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Aiguille du Midi, Frendo Spur. 1971. pneame115-Apr-16
Jotunheimen before google earth, before anything, reallypneame213-Apr-16
Cwmcarn Quarrypneame105-Apr-16
1951 Edition of Eric Byne's The Sheffield Area Climbs on Gritstone.pneame128-Mar-16
That top out... pneame121-Mar-16
Gordon and John Stainforth on the summit of Store Trolltind, July 2013pneame102-Mar-16
From the 1951 boy's book of sport.pneame122-Feb-16
The summit of Mont Mauditpneame114-Feb-16
Olympus Trip 35 - they don't make them like that anymore !pneame114-Feb-16
The Candlestick dwarfing over the Totem Polepneame112-Feb-16
FA Girdle Lower Amphitheatre Wall Craig yr Ysfa1966pneame112-Feb-16
The Dolomites from 30,000 feetpneame204-Jan-16
One of the top venue's for climbing in Wales?pneame102-Jan-16
Zabrinskie Point, Death Valleypneame101-Jan-16
Aiguille d'Argentiere from the Aiguilles Dorees at sunrise, Switzerlandpneame114-Nov-15
Brit Accommodation above Chamonix, 1960's stylepneame105-Nov-15
Snells Fieldpneame102-Nov-15
Route 128 Moab Utah.. Flash floods in the desert 21 Oct./15pneame122-Oct-15
Crunch time!pneame108-Oct-15
The mountain to myselfpneame108-Oct-15
Diary from Day 1 - 30th August 1965pneame104-Oct-15
Snell's Field, Chamonix in September 2015pneame124-Sep-15
Snell's field, early 1970spneame123-Sep-15
A Dream of White Horses Last pitch! pneame122-Sep-15
Via Ferrata Bocchette Centralepneame110-Sep-15
Summit of the Greponpneame107-Sep-15
No wonder there are so many accidents in the winter ! pneame107-Sep-15
What lies ahead 2: Plan, Crocodile, Caiman. The Pain de Sucre is the snow face on the leftpneame116-Aug-15
My Bouldershed from the outsidepneame110-Aug-15
Last of the light on the Aiguille du Dru.pneame110-Aug-15
Pitch 3 splitterpneame127-Jul-15
1973 Henry Barber on the FA 6000' Girdle of Cannon Cliff IV 5b.New Hampshirepneame127-Jul-15
Rod Wilson on first ascent of Troach, Cloggy, 4 Oct 1959pneame121-Jul-15
Crepuscular rays over Great Langdalepneame126-Jun-15
Langdales, May 15pneame114-May-15
Migrating birds over Kangtega 6782mpneame105-May-15
Descending from your local crag can be exceedingly dangerous!pneame325-Apr-15
Paul Ingham in action on Leeds University Wall. 1978.pneame116-Mar-15
Paul Ross ,Hamish MacInnes on the first British ascent Bonatti Pillar Aiguille du Dru CBpneame125-Feb-15
Prelude to farcepneame104-Feb-15
Castle of the windspneame104-Feb-15
Aiguilles Peigne and Pelerins, from the Midi, acrylic on canvas, 60x60.pneame103-Jan-15
Eric Bjornstad seen on left with Fred Beckey has passed on in Moabpneame219-Dec-14
Early climbs pneame117-Dec-14
Liverpool University Night Climberspneame210-Dec-14
Remember this John S... FA Rolling Stones.. The joys of Desert Sandstone !pneame104-Dec-14
Mostest, below the cornerpneame421-Nov-14
A) The route . Heliotropism. 550' E5 6b Utah. B) Black Helicopter.E4 6apneame118-Nov-14
St Mary's Lighthouse pneame115-Nov-14
Demonstration of à cheval climbing Pyramide du Tacul summit 1965pneame112-Nov-14
Pink Wall. pneame110-Nov-14
The 6000' (1850m) Girdle of Cannon Mt . New Hampshire. The Magical Mystery Tour 5.9 IV. FA. P.Ross H.Barber (var leads) 1973pneame227-Oct-14
The last day of the John Muir Trail, coming up to Trail Crest on Mt Whitney.pneame214-Oct-14
