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Robert Durran

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Direct start to gargoyle wallRobert Durran124-Mar-15
Eclipse ClimbingRobert Durran121-Mar-15
Ben turning the roof on the first ascent of 'The Comet' Robert Durran619-Mar-15
Dunes, Wahiba Sands, OmanRobert Durran118-Mar-15
Cupid's BowRobert Durran117-Mar-15
Wahabi Sands, OmanRobert Durran217-Mar-15
Approaching Ulluazbashi, Russian CaucasusRobert Durran216-Mar-15
Bringing up Steve on one of the early pitches Robert Durran116-Mar-15
Am Bodach from Stob Coire nan LochanRobert Durran111-Mar-15
Dave deep in Hell's lumRobert Durran310-Mar-15
Bstinado - cruxRobert Durran109-Mar-15
So this is bouldering, eh?Robert Durran109-Mar-15
Bleak houseRobert Durran109-Mar-15
Gleann na Muice, FisherfieldsRobert Durran207-Mar-15
Who needs Switzerland?Robert Durran106-Mar-15
First light on Island Peak just above crampon point. Robert Durran105-Mar-15
On the Biancongrat in the mistRobert Durran104-Mar-15
Glen Rosa and Cìr Mhòr Robert Durran104-Mar-15
Wiz Fineron airborne after letting go of Mind Control at 49.5 of 50mRobert Durran202-Mar-15
From the top of Higgor TorRobert Durran102-Mar-15
Y LliweddRobert Durran128-Feb-15
Sunset from Stob Coire nan Lochan Robert Durran123-Feb-15
Francesco leaving the ice cave on the 3rd pitch of La spada di Damocle.Robert Durran118-Feb-15
Moody Yr WyddfaRobert Durran116-Feb-15
Ski tour NewtonmoreRobert Durran116-Feb-15
more fun on the CobblerRobert Durran105-Feb-15
Glyder Fawr and castle of the winds.Robert Durran205-Feb-15
Daybreak in the Wadis, Hajar Mountains, OmanRobert Durran105-Feb-15
Topouts don't get much better than this! Robert Durran102-Feb-15
The Manta (E3) Stuart Green of Urban Uprising on a winters day at Bowden Doors.Robert Durran401-Feb-15
Arabia's finest; Jebel Misht, Oman, at dawnRobert Durran331-Jan-15
Stac Pollaidh wrapped in snow showersRobert Durran129-Jan-15
Western Hajar Mountains, OmanRobert Durran228-Jan-15
Starting up Shield Direct Robert Durran127-Jan-15
Last LightRobert Durran127-Jan-15
Pitch 2, French Pillar, Jebel Misht, OmanRobert Durran126-Jan-15
Jebel Misht from Jebel Shams, Oman, at sunset.Robert Durran125-Jan-15
Sunrise, Western Hajar Mountains, OmanRobert Durran125-Jan-15
Gaiters in the rain...Robert Durran125-Jan-15
Spindrift and SunlightRobert Durran119-Jan-15
Cold windsRobert Durran119-Jan-15
Evening light on Pygmy RidgeRobert Durran119-Jan-15
Some dyno by unapproved methodRobert Durran115-Jan-15
The Tre Cime South Faces Robert Durran114-Jan-15
Escaping winters graspRobert Durran113-Jan-15
Willis tackles the Sesame Groove pitch of North Wall Groove Robert Durran209-Jan-15
Slioch and Loch MareeRobert Durran106-Jan-15
Pen yr Ole WenRobert Durran216-Dec-14
An TeallachRobert Durran211-Dec-14
(Yr Wyddfa)Robert Durran110-Dec-14
Sara cruising up crozzle slab on a moody day.Robert Durran107-Dec-14
Ready for WinterRobert Durran106-Dec-14
Moonlit Ochils and JupiterRobert Durran106-Dec-14
Scenic Grangemouth from the OchilsRobert Durran106-Dec-14
Valentine Fabre leaving a bivouac on the summit of the Grand Pilier d'AngleRobert Durran104-Dec-14
Valentine Fabre on the Grand Pilier d'Angle, ItalyRobert Durran104-Dec-14
Moonlit view from bivouac on the Grand Pilier d'Angle summit down over Peuterey and Innominata ridgeRobert Durran101-Dec-14
