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Nick Smith - Climbers

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Blacknor looking northNick Smith - Climbers114-Nov-10
Meilee enjoying the exposure of the classic Valkyrie (VS 4c) at the RoachesNick Smith - Climbers207-Sep-10
geraldine taylor and christine crawshaw . a damp day Nick Smith - Climbers124-Jan-10
Ruby on Joe's Original (B3) at FroggattNick Smith - Climbers123-Jan-10
chew valleyNick Smith - Climbers110-Jan-10
Shock Horror SlabNick Smith - Climbers120-Dec-09
Petzl Quark modifications #2Nick Smith - Climbers109-Dec-09
Petzl Quark modifications #1Nick Smith - Climbers109-Dec-09
Meilee looking smooth on the intimidating Commander Energy (E2 5c) at the RoachesNick Smith - Climbers225-May-09
gritstone gorilla, E3, Keith PhizackleaNick Smith - Climbers105-May-09
Meilee near the top of Fool's Gold (E1 5c) at Bus Stop QuarryNick Smith - Climbers218-Jan-09
Is John suffering from Vertigo?Nick Smith - Climbers124-Dec-08
Nick Willis attempting Ulysses' BowNick Smith - Climbers111-Dec-08
Dave Johnson mid-fall off White WandNick Smith - Climbers211-Dec-08
Moorland Grit ExplorersNick Smith - Climbers131-Aug-08
Not being sacrificed...Nick Smith - Climbers118-Jun-08
Flicka being eaten alive by 'Straight ahead'(VS 4c).Nick Smith - Climbers101-Jun-08
Example of the same photo at different file sizesNick Smith - Climbers125-May-08
Example of the same photo at different file sizesNick Smith - Climbers125-May-08
One-legged climbing at Almscliff, post-surgeryNick Smith - Climbers122-Jan-08
On "Liquid Courage" at StadenNick Smith - Climbers109-Oct-07
Telendos island, KalymnosNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
cider nut pulling into the delicate final groove of Gabriel (VS 4c), an unsung gem at Stoney MiddletonNick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Pete leading Fairy Steps (VS 4a), Stanage PlantationNick Smith - Climbers328-Sep-07
Steve making a relaxed flash of Amphora (F7b) while the rest of the team chill outNick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Martin fighting the pump on the never-ending crack that is Beyond the Azimuth (E1 5b)Nick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Last route of the day - sunset at Stanage Popular endNick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Leah's first day of trad: Strapiombante (E1 5b) at FroggattNick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Tim "Sport climber" Bertenshaw enjoying (?) the fine October Crack at Curbar ;)Nick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
Running it out to the final jugs on Gargoyle Flake (VS 4c), Bamford EdgeNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
Chris on the classic Pillar of the Sea (F6a+) at Kastelli as the sun goes downNick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Adrian Berry on Time for Tea (E3 5c) at The Embankment, MillstoneNick Smith - Climbers428-Sep-07
Arty fisheye lens shot of climber on Le CoeurNick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Clipping an old peg on St Peter in a strenuous positionNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
Meilee playing on a low traverse, Rubicon Wall rightNick Smith - Climbers228-Sep-07
