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Andi Turner kickin' out the Jams in MoroccoMike421119-Mar-16
Fallenflue revisitedMike421222-Dec-15
Party time on Curved RidgeMike421113-Oct-15
100m high and 209m long, record breaking polyester highline in front of the Tre Cime.Mike421120-Sep-15
Land of the Lost and FoundMike421120-Sep-15
Laurent Soyris and Gabriel Mazur bivi on Verte summit after climbing the excellent Grand Montets ridge!Mike421116-Aug-15
Will high up on a very windy Mt Deborah in Alaska after climbing its North West FaceMike421116-Aug-15
Paul Bennett going over the Rainbow, on - soon to be off - The ThumbMike421102-Aug-15
Adam Booth Flying off of Halloween Arete E5 6b, FairheadMike421112-Jul-15
What was that about 3 points of contact....?Mike421112-Jul-15
Sunset at the Tre CimeMike421112-Jul-15
Minna Riihimaki on the East face of the Aiguille d'EntrevesMike421121-Jun-15
Late evening at Sassolungo Mike421113-Jun-15
Castell y GwyntMike421113-Jun-15
Stuart Johnston on the airy Gross Grunhorn summit ridgeMike421107-Jun-15
Back in the day - Strapadictomy, EBs, nuts and Ron Hill's (2)Mike421131-May-15
Last route of the day. Bric Scimarco, Finale Ligure.Mike421131-May-15
Joe Brown top roping L Horla, Curbar, prior to the first ascent.Mike421117-May-15
Nope. Not the Alps. It's the dawn view from the Cuillin Ridge nr the Sgurr Alasdair bivouacMike421114-May-15
Seagull's eye view of Cala GoloritzeMike421114-May-15
Sunset high up on the North Face of Link Sar (7041m) Pakistan. K7 in the background.Mike421129-Mar-15
Three pitches up La Spada di Damocle with views of Sassongher, Colfosco and Corvara. Mike421119-Feb-15
Appreciating the perfect line that is the Canale Sass de Forcia...Mike421114-Feb-15
Les Houches Viewpoint.Mike421112-Feb-15
Frozen PlanetMike421112-Feb-15
Glyder Fawr and castle of the winds.Mike421111-Feb-15
Ghost SnowdonMike421111-Feb-15
The Manta (E3) Stuart Green of Urban Uprising on a winters day at Bowden Doors.Mike421128-Jan-15
The Isle of Lliwedd in a sea of cloudMike421126-Jan-15
Dale Comley soloing Fluorescent Adolescent, E6 6a/6b, Leicestershire, UKMike421122-Jan-15
Escaping winters graspMike421118-Jan-15
The Tre Cime South Faces Mike421118-Jan-15
Shooting Stars - E3 (probably) Moonshot Wall, Anstey's CoveMike421108-Jan-15
Winter SunriseMike421108-Jan-15
Snowdon and Crib Goch catching the light and mood yesterday.Mike421101-Jan-15
Golden november light on Ullstinden, northern NorwayMike421128-Dec-14
Dalriada _ 08Mike421128-Dec-14
Dalriada _ 06Mike421128-Dec-14
'Mørketid' light on Skitntinden Mike421128-Dec-14
Sea of TranquilityMike421219-Dec-14
Aletsch GlacierMike421319-Dec-14
The Snowdon Horseshoe from Llynau MymbyrMike421114-Dec-14
Midnight looking toward Val Claret, Tignes, France (a different version)Mike421105-Dec-14
Island in the skyMike421201-Dec-14
Night landscape looking over Nuvolau and the Tofanas. Mike421128-Nov-14
Looking back to Finsteraarhorn from Grosses WannanhornMike421226-Nov-14
Sunrise over Lochan TuathMike421126-Nov-14
The MatterhornMike421126-Nov-14
Descending the tricky step, Striding EdgeMike421124-Nov-14
Sunrise Dolomites, before bad weather. Mike421113-Nov-14
Dip your toe in Mike421210-Nov-14
A 3* classic!Mike421102-Nov-14
Autumnal WasdaleMike421110-Oct-14
Reflecting on the MatterhornMike421110-Oct-14