Aiguille Dibonapneame116-Sep-14
Chris on the Frendo. I uploaded a panoramic version of this photo but I think I like this one better.pneame109-Sep-14
Mina on Careless Torquepneame109-Sep-14
Name that hill...pneame222-Aug-14
Cracks and laybacks 1: Subtilités dulferiennes 50mpneame116-Aug-14
Playing on the Mer de Glace - Summer 14pneame101-Aug-14
Dwarfed by the Granitepneame118-Jul-14
Paul and Andy Ross on Super Direct ,Black Crag.2014. 60 years after Ross senior's First Ascent in 1954.pneame115-Jul-14
Roger Mackintosh, in boots, in snowpneame111-Jul-14
Ken Jackson on the entry pitch of Goliath. 1976.pneame130-Jun-14
Mike led this in style, alike the whimpering secondpneame127-Jun-14
Far East, Cloggypneame127-Jun-14
FA of "Thousand Yard Stare" (1100m VS), Pen Bilis, Ceredigionpneame227-Jun-14
Alpine Springpneame127-May-14
Tuolomne Stately Pleasure Domepneame122-May-14
David Rosepneame101-May-14
Peak Scar, Girdle Traverse John Young RIP (01.05.14) and Frank Wilkinsonpneame101-May-14
Rocksport February 1973pneame122-Apr-14
Mo on the way off.pneame115-Apr-14
Mike Stellings at "The Nose", North Climb, Pillar Rock. 1964.pneame112-Apr-14
Island in the mistpneame112-Apr-14
First day in the alpspneame211-Apr-14
Crowds on the Petit Aiguille Verte early 80'spneame111-Apr-14
Paul Ingham on Impregnable, Slipstones. 1985.pneame110-Apr-14
Ogwen lightpneame108-Apr-14
more old gearpneame104-Apr-14
Camping in Chamonixpneame128-Mar-14
Riffugio V. Emanuellepneame128-Mar-14
The best boots money could buypneame127-Mar-14
I think the start and main roof crack has fallen downpneame117-Mar-14
The Canon, Tryfan, North Ridgepneame117-Mar-14
Snowshoeing in the Queyras.pneame117-Mar-14
Hell's Lumpneame117-Mar-14
Hugh Banner, Joe Griffin, Mike Harvey on Cloggie. Wish to identify route. Can anyone help?pneame114-Mar-14
The Aiguille Verte showing the Whymper Couloir (slightly right of centre)... or not.pneame114-Mar-14
Bristly Ridgepneame128-Feb-14
Alan Taylor enjoying Evening Ambler, Brandrith. 2000.pneame124-Feb-14
Dawn on Halloween in the Utah desert looking towards La Sal Mts pneame114-Feb-14
The Grand Capucin: a more unusual view from Roi de Siam pneame104-Feb-14
Lethal ground: North Ridge of Dent Blanchepneame104-Feb-14
Right place, right time! Aiguille du Roc from Mer de Glace face of the Grepon. Climber unknown. 1972pneame101-Feb-14
Bosses Ridgepneame129-Jan-14
Y Garnpneame124-Jan-14
Triolet N Face pneame317-Jan-14
A determined lead, White Slab 1966pneame116-Jan-14
There's lots of photos of the Dru from Chamonix: here's one the other way round, pneame116-Jan-14
Mount Rainerpneame115-Jan-14
Waiting for our float plane at Glacier Lake.pneame113-Jan-14
A warm September day on Mont Blanc...pneame110-Jan-14
Art Nouveaupneame102-Jan-14
Griffon vulture cruising above Remuzat, Provence.pneame128-Dec-13
petit dru - afternoon sun, the evening turned out to be a dangerous 2 day epic, missed abseils and no sleep. pneame123-Dec-13
Grandes Jorasses from Montenverspneame115-Dec-13
Triolet North Facepneame312-Dec-13
A beautiful December morning at the Dentelles de Montmirail.pneame109-Dec-13
Roger Knox on the Brenva Spurpneame109-Dec-13
Aiguille Noire, Dammes Anglais and edge of Aiguille Blanchepneame130-Nov-13