Luke on the crux moves of Stingray (E2 5c) at Carreg-y-BarcudNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
Mid-flight on St Peter (E1 5c) at Stoney MiddletonNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
Thea on the finishing crack of Suspense (E2 5c), LawrencefieldNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
Jill seconding the excellent Gargoyle Flake (VS 4c) at Bamford EdgeNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-07
Adrian making a desperate clip on his new route Spartan Wall (F8b+) on KalymnosNick Smith - Climbers328-Sep-07
Adrian Berry on the final moves of Rubicon (F7a) at the eponymous cragNick Smith - Climbers328-Sep-07
Lone boulderer latching the top of Deliverance at a deserted Stanage Plantation, Boxing Day 2004Nick Smith - Climbers328-Sep-07
How small?! Adrian going for another tiny hold on Spartan Wall (F8b+), KalymnosNick Smith - Climbers328-Sep-07
Max leading Sinecure (E1 5b), Carreg-y-BarcudNick Smith - Climbers328-Sep-07
Ruby about to latch the top holds on the atmospheric Gargoyle FlakeNick Smith - Climbers528-Sep-07
A reachy move for the short! Psychotherapy (E2 5c) at Vivian QuarryNick Smith - Climbers218-Aug-07
Cecile on the crux moves of Pot Black (E2 5b), Stanage PlantationNick Smith - Climbers118-Aug-07
John on E5Nick Smith - Climbers202-Jul-07
Attempting the RaspNick Smith - Climbers107-Jun-07
Now, I'm sure if I use my head...Nick Smith - Climbers101-Jun-07
Penny Allchin battles with the polish on Castle Crack (HS 4b) at StanageNick Smith - Climbers127-May-07
Auricle - BamfordNick Smith - Climbers115-May-07
Famous Photographer Spotted Actually Climbing!Nick Smith - Climbers114-May-07
Kirkus' Corner - StanageNick Smith - Climbers114-May-07
A hot day for a serious route...Nick Smith - Climbers114-May-07
Pixie seconding me up Greenteeth CrackNick Smith - Climbers123-Apr-07
Alicia soloing Sunset SlabNick Smith - Climbers102-Apr-07
pull my daisy a different angleNick Smith - Climbers116-Mar-07
Tim on a fierce areće at Curbar ;)Nick Smith - Climbers319-Feb-07
Hairy laybacking at the top of Parachute (VS 4b), Stoney MiddletonNick Smith - Climbers208-Feb-07
Nick Smith contemplating BrightsideNick Smith - Climbers108-Jan-07
Anna on Dead Man Walking (5.9+) at The DihedralsNick Smith - Climbers125-Dec-06
The Rogue Pitch on Point FiveNick Smith - Climbers113-Nov-06
Gargoyle Flake, VS 4c. Bamford.Nick Smith - Climbers118-Sep-06
Earthsea Trilogy at Dyers LookoutNick Smith - Climbers117-Aug-06
Robertsons Jam?Nick Smith - Climbers117-Aug-06
Richard McHardy on Lime Street Direct (E1), Willersley, 1996Nick Smith - Climbers117-Aug-06
Chris Dale, Mallice in wonderland E3 5c, Hodge Close QuarryNick Smith - Climbers117-Aug-06
Bouldering in the MournesNick Smith - Climbers117-Aug-06
crimping in fontNick Smith - Climbers116-Aug-06
Tim Emmett on Avenged, Anstey's CoveNick Smith - Climbers116-Aug-06
The exposed upper section of Gabriel at Stoney MiddletonNick Smith - Climbers115-Aug-06
Jawbreaker, Porth YsgoNick Smith - Climbers115-Aug-06
On summit of Garbh Bheinn, ArdgourNick Smith - Climbers115-Aug-06
Buchaille Etive Mor (again - sorry!)Nick Smith - Climbers105-Aug-06
Paul Evans throwing for the crux on the fierce L'Horla (E1 5b) at CurbarNick Smith - Climbers201-Aug-06
