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Dave Warburton

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Dave On Unclimbed E7 at DanbyDave Warburton107-Sep-15
The Mane attraction of Lion Buttress. Dave Warburton106-Aug-15
another new stoupe highball?Dave Warburton123-Jul-15
Illusion Buttress RH, Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Illusion Buttress LH, Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Black Wall (Right side of Evasion Buttress), Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Evasion Buttress, Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Counterfeit Buttress, Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Contraband Buttress, Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Aurora Buttress, Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Easter Island ButtressDave Warburton228-Mar-15
Foxholes Buttress, Smugglers TerraceDave Warburton128-Mar-15
Tony Marr exploring the delights of Tarn Hole Crag, North Yorkshire. 1986.Dave Warburton106-Jan-15
first ascentDave Warburton120-Sep-14
The well-hidden left hand side of the Smuggler's Terrace, in full summer foliage. Dave Warburton102-Sep-14
Alan Taylor making the second ascent of Stardust, Raven's Scar. 1977.Dave Warburton113-Jul-14
Grooves-ology, Raven's ScarDave Warburton111-Jul-14
Preparing for the crux top out on Sculptured Arete E3 5cDave Warburton103-Jul-14
Spring Bank Quarry / Slapewath QuarryDave Warburton424-Jun-14
View of Desperandum area, Snotterdale. 1986.Dave Warburton117-Apr-14
High Above The Pads On The Second Ascent Of 'Gnedl Maedl'Dave Warburton115-Apr-14
In a ground fall position (missed the gear) on a very cold day in November during the first ascent of A Plaice Lost in Time.Dave Warburton314-Apr-14
Playful Climbing At A Serious Height - On The FA Of Archaeopteryx Dave Warburton108-Apr-14
Hoar Frost at Brimham Rocks. 2011.Dave Warburton131-Mar-14
Nick Dixon on the first ascent of Magic in the Air, Highcliffe Nab. 1982.Dave Warburton126-Feb-14
Esoteric Commitment Dave Warburton225-Feb-14
'On Urra Moor Baht 'at' FADave Warburton122-Jan-14
Stonking 14m long Parallel Cracks At Danby. Dave Warburton114-Jan-14
View showing the line of Blitzrieg, Whitestone Cliffe. 1966.Dave Warburton108-Jan-14
Crookrise BoulderingDave Warburton101-Dec-13
Mendip Riglos.Dave Warburton129-Nov-13
DPaul on crux of Up From The Skies,first ascentDave Warburton110-Sep-13
Tarn Hole BoulderingDave Warburton117-Aug-13
the fantastic TracheotomyDave Warburton123-Jul-13
Thimbleby Crag, near Over Silton village. panoramic shot Dave Warburton122-Jul-13
Magic in the Air, Highcliffe Nab. 1982. Paul Ingham climbing.Dave Warburton131-May-13
A Great Little Fight Down in the ForestDave Warburton127-May-13
Is this caley slab? 5+ or V4?Dave Warburton103-May-13
Paul Ingham soloing Sphinx West Direct. 1983.Dave Warburton101-May-13
D. Warburton Checking the Moves on Howl Psyche (prior to losing his mind and soloing it)Dave Warburton131-Mar-13
Paul Ingham on Orchrist,Simon Walker belaying,1983. The climb attracted much interest.Dave Warburton116-Mar-13
Paul Ingham making the first ascent of Time Captain. September 1979. Ken Jackson belaying.Dave Warburton124-Feb-13
Wedge Route - Paul Ingham making the first free ascent 29th.September 1979. Dave Warburton117-Feb-13
SnotterdaleDave Warburton110-Nov-12
The Line Of The Tormented Sole, On Easter Island Buttress.Dave Warburton113-Sep-12
FingersDave Warburton129-Aug-12
Kilnsey trad!Dave Warburton122-Jun-12
