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Mont Blanc Simon4103-Mar-16
Gordon and John Stainforth on the summit of Store Trolltind, July 2013Simon4203-Mar-16
Ascending the Mittellegi ridge on the Eiger with the Schreckhorn behindSimon4102-Mar-16
Crampons WW1 style.Simon4104-Jan-16
Enjoying some ManloveSimon4129-Dec-15
Halong Bay, floating canoeSimon4128-Dec-15
Wading through deep powder on Raeburn's gullySimon4208-Dec-15
phil smithSimon4108-Dec-15
Inversion, Wood Hill, OchilsSimon4109-Nov-15
Ally Swinton Rappelling the Peuterey Noire on the Peuterey Integrale, ItalySimon4104-Nov-15
Caroline Schofield midway up the Peapod at CurbarSimon4119-Oct-15
Another Buachaille Etive Mor pic..Simon4115-Sep-15
Gloria flying high on Nine Years AbsenceSimon4105-Sep-15
Descending the East Ridge of Aiguille de BionassaySimon4129-Aug-15
Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and Grand Combin at sunrise from the RimpfischhornSimon4314-Aug-15
Safer than it looks - Up the AuntySimon4129-Jun-15
Sun Wall Right Wing topoSimon4125-Jun-15
Nervous downclimbSimon4103-Jun-15
Scottish WeatherSimon4107-Apr-15
Hannah AppletonSimon4118-Mar-15
High on The MamoresSimon4416-Mar-15
Exploring - LochnagarSimon4115-Mar-15
South Side of Mont Blanc, Freney PillarsSimon4314-Mar-15
Three Alpinists approaching the Eccles Bivouac Huts, Mont Blanc South FaceSimon4114-Mar-15
Gary leading P4 across to the exit chimmney.Simon4404-Mar-15
Early morning mist on Coniston waterSimon4102-Feb-15
Abseiling the Hirondelles ridge after finishing the Shroud (Grandes Jorasses)Simon4112-Jan-15
La Pylone in thin conditionSimon4106-Jan-15
Join the queue, Bosses RidgeSimon4108-Dec-14
Mont Blanc de Courmayeur, from summitSimon4108-Dec-14
Climbers on the Midi AreteSimon4101-Dec-14
Beautiful moment, feeling on top of the world, first time up SnowdonSimon4128-Nov-14
Demonstration of à cheval climbing Pyramide du Tacul summit 1965Simon4111-Nov-14
Evening light on Cimon Della PalaSimon4109-Nov-14
South East ridge of the Zumsteinspitze from the Margherita Hut windowSimon4107-Nov-14
Beinn an DothaidhSimon4104-Nov-14
Col de Triolet et le Pointe IsabelleSimon4202-Nov-14
patterns of light on boulders in le Borne, les Montagnes Ardechoises, FranceSimon4131-Oct-14
South Face, Les CourtesSimon4131-Oct-14
Mont BlancSimon4231-Oct-14
Arete de Rochefort, Massif du Mont BlancSimon4130-Oct-14
A rare winter action shotSimon4122-Oct-14
The last day of the John Muir Trail, coming up to Trail Crest on Mt Whitney.Simon4213-Oct-14
Group hanging belaySimon4209-Oct-14
rain over sron mor na h-uamhaidhSimon4106-Oct-14
Greenland ReflectionsSimon4106-Oct-14
'Das Boot'Simon4127-Sep-14
Rope issuesSimon4119-Sep-14
Jumping for joy on LofotenSimon4118-Sep-14
South and east faceSimon4111-Sep-14
At the start of the mixed section. North faceSimon4111-Sep-14
Goat at TryfanSimon4107-Sep-14
the pyramid of Weisshorn from RimpfischhornSimon4107-Sep-14
Taschhorn -> Dom traverseSimon4206-Sep-14
This mountain really is ridiculously photogenicSimon4105-Sep-14
living under liathachSimon4101-Sep-14
Now on to the summit!Simon4129-Aug-14
Gnifetti Hut at night with ISS and CassiopeiaSimon4117-Aug-14
Barre des Ecrin North FaceSimon4115-Aug-14
Dawn from the col above the Almageller hutSimon4115-Aug-14
You mean somebody took a child up this???Simon4115-Aug-14
The sheer irresponsibility! How can a sensible parent possibly take a 12 year old up this?Simon4314-Aug-14
Traffic on the Entreves TraverseSimon4114-Aug-14
An adder at PeelSimon4111-Aug-14
Sunrise over Glacier Blanc.Simon4108-Aug-14
Summit of Khutien, MongoliaSimon4130-Jul-14
Hebridean sunsetSimon4128-Jul-14
Sunset panoramaSimon4128-Jul-14
Matterhorn from the NadelhornSimon4111-May-14
Symphonie en blanc majeurSimon4107-May-14
Dave Gladwin on the exit pitch of Deep Cut ChimneySimon4223-Apr-14
East Face of Sorcerer, The Needles, Thin Ice takes the obvious center line.Simon4120-Apr-14
Me coming up the 1st pitch of Pateys Route.Simon4110-Apr-14
Morning on the Rochefort AreteSimon4107-Apr-14
Looking back on Rochefort AreteSimon4107-Apr-14
Paul Teare starting P2Simon4116-Mar-14
Lethal ground: North Ridge of Dent BlancheSimon4104-Feb-14
deep cut chimney Simon4114-Jan-14
Perfect day and conditions!Simon4113-Dec-13
Triolet North FaceSimon4512-Dec-13