Tim battling for the crucial hold, seconding L'Horla (E1 5b) at CurbarNick Smith - Climbers228-Jul-06
Rannoch MoorNick Smith - Climbers114-Jul-06
Crackstone RibNick Smith - Climbers105-Jul-06
Dave on Satan's Slip (E1 5a), Devil's Slide area, LundyNick Smith - Climbers129-Jun-06
At Full Stretch. Sean on Christmas Crack, Stanage.Nick Smith - Climbers125-Jun-06
Pete on Fool's Gold (E1 5c), Bus Stop Quarry.Nick Smith - Climbers122-Jun-06
Don Pete and ChrisNick Smith - Climbers122-Jun-06
Eliminator HVS 5a @ StanageNick Smith - Climbers116-Jun-06
Flying Buttress Direct E1 5bNick Smith - Climbers116-Jun-06
David Noddings climbing The Fascist and Me (E4) at Trevallen, Pembroke.Nick Smith - Climbers114-Jun-06
Le mur à Robert 6a+, Fontainebleau. Very hard for the grade.Nick Smith - Climbers112-Jun-06
Ruby somewhere in The EcrinsNick Smith - Climbers108-Jun-06
The fantastic hand traverse on Creagh Dhu Wall... simply stunning climbing!Nick Smith - Climbers126-Apr-06
Lisa Curtis and Nick Smith on the approach to Le Saut de la Pucelle (3+), La GraveNick Smith - Climbers131-Mar-06
Mt Balfour summitNick Smith - Climbers127-Feb-06
1080 & the letter GNick Smith - Climbers127-Feb-06
refugio in siuranaNick Smith - Climbers127-Feb-06
loch morlich towards the northen corriesNick Smith - Climbers125-Feb-06
Highballing in the MournesNick Smith - Climbers111-Feb-06
jumping the bergschrund under le petite vikingNick Smith - Climbers129-Jan-06
Al "No need for an early start" Evans on Penon d'Ifach, 2 pitches to go and the sun is settingNick Smith - Climbers126-Jan-06
Himmelswillen (VS 4c) the must-do classic route of WharncliffeNick Smith - Climbers113-Jan-06
Thea going for the crux of Suspense (E2 5c) at LawrencefieldNick Smith - Climbers113-Jan-06
Martin on the powerful mantle of Sick (B5), Higgar Tor EastNick Smith - Climbers113-Jan-06
Phew - only the easy bits left. Sarah breathes a sigh of relief after the crux of Three Pebble Slab (E1 5a, Froggatt)Nick Smith - Climbers105-Jan-06
Scandal! Usual tactics for getting up London Wall?Nick Smith - Climbers122-Dec-05
Rich Orange Magic FluteNick Smith - Climbers109-Dec-05
Ioan doyle 15teen flashing telli E3 6aNick Smith - Climbers105-Dec-05
Sky FireNick Smith - Climbers104-Dec-05
On the road to WalesNick Smith - Climbers104-Dec-05
More on PhysiologyNick Smith - Climbers128-Nov-05
Overdrive againNick Smith - Climbers115-Nov-05
BowfellNick Smith - Climbers131-Oct-05
Burns on The VillainNick Smith - Climbers130-Oct-05
David in an interesting moment on "Mofeta" at Arhi KalymnosNick Smith - Climbers130-Oct-05
Ghosting about at Roseberry ToppingNick Smith - Climbers130-Oct-05
Andy Barker on the crux moves of MotorcadeNick Smith - Climbers130-Oct-05
Kate eating pizzaNick Smith - Climbers130-Oct-05
Charles on Crescent AreteNick Smith - Climbers123-Oct-05
Dan Kennard on Liquid SteelNick Smith - Climbers114-Oct-05
Sunset at Joshua TreeNick Smith - Climbers114-Oct-05
A fine Autumn day at Bamford - mid crux on Jetrunner, E4 6a.Nick Smith - Climbers112-Oct-05
First grit of the seasonNick Smith - Climbers105-Oct-05
Dave on WalewskaNick Smith - Climbers105-Oct-05
Standing stones on Machrie Moor, ArranNick Smith - Climbers105-Oct-05
Fred ZinnermanNick Smith - Climbers105-Oct-05
Mist in the Gorge - 4Nick Smith - Climbers105-Oct-05