Buzz, doing what he does best.... but whats the route? Answers to Chris Craggs to claim your prize!Dave Warburton114-Jun-12
StephenDave Warburton119-Apr-12
Jamie on the on-sight first ascent of The Undiscovered CountryDave Warburton106-Apr-12
The big span on Eavestone WallDave Warburton102-Apr-12
Sam MarksDave Warburton109-Feb-12
Ravensheugh Block Northumberland.Dave Warburton109-Feb-12
High Cup from Narrowgate BeaconDave Warburton204-Feb-12
Warrior, High Crag, one of the best E2s on the moors!Dave Warburton208-Jan-12
This is better than Giggleswick!Dave Warburton120-Dec-11
northern gritDave Warburton130-Nov-11
Catching the TopDave Warburton104-Nov-11
Dave shunting Woodland Ecology Variation FinishDave Warburton130-Oct-11
Tony balancing up the groove of RIPDave Warburton130-Oct-11
Flame AreteDave Warburton126-Oct-11
The Elevator E6 6cDave Warburton320-Oct-11
Topo for 'Far right wall' AKA stinking beaver buttress. Gutter guts, rough and tumble and rock spit (left to right)Dave Warburton105-Oct-11
Franco on the F.A of 'Curious Intrigue' at the forgotten and neglected leftside of Highcliffe NabDave Warburton116-Sep-11
Ping - Highcliffe Nab. It's clean and good. Get on it.Dave Warburton116-Sep-11
Franco onsight cleaning Peeler, Highcliffe NabDave Warburton112-Sep-11
Warrior - High Crag. Sam enjoying the elusive classic, during a rainy moors day out.Dave Warburton104-Sep-11
main wallDave Warburton104-Sep-11
Ping - Highcliffe Nab. Route is clean and excellent get to it.Dave Warburton104-Sep-11
Ping - Highcliffe NabDave Warburton104-Sep-11
Sunset Pinnacle Dave Warburton127-Aug-11
Dave WarburtonDave Warburton526-Aug-11
Body Torque - Stormy Hall BouldersDave Warburton215-Aug-11
Neb Buttress in the evening lightDave Warburton128-Jul-11
FA Borrowdale Lads Day Out.E2 5c. Moss Rigg ,Langdale.Paul Ross Denis Peare Tony Greenbank. 1990Dave Warburton227-Jul-11
Franco CooksonDave Warburton121-May-11
Dom White on The Jim Grin, f7a, Trollers GillDave Warburton113-May-11
Nick getting stuck into Joanna...Dave Warburton107-May-11
adam wilkin following the Haggis Scary E6Dave Warburton107-May-11
Slackers, E6 6b, CurbarDave Warburton120-Mar-11
Flute Casts in the underlying Greywacke near Panorama crag.Dave Warburton313-Mar-11
Twig pre-failure on Grandmaster FlashDave Warburton110-Mar-11
Top winter sun sport climbing venueDave Warburton107-Mar-11
So....this is safe then??Dave Warburton128-Feb-11
nickDave Warburton113-Feb-11
V5, IlkleyDave Warburton113-Feb-11
a cracking summer routeDave Warburton124-Jan-11
Le Ticket, le Carré, le Rond et la Lune, Aiguille de Peigne. The end of the undercut traverse on pitch 5.Dave Warburton112-Jan-11
Ed Booth redpointing In Absentia, 7B, The Gorge at GietrozDave Warburton130-Dec-10
Mr Lopez managing to extract himself from the fissure BrownDave Warburton130-Dec-10
Jake HampshireDave Warburton128-Dec-10
Jas wood Gibbons Gambol, E2 5cDave Warburton127-Dec-10
How ?Dave Warburton126-Dec-10
linesDave Warburton127-Aug-10
FWA Tell Chriss Craggs Nout V 6Dave Warburton318-Aug-10
Warble Fly, E1 5b, Kepwick Crag, NYMDave Warburton101-Jul-10
Shortly after doing route for first time. Fingers in the nice starting shothole. This is just left of seamstress slab.Dave Warburton105-Jun-10
best of trad V best of sportDave Warburton131-May-10
Me leading first pitch of EurydiceDave Warburton226-May-10
Sideshow, E2 5b, Hodge Close Quarry, Lake District.Dave Warburton121-May-10
Hebden GillDave Warburton121-May-10
SuspenseDave Warburton116-May-10
There's too many photos of pathetic crags on this site, here's a better oneDave Warburton113-May-10
