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Jonny Tee 69

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Dunc relieved to be back in the verticalJonny Tee 69125-Feb-15
Approaching the cliffs of Stob Coire nan LochanJonny Tee 69125-Feb-15
The TopJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
Winter AgainJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
Jacob's LadderJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
On topJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
Dave deep in Hell's lumJonny Tee 69124-Feb-15
GeminiJonny Tee 69126-Jan-15
moving underneath the icicle fringe to the cave belayJonny Tee 69126-Jan-15
The usual West coast midges and rain hell.Jonny Tee 69126-Jun-14
Pete's Ashes 13Jonny Tee 69102-Jun-14
They're not small they're just far away.Jonny Tee 69122-May-14
Still not quite summerJonny Tee 69106-May-14
Cuillin Ridge Jonny Tee 69119-Apr-14
spindrift agonies; Coire an t'SneachdaJonny Tee 69122-Mar-14
Erik Erikkson topping out on the BenJonny Tee 69122-Mar-14
PeteJonny Tee 69104-Mar-14
Stressing everyone out on Manassa Mauler.Jonny Tee 69103-Mar-14
East Buttress, Ben Nevis Jonny Tee 69103-Mar-14
Yukon Jack Pitch 1 in icy conditionJonny Tee 69114-Nov-13
Stoat on ascent to lac BlancJonny Tee 69113-Apr-13
Descending The BenJonny Tee 69110-Apr-13
South Post DirectJonny Tee 69106-Apr-13
Vanishing Gully RematchJonny Tee 69112-Mar-13
Vanishing GullyJonny Tee 69124-Feb-13
The new revamped Hutchison HiltonJonny Tee 69119-Sep-12
Kat4kgbJonny Tee 69119-Sep-12
At The TopJonny Tee 69119-Sep-12
Glen Clova HowffJonny Tee 69119-Sep-12
FireJonny Tee 69119-Sep-12
A contender for the worst route at KirrieJonny Tee 69101-Sep-12
High on the north wall of StetindJonny Tee 69127-Aug-12
The hand crack with a viewJonny Tee 69127-Aug-12
Gus on "Clippity Clop"Jonny Tee 69117-Aug-12
view of chamonix aiguilles showing superb route up fou on left and caimen, crocodile and planJonny Tee 69117-Aug-12
VSJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
RoseheartyJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
HVS 5bJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
VSJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
VSJonny Tee 69113-Aug-12
Sunset over the West face of Aonach DubhJonny Tee 69111-Aug-12
cam crag ridge 9th august 2012 Jonny Tee 69111-Aug-12
Run-out to join the original Green Lady route on the South Edge Direct StartJonny Tee 69111-Aug-12
BenjyMJonny Tee 69111-Aug-12
Alone in stormJonny Tee 69108-Aug-12
campingJonny Tee 69108-Aug-12
Olivia's First Climb Outdoors at 3 Years Old on "Living On A Knifes Edge"Jonny Tee 69103-Aug-12
Sunset on Dinas MotJonny Tee 69203-Aug-12
Climbing on Aiguille du Tour via the easy back couloirJonny Tee 69103-Aug-12
Laura HamletJonny Tee 69103-Aug-12
The Potty tops out on The WeightJonny Tee 69230-Jul-12
Callum at Wimberry (Age 2)Jonny Tee 69130-Jul-12
Myself mid-dyno on Eliminate (6a+)Jonny Tee 69130-Jul-12
Sea AnemoneJonny Tee 69124-Jul-12
Sea AnemoneJonny Tee 69124-Jul-12
Reach For The SkyJonny Tee 69123-Jul-12
Welcome back to winter Ally!Jonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Pop OutJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Tangle Of The IslesJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Slanting CornerJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Meikle NeukJonny Tee 69106-Jul-12
Could be worseJonny Tee 69109-May-12
Puig Campana at sunsetJonny Tee 69109-May-12