Caught in the act 2 !!pneame122-Nov-13
Accident prone ? pneame120-Nov-13
Late autumn larches and early snows.pneame112-Nov-13
Bridge of sighspneame106-Nov-13
Old chap above the crux pitch. On Seven pitch route Peacemaker 5c.. Southern Arizona.. Best winter crags in the USpneame126-Oct-13
The Wolf`s Den.pneame105-Oct-13
Beyond the edge of darkness lies sunset's fire ....pneame130-Sep-13
Robin .Borrowdale Valleypneame126-Sep-13
Approaching the hanging belaypneame125-Sep-13
The Road from Leh, Ladakhpneame120-Sep-13
Fred Beckey, earlier this year, at the Salt Lake City Outdoor Trade Showpneame220-Sep-13
Alpine Puzzlepneame119-Sep-13
Desert Days. Utah Andy Ross. Paul Ross . Jim Howepneame218-Sep-13
nice footwearpneame116-Aug-13
Ushba is my dreampneame103-Aug-13
Real men strike a pose on an Alpine summit, with the Nadelgrat behindpneame103-Aug-13
Pat Parsons on Diagonalpneame101-Aug-13
The Bietschhorn from the Simplon Breithorn.pneame131-Jul-13
Reflection of Y Garn, Ogwenpneame119-Jul-13
Longyearbyen and Longyeardalen from Sarkofagenpneame118-Jul-13
Evening Craig Ddu, Llanberis Passpneame112-Jul-13
Looking down the Aiguille Blanche North face toward the chaotic Brenva Glacierpneame111-Jul-13
Aiguille D'Arve, Mont Blanc in backgroundpneame111-Jul-13
Everest, before the fixed ropespneame804-Jul-13
Evening sun below Craig Bodlynpneame104-Jul-13
Chamonix Aiguilles plastered with snowpneame130-Jun-13
Stromness - the prelude to Hoypneame728-Jun-13
Old Man of Hoypneame228-Jun-13
1960`s Silva Compass.pneame120-Jun-13
Crossing Rannoch Moor, 1954.pneame120-Jun-13
Moine, East Face Direct, Johnny Adams on the first pitch. 1967.pneame120-Jun-13
Evening sunlight over Ogwenpneame118-Jun-13
Everest and Lhotse from a Spitfire XIXpneame318-Jun-13
Everest (foreground), Chomo Lonzo and Makalu (background)pneame118-Jun-13
Another Fine Mess you`ve got Me Into.pneame105-Jun-13
Sizing up the Youngratpneame116-May-13
Dawn breaks on Mont Blanc, Route Majorpneame110-May-13
Anyone done this pair? Rebuffat no 38!pneame103-May-13
Cloggy mon amourpneame129-Apr-13
Looking into Mordorpneame125-Apr-13
Heli rescue at the Dentelles.pneame123-Apr-13
Autumn light on Bossons Glacierpneame117-Apr-13
The madding crowd: the pleasures of the Vallée Blanchepneame217-Apr-13
Mike Hosted nearing Pt.3009, North Ridge of the Peigne. 1967.pneame101-Apr-13
The perfect bivvi. Looking across to the Grands Jorassespneame112-Mar-13
Crevasse Rescue - I am ready to tell the storypneame120-Feb-13
Outguard Spire, High Sierra.pneame214-Feb-13
View from Petite Mont Blanc showing the White Lady from the Miage sidepneame111-Jan-13
The Birth of a New Agepneame114-Nov-12
Bill Briggs top of romsdalehorn with arnes randers/heinepneame112-Nov-12
any one i.d. the hillpneame210-Nov-12
E.T. Didn't make it home.. pneame119-Oct-12
The so called crux pitch of Positive Vibrations 5.11, Incredible Hulk, California.pneame116-Oct-12
Senior Citizen at Lunch.pneame120-Sep-12
Mick Ryanpneame117-Sep-12
ALPINE BOZOESpneame111-Sep-12
Guess the cragpneame103-Sep-12
Dwm p3. The way it used to be donepneame102-Sep-12
Mendip Mud.pneame221-Aug-12
Overview of Kongen S. Facepneame225-Jul-12
The flake in the upper part of Kongen S Facepneame125-Jul-12