Excellent conditions on the Marmolada West Ridge with views of the South Face and Sella GroupMike421110-Oct-14
Ibex at Cabane d'OrnyMike421111-Sep-14
Reaching for the lightMike421111-Sep-14
I don't have a Clue . . . Mike421310-Aug-14
Barbara Hall leading Fallen Star, Logie HeadMike421110-Aug-14
Fork In The RoadMike421112-Jun-14
Summery ski touring on KarltindenMike421112-Jun-14
Torre Wundt from the snowfields below Wundspitz2 with Tre Cima just creeping through the clouds.Mike421110-Jun-14
stretching dance Mike421110-Jun-14
Not too close pleaseMike421110-Jun-14
Mushroom picking in the PfalzMike421204-Jun-14
The seldom frequented Via Ferrata Laurenzi - Molignon.Mike421103-Jun-14
Midway along the Punta Serauta ridgeline. Mike421106-May-14
Kalymnos: sunset over TelendosMike421106-May-14
A sunset in SiuranaMike421102-May-14
Climbing in the Val DuronMike421125-Apr-14
Sea of CloudsMike421109-Apr-14
Top outMike421118-Mar-14
Ski Touring to Grassen opposite the 1000m walls of TitlisMike421118-Mar-14
The pale Alps, Lago di Lagacio. Mike421117-Mar-14
Evie Cotrulia on Gorilla Warfare, Curbar, Peak District.Mike421113-Mar-14
Starry starry nightMike421226-Feb-14
The summer refugio made inaccessible by winter drifts. Nr Tignes, France.Mike421126-Feb-14
Lazy Stanage daysMike421124-Feb-14
Sassolungo star trails as seen from Città dei Sassi Mike421123-Feb-14
Martin Moran guiding Steve Ward and Gordon Speir on the Liathach Traverse, 30 Dec '13Mike421103-Jan-14
Jacobs Edge topping outMike421131-Dec-13
Ski Touring at Maighels, Switzerland The source of the RhineMike421131-Dec-13
Under the stars. Above the clouds.Mike421131-Dec-13
It's Christmas time!Mike421131-Dec-13
Gabriel Mazur solo on the Carrington-Rouse / Rebuffat-Terray above ChamonixMike421130-Dec-13
Slackliner on TryfanMike421107-Dec-13
Crepuscular rays over Lac des Praz near Chamonix after overnight snow. Petit Dru + Aiguille Verte in backgroundMike421123-Nov-13
Tom Grant on the offwidth pitch of Dru CouloirMike421123-Nov-13
Sunshine through the rain, NantgwynantMike421123-Nov-13
peak Sabalan mountain lake ice,iran-4811mMike421119-Nov-13
Heaven or HellMike421318-Nov-13
Midway through the crux on 'on the lamb' - Tuolomne meadowsMike421117-Nov-13
Soloist on the Arete de L'Aiguille de MidiMike421117-Nov-13
Wast Water SunsetMike421114-Nov-13
Who ate all the Pies?Mike421213-Nov-13
Yanapaccha, Cordillera Blanca, Peru 2013Mike421112-Nov-13
Pitch 4 - the awkward crackMike421111-Nov-13
So, where did you get pumped exactly?Mike421111-Nov-13
On top of the worldMike421305-Nov-13
The ShiningMike421105-Nov-13
The Potato Picker - Fiesta de los BicepsMike421104-Nov-13
The beauty of the DolomitesMike421104-Nov-13
As good as it gets in October!Mike421102-Nov-13
Climbing on Torre Grande panorama (needs viewing full screen).Mike421130-Oct-13
Bivi in the Aiguilles RougesMike421130-Oct-13
BOB 13Mike421124-Oct-13
Final push to the summit along Bosses RidgeMike421124-Oct-13
Fortress in the clouds... Mike421124-Oct-13
Cenotaph CornerMike421119-Oct-13
Layers of sandstone at Carreg-y-BarcudMike421119-Oct-13
DWS GibraltarMike421213-Oct-13
Seconding along the RainbowMike421113-Oct-13
Via Myriam at Cinque Torri Mike421113-Oct-13
Churfirsten chain south side seen from Obersee above Näfels GL SwitzerlandMike421108-Oct-13
Alone on the HillMike421106-Oct-13
