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Stroppy Gob - Banned User

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Photo title (click for details)Posted byPostsDate posted
Kinder Downfall. 11th January 2015.Stroppy Gob - Banned User112-Jan-15
On the edgeStroppy Gob - Banned User131-Dec-14
Night landscape looking over Nuvolau and the Tofanas. Stroppy Gob - Banned User229-Nov-14
DyrholaeyStroppy Gob - Banned User123-Sep-14
Nw fellsStroppy Gob - Banned User121-Sep-14
Cat bellsStroppy Gob - Banned User105-Sep-14
GlydersStroppy Gob - Banned User126-Aug-14
Ed's Revenge - Thug on the Constable Stroppy Gob - Banned User114-Aug-14
On ReflectionStroppy Gob - Banned User113-Aug-14
Cox tor sunsetStroppy Gob - Banned User102-Aug-14
Ants on Commando Ridge!Stroppy Gob - Banned User101-Jul-14
Bosi ridgeStroppy Gob - Banned User114-Jun-14
Taking the Tarrier drop at Dumbarton.Stroppy Gob - Banned User106-Jun-14
Sunset over the rapeseed fields of rural Cheshire.Stroppy Gob - Banned User220-May-14
Heavy Showers and Bright Sunshine, Black MountainsStroppy Gob - Banned User119-May-14
Last Light over Cwm EigauStroppy Gob - Banned User119-May-14
Sunset at StanageStroppy Gob - Banned User118-Apr-14
Spot the cloud!Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Mar-14
'Ra' at Carn Barra on 8MAR14. Big chunk missing.Stroppy Gob - Banned User109-Mar-14
Very stormy seas at PorthlevenStroppy Gob - Banned User109-Feb-14
The old tat from Lunakhod abseil.Stroppy Gob - Banned User124-Jan-14
The StormStroppy Gob - Banned User208-Jan-14
burrator reservoirStroppy Gob - Banned User129-Dec-13
Yorkshire Limestone PavementsStroppy Gob - Banned User128-Dec-13
sheepstor sky2Stroppy Gob - Banned User128-Dec-13
Najizal 2Stroppy Gob - Banned User223-Dec-13
staple torStroppy Gob - Banned User122-Dec-13
black mountain cairnStroppy Gob - Banned User224-Nov-13
Sheeps torStroppy Gob - Banned User122-Nov-13
Unknown quarry, no climbs yetStroppy Gob - Banned User322-Nov-13
cuckoo rockStroppy Gob - Banned User122-Nov-13
The Man on the TorStroppy Gob - Banned User120-Nov-13
Break in the rainStroppy Gob - Banned User214-Sep-13
A morning on CrimpiauStroppy Gob - Banned User120-Aug-13
Summer bloom at Cinque TorriStroppy Gob - Banned User130-Jul-13
'Young, Gifted, and Black' (E4 6a) in green and 'Old, Ordinary, and White' (HVS 5a) in blue. Holwell Tor.Stroppy Gob - Banned User125-Jun-13
Jack on the wonderful Anvil ChorusStroppy Gob - Banned User123-Jun-13
Dartmoor mistsStroppy Gob - Banned User113-Jun-13
Ken Palmer on his Rubber Dinghy Rapids (E7 6c)Stroppy Gob - Banned User122-Apr-13
Down Tor SW Flank TopoStroppy Gob - Banned User128-Mar-13
Stone Boom pitch twoStroppy Gob - Banned User122-Mar-13
Hurry Up,the World is going to End.Stroppy Gob - Banned User124-Dec-12
Below the Great Wall of Pentire, North CornwallStroppy Gob - Banned User106-Dec-12
Chapel Porth, near St Agnes, CornwallStroppy Gob - Banned User120-Nov-12
Haytor from Greator RocksStroppy Gob - Banned User120-Nov-12
Trebarwith StarndStroppy Gob - Banned User106-Nov-12
bouldering bonehill 2Stroppy Gob - Banned User226-Oct-12
Sean Villanueva on a ground up attempt of 'We're All Learning' E7 6c, on Binnian's Jabberwock Tor, Mountains of Mourne.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Oct-12
Climbing Iron Bells during BMC Cornish Climbing Festival.Stroppy Gob - Banned User129-Sep-12
Land End, Enys Dodnan.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Sep-12
Rough Tor on Bodmin MoorStroppy Gob - Banned User116-Sep-12
Rough Tor, on Bodmin MoorStroppy Gob - Banned User313-Sep-12
Go West,part 1.Stroppy Gob - Banned User111-Sep-12
Climbers club directStroppy Gob - Banned User104-Sep-12
Bedruthan StepsStroppy Gob - Banned User104-Sep-12