lancashire historypneame219-Jul-12
The grandest crag in eryripneame118-Jul-12
Do you have crabs on *your* nuts?!pneame107-Jul-12
Mal Cameron on P2 Balaton Carnmore Cragpneame103-Jul-12
At the old bivi hut - long gone.pneame103-Jul-12
As good as it gets on a fine sunny day? FA of Jeopardy, Craig yr Eglwys. pneame114-Jun-12
Annual Charmoz webcam! Plastered again today.pneame114-Jun-12
Trail to Cragpneame106-Jun-12
Innocents on Y Garn (1)pneame105-Jun-12
Summit of Great Gable, Xmas 1963pneame131-May-12
Cliff Climbpneame116-May-12
Alpamayo Cordillera Blance Peru. July 1964pneame211-May-12
Wow Lycra pants!pneame108-May-12
Mark at the top of Bowfell Buttress back by Great Slab... dressed traditionally for the occasionpneame104-May-12
From Tanky's catalogue, 1971.pneame130-Apr-12
map of grindlewald area about 1920pneame116-Apr-12
Pitch 4pneame130-Mar-12
Rapping off the indexpneame325-Mar-12
Mean Streak, Stennis Head, Pembroke in 1982.pneame125-Mar-12
Refuge Albert 1er on a fall eveningpneame118-Mar-12
Unknown French gadger on Thierry Golé - 7Cpneame126-Feb-12
homward boundpneame223-Feb-12
Quite what keeps the giant granite wafer that is Hermaphrodite Flake up there, is anyone's guesspneame127-Jan-12
The Verte and the Dru... plastered. pneame123-Jan-12
aiguille du midipneame118-Jan-12
Surprised Chamois.pneame115-Jan-12
The FA of Genesis E3 5b, Range West, Pembroke, 1983. Never recorded.pneame120-Dec-11
he olso fell of max 1976pneame118-Dec-11
The Charmoz, the Moon and the Blaitière.pneame106-Nov-11
Ratagan Rainbowspneame105-Nov-11
A beautiful October evening, descending from Vallorcine's hidden gem, the valley of Tré les Eaux.pneame101-Nov-11
LUNCH WITH BRIANpneame129-Oct-11
You Are My Rockpneame126-Oct-11
jugging to the belay on the Changing Corners. Pitch 27 of the Nose. pneame126-Oct-11
There's nothing a weekend in North Wales can't fixpneame113-Oct-11
A Bigger Bang, Les Perrons. Bolting pitch 2pneame106-Oct-11
Charlie waking up on the sloping ledgepneame101-Oct-11
Aiguille Rouges from the Albert 1ierepneame224-Sep-11
Clichéd shot of the crux of the Cosmiques Arête. pneame223-Sep-11
old master and young apprentic 2005pneame118-Sep-11
alpine dreamspneame118-Sep-11
The Mountain King.pneame218-Sep-11
Nine pitches up.pneame117-Sep-11
Paul Ross on the FA of the American version of "Rigor Mortis", The Tombstone Formation ,near Moad, Utahpneame110-Sep-11
The Mittellegi ridge. Taken from the Mittellegi hut the evening before we climbed the Eiger.pneame110-Sep-11
you must remember thispneame103-Sep-11
Traffic Calming.pneame131-Aug-11
Impressive hanging glaciers above the Gondogoro Glacier, Hushe, Pakistanpneame130-Aug-11
"Source of the Arveyron" - early 19th centurypneame223-Aug-11
Martin Burrows Smith models his girlfriend's trousers while I pick my nose.pneame123-Aug-11
Chamois in the Aiguilles Rouges du Triolet. Appropriately, at the time we were on a climb called les Chamois Volants!pneame123-Aug-11
hot pants who remembers them 1978pneame118-Aug-11
Thames Valley Climbing Club (for it is they!) at Bowles Rocks, 1976pneame217-Aug-11
Mer de Glace - likely sometime in the latter half of 19th centurypneame217-Aug-11
The Mer de Glace - sometime in the 20s / 30s?pneame217-Aug-11