Spawny - Pitch 2 of Agony (E2), Etive SlabsNick Smith - Climbers101-Oct-05
At Font - 91.1Nick Smith - Climbers101-Oct-05
Loch GarryNick Smith - Climbers123-Sep-05
MaciekNick Smith - Climbers123-Sep-05
Thin ProjectNick Smith - Climbers120-Sep-05
Higball ProblemNick Smith - Climbers107-Sep-05
B&W of Mark Highton @ the TowerNick Smith - Climbers107-Sep-05
T all the way up Beta CrackNick Smith - Climbers107-Sep-05
Dave running it out at OwlerNick Smith - Climbers129-Aug-05
Summer evening craggingNick Smith - Climbers129-Aug-05
Getting wet at Gavarnie....Nick Smith - Climbers124-Aug-05
Making tracksNick Smith - Climbers119-Aug-05
dolomite sunsetNick Smith - Climbers119-Aug-05
Good effortNick Smith - Climbers101-Aug-05
John bouldering at Huanchac - Cordillera BlancaNick Smith - Climbers128-Jul-05
Phil on the B3 groove at the Crescent Arete area, Stanage PlantationNick Smith - Climbers226-Jul-05
Svolvaer Harbour ViewNick Smith - Climbers103-Jul-05
Alpine sunsetNick Smith - Climbers125-Jun-05
Smear Test at the Roaches (E3 6a)Nick Smith - Climbers118-Jun-05
Thornton ForceNick Smith - Climbers117-Jun-05
CairngormsNick Smith - Climbers122-May-05
gillercombe bouldersNick Smith - Climbers122-May-05
Dave Reeve on a UEA "classic in plastic" - the yellow route up the main overhangNick Smith - Climbers118-May-05
John Earl on The Poacher E1 5b at Jack Rock NorthumberlandNick Smith - Climbers106-May-05
First ever lead fall! Nick Smith after muffing the crux of Tippler Direct (E3 6a) at StanageNick Smith - Climbers117-Mar-05
One of many great hidden problems in St.Bees.Nick Smith - Climbers112-Mar-05
Wine climbNick Smith - Climbers108-Mar-05
Gus posing on "Solid Geometry", E1-5b.Nick Smith - Climbers203-Mar-05
Beinn UdlaidhNick Smith - Climbers103-Mar-05
Mount Assiniboine 3618MNick Smith - Climbers103-Mar-05
Mark S Davies waltzing up Living at the speed (E1 5b), Stanage PlantationNick Smith - Climbers103-Mar-05
Clashnessie BayNick Smith - Climbers126-Feb-05
Duncan Ice BoulderingNick Smith - Climbers123-Feb-05
Dan Cheetham on Pleasure Dome, E3 5c, Stennis HeadNick Smith - Climbers123-Feb-05
Me on The Sole(HVS 5b), CrookriseNick Smith - Climbers122-Feb-05
dyno curbarNick Smith - Climbers122-Feb-05
Kinder Scout snowscape (Photoshop & KPT).Nick Smith - Climbers121-Feb-05
Summit day, Nepal Tibet border. Just got better and better.Nick Smith - Climbers116-Feb-05
Lair of the white wormNick Smith - Climbers116-Feb-05
Gus on the Hen Cloud classic Chameleon, E4-6a.Nick Smith - Climbers116-Feb-05
Confusion At The Crux. Finally, Figuring Out The Move.Nick Smith - Climbers114-Feb-05
Daryl Wilkinson, Cosmique Arete, AD, ChamonixNick Smith - Climbers108-Feb-05
Cniefion Arete on to Gribin Ridge, 3s / 1 Scamble, North Wales, SnowdoniaNick Smith - Climbers108-Feb-05
'Taking the plunge'Nick Smith - Climbers105-Feb-05
Distant SnowdonNick Smith - Climbers103-Feb-05
Ryan trying Blind DateNick Smith - Climbers102-Feb-05
Ally Smith mid crux on Fools Gold, E2 5c, Bus Stop Quarry, LlanberisNick Smith - Climbers102-Feb-05
Mont Blanc du TaculNick Smith - Climbers101-Feb-05
Hejszowina PolandNick Smith - Climbers131-Jan-05
southern alpsNick Smith - Climbers131-Jan-05
southern alps , daybreakNick Smith - Climbers131-Jan-05
