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andy farnell

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Seventh Aardvarkandy farnell120-Mar-16
Highwayandy farnell107-Oct-15
Lower Pen Trwyn. Epic climbing area. Particularly on a sunny evening.andy farnell102-Jul-15
Barn Comp - Aaronandy farnell105-Apr-15
Psykovsky's Sequinsandy farnell102-Aug-13
Fun over the cat walkandy farnell210-Mar-13
Kilnsey cragandy farnell128-Dec-11
Piotr Wycislik on ,,Freaky Ralph'' 8a+, Portlandandy farnell122-Aug-11
Direct? A2? Ends on the right-hand end of the left-hand terraceandy farnell111-May-11
Kyloe-inandy farnell109-Mar-11
Wearing Twid's shirt for the occasion, June 1990.andy farnell111-Feb-11
quite a routeandy farnell124-Jan-11
Wilton Climbingandy farnell122-Jan-11
Urgent Actionandy farnell124-Nov-10
Collo Della Terra 7a+ Portland Cuttings Boulderfield Ben Dickinsonandy farnell119-Nov-10
The Land That Time Forgotandy farnell111-Oct-10
Gaz Parry on the successful FA redpoint of Naufrages Du Rhum (8b) in Madagascarandy farnell103-Oct-10
Sangin Climbing Wall, The worlds most dangerous climbing wall!!! andy farnell121-Aug-10
One last RP..........andy farnell117-May-10
Maham Superdirect. Frank Millward - note no harness, sitting in aluminium etriers. 1973.andy farnell104-Mar-10
Me on Golden Days E3 6b Black Rocksandy farnell110-Jan-10
High @ Gordale Scarandy farnell130-Aug-09
Climbing again after the accidentandy farnell103-Jul-09
Trousers off for extra powerandy farnell128-Jun-09
Matt Robbo not ticking WYSIWIG F7b at Kilnsey. Maybe next time.........andy farnell110-Jun-09
Sunset slab sportandy farnell110-Jun-09
The Excalibur Tower at the Bjoeks wall in Groningen, the Netherlands.andy farnell106-May-09
Graham Isles Step Gully Pitch 2 Greenhow Endandy farnell110-Feb-09
50 words for pump, 5.14candy farnell210-Dec-08
Tim on Le Cube - 2andy farnell109-Nov-08
Mark Leach on Mandela 1988andy farnell125-Sep-08
New Competition Wallandy farnell110-Sep-08
My side profile via a MRI (C6-C7 Left Paracentral Disk prolapse)andy farnell111-Jun-08
Freeborn Manandy farnell130-May-08
Malhamandy farnell117-May-08
The Legendary Dispensary boardandy farnell125-Apr-08
Dave Marsh on Hydrophobiaandy farnell123-Apr-08
Parbold End Bay, Left Hand Side TOPOandy farnell203-Mar-08
Parbold Centre of End Bay TOPOandy farnell103-Mar-08
High Noonandy farnell118-Jan-08
Malham on Christmas Day 2007andy farnell131-Dec-07
Concentration on Consentingandy farnell113-Dec-07
fedster starting golden towerandy farnell123-Sep-07
Rainbow Slabandy farnell115-Aug-07
Caleb Farnell age 2 1/2 bouldering in the local parkandy farnell213-Aug-07
Malham - Spot the Climberandy farnell324-May-07
Mega at Raven Tor (8c)andy farnell124-May-07
Seventies Fashion.andy farnell109-May-07
Paul Morozzo catching Viennaandy farnell105-Mar-07
Simon on A Bigger Splashandy farnell116-Feb-07
Monty Python's Flying Circus!andy farnell125-Sep-06
Grand Canyon 7b+andy farnell116-Aug-06
John Syrett making the ?first on-sight lead of Wall of Horrors (E3 6a), Almscliff, in a howling gale in November 1970.andy farnell102-Aug-06
Tim battling for the crucial hold, seconding L'Horla (E1 5b) at Curbarandy farnell128-Jul-06
Tim on a fierce areće at Curbar ;)andy farnell128-Jul-06
Terry on "making the most b4 joe" (Not in guide book) left of Bullworker in overhang area Denham quarryandy farnell113-Jul-06
Pete Climbing in the shade near Buis les Baronniesandy farnell104-Jul-06
Andy F on Breakaway V8, Pex Hillandy farnell111-Apr-06
Evening at Pexandy farnell105-Apr-06
Crimpandy farnell123-Mar-06
Demon Wall Roofandy farnell115-Mar-05
Almscliffandy farnell123-Feb-05