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Justin T

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On the finishing jugs above the top bulges of Get That Man, 7a+, Cheddar Justin T120-Feb-15
Left sector, the corner is John Hamilton.Justin T117-Jul-14
A Shard from Death / Ninth Hour topoJustin T217-Jul-14
Hard clip on The Cider SoakJustin T115-May-13
Matt Fry on Lazarus (E7 6c)Justin T125-Apr-13
Comes the Dervish (E3 5c)Justin T125-Apr-13
Heeding the Call of the WildJustin T122-Jul-11
Clotted CreamJustin T124-May-11
Charlie Birkett on the low traverse, SidmouthJustin T121-Mar-11
In condition? Leaving the axes at home for a winter ascent of Embankment 2...the way it should be done. Justin T112-Dec-10
The Night WatchJustin T108-Nov-10
The delicate and runout traverse of Aviation - LowmanJustin T105-Nov-10
view from cathedral peakJustin T131-Oct-10
tour glacier mind blowing sunsetJustin T102-Oct-10
Luke Dawson on the cider soak 8aJustin T229-Sep-10
luckily not quite this steep in real life, threadflintstone f7a+.Justin T124-Sep-10
Me climbing Robin Hood's Right-hand Buttress Direct at Stanage Popular (Derbyshire) inverted VJustin T106-Aug-10
The stunning pocketed walls of Le Saussois - roadside climbing at its finest?Justin T122-Jul-10
Castle Hill RocksJustin T113-Jun-10
bouldering bonehill 3 Justin T113-Jun-10
FidmarkJustin T124-May-10
This Sceptic Heil. Dr Toph properly comitted and wondering what's till to come..Justin T124-May-10
toad_master45Justin T124-May-10
Eastern Flank Sector, Honeybag TorJustin T120-May-10
The Hidden Traverse V4 5c/6aJustin T120-May-10
Sunset from Hound TorJustin T108-May-10
The CubeJustin T116-Apr-10
Penny LaneJustin T113-Apr-10
Sanctuary Wall - if you have arms like barrels and balls the size of coconuts you'll be right at home...Justin T112-Apr-10
Cream ToppingJustin T303-Apr-10
Walking out from Bas CuvierJustin T103-Apr-10
Devonshire CreamJustin T103-Apr-10
Snowdonia, LLAMF weekendJustin T131-Mar-10
Panorama from Hound TorJustin T216-Mar-10
Low Man from Hound TorJustin T114-Mar-10
15-year-old Toru Nakajima on Meshuga E9 6c at Black RocksJustin T117-Feb-10
Inkerman Groove. Rod Mason belays Jan WitkowskiJustin T125-Jan-10
South FaceJustin T117-Jan-10
Pumped, I lunged desperately for the crimp, locked off, and with fading strength pulled through the redpoint crux to victory.Justin T112-Jan-10
Hedbury ... mixed potential?Justin T111-Jan-10
Stalactite areaJustin T127-Dec-09
Phoenix on FireJustin T123-Oct-09
quadmyre on MaydayJustin T119-Oct-09
Evening Bouldering at Hound TorJustin T119-Oct-09
ThreadbareJustin T117-Oct-09
Loup Scar Escape!Justin T111-Oct-09
A dripping, brooding KilnseyJustin T111-Oct-09
Loup ScarJustin T111-Oct-09
Crosstown TrafficJustin T101-Sep-09
How the Mighty FallJustin T216-Apr-09
Nolan on AcheronJustin T113-Apr-09
me on rawhide at ansteys coveJustin T113-Apr-09
Karl climbing with pixie dust and magicJustin T110-Mar-09
John on the RampJustin T125-Jan-09
A very wet SupercalorificJustin T207-Jan-09
Nightsoloing at StanageJustin T124-Dec-08
Chudleigh Panorama (from top of Seventh Veil)Justin T104-Dec-08
Moonlit boulderingJustin T104-Dec-08
krikomanJustin T125-Nov-08
Crimp Me A PastyJustin T119-Oct-08
FlashdanceJustin T113-Aug-08
Don't Stop Now!Justin T120-Jul-08
InterrogationJustin T120-Jul-08
InterrogationJustin T120-Jul-08
LleynJustin T120-Jul-08
Moonshot area, Anstey's CoveJustin T120-Jul-08
Anica KukJustin T122-Jun-08
Wreckers' SlabJustin T115-Jul-07
Topping out at Wreckers' SlabJustin T115-Jul-07
Wreckers' Slab Pitch 3Justin T115-Jul-07
Wreckers' SlabJustin T115-Jul-07
Wreckers' SlabJustin T115-Jul-07
Cornakey Cliff BeachJustin T115-Jul-07
Stonewashed cliffJustin T115-Jul-07
Descent to CornakeyJustin T115-Jul-07
Historical graffiti at CornakeyJustin T115-Jul-07
Gargantua - Pitch 2Justin T102-Jul-07
Gargantua - Pitch 1Justin T102-Jul-07
Quality StreetJustin T131-May-07
Gates of Eden at Daddyhole Main CliffJustin T106-Dec-06