Pete on a route not in the guidebookJonny Tee 69104-May-12
Creag an FhithichJonny Tee 69104-May-12
Gran Cova, Sanya Linya. Jonny Tee 69131-Mar-12
Diamond BackJonny Tee 69226-Mar-12
Al approaching the sand on Old Peg GrooveJonny Tee 69108-Mar-12
Pete's onsight attempt of The ProphetJonny Tee 69105-Mar-12
BorderlineJonny Tee 69105-Mar-12
Big Rich bridging on Symphony CrackJonny Tee 69122-Aug-11
Sair Fecht headpointJonny Tee 69223-Jun-11
MitaJonny Tee 69122-Jun-11
Vlad the Impaler, Stac Pollaidh Jonny Tee 69122-Jun-11
Coiling the rope after Crypt RouteJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Al on Crypt RouteJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Doctor's ChoiceJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Gardyloo GullyJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
B Gully ChimneyJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Akimbo CrackJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Bee Keepers BotherJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Shangri La Pitch 4Jonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Roy at the top of Hells LumpJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Diagonal GullyJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Organ Pipe WallJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Smith's Gully pitch 3Jonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Al approaching the cave pitch of South Pipe DirectJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
Ken feeding his rat on the vertical finish to Smith's GullyJonny Tee 69220-Jun-11
Al checking out the first pitch of South Pipe DirectJonny Tee 69120-Jun-11
BlockbusterJonny Tee 69119-Jun-11
Banana Skin SabotageJonny Tee 69113-Jun-11
Mad Dogs & Englishmen headpointJonny Tee 69112-Jun-11
whats this boulder called?Jonny Tee 69130-May-11
Dave's DilemmaJonny Tee 69116-May-11
Long SloughJonny Tee 69103-May-11
Clapham Junction, VS 5a, Polldubh Crags, Glen NevisJonny Tee 69128-Apr-11
Heavy snow on the West face of Aonach DubhJonny Tee 69119-Mar-11
Zero Gully Pitch 2 - The end of the difficultiesJonny Tee 69211-Mar-11
stevefJonny Tee 69107-Mar-11
Douglas Gibson Gully - Pete approaching the overhanging mushJonny Tee 69128-Feb-11
Query Cleft, Seana BhraighJonny Tee 69126-Feb-11
limestone is where it's atJonny Tee 69124-Feb-11
name this routeJonny Tee 69122-Feb-11
Finding crux at start of 2nd pitch quite intimidatingJonny Tee 69121-Feb-11
Carn Mor Dearg sunriseJonny Tee 69121-Feb-11
Climbing!..with this hair?Jonny Tee 69121-Feb-11
Hot AchesJonny Tee 69121-Feb-11
The Classic Crux ShotJonny Tee 69121-Feb-11
FLASHJonny Tee 69121-Feb-11
Vanishing Gully, pitch 1Jonny Tee 69102-Feb-11
I wonder where this is?Jonny Tee 69130-Nov-10
WheezeJonny Tee 69130-Nov-10
Thin and steep on the ice crux, Colton-MacIntyreJonny Tee 69116-Nov-10
Getting to grips with grit Cratcliffe, The Peak DistrictJonny Tee 69113-Nov-10
Abshar DogholoJonny Tee 69113-Nov-10
Matt, obviously having fun.Jonny Tee 69113-Nov-10
Frank high on Tower RidgeJonny Tee 69113-Nov-10
Sunbathing MouseJonny Tee 69110-Nov-10
Going lightweight in TurkeyJonny Tee 69216-Oct-10
Charlet Moser peg hammer.Jonny Tee 69118-Sep-10
Aig Chardonnet from Grands MontetsJonny Tee 69108-Aug-10
North East EdgeJonny Tee 69108-Aug-10
Beastie at Souter HeadJonny Tee 69101-Aug-10
Bootlace CrackJonny Tee 69101-Aug-10
North East EdgeJonny Tee 69125-Jul-10
East OverJonny Tee 69117-Jul-10
Sea AnemoneJonny Tee 69117-Jul-10
Sandy BackdropJonny Tee 69114-Jul-10