SennenStroppy Gob - Banned User110-Aug-12
Sunny Sennen eveningStroppy Gob - Banned User109-Aug-12
Lands Ends, Longships and the Irish LadyStroppy Gob - Banned User109-Aug-12
Pigeon House mountian NSW from the laddersStroppy Gob - Banned User109-Aug-12
Pigeon House Mountain NSWStroppy Gob - Banned User109-Aug-12
cwm llafarStroppy Gob - Banned User129-Jul-12
A Dartmoor panorama from Hound Tor.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Jul-12
Fur Tor & River Tavy, Dartmoor.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Jul-12
View from Higher White Tor, Dartmoor.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Jul-12
In Wistmans Wood, Dartmoor.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Jul-12
Ditsworthy Warren House, Dartmoor.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Jul-12
Ryders hill from Bellever tor, Dartmoor.Stroppy Gob - Banned User118-Jul-12
Chris Bonington still climbing at 78. LegendStroppy Gob - Banned User118-May-12
Menhir Merrivale DartmoorStroppy Gob - Banned User131-Jan-12
An esoteric gem!Stroppy Gob - Banned User117-Sep-11
Climbing at Bosingran Stroppy Gob - Banned User112-Aug-11
Ken Palmer on his Barrel Traverse (F7C)Stroppy Gob - Banned User117-Nov-10
Christmas Curry, Tremadog.Stroppy Gob - Banned User128-Oct-10
Nightsoloing at StanageStroppy Gob - Banned User108-Oct-10
arran ridgesStroppy Gob - Banned User108-Oct-10
Lizard point, CornwallStroppy Gob - Banned User131-Jul-10
first and last wallStroppy Gob - Banned User131-Jul-10
The magnificent Sharp Arete (again)Stroppy Gob - Banned User119-Jul-10
Soloing at Plymouth HoeStroppy Gob - Banned User111-Jun-10
Dartmoor PanoStroppy Gob - Banned User105-Jun-10
John on Interrogation SuperdirectStroppy Gob - Banned User105-Jun-10
Ken Palmer on Soft Cell (F7C+)Stroppy Gob - Banned User201-Jun-10
No going back now. Andrew onsight on the smears of the Strangler.Stroppy Gob - Banned User110-May-10
Luke on Aerobic Wall (E2 5c) at Hound TorStroppy Gob - Banned User116-Apr-10
GrasmoorStroppy Gob - Banned User122-Mar-10
Sennen Cove (HDR)Stroppy Gob - Banned User303-Feb-10
Sennen crag in evening light, CornwallStroppy Gob - Banned User103-Feb-10
Hangover, Haytor & Dartmoor at it's best. Stroppy Gob - Banned User101-Feb-10
Panoramic photo of Burrator Reservoir, DartmoorStroppy Gob - Banned User129-Jan-10
Hey tor 4Stroppy Gob - Banned User113-Dec-09
Big Seas at Sennen CoveStroppy Gob - Banned User120-Oct-09
Lands EndStroppy Gob - Banned User120-Oct-09
No access 2Stroppy Gob - Banned User104-Aug-09
Hay TorStroppy Gob - Banned User104-Aug-09
Gurnard's HeadStroppy Gob - Banned User124-May-09
Bosigran Sunset?Stroppy Gob - Banned User124-Apr-09
Katy Whittaker's Gear on Braille Trail - BurbageStroppy Gob - Banned User123-Feb-09
Kawerau Gorge Stroppy Gob - Banned User107-Feb-09
Castle Hill RocksStroppy Gob - Banned User104-Feb-09
Hanging FlakeStroppy Gob - Banned User112-Dec-08
Forest SunriseStroppy Gob - Banned User124-Nov-08
Dripdry (E4 6B)Stroppy Gob - Banned User105-Nov-08
Rob@ Sheep's TorStroppy Gob - Banned User110-Oct-08
Bouldering in the mistStroppy Gob - Banned User110-Oct-08
Bouldering at Bone Hill RocksStroppy Gob - Banned User110-Oct-08
A group of locals at Northcott MouthStroppy Gob - Banned User128-Jul-08
Proof of Concept, V5 6B, Combshead Tor, DartmoorStroppy Gob - Banned User128-Jul-08
Ynys DodnanStroppy Gob - Banned User117-Feb-08
Lone Tree, Combestone Tor, DartmoorStroppy Gob - Banned User116-Feb-08
Bonehill rocksStroppy Gob - Banned User113-Feb-08
Dartmoor landscapeStroppy Gob - Banned User112-Feb-08
Juniper Wall, Gower, WalesStroppy Gob - Banned User112-Jan-08
Three Cliffs, GowerStroppy Gob - Banned User112-Jan-08
Wave breaking over SennenStroppy Gob - Banned User111-Jan-08