A room with a viewMike421101-Oct-13
A night outMike421330-Sep-13
Ha Chiamato Kubista (F8b) at Cinque TorriMike421117-Sep-13
Torre Quarta by nightMike421108-Sep-13
South Face of Tre Cime di Lavaredo from Torre Wundt summittMike421202-Sep-13
Mont Blanc from the CosmiquesMike421128-Aug-13
Tre Cime di LavaredoMike421127-Aug-13
Lago Misurina Mike421127-Aug-13
Monument Valley ;-)Mike421226-Aug-13
End of a great day...Mike421113-Aug-13
The Marmolada by night.Mike421113-Aug-13
Tre Cime di LaveradoMike421202-Aug-13
Ogwen CrackMike421128-Jul-13
Looking down the top pitch of Main WallMike421128-Jul-13
The old man of Hoy- I can just be seen on top. Photographer Tony Burkitt (many thanks!)Mike421124-Jul-13
Dolomites cloud inversion PanoramaMike421124-Jul-13
Sassolungo cloud inversion.Mike421124-Jul-13
Red Kite(?) flying high in the Spanish PyreneesMike421124-Jul-13
The storm comes to the Fanis group and Tofana's Mike421124-Jul-13
Divine Intervention Mike421123-Jul-13
Quattro Cime di AntornoMike421123-Jul-13
Sunset from above Craig Ddu, Llanberis PassMike421120-Jun-13
Unknown climber on Slip KnotMike421105-May-13
Spectacular setting 'on the edge'. Mike421107-Apr-13
Sunrise on the glacierMike421107-Apr-13
'Tis a long way down.Mike421103-Apr-13
Sunrise on the Cullin Ridge 24/02/13Mike421110-Mar-13
Romsdal - magic!Mike421112-Jan-13
The Boy Who Waved To The Waves (FA) 48th birthday present to myself :)Mike421112-Jan-13
Sunrise on IceMike421102-Dec-12
Everest's Shadow between the South Summit and Hillary StepMike421102-Dec-12
The big caveMike421105-Nov-12
Light Through MistMike421104-Nov-12
Ascending Mt Agamemnon at sunset, Anvers Island. Mt William and Lemaire Channel area behindMike421104-Nov-12
Skiing off Bruce Island Pk after the probable second ascent. Flandres Bay and Mt Matin in background. Antarctic PeninsulaMike421104-Nov-12
Misty MountainsMike421104-Sep-12
Wave Wall in the evening sun, Bowden Doors.Mike421103-Sep-12
Birch Tree WallMike421126-Aug-12
view of chamonix aiguilles showing superb route up fou on left and caimen, crocodile and planMike421121-Aug-12
Hulya Vassail on the unprotected final arête of Pointe Ségogne, shortly before the bivy site.Mike421113-Aug-12
The Aonach EagachMike421111-Aug-12
The luminous landscapeMike421111-Aug-12
Topping out on KingspitzeMike421106-Aug-12
Engelhorner from DossenhutteMike421105-Aug-12
Talisker Bay - SkyeMike421130-Jun-12
Leutschachütte OberseeMike421230-Jun-12
North Face of Mont Blanc De CheilonMike421125-Jun-12
Night falls in the RosengartenMike421129-Apr-12
Deep breath and forget the protectionMike421122-Apr-12
Solitary SpectatorMike421116-Apr-12
Enrosadira at its best with some impressive cloud inversion on the top of Yellow Edge. Mike421116-Apr-12
Chalking up on The Quartz IcicleMike421116-Apr-12
Lost in the mist...Mike421118-Mar-12
The CullinMike421130-Jan-12
An Angry AegeanMike421329-Jan-12
Shine a light!Mike421129-Jan-12
Jay on the summit of Mont Blanc after the Innominata Ridge with the huge shadow and moon in background.Mike421127-Dec-11
4 x 1 minute exposures with 14mm fixed lens at ISO 2500. Concordia with K2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrum IVMike421127-Nov-11
Early morning runners on LatriggMike421127-Nov-11
Balancing act on the stunning snow arete of the Innominata- Mont Blanc S face. One of my favourite shotsMike421118-Nov-11
