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andi turner

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Snowdon from The Roaches (Mermaid Pool) 89 Milesandi turner321-Feb-16
Pete Bridgwood on Just for Todayandi turner104-Feb-16
Pete Solo on Paralogismandi turner430-Sep-15
Paralogismandi turner129-Sep-15
Eclipse Climbingandi turner121-Mar-15
Valkyrie in Autumnandi turner120-Oct-14
The mighty Foord's Folly. Greasy as hell.andi turner127-May-14
Pete hits the cruxandi turner127-May-14
Dave on "Marlene" (E4 6a) Nesscliffeandi turner324-Apr-14
Dave on "Elegy", Roaches Classic (E2 5c)andi turner113-Oct-13
Off Crocs!andi turner202-Oct-13
Traverse pitch of Dedo de Deus ( Finger of God - Rio de Janeiro ). Brilliant friction climbing....just don't look down!andi turner123-Feb-13
The 'Classic' Shot of Paralogismandi turner210-Feb-13
messing around at the roachesandi turner108-Feb-13
Pitch 6, I think...andi turner106-Jan-13
Breaking the Cloudsandi turner106-Jan-13
Descending from Tribulazioneandi turner106-Jan-13
The Winking Manandi turner212-Dec-12
Unknown French gadger on Thierry Golé - 7Candi turner108-Mar-12
Johnny Woodward 'resting' from a leg jam during an attempt on Ray's Roof, Baldstonesandi turner121-Jun-11
Martin Veale repeating his own route, Big Air, Stanageandi turner121-Jun-11
crux on valkyrieandi turner102-Apr-11
Razor Roofandi turner102-Apr-11
setting out on the traverse of "Handrail"andi turner102-Apr-11
Canon Rockandi turner125-Feb-11
Morridge Double Rainbowandi turner219-Feb-11
Jim on the last move, with two legends looking on!andi turner108-Feb-09
Justin Critchlow - andi turner103-Jan-09
Stormy Baldstonesandi turner121-Dec-08
Hen Cloud Inversionandi turner104-Dec-08
Ray's Roofandi turner120-Nov-08
Evening light at Ina's Rockandi turner120-Nov-08
Gib Torrandi turner107-Aug-08
Wall of Horrorsandi turner107-Aug-08
Jon Read on Little Creatures (F6c), Boltsheugh, Newtonhill (south Aberdeen) seacliffsandi turner130-Jun-08
Dirty Nasty Ramshawandi turner130-Jun-08
Finishing The Tubeandi turner130-Jun-08
Andi gathering himself for the final push.andi turner130-Jun-08
gogarthandi turner103-Feb-08
Matineeandi turner125-Jan-08
Mountain Bikers and Parapentes on Rushup Edge, High Peakandi turner115-Dec-07
Readza throws some shapes on Borstal Breakout.andi turner111-Dec-07
Demon Wall Roofandi turner106-Dec-07
Donie giving it all on The Great Zawnandi turner103-Dec-07
American Josh on London Wallandi turner103-Dec-07
Readza on FA of The Driven Bow, E7 6candi turner103-Dec-07
The famous crux dyno, Wings of Unreason.andi turner214-Oct-07
A different view of Valkyrieandi turner116-Sep-07
Slack.andi turner105-Sep-07
Bob jumping off the Poseidon Adventure circa 1979andi turner111-Jul-07
Careful - slim on Traveller In Time (E4 6a), Ramshaw Rocksandi turner130-Jun-07
Last route of the dayandi turner107-Jun-07
Me atop Oldridge Pinnacle, having done the easiest VS 4a ever (a typo perhaps, S 4a would be about right)andi turner125-May-07
Edyta Ropek, World Dyno Record 2007andi turner120-Mar-07
Reve du Papillonandi turner119-Feb-07
Hen Cloud ... and Weird Cloud!andi turner107-Nov-06
Licence to Killandi turner109-Oct-06
Grimer ground-up on Art Nouveauandi turner102-Oct-06
loculus lie, e5 6a, the roachesandi turner102-Oct-06
Ina City Riotandi turner120-Sep-06
Sunset from Budeandi turner125-Jul-06
Bez's 'Mad'chester from Kinder Scout.andi turner125-Jul-06
Gus on 'Out of the Blue', Lower Sharpnose Point. E2 5b.andi turner125-Jul-06
'Stonehenge' on The Smile, E1 5a, Lower Sharpnose Point, Cornwall.andi turner125-Jul-06
Slain Hollowandi turner125-Jul-06
Park Bank Crag, showing the 20 metre arete of Miss Understood (E6 6a) and Brad's Chimney (VD)andi turner125-Jul-06
Andi Turner on The Pride, Lion Rock, Churnet Valley. E6 6b.andi turner125-Jul-06