Mythical WallJonny Tee 69113-Jul-10
Mythical WallJonny Tee 69113-Jul-10
Robbie starting SteepleJonny Tee 69129-Jun-10
Black Custard - onsight attemptJonny Tee 69127-Jun-10
All Metal Ice AxesJonny Tee 69122-Jun-10
Coup de Grace - The FallJonny Tee 69217-Jun-10
NeistJonny Tee 69115-Jun-10
Golden lightJonny Tee 69115-Jun-10
Sal37Jonny Tee 69211-Jun-10
Logie-esque Sport Climbing in SpainJonny Tee 69208-Jun-10
rest before the cruxJonny Tee 69103-May-10
Carn DeargJonny Tee 69106-Apr-10
Smith's Gully pitch 4Jonny Tee 69121-Mar-10
Clach Glas Final Tower from Garbh BheinnJonny Tee 69121-Feb-10
The western horizon, from Ben NevisJonny Tee 69121-Feb-10
Thin Groove Alley, IV,4Jonny Tee 69121-Feb-10
Hidden Gully - looking up from the bottomJonny Tee 69121-Feb-10
The crux pitch, Look C Gully, Corrie Fee.Jonny Tee 69121-Feb-10
Buachaille Etive MorJonny Tee 69113-Feb-10
Rjukan for cash-strapped AberdoniansJonny Tee 69111-Feb-10
Self-portrait with Am Basteir, SkyeJonny Tee 69127-Jan-10
Busy day in the sunshineJonny Tee 69124-Jan-10
easing off!Jonny Tee 69111-Jan-10
B Gully Left Hand FinishJonny Tee 69202-Jan-10
Mount Asgard under an arctic starscape and the northern lightsJonny Tee 69125-Nov-09
Nearing the top of No2 GullyJonny Tee 69121-Nov-09
Emerald GullyJonny Tee 69118-Nov-09
Lullaby Baby (Sev)Jonny Tee 69110-Nov-09
Northeast Buttress, Ben Nevis, early morningJonny Tee 69109-Nov-09
Bones CornerJonny Tee 69102-Nov-09
CLogwyn Ddu Left Hand. Feb 2009Jonny Tee 69128-Oct-09
descending the east ridge of the WeisshornJonny Tee 69108-Oct-09
On the penultimate ice pitch of the Croz spur, Grandes JorassesJonny Tee 69107-Oct-09
Albatross 20m Severe **Jonny Tee 69125-Sep-09
Time TravellerJonny Tee 69122-Sep-09
hard going!Jonny Tee 69131-Aug-09
Cairnrobin PointJonny Tee 69126-Aug-09
Symphony CrackJonny Tee 69119-Aug-09
Vinny Day focused on 'The Knock'Jonny Tee 69117-Aug-09
Magic Crack pitch 4Jonny Tee 69110-Aug-09
The Magic crack 2nd pitchJonny Tee 69109-Aug-09
goin' soloJonny Tee 69107-Aug-09
Chris Craggs on the gully left of the Cromlech in 1985.Jonny Tee 69131-Jul-09
White LiningJonny Tee 69127-Jul-09
Blyth SpiritJonny Tee 69127-Jul-09
Fraser leading up HeathyJonny Tee 69126-Jul-09
Dave looks for the crag. Its out there somewhere...Jonny Tee 69126-Jul-09
Thorny IssueJonny Tee 69121-Jul-09
more craig stirlingJonny Tee 69117-Jul-09
Hell's Lump Pitch 2Jonny Tee 69115-Jul-09
Wayne & JohnJonny Tee 69114-Jul-09
BrainbiterJonny Tee 69107-Jul-09
RightJonny Tee 69107-Jul-09
Sip From The Wine Of Youth AgainJonny Tee 69118-Jun-09
Left Edge DirectJonny Tee 69113-Jun-09
Kirstin & Dave GrahamJonny Tee 69106-Jun-09
Akimbo CrackJonny Tee 69125-May-09
PortlethenJonny Tee 69123-May-09
Across Loch Scavaig, Sgurr na Stri about to be engulfed in an approaching squallJonny Tee 69116-May-09
StreetwiseJonny Tee 69116-May-09
Why? Why not!Jonny Tee 69114-May-09
The Corner CrackJonny Tee 69211-May-09
The Secret Garden Left Hand Undercut Variation (probably not 6a)Jonny Tee 69406-May-09
Sweet RevengeJonny Tee 69206-May-09
BomberJonny Tee 69104-May-09
The FlakeJonny Tee 69104-May-09
Left Edge DirectJonny Tee 69104-May-09
North WallJonny Tee 69129-Apr-09
Caroline Chick on Schoolhouse Buttress, Elgol.Jonny Tee 69126-Apr-09
Will topping out on a very greasy One Below The BeltJonny Tee 69123-Apr-09
Pot DoodlesJonny Tee 69129-Mar-09
No blue skies VI,7** in poor conditions Jonny Tee 69126-Jan-09
Arch Gully, Stob Coire nan BeithJonny Tee 69126-Jan-09
Staying dry.Jonny Tee 69113-Jan-09