The Matterhorn at dawn from the Alpubel normal routeNick Smith - Climbers128-Jan-05
Evening shot of Matterhorn from bivvy on the RimpfischornNick Smith - Climbers128-Jan-05
The Matterhorn from the AlpubeljochNick Smith - Climbers128-Jan-05
Austen on The Sole (HVS 5b) CrookriseNick Smith - Climbers125-Jan-05
Donie O' Sullivan on the finish to Prelude to Space - SkylineNick Smith - Climbers125-Jan-05
Pigne d'ArollaNick Smith - Climbers122-Jan-05
Devil's Tower from campsiteNick Smith - Climbers121-Jan-05
Ali looking cool on Crescent Arete, Stanage (B3)Nick Smith - Climbers121-Jan-05
Nick Byham climbing at Point Perp AustraliaNick Smith - Climbers121-Jan-05
View of sunset at Tonsai Beach ThailandNick Smith - Climbers121-Jan-05
loch ossianNick Smith - Climbers119-Jan-05
FocusNick Smith - Climbers118-Jan-05
Steinar DahlNick Smith - Climbers117-Jan-05
Walking on the CeilingNick Smith - Climbers117-Jan-05
andy swann, first ascent of "animo v7" widdop scout cragNick Smith - Climbers117-Jan-05
Bridge at Ingleton - Heavy edit as was a very dark and grey picture. (Please leave a photo comment/suggestion with vote)Nick Smith - Climbers117-Jan-05
How not to treat your hire car or how to avoid the polish at Toix EastNick Smith - Climbers117-Jan-05
Simon messsing around at RamshawNick Smith - Climbers116-Jan-05
Sharon seconding on Crow, Grimsel PassNick Smith - Climbers115-Jan-05
Sunset on The Cork StoneNick Smith - Climbers115-Jan-05
Seconding "Catch You Later"Nick Smith - Climbers115-Jan-05
Aguglia di GoloritzeNick Smith - Climbers115-Jan-05
On the CarneddauNick Smith - Climbers115-Jan-05
Owler from Burbage SouthNick Smith - Climbers114-Jan-05
Hollow EarthNick Smith - Climbers210-Jan-05
Dru from l'MNick Smith - Climbers108-Jan-05
Climbing at BellusNick Smith - Climbers108-Jan-05
Motorhead, 6c Echo ValleyNick Smith - Climbers108-Jan-05
GandiaNick Smith - Climbers108-Jan-05
Cloud InversionNick Smith - Climbers107-Jan-05
bouldering001Nick Smith - Climbers107-Jan-05
Another view of Calanais, Isle of LewisNick Smith - Climbers103-Jan-05
Tenaya lake from Olmstead point, Yosemite National ParkNick Smith - Climbers102-Jan-05
Adrian Berry demos Crescent Arete right-hand (B5), PlanetFear grit masterclass weekendNick Smith - Climbers131-Dec-04
bouldering gallowayNick Smith - Climbers129-Dec-04
First time up CicelyNick Smith - Climbers129-Dec-04
Toby Dunn and Beach Boy's Arete, V4 Porth Ysgo.Nick Smith - Climbers128-Dec-04
Cradle Mountain in Tasmania.Nick Smith - Climbers128-Dec-04
Bouldering to warm up at Araps mid December (yes the holds really are that big)Nick Smith - Climbers128-Dec-04
Leaving the belay stance on Valkyrie (HVS 5a,5a) on FroggattNick Smith - Climbers128-Dec-04
BrianNick Smith - Climbers127-Dec-04
Lowering off of Catch you laterNick Smith - Climbers126-Dec-04
lower part of left wallNick Smith - Climbers125-Dec-04
Meilee on Left Unconquerable (1)Nick Smith - Climbers125-Dec-04
Woo some gear! :)Nick Smith - Climbers125-Dec-04
Snowdon from glyder FawrNick Smith - Climbers125-Dec-04
Tryfan from Hidden GullyNick Smith - Climbers125-Dec-04
Stuart Peacock on the summit of Everest - 16/05/2002, 1.00pmNick Smith - Climbers122-Dec-04
View of Makalu from NE Ridge of Everest.Nick Smith - Climbers122-Dec-04
Very warm day in december!Nick Smith - Climbers121-Dec-04