"Himalayan Sunset" - original painting by David Pikepneame117-Aug-11
Mer de Glace 1998pneame115-Aug-11
Alps 2011pneame114-Aug-11
Al Manson giving Post Mortem a try,1974 with Syrett. Later as second took flight from the crux.See next photo.pneame114-Aug-11
Prayer flags at the Dent Blanche hutpneame112-Aug-11
Small holds on Capel Pinnaclespneame112-Aug-11
in the day before tesco or mac.d 1903pneame110-Aug-11
View towards Refuge de Couvercle on way down Punta Isabellapneame131-Jul-11
Bernard's campsite, Argentiere, Emptypneame330-Jul-11
fools needlepneame129-Jul-11
Rush hour on the petite Vertepneame127-Jul-11
Ignominious retreat down the Gl. d'Argentiere - avalanche conditions, soft snow, etc etcpneame225-Jul-11
The Charmoz and Blaitière plastered after the bad weather, 24th July 2011.pneame124-Jul-11
Sunset (this time in Colour)pneame123-Jul-11
Approaching the summit of Lobuche Epneame119-Jul-11
Climbers on summit of Petit Charmozpneame118-Jul-11
Walker Spur in good nickpneame117-Jul-11
Offspring of the famous Blencathra Badger, hanging out in the desert with some old bloke.pneame114-Jul-11
The Ready Room.pneame113-Jul-11
Bivouack on the Frendo following a mini epic after pitching too much of the top section.pneame103-Jul-11
spot the climbers 1975pneame128-Jun-11
Xavier Ryan, and Spud the dog amongst "amber waves of grains" next to Rock City, Kansas.pneame127-Jun-11
Duncan Bournepneame120-Jun-11
Aguille Vert at night from the Requin Hut.pneame119-Jun-11
Serengeti area of Dinorwic Slate Quarries. pneame118-Jun-11
Inbetween the showerspneame117-Jun-11
Jim Moran 'relaxing' after FFA attempt Citadel E5 6b, Steve Tansey 'sightseeing' Cordon Bleu HVS 5bpneame116-Jun-11
Winter walk up Snowdonpneame110-Jun-11
Trilon - my first VS lead.pneame110-Jun-11
Top pitch, Bow-Shaped lslabpneame208-Jun-11
Llithrig - the classic waypneame306-Jun-11
The normal approach to Cyrn Las, Main Wall weaves up next to the E1/5spneame106-Jun-11
FA Gateway to the Golden Age.Dirt tower climbing... a winter pastime. pneame105-Jun-11
Two Topospneame103-Jun-11
Pacific Crest Trail walker, on the Forester Pass, California.pneame101-Jun-11
Camp in a high alpine meadow, with the snowy South ridge of the Taschhorn in the backgroundpneame101-Jun-11
Opening beer the Alpine waypneame101-Jun-11
Poor visability on the ridge between Sgurr Dubh Beag and Sgurr Dubh Morpneame124-May-11
It's August and toutes le monde are going to the Albert 1ierepneame224-May-11
Lets go climbing in Spain !!pneame119-May-11
Aig du Plan etc from Aig du Greponpneame217-May-11
Air guitar abovy the Fourche bivypneame117-May-11
the times pneame114-May-11
Direct? A2? Ends on the right-hand end of the left-hand terracepneame311-May-11
Malham during its aid era. Paul Millward following Superdirect. 1973.pneame110-May-11
Summit bivouac - Aiguille du Planpneame110-May-11
The Great Cave pitchpneame107-May-11
The Chimney pitch - the world's hardest VDiffpneame107-May-11
Paul Ross Fixing a belay in the San Rafael Swell, Utah. photo Andy Rosspneame126-Apr-11
Somewhere round the upper Vallee Blanche on the way to Tour Rondepneame125-Apr-11
Morning in Fontainebleaupneame124-Apr-11
Walking back to camp.pneame124-Apr-11
First Trip to North Wales.pneame122-Apr-11
Used car for salepneame120-Apr-11