Ben Cleuch viewRobert Durran101-Dec-14
Southern Highlands from the OchilsRobert Durran130-Nov-14
Night landscape looking over Nuvolau and the Tofanas. Robert Durran630-Nov-14
Transient light Robert Durran128-Nov-14
Beinn an Dothaidh and Beinn DorainRobert Durran128-Nov-14
Last raysRobert Durran125-Nov-14
The MatterhornRobert Durran123-Nov-14
Shot from the Petit Forche on the border of France looking into Switzerland and Italy over the glacier du Saliena.Robert Durran116-Nov-14
St Mary's lighthouse Robert Durran115-Nov-14
Misha Gopaul high on the traverse of the Polish Route, Grandes JorassesRobert Durran213-Nov-14
Yosemite 1999. Half Dome free; in a day.Robert Durran212-Nov-14
A night time walk across Beacon Fell, Lancashire. Robert Durran108-Nov-14
Flowers in the desert, Wadi RumRobert Durran107-Nov-14
Clashgour PinesRobert Durran105-Nov-14
Arete de Rochefort, Massif du Mont BlancRobert Durran129-Oct-14
Autumn perfection on FroggattRobert Durran114-Oct-14
Greenland SolitudeRobert Durran514-Oct-14
Greenland ReflectionsRobert Durran312-Oct-14
Italian Alps Robert Durran109-Oct-14
Mountains and Icebergs, GreenlandRobert Durran307-Oct-14
Greenland Morning MistsRobert Durran106-Oct-14
Greenland SeashoreRobert Durran106-Oct-14
Greenland Flowers and PeaksRobert Durran106-Oct-14
rain over sron mor na h-uamhaidhRobert Durran106-Oct-14
Cairn, Fog and IcebergsRobert Durran206-Oct-14
Greenland Base Camp Bouldering beneath the Fox Jaw CirqueRobert Durran206-Oct-14
Greenland EmptinessRobert Durran105-Oct-14
Niviarsiaq, Kua Valley, East GreenlandRobert Durran105-Oct-14
Tasilaq Flord 2Robert Durran105-Oct-14
Tasilaq Fjord 1Robert Durran105-Oct-14
Climbing in ParadiseRobert Durran105-Oct-14
Greenland New RouteRobert Durran105-Oct-14
Descending from the Monch after fresh snowRobert Durran205-Oct-14
Robert DurranRobert Durran229-Sep-14
Grandes Jorasses North Face. Sept 27. Lechaux hut closed and still the face is mobbed! Colton-Mac on left, Croz spur on right.Robert Durran128-Sep-14
Hope Cement Works, Hope Valley, Peak DistrictRobert Durran126-Sep-14
Aiguille du Midi Robert Durran124-Sep-14
Lac Blanc - ChamonixRobert Durran124-Sep-14
Sunset over IonaRobert Durran118-Sep-14
Lac Blanc at nightRobert Durran118-Sep-14
Padarn LakeRobert Durran118-Sep-14
On ReflectionRobert Durran114-Aug-14
Kuffner at sunriseRobert Durran114-Aug-14
Environmental ArtRobert Durran106-Jul-14
Unusual spectral effectRobert Durran106-Jul-14
Midsummer everlasting evening craggingRobert Durran106-Jul-14
Dinosaur Domes, Lemon Mountains, East GreenlandRobert Durran107-Jun-14
Sunset over the rapeseed fields of rural Cheshire.Robert Durran218-May-14
Caucasus. Mt. Ushba. The Mystery of the night.Robert Durran116-May-14
Contemplating the DesertRobert Durran214-May-14
Glorious GraniteRobert Durran113-May-14
Wadi Rum New RoutingRobert Durran113-May-14
Alaskan Midnight Summit Robert Durran109-May-14
pitch 6Robert Durran105-May-14
Snow Lake, Biafo Glacier, KarakoramRobert Durran204-May-14
Mister_ERobert Durran202-May-14
Cerro Torre at DawnRobert Durran102-May-14
Fantasy MountainsRobert Durran102-May-14
Pucajirca, Cordillera Blanca, Peru Robert Durran130-Apr-14
Denali, AlaskaRobert Durran130-Apr-14
Dave on "Marlene" (E4 6a) NesscliffeRobert Durran324-Apr-14
Evie Cotrulia on Gorilla Warfare, Curbar, Peak District.Robert Durran123-Mar-14
Tower Gap BelayRobert Durran118-Mar-14