Mullach an Rathain, Liathach - paintingMike421115-Nov-11
NE Face of les CourtesMike421110-Nov-11
The BuchailleMike421105-Nov-11
The best bit of ski touring in the Cascades WA is dropping in after an hour skinning.Mike421103-Nov-11
Fitting skins outside the Bargah Shelter (4200m), Mount Damavand, IranMike421103-Nov-11
Giles Davies, Roufos F6a, Dolphin Bay, KalymnosMike421101-Nov-11
Simon Rawlinson, Rendez with Platon F8b, Jurrasic Park, KalymnosMike421101-Nov-11
Loch Hourn, from Stob a Chiore OdhairMike421101-Nov-11
Telendos at DuskMike421131-Oct-11
Daniel Woods making quick work of problem #3 at the La Sportiva Legends Only competition in Stockholm.Mike421129-Oct-11
It doesn't get any easier with age! Climber topping out on Cioch Crack.Mike421129-Oct-11
Night over Ushba...Mike421129-Oct-11
Chasing the sunMike421110-Oct-11
Upper Yosemite Falls by starlightMike421108-Oct-11
Schmunzel RunzelMike421204-Oct-11
Zoomable Stanage -read belowMike421103-Oct-11
Climbers high above Riglos village on the Murciana routeMike421118-Sep-11
The snow couloir on Flèche Rousse - Aig. d'Argentière. Chamonix, France.Mike421118-Sep-11
K7 Base CampMike421118-Sep-11
Eddie Barbour on the precarious mantle of Tolerance, E8 6cMike421118-Sep-11
Satan's Slip from aboveMike421118-Sep-11
Eiger summit ridge (cropped and rotated as recommended!)Mike421118-Sep-11
Eiger Summit ridgeMike421126-Aug-11
Aiguille du Midi catching the early morning sunMike421121-Aug-11
The ridge that Couloir Chéré tops out at.Mike421121-Aug-11
Sunset from the Balcony of the Cosmiques HutMike421129-Jul-11
Summit panoramic on Cerro Standhardt. Behind is Cerro Torre and Torre Egger. To the right lies the vast Patagonian ice capMike421128-Jul-11
Hoping to stay dry!Mike421128-Jul-11
Doyden at sunsetMike421124-Jul-11
The Mont Blanc massif at sunset, from Lac des CheserysMike421120-Jul-11
Summer doesn't last very long . . .Mike421119-Jul-11
Smiling all the way.Mike421112-Jun-11
Amber Nectar #1Mike421105-Jun-11
Natalie Berry on L'escamarla-Ramadan link, 8a Mike421119-May-11
Dumbarton from the top of the headwall.Mike421111-May-11
Midnight DaydreamMike421107-May-11
Spitzenmeilen Bridge Mike421117-Apr-11
Northern Lights, Central Alps. EngelbergMike421120-Mar-11
Slovakia Wielka Fatra Mike421119-Mar-11
View from the Refugio Frey.Mike421119-Jan-11
Climb on skis out of the fog . . Mike421103-Jan-11
.. and watch the world go roundMike421103-Jan-11
Charlotte climbing at Fleswick Bay, with some amazing jewels in the foreground!Mike421102-Jan-11
Thin and steep on the ice crux, Colton-MacIntyreMike421115-Nov-10
Last TrainMike421102-Nov-10
Chere CouloirMike421130-Oct-10
Celtic Jumble with Colin on MAlcolm's Arete.Torridon.Mike421129-Oct-10
The sun goes down and the clouds roll inMike421213-Oct-10
Sea greenMike421112-Oct-10
Who needs scotch on the rocks when you can have a whole mountain in your pint?!Mike421107-Oct-10
living water, 3 shiresMike421129-Sep-10
Still evening air around WindgällenMike421127-Sep-10
The Lonely Mountain, KyrgyzstanMike421116-Aug-10
Bastei BrückeMike421115-Aug-10
An uncertain symmetry at SharpnoseMike421107-Aug-10
Misty Dawn in Slovenia - Taken from the Summit of TriglavMike421127-Jul-10
Lone Rock Scrambler (North Ridge up Triglav in Slovenia)Mike421127-Jul-10
Looking up at the Eiger SummitMike421127-Jul-10
