-11
MatterhornRussell Lovett101-Oct-10
Alpine houseleek/Sedum Sepervivum Tectorim, saas Fee, Switzerland.Russell Lovett230-Sep-10
A cloudy LagginhornRussell Lovett130-Sep-10
Matterhorn and friendsRussell Lovett130-Sep-10
Alpine Rock Jasmin/Androsace Alpina, Saas Fee, Switzerland.Russell Lovett130-Sep-10
Starry Saxifrage. Saas Fee, Switzerland.Russell Lovett130-Sep-10
Big cravases AllalinhornRussell Lovett129-Sep-10
Zermatt GiantsRussell Lovett128-Sep-10
Starting the snow arete of the Frendo Spur, with the Midi in the background.Russell Lovett107-Aug-10
The view from the summit of Mont du Tacul Russell Lovett104-Aug-10
Trient GlacierRussell Lovett109-Jul-10
topping out Russell Lovett104-Jul-10
On FireRussell Lovett107-Jun-10
Like ants heading to the summit. Mont BlancRussell Lovett119-May-10
Sunrise on the Carn Mor Dearg AreteRussell Lovett115-Feb-10
Sunset from St Sundays Crag 31.1.2010Russell Lovett101-Feb-10
Langdale in superb winter conditionsRussell Lovett110-Jan-10
Dawn arrives on TryfanRussell Lovett108-Jan-10
Ron Fawcett on the first ascent of Lord of the FliesRussell Lovett111-Dec-09
InvernookieRussell Lovett211-Dec-09
Swanage/ChockneyRussell Lovett118-Apr-09
Corona Arch, Utah after a stormRussell Lovett111-Oct-08
Midi-plan areteRussell Lovett113-Jun-08
v corner helvellynRussell Lovett129-May-08
vic on the cornerRussell Lovett130-Oct-07
The Storm Clears, Les Dru, Chamonix.Russell Lovett108-Jan-07
Question MarkRussell Lovett104-Jan-07