Camp in Monument Valley, Arizonapneame120-Apr-11
a talking ropepneame120-Apr-11
The Seapneame119-Apr-11
The English Ladies in Italypneame119-Apr-11
Bristly Ridgepneame116-Apr-11
what a lifepneame116-Apr-11
Diamond Solitaire (VS)** Lundy.pneame104-Apr-11
Not the best approach.... but we were immortal...pneame103-Apr-11
Cake for a climber/mountaineerpneame227-Mar-11
Midi Station from Chamonixpneame126-Mar-11
A boire ou je tue le chien, Taghia.pneame221-Mar-11
Aig Noire de Peuterey from Col Moorepneame113-Mar-11
Aig Blanche de Peuterey from the Col Moorepneame113-Mar-11
Storm over the Greponpneame109-Mar-11
View from CIC Hut The Ben.pneame108-Mar-11
nine months in plaster 1970pneame107-Mar-11
Derwent water Lake Districtpneame114-Feb-11
Argentière in the 1920s.pneame113-Feb-11
Monte Bianco. The Brenva Face from the Tour Ronde in 1975.pneame205-Feb-11
The view from Chalets de la Balme, St Gervais Valleypneame105-Feb-11
Cirque of the Towers, Wind River, WYpneame303-Feb-11
Emerging from the tree line on the way up to Loriaz, above Vallorcine.pneame101-Feb-11
An old boat on Ullswaterpneame131-Jan-11
P.Ross 1953 First ever day on a rock climb . Solo Little Chamonix (found out later name of climb)Note leather sandals pneame120-Jan-11
Life in the fast lane.pneame117-Jan-11
No Slibards Today. Baume Rousse, Buis les Baronnies.pneame117-Jan-11
Llyn Brianne Slipway in full spate.pneame116-Jan-11
PHOTO QUIZ 4 - WHO'S THIS ?pneame216-Jan-11
Ian Jacksonpneame216-Jan-11
cosmiques aretepneame127-Dec-10
The 7a corner of Une Saison en Enfer, Aiguille d'Argentière, in 1992. pneame221-Dec-10
The last pitch of the ultra classic Hair Raiser Buttress, Granite Basin, California.pneame121-Dec-10
East Gully Wall, Cloggy. Chalk drawing.pneame121-Dec-10
Liberty Bell group, Cascadespneame220-Dec-10
An early(?) free ascent of Pincushion by Chris Hunterpneame220-Dec-10
Hut below Rotenboden, Zermattpneame319-Dec-10
en avant 2pneame118-Dec-10
Picture from Manchester Ramblers Handbook 1928 - 31pneame113-Dec-10
Nearing the summit of The Benpneame106-Dec-10
Aig Triolet - in the summer!pneame104-Dec-10
Le Tour Glacierpneame103-Dec-10
The Requin in the AM after a tactical errorpneame102-Dec-10
Snell's Fieldpneame102-Dec-10
harragate trade showpneame127-Nov-10
Ed Ward Drummond's 1967 Grading system for Avon Gorgepneame127-Nov-10
Slogen & Blahornet,Norangsfjorden, Norway.pneame123-Nov-10
Dave looking at the next hold.pneame114-Nov-10
Eclipse, Lundypneame114-Nov-10
Grizzly, Pot Hole Quarrypneame114-Nov-10
old men bag new peakpneame112-Nov-10
brigue vers belalppneame109-Nov-10
Aiguille Pierre-Alain. Summit sculpture.pneame206-Nov-10
Gordon 'starting up' the Nose of El Capitan, April 1999pneame129-Oct-10
Landside anchorpneame120-Oct-10
m john harrisonpneame120-Oct-10
naked before the mountain pneame119-Oct-10
it,s not what you think 1974pneame218-Oct-10
Why bandoliers are a bad idea.pneame218-Oct-10
four mile bridgepneame217-Oct-10
"I,m Having a Fag"!pneame116-Oct-10
Pauline Syrett and John Stainforth at Froggatt, May 27, 2010pneame115-Oct-10
Wild camping in the 1960's showing a Blacks Arctic Guinea tent. pneame125-Sep-10
the french at shooterspneame124-Sep-10
That's what I call a belay bolt!pneame124-Sep-10