Higgar Sunset, Four youths and a sheepMike421124-Jul-10
Not a bad evening for it. Loving the light on Spider Crack!Mike421118-Jun-10
London WallMike421108-Jun-10
Panorama of the Sutherland mountains (see comments for names of peaks)Mike421115-May-10
The window of Mascún. 'Mal de amores' (F8a+), Las Ventanas, RodellarMike421113-May-10
Summer Isles SunsetMike421108-May-10
Alpine feel to Aonach BeagMike421108-May-10
Adam Ondra Cries FreedomMike421104-May-10
The second and most powerful Icelandic eruption at Eyjafjallajokull Glacier. Mike421123-Apr-10
Wast Water from Great Gable (Portrait)Mike421127-Mar-10
On Route to Creag Dhubh - Allt Coire FollaisMike421127-Mar-10
The LaubMike421122-Mar-10
Swiss CoachMike421117-Jan-10
A Ridge Runs Through It. Looking north from the Grand Veymont, Vercors, FranceMike421105-Jan-10
Cook With CloudsMike421105-Jan-10
A Feeling for SnowMike421128-Dec-09
Why do you need an Ice Hammer on Etive? For the midges...Mike421128-Nov-09
Red point at SunsetMike421125-Nov-09
The Right AngleMike421115-Nov-09
Lago di MorghiroloMike421102-Nov-09
Stanage boulderingMike421112-Oct-09
African ElephantMike421105-Oct-09
Beautiful BudeMike421101-Oct-09
Big exposure on the Grand CapucinMike421120-Sep-09
Climbers on the Tacul, Take IIMike421120-Sep-09
Hannibal TurmMike421114-Sep-09
The Elephant's trunkMike421114-Sep-09
The highest bus stop in EuropeMike421114-Sep-09
It's a big world...Mike421104-Sep-09
Chalet du Soldat from GastlosenMike421129-Jul-09
Admiring the ViewMike421120-Jul-09
Troutdale PinnacleMike421116-Jul-09
Les Aiguilles DoréesMike421116-Jul-09
Enjoying great conditions in The Narrows, N.Face of Tour RondeMike421115-Jul-09
Elgol Sunset and the CuillinMike421118-Jun-09
Handjam or layback?Mike421202-Jun-09
The Todra Series - Sunrise at Erg ChebbiMike421118-Apr-09
La Vallée Blanche Mike421112-Apr-09
An Eye on the MountainMike421227-Mar-09
Customs PostMike421222-Mar-09
Everest summitMike421118-Mar-09
Industry, religion, nature.Mike421127-Feb-09
Bernese VoralpenMike421122-Feb-09
Off piste. No avalanche riskMike421107-Feb-09
That famous cloud again? This time over SwitzerlandMike421118-Jan-09
Waiting for the SunMike421103-Jan-09
Nightsoloing at StanageMike421119-Dec-08
Self-Portrait on a chilly belayMike421130-Nov-08
The pancake sunMike421111-Nov-08
Beck above Coppermines, ConistonMike421130-Oct-08
Nineteen Teams on El CapitanMike421123-Oct-08
Pool Wall (obviously).Mike421123-Oct-08
Bernese BookmarkMike421105-Oct-08
Early AutumnMike421124-Sep-08
Mont Pelvoux Sunrise, Massif des Ecrins, August 2008Mike421119-Sep-08
Kilt Rock Waterfall at NightMike421112-Sep-08
On the Tacul NE areteMike421103-Sep-08
Verandah ButtressMike421128-Jul-08
Weissberg panorama, SwitzerlandMike421228-Mar-08
Ice crystals taken whilst ski touringMike421118-Mar-08
Relaxing after a day's boulderingMike421109-Mar-08
Insanity. His favourite climb.Mike421103-Feb-08
Under the full moon- skier watching the lunar panorama (Mont Blanc/ Grandes Jorasses). stitch of three photosMike421103-Feb-08
Mr & Mrs WoodleyMike421124-Jan-08
Pan di Zucchero, SardiniaMike421113-Jan-08
Bernese Oberland from Melchsee FruttMike421121-Nov-07
a Dartmoor Panorama from Hound TorMike421117-Nov-07
Fields below Hofstetten Crag, Basler JuraMike421108-Nov-07
Graustock, SwitzerlandMike421128-Oct-07
Central Swiss AlpsMike421126-Aug-07