Mike Hayes on BGM's slab, Stanage PlantationNick Smith - Climbers118-Dec-04
Jason on unnamed problem, Stone Farm, Southern sandstoneNick Smith - Climbers117-Dec-04
Valee blancheNick Smith - Climbers117-Dec-04
The Knock E5 6aNick Smith - Climbers115-Dec-04
Calanais, Isle of LewisNick Smith - Climbers115-Dec-04
Tom abbing off p.a Verte (alternative descent)..Nick Smith - Climbers107-Dec-04
Tom on the NF of Tete BlancheNick Smith - Climbers107-Dec-04
Chris the Tall on Living at the Speed (E1 5b), Stanage Popular End (repost after processing)Nick Smith - Climbers107-Dec-04
The Dead TreeNick Smith - Climbers107-Dec-04
Me on the last pitch of InvernookieNick Smith - Climbers107-Dec-04
RHK on P'tit Toit, 95.2, 7a+Nick Smith - Climbers107-Dec-04
Jane on Mongol Chinese BorderNick Smith - Climbers105-Dec-04
From the Mamores 6Nick Smith - Climbers101-Dec-04
Moon over ThirlmereNick Smith - Climbers101-Dec-04
HoarmasterNick Smith - Climbers130-Nov-04
th final pitch of dreamNick Smith - Climbers128-Nov-04
Phil topping out on Narrow Buttress, StanageNick Smith - Climbers127-Nov-04
A sunny day at Castle HelenNick Smith - Climbers127-Nov-04
Stu on the Sheeps's HeadNick Smith - Climbers122-Nov-04
Enjoying some early ice in Goat Track GullyNick Smith - Climbers122-Nov-04
Gabe Leung on Problem 22 (B5) at The Photograph blockNick Smith - Climbers114-Nov-04
matt on 7a+Nick Smith - Climbers109-Nov-04
Lake Windermere from Red ScreesNick Smith - Climbers103-Nov-04
Little Chamonix à chevalNick Smith - Climbers103-Nov-04
Meilee attempting Insanity (E2 5c) at CurbarNick Smith - Climbers128-Oct-04
Tom Simpson on The Dalesman (HVS 5a) at Stanage High NebNick Smith - Climbers128-Oct-04
Mark Davies (Pylon King) on 1st Pitch EroicaNick Smith - Climbers102-Oct-04
Gerry leading Quietus (E2 5c) at Stanage High NebNick Smith - Climbers128-Sep-04
sunsetNick Smith - Climbers126-Sep-04
Great Buttress Arete E1 5b, WharncliffeNick Smith - Climbers126-Sep-04
the top of Lurchers crag, overlooking the Lari GhruNick Smith - Climbers126-Sep-04
Ben on Craig y Fan, Brecon BeaconsNick Smith - Climbers124-Sep-04
Penon above the mist, from ToixNick Smith - Climbers124-Sep-04
Devils TowerNick Smith - Climbers124-Sep-04
Half Dome - AutumnNick Smith - Climbers124-Sep-04
Bob Smith looking calm and collected as he tops out on Ramshaw Crack.Nick Smith - Climbers124-Sep-04
suicide wall, E1, BosigranNick Smith - Climbers123-Sep-04
Overhanging Groove (HVS 5a) AlmscliffNick Smith - Climbers122-Sep-04
Ian in SardiniaNick Smith - Climbers122-Sep-04
Not Troubled by the water.!Nick Smith - Climbers122-Sep-04
Tower Face DirectNick Smith - Climbers122-Sep-04
arabbaNick Smith - Climbers121-Sep-04
Trift glacier - not a good place to be at 4.30 in the afternoon!Nick Smith - Climbers121-Sep-04
Edit of a FallNick Smith - Climbers103-Sep-04
Dinkypen, 6a, Villanova des Prades, Costa Daurada.Nick Smith - Climbers118-Aug-04
Tom on Green Gut.Nick Smith - Climbers116-Aug-04
B7 at Cratcliffe TorNick Smith - Climbers116-Aug-04
Stac Pollaidh in ScotlandNick Smith - Climbers112-Aug-04
View from Stob Coire Nan Lochain March 2004Nick Smith - Climbers131-Jul-04
Sam disappears in a blur of action.Nick Smith - Climbers130-Jul-04
End of the dayNick Smith - Climbers116-Jul-04