Aig Triolet - in the summer!Simon4112-Dec-13
Brouillard PillarsSimon4205-Dec-13
Kinder winterSimon4129-Nov-13
Aigs. de Peuterey from Ref. BonattiSimon4106-Nov-13
Bridge of sighsSimon4106-Nov-13
The Bietschhorn from Lötschental.Simon4103-Nov-13
Schreckhorn North face, Switzerland.Simon4122-Sep-13
Aiguille de la RépubliqueSimon4112-Sep-13
Luna Nascente, 6a pitchSimon4111-Sep-13
The short haul up to the summit of Pyramide VincentSimon4121-Aug-13
Ridge of Mt Maudit overlooking Mont BlancSimon4120-Aug-13
Tre Cime di LavaredoSimon4220-Aug-13
Belay on Pigs on the WingSimon4119-Aug-13
Retreating from Pigs on the WingSimon4119-Aug-13
Leaving the Eccles bivi hut after a night of stormSimon4110-Aug-13
Gynecologist using suture kit to repair crampon damage Simon4104-Aug-13
Weisshorn at DuskSimon4104-Aug-13
Real men strike a pose on an Alpine summit, with the Nadelgrat behindSimon4104-Aug-13
Warning Board on the headland of Mupe Bay - After the Finish!Simon4104-Aug-13
The Dru & Mont Blanc MassifSimon4115-Jul-13
On the Aiguille Blanche North FaceSimon4215-Jul-13
Jay on the summit of Mont Blanc after the Innominata Ridge with the huge shadow and moon in background.Simon4112-Jul-13
Retreat in a stormSimon4111-Jul-13
Looking down the Aiguille Blanche North face toward the chaotic Brenva GlacierSimon4111-Jul-13
Descent from the Forche bivouac in the morningSimon4211-Jul-13
On the summit of the Aiguille BlancheSimon4111-Jul-13
Tom Grant on the steep top turns of Gervasutti Couloir, Mont Blanc du TaculSimon4117-Jun-13
The Inner Sanctum of the AiguillesSimon4101-Jun-13
climbing tabrizSimon4131-May-13
Early morning light on the Matterhorn.Simon4230-May-13
stob coire raineachSimon4129-May-13
Mont Blanc from the EcrinsSimon4129-May-13
Aiguille du Midi North FaceSimon4228-May-13
BMC approved belay techniqueSimon4127-Jan-13
Three Ships BouldersSimon4106-Jan-13
The Aiguille Verte from Loriaz.Simon4106-Jan-13
Goodbye 2012Simon4131-Dec-12
Topping out on a snowy day at Stanage.Simon4108-Oct-12
Inside Lockwoods ChimneySimon4116-Sep-12
New Year's Day on the Braeriach and Lhairig Ghru, finishing in the darkSimon4107-Aug-12
The Curtain Feb 2005Simon4129-Jul-12
Aiguille Blanche North FaceSimon4127-Jul-12
Deep inside the earthSimon4125-May-12
6 in the morning by Carnedd Llywelyn summit - a bit nippy!Simon4118-Apr-12
Gareth and MariaSimon4111-Mar-12
Great GableSimon4104-Feb-12
Couturier/Bettembourg Aig. VerteSimon4124-Nov-11
Night over Ushba...Simon4117-Nov-11
Upside down view - Ice climbing in frozen water fall near to Tyrnyauz city in Elbrus region, CaucasusSimon4117-Nov-11
The N Face of Lyskamm from Monte Rosa.Simon4229-Sep-11
Eiger Summit ridgeSimon4104-Sep-11
Late afternoon on the Grenz glacier.Simon4131-Aug-11
View from Aiguille d'Argentière.Simon4120-Aug-11
The Charmoz and Blaitière plastered after the bad weather, 24th July 2011.Simon4128-Jul-11
nice daySimon4113-Jun-11
I belong here - you don't!Simon4101-Jun-11
Camp in a high alpine meadow, with the snowy South ridge of the Taschhorn in the backgroundSimon4101-Jun-11
A fine Abolokov - got it first time!Simon4228-Jan-11
Mirrors in the cliffs - snow-crusted boulders mirror the Scafell rangeSimon4118-Oct-10
Barre des Ecrins and Dome de NeigeSimon4101-Oct-10
Common lizard - near Tarn Crag, LangdaleSimon4129-Sep-10
Kuffner Ridge, Mount MauditSimon4116-May-10
Kuffner RidgeSimon4116-May-10
The Tour Ronde and lower part of the Kuffner/Frontier ridge.Simon4113-May-10
ZumsteinSpitz summitSimon4111-May-10
Big LeeSimon4103-Apr-10
Alpine approach - especially for the ladies!Simon4208-Dec-09
The upper Eccles hut, South side Mont Blanc.Simon4105-Dec-09
Untouched rock, GreenlandSimon4101-Dec-09
Rush hour can be hell!Simon4127-Nov-09
Llangollen valley in an inversionSimon4117-Nov-09
Deserted Hebridean BeachSimon4217-Nov-09
The Post Face, Creag MeagaidhSimon4214-Nov-09
Donny Below Silver Tear V,5Simon4111-Nov-09
Yep, another Adam & Eve jumpSimon4130-Oct-09
Final ridge up Piz Bernina from the Swiss sideSimon4109-Oct-09
End of another great day in SwanageSimon4102-Oct-09
Morgan W and ice pillar ab off Erection WI5+Simon4113-May-09
Astrid 1Simon4125-Mar-09
Atmosfear - descending into the Black Zawn to start AstridSimon4131-Aug-08
John Isard on Beyond the Azimuth (E1), PembrokeSimon4113-Oct-06