Top outRobert Durran118-Mar-14
The forgotten end of Alleghe with Monte Civetta in the background.Robert Durran110-Mar-14
Does it get any better than this?Robert Durran224-Feb-14
Ama DablamRobert Durran108-Feb-14
Annapurna SouthRobert Durran105-Feb-14
Guy seconding the intense second pitch of 'One step beyond'Robert Durran130-Jan-14
Stuart Leonard on Sinister Prong of Liathach, NW Highlands, ScotlandRobert Durran129-Jan-14
The Rochefort Arete at dawnRobert Durran121-Jan-14
CatrionaRobert Durran118-Jan-14
Broad Terrace wall 12/1/2014 Robert Durran112-Jan-14
Indian creekRobert Durran122-Dec-13
A sea of granite ahead!Robert Durran119-Dec-13
Elsie Lemordant on Incredible Hand Crack (5.10+).Robert Durran127-Nov-13
Heaven or HellRobert Durran622-Nov-13
Late autumn larches and early snows.Robert Durran121-Nov-13
Pennine Alps from mont BlancRobert Durran619-Nov-13
Alone on the HillRobert Durran106-Oct-13
Memo to self: 'Add Hilti to rack'Robert Durran118-Sep-13
Big Bob walks the talk on Pettifer's Wall, Ratho.Robert Durran116-Sep-13
Some say dry tooling is the devil's work...Robert Durran107-Sep-13
Running it out in a sea of graniteRobert Durran207-Aug-13
Moving through the big roof at CarnmoreRobert Durran128-Jul-13
Costa Del Elgol!Robert Durran128-Jun-13
This is me on my way to the top of Stetind. Photo taken by Jan Vimme.Robert Durran120-May-13
Squamish, Grand Wall, The Sword of Damocles pitchRobert Durran119-May-13
Bruce Kerr on the first ascent of The Twilight Hour in 1989Robert Durran119-May-13
Big exposure on the Cordier Pillar, Grand CharmozRobert Durran119-May-13
Early bird catches the worm!Robert Durran112-May-13
Stanage Light TrailsRobert Durran122-Apr-13
Drew pulling on Deux Faux Plis en Plats Réels with fading lightRobert Durran124-Mar-13
My first Alpine soloRobert Durran122-Feb-13
Head Torch and stars at Birchen EdgeRobert Durran122-Feb-13
High winds on The Peuterey RidgeRobert Durran216-Feb-13
Eiger '89 day 5: Above the Exit CracksRobert Durran202-Feb-13
North Face Les DroitesRobert Durran130-Jan-13
Eiger 1989 day 4: Below the Quartz CrackRobert Durran330-Jan-13
Busy day on Vulcan Wall but too much flesh!Robert Durran323-Jan-13
Eiger '89 day 5: The summitRobert Durran322-Jan-13
Eiger '89 day 1: Below the Difficult CrackRobert Durran222-Jan-13
Eiger '89 day 4: The final chimneysRobert Durran121-Jan-13
Eiger '89 day 3: Traverse of the GodsRobert Durran121-Jan-13
Eiger '89 day 1: Hinterstoisse TraverseRobert Durran121-Jan-13
Eiger '89: IntimidationRobert Durran121-Jan-13
omertaRobert Durran112-Jan-13
Crevasse, AntarcticaRobert Durran117-Dec-12
Ouch. Only injury was a broken helmet thankfullyRobert Durran129-Oct-12
Charly on Pfugelule (VIII/9), Coire an Lochain, ScotlandRobert Durran122-Oct-12
Austrian Climber leading on Eternal Flame, Trango Tower. Photo by Alard Hufner.Robert Durran122-Oct-12
Dumbarton driftRobert Durran123-Sep-12
Midway up the ChiefRobert Durran116-Sep-12
Eidetind 2Robert Durran108-Sep-12
Pitch 4Robert Durran307-Sep-12
High on the north wall of StetindRobert Durran103-Sep-12
The hand crack with a viewRobert Durran103-Sep-12
Greenland from the airRobert Durran111-Mar-12
Mont BlancRobert Durran110-Jan-12
The Fascist and MeRobert Durran328-Aug-11
Paul Swail rips up PabbayRobert Durran126-Jun-11
Single bolt belay!Robert Durran107-Jun-11
Robert DurranRobert Durran204-Oct-10