Not too much of a sting but plenty of tricky mixed climbing in thin conditions.Jonny Tee 69106-Jan-09
Adam still on The Haston LineJonny Tee 69306-Jan-09
Ryan finishing off the 'subterranean crack' on the ScorpionJonny Tee 69206-Jan-09
SC GullyJonny Tee 69127-Dec-08
A team enjoying full on Winter Conditions on Fingers Ridge!!Jonny Tee 69123-Dec-08
Fisherfield from An TeallachJonny Tee 69120-Dec-08
It's a bit cold and snowy...Jonny Tee 69117-Dec-08
WavelengthJonny Tee 69224-Nov-08
nice dayJonny Tee 69123-Nov-08
Taxi!Jonny Tee 69203-Nov-08
Stob Ban, MamoresJonny Tee 69102-Nov-08
The WolfstoneJonny Tee 69114-Oct-08
Cairn ToulJonny Tee 69108-Oct-08
Right HookJonny Tee 69106-Oct-08
Eternal FlameJonny Tee 69130-Sep-08
Pot of GoldJonny Tee 69120-Sep-08
the gashJonny Tee 69116-Sep-08
BothyJonny Tee 69115-Sep-08
John tackling the overhang of that other crackJonny Tee 69305-Sep-08
Waking up at Loch CoruiskJonny Tee 69110-Jul-08
Pis Fluich HVS 5aJonny Tee 69107-Jul-08
GlencoeJonny Tee 69124-Jun-08
Trying to find a way out (unsuccessfully)in the second cave on crypt route. Head torches essential !Jonny Tee 69126-May-08
Rob on Gargoyle Wall, Ben NevisJonny Tee 69120-May-08
FulmarJonny Tee 69116-May-08
Pitch 1 on Observatory ButtressJonny Tee 69104-May-08
Ben Nevis and Carn Mor DeargJonny Tee 69130-Apr-08
nick looks the other wayJonny Tee 69131-Mar-08
That evening, we were told the underside of "this crag/boulder" was home to a large Rattle Snake community!Jonny Tee 69107-Feb-08
Ladhar Bheinn, Knoydart.Jonny Tee 69125-Jan-08
into the sunJonny Tee 69115-Jan-08
The Opening BreakJonny Tee 69113-Jan-08
Just above the chockstones, Raeburn's Gully (II), LochnagarJonny Tee 69111-Jan-08
Tim finishing The SeamJonny Tee 69107-Jan-08
LeftJonny Tee 69106-Jan-08
On The Forcan RidgeJonny Tee 69205-Jan-08
Placing gear on Johnnie's DanglerJonny Tee 69205-Nov-07
flexi timeJonny Tee 69125-Oct-07
Final SelectionJonny Tee 69122-Oct-07
Climber in front of us approaching the icicles at the top of Psychedelic wallJonny Tee 69115-Oct-07
Eas Anie in amazing nick...!(1996)Jonny Tee 69111-Oct-07
Soloing the Razor RibJonny Tee 69110-Aug-07
ScotlandJonny Tee 69109-Aug-07
Chris HarrisJonny Tee 69129-Jul-07
(Infra)Red Cuillin. Actually it's the Black Cuillin.Jonny Tee 69125-Jul-07
Science FrictionJonny Tee 69129-Jun-07
Goat Track GulleyJonny Tee 69119-Jun-07
Sgurr Dearg SkyeJonny Tee 69118-Jun-07
Don't think I need to tell you what this is called...Jonny Tee 69117-Jun-07
Bla Bheinn from Bidean Druim nan Ramh at sunriseJonny Tee 69109-Jun-07
The Flying ScotsmanJonny Tee 69107-Jun-07
hy BrazilJonny Tee 69103-Jun-07
Strawberry RippleJonny Tee 69103-Jun-07
The Orion FaceJonny Tee 69118-May-07
Cullenary DelightJonny Tee 69202-May-07
pete.t nd jonny tee 69 trying to decide on something!!Jonny Tee 69119-Apr-07
wander glen clovaJonny Tee 69118-Apr-07
Gardyloo ButtressJonny Tee 69111-Apr-07
Logie HeadJonny Tee 69108-Apr-07
Comb Gully ButtressJonny Tee 69123-Feb-07
name that mountainJonny Tee 69103-Dec-06
Toll Creagach Glen AffricJonny Tee 69201-Dec-06
Gardyloo Gully Ben NevisJonny Tee 69117-Oct-06
Cul Mor from Stac PollaidhJonny Tee 69110-Oct-06
Roy at the Blek Spowt corniceJonny Tee 69111-Apr-06
sandwood bayJonny Tee 69119-Feb-06
CairngormsJonny Tee 69622-Dec-05
Jonny Tee on Mirror DirectJonny Tee 69117-Dec-05
ChopperJonny Tee 69102-Nov-05
Looking north from the Breche de RollandJonny Tee 69106-Sep-05
Fannaichs SunriseJonny Tee 69101-Jun-05
Pete on DiademJonny Tee 69131-May-05