the descentpneame124-Sep-10
Safety nets? We don't need no stinking safety netspneame224-Sep-10
Bivvy at Albert 1ere close up of quality gearpneame222-Sep-10
Staffin Slipspneame121-Sep-10
already seen 1976pneame120-Sep-10
Too much climbing and not enough attention - Norway 1972pneame219-Sep-10
Mr Lopez managing to extract himself from the fissure Brownpneame118-Sep-10
Sunset on the aig traversepneame118-Sep-10
A Photo for Brian.pneame116-Sep-10
JCB at the Gouter new hut sitepneame116-Sep-10
Meadows, whistlerpneame116-Sep-10
Global warming in action.pneame106-Sep-10
Early 70's in EB'spneame105-Sep-10
En route to Aiguille d'Entrevespneame103-Sep-10
You'll never guess which way the wind blows round here .......pneame101-Sep-10
10 seconds is never enoughpneame130-Aug-10
Aiguille de L'M, Grand Charmoz and Blaitierepneame228-Aug-10
Aig de la Republique and Charmoz N. Face from Charmoz NW ridgepneame228-Aug-10
I found this to be quite a thrash in big bootspneame228-Aug-10
The Nantlle Ridge from Clogwyn Du'r Arddupneame127-Aug-10
Wind sculpted perfection, Namibiapneame127-Aug-10
A quiet day on Mt Blanc.pneame127-Aug-10
Belay at end of P2pneame126-Aug-10
Caspian leading the S-shaped crackpneame126-Aug-10
Armchair mountaineer Pete Walts in action in the Fissure Brownpneame124-Aug-10
Ambleside from that big hill people run up sometimespneame122-Aug-10
ado 1977pneame122-Aug-10
Bad weather over Mont Blanc from the Gran Paradisopneame122-Aug-10
On top of La Fiamma pneame122-Aug-10
Why do you need an Ice Hammer on Etive? For the midges...pneame320-Aug-10
Looking down the famous arete on a moody day last winterpneame120-Aug-10
who neads a tent 1976pneame117-Aug-10
Ian Parsons on the top pitch of Dévers Emossionel on the Barrage d'Emosson.pneame116-Aug-10
Lac Blanc, Aiguilles Rougespneame113-Aug-10
Broad Law Summit View Looking Southpneame113-Aug-10
dinner may 1975pneame411-Aug-10
Weissmies Summit Aretepneame111-Aug-10
More Midi Health & Safety!pneame109-Aug-10
Aig Chardonnet from Grands Montetspneame108-Aug-10
The Bishop and the King (Bispen and Kongen)pneame108-Aug-10
The Ried glacier, on the far side of which lies the Bordier hut.pneame108-Aug-10
Aiguille du Midi exit 2008pneame108-Aug-10
60`s Bouldering.pneame107-Aug-10
Langtang Himal 1974 - Jackie Anthointe talks to our porterspneame102-Aug-10
Bivy opposite Cloggy - hedonismpneame501-Aug-10
Litlle Brown Jugpneame131-Jul-10
Bin 2 goes down the Midi aretepneame130-Jul-10
i like beer pneame130-Jul-10
Tiredness beginning to kick in pneame129-Jul-10
Dow Cragpneame128-Jul-10
morning in the vallee blanchepneame128-Jul-10
Perfect ramp.pneame122-Jul-10
A to Z of aiding.pneame121-Jul-10
Ian Jacksonpneame107-Jul-10
What to wear at the Wall.pneame105-Jul-10
No. 1 son's first day at Malhampneame124-Jun-10
The Prow IIpneame216-Jun-10
Arch Route, Stone Mountain, NCpneame116-Jun-10
Why do Americans carry guns? Because sometimes they want to shoot each otherpneame116-Jun-10
On top of Carreg Wastad in 1959 after my first VS lead, Trilon.pneame124-May-10
who 1979pneame116-May-10
p cropper 1979pneame116-May-10
A wonderful prose style that you don't see much of these days.pneame104-May-10
The first Mountain magazine January 1969.pneame104-May-10
