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mike kann

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Tofanas on fire 2mike kann129-Sep-14
An alternative Lake Garda perspective... mike kann125-Sep-14
Striding Arch, constructed by Andy Goldsworthy on the summit of Ben Brack, Southern Upland Way.mike kann103-Oct-13
Steep cleft on the Possneckermike kann128-Nov-12
Slightly misguided training for Troll Wallmike kann120-Oct-12
Sandford Steppe Eagle.mike kann410-Oct-12
Not your average HS 4bmike kann205-Oct-12
Goblin Airmike kann127-Jul-12
Soloing the Fehrmann, Brenta Dolomites.mike kann127-Jul-12
Long time coming.mike kann124-Jul-12
Feeling my age on Rob's Crack.mike kann131-May-12
It's not all about the bouldering in Val di Mello...mike kann115-May-12
Me on Jammike kann125-Apr-12
All that Rock and no Climbing,part 2.mike kann215-Apr-12
All that Rock and no Climbing.mike kann114-Apr-12
Monte Civetta's impressive North Facemike kann118-Mar-12
"We walk a lonely road..." . Skitouring on the Cir Group before descending the Val de Chedulmike kann108-Mar-12
.5mike kann108-Jan-12
Civettamike kann116-Oct-11
The Shield Traverse.mike kann115-Oct-11
Topping out 130m above the road on one of UK's highest sport routesmike kann106-Oct-11
name that film!mike kann114-Jul-11
riglos - fiesta de los bicepsmike kann114-Jun-11
Diocese, Chairladdermike kann130-Apr-10
Dom- Roche aux Sabotmike kann128-Apr-10
The Sentinel.mike kann221-Apr-10
Nightsoloing at Stanagemike kann129-Mar-10
Hands that do...The File on Higgator, Derbyshire.mike kann227-Jan-10
Bivvy on Castell Helen midway ledge! 1985.mike kann226-Jan-10
A heroic pose. Roger Bennett in the Dolomites, 1972.mike kann126-Jan-10
alpinismus 1965 photo j clearemike kann121-Dec-09
Pic Coolidge, Ecrins Alpsmike kann111-Dec-09
Mild Mattmike kann124-Nov-09
paul and deaconmike kann119-Nov-09
Hamming it up on Unknown Wallmike kann111-Nov-09
Stitch of Luke Hunt on the Blanche at sunrise. Aig Noire in background. Peuterey Integralmike kann108-Sep-09
unknown climber crack stone rib (S)Llanberismike kann118-Aug-09
My DIY solution to extendable slings.mike kann308-Aug-09
Diy extender sling 4mike kann106-Aug-09
No Fear - Reality Is In Fact Virtualmike kann103-Jun-09
Green Death in wintermike kann107-Feb-09
Avalanche Argentiere Chamonix (spot the people)mike kann111-Nov-08
Above camp 3 on the Lhotse facemike kann107-Nov-08
bengeymike kann103-Nov-08
Looking south into the Albanian Prokletjemike kann105-Sep-08
SC at Cheddarmike kann104-Sep-08
pog100mike kann129-Aug-08
refuge des ecrinsmike kann111-Aug-08
mike kannmike kann223-Jul-08
first pitch of Fight or Flight - Fuselage Wall on Ben Eighemike kann121-Jul-08
Above the citymike kann120-Jul-08
thing for carring pegsmike kann112-Jul-08
millstone derbyshire 1978mike kann111-Jun-08
Pete Robins checking karabiners at the DMM factory in Llanberismike kann122-May-08
Moolam Covemike kann119-May-08
Is this the best VS on grit?mike kann115-Apr-08
The Isatis Crocodilemike kann101-Apr-08
Edyta Ropek, World Dyno Record 2007mike kann126-Mar-08
malxmike kann128-Feb-08
The face of business, 9pmmike kann121-Feb-08
Marc Cmike kann123-Jan-08
Mike cruises the crux of Zelda (HS 4b).mike kann108-Jan-08
Sasso Piatto - Dolomitesmike kann102-Dec-07
Opening Day Demonstration climbingmike kann120-Nov-07
A Dartmoor panorama from Hound Tor.mike kann113-Nov-07
find EWmike kann107-Aug-07
Via Ferrata - Monte Cristalo - Italymike kann117-Jul-07
davesbmike kann130-Jun-07
Gareth about to finsh up Sundowner E2 5amike kann118-May-07
Jenn on Grant's Christmas Presentmike kann105-Apr-07
Mowgleemike kann104-Apr-07
Descending from Jebel Rum after a West-East traversemike kann103-Mar-07
Skinning up for the traverse back across the Glacier du Trient.mike kann103-Mar-07
Sport climbing St Beesmike kann118-Feb-07
Gran Vernal, Marmolada range - Dolomitesmike kann115-Feb-07
Ian Straton Soloing Morris Crack @ Caleymike kann102-Feb-07
On the East Face of the Rifelhorn, August 1967mike kann102-Feb-07
Marmoladamike kann229-Jan-07
Helicopter Rescue in Switzerland - Expensive!mike kann129-Jan-07
A team effort!mike kann112-Jan-07
Cinque Torre, Dolomitesmike kann104-Jan-07
Climbers in the Hoarmaster areamike kann128-Nov-06
skeathymike kann128-Oct-06
Laubiemike kann127-Sep-06
Yes, I know it's a formal corporate party, but I'm BORED, OK?!mike kann115-Sep-06
Questionable ethicsmike kann126-Aug-06
Falling off The Marmoset, Stanage Crow Chin areamike kann112-Jun-06
Epic Ebdon (left)mike kann130-May-06
Ecrins North Facesmike kann112-May-06
maresiamike kann121-Apr-06
2nd pitchmike kann112-Mar-06
cyfrwy, cader idrismike kann109-Mar-06
Val di Fassamike kann108-Feb-06
The Pelvoux at nightmike kann123-Aug-05
The Barre des Ecrins from the Breche de la Barre Noiremike kann122-Aug-05