Editorial staff and advisors for Mountain magazinepneame104-May-10
I don't think we actually climbed anything, but I do recall being rather hungrypneame230-Apr-10
we found a toy with wings of steel pneame123-Apr-10
a wallpneame118-Apr-10
who. tony howard and paul nunn. harragate pneame118-Apr-10
abseil pneame115-Apr-10
harragate trade show 1979pneame114-Apr-10
3 of a kindpneame114-Apr-10
Lethal harness - luckily the leader doesn't fallpneame213-Apr-10
Roche Rockpneame113-Apr-10
Will Homokypneame113-Apr-10
Aid before people got so fitpneame113-Apr-10
crap pegs 1972pneame112-Apr-10
Left Wall, Brimham, first ascent, abseil inspection, not overlapped, crux on sight, unplanned variant.pneame103-Apr-10
climbing will be the death of me pneame101-Apr-10
Vogon constructor ship.pneame127-Mar-10
Descending the Nantillons Glacierpneame122-Mar-10
irish mountenerring club hut pneame122-Mar-10
The Tour Ronde and lower part of the Kuffner/Frontier ridge.pneame118-Mar-10
paul cropper 1976pneame215-Mar-10
Thoughtless Parkingpneame115-Mar-10
Great-Bow Combination, Pitch 4, 1973pneame214-Mar-10
Brenva face, Mt. Blancpneame214-Mar-10
Virgin plugs in Africa 2pneame114-Mar-10
Vallee Blanche from the Couverclepneame113-Mar-10
Rannoch Moor.pneame112-Mar-10
The exit to the Trés les Eaux valley can be problematic... 1994.pneame112-Mar-10
first guide to 1968 pneame111-Mar-10
A heroic pose. Roger Bennett in the Dolomites, 1972.pneame207-Mar-10
Dave Williams pneame126-Feb-10
The Joys of French Ice Climbing.pneame126-Feb-10
b cropper 1974pneame120-Feb-10
black diamond shovel handle with optional wild lifepneame118-Feb-10
The second of many ignominious retreats from the girdle traverse of Craig Arthurpneame118-Feb-10
Aviemore luxury campingpneame118-Feb-10
Can we go home now? Soloing in the very best of Scottish winter conditions. pneame115-Feb-10
Mountaineers on the Arête du Midi ridge, with the Grandes Jorasses and the Dent du Geant in the background, Chamonix, Frapneame124-Jan-10
Ski touring into the lonely Wind River Range pneame123-Jan-10
`Jerry`s Roof`pneame123-Jan-10
Ian Parsons at the Bournbrook Wall, Birmingham University. 1980.pneame220-Jan-10
Aiguille du Midi Ridgepneame111-Jan-10
Monte Rosa from my bedroompneame108-Jan-10
Frendo spurpneame118-Dec-09
Vengetind, Romsdal on a fine evening (c.11.30pm)pneame214-Dec-09
Slingsbysbreen, Norway, Jotunheimenpneame112-Dec-09
Top of Liberty Bell, Cascadespneame112-Dec-09
Vallee Blanche from Pt. Lachenalpneame112-Dec-09
The Trolltind Wall from Fiva Farmpneame112-Dec-09
Goliath's Groove. Very early 70s... or at least that's what I thought till I saw the yellow rope...pneame209-Dec-09
paul nunn by sheidan who apart from m ward remembers sheidan pneame105-Dec-09
Best tents ever made?pneame103-Dec-09
Sunset on the Aiguille Verte pneame127-Nov-09
Needle Rock, Lundypneame223-Nov-09
Geant Icefall Top. Our philosophy was that roping up meant you'd have no-one to rescue youpneame123-Nov-09
White Slab - the whole thingpneame121-Nov-09
1 mile uppneame120-Nov-09
Mer ge Glace face, Greponpneame120-Nov-09
Albert 1ier Bivypneame120-Nov-09
Me at the old Tour Rouge bivy hut in the Chamonix Aiguilles in summer of 1971 - alas the hut is no more.pneame115-Nov-09
Tour Rouge hut, Grepon, 1973pneame115-Nov-09