Jason Wood on a mono problem at Ingleby Incline.Dave Warburton110-May-10
Safety reached...Dave Warburton110-May-10
Ewan on 'The Stick Up' - SerengetiDave Warburton209-May-10
EttringenDave Warburton208-May-10
The Most Unattractively Situated Crag On The North York Moors?Dave Warburton130-Apr-10
KnightsbridgeDave Warburton125-Apr-10
Joe Cool - E2Dave Warburton125-Apr-10
Ogden Clough Topout...Dave Warburton123-Apr-10
Seven Up, SlipstonesDave Warburton109-Apr-10
Only the flexible of hip need apply.Dave Warburton107-Apr-10
Grab The SlabDave Warburton130-Mar-10
mark75Dave Warburton217-Mar-10
Grendel's MotherDave Warburton117-Mar-10
Ben Pritchard cutting loose for the crowd on Shine On E7 6cDave Warburton116-Mar-10
Bomber CorniceDave Warburton108-Mar-10
Cutting loose on The Horn (V4)Dave Warburton122-Feb-10
atomicDave Warburton116-Jan-10
roseberry toppingDave Warburton116-Jan-10
Kinder downfall, January 13th 2010Dave Warburton115-Jan-10
The Horned One (First Ascent)Dave Warburton112-Jan-10
Me on Golden Days E3 6b Black RocksDave Warburton110-Jan-10
Time for tea anyone!Dave Warburton105-Jan-10
Devils Appendix etc 3.50pm Mon 28th DecemberDave Warburton129-Dec-09
Looking down Dollywaggon GullyDave Warburton129-Dec-09
Franco Leading a bold new route in bad conditions as it becomes dark.....Dave Warburton124-Dec-09
preston bowers on swingover E3 5C at baildon bankDave Warburton215-Dec-09
Going for Penal onsight. Dave Warburton101-Dec-09
Black Velvet Canyon, Red RocksDave Warburton126-Nov-09
Climbing in the 1930'sDave Warburton126-Nov-09
ANOTHER posey GF photo :DDave Warburton126-Nov-09
Dan LaneDave Warburton216-Nov-09
No hands problem- surprisingly I stayed on.Dave Warburton213-Nov-09
echoesDave Warburton112-Nov-09
Angel's WallDave Warburton112-Nov-09
Salamanda tackles the crux of Mongol (E2 5c) at Beacon Scar.Dave Warburton215-Oct-09
The Pepperpot Work Now Climb LaterDave Warburton109-Oct-09
Franco's Wall, just before the rain got meDave Warburton103-Sep-09
charnwood routesDave Warburton103-Sep-09
Ten Years AfterDave Warburton102-Sep-09
stargazerDave Warburton131-Aug-09
Naomi trying hard on SatchmoDave Warburton127-Aug-09
Ali anticipating the do-or-deck crux of Poseidon Adventure (E4 6a), Bowden Doors, NorthumberlandDave Warburton131-Jul-09
ThanatosDave Warburton131-Jul-09
Katy Whittaker climbing Braille Trail at BurbageDave Warburton120-Jul-09
Franco onsighting the beautiful, 'Childhood's End' E4 6a*** at Ravensheugh. Please visit this crag it is getting dirty.Dave Warburton119-Jul-09
Harry treading lightly on the top pitch of Other Realms, E6, CilanDave Warburton103-Jul-09
'Enjoying' the exposure on the poorly protected 'off-route variation' to Pink Panther - Dow CragDave Warburton203-Jul-09
Luke on the starting sequence of 'The Shining Path' E5 6b*** - Dow CragDave Warburton128-Jun-09
Franco on the crimpy central section of 'The Shining Path' - E5 6b*** - Dow CragDave Warburton128-Jun-09
striding areaDave Warburton126-Jun-09
lukehuntDave Warburton118-Jun-09
High Crag - TripsdaleDave Warburton214-Jun-09
Tony Stone, perched on EdgehogDave Warburton113-Jun-09
FFA Teesside TwitcherDave Warburton111-Jun-09
Calvin snapping for the sloper and fell off.Dave Warburton110-Jun-09
phalicDave Warburton110-Jun-09
lions jawDave Warburton210-Jun-09
franco barefoot soloing gargoyle flakeDave Warburton109-Jun-09
franco warming up for The Snivelling Shit.Dave Warburton103-Jun-09
magic in the air e5 6bDave Warburton203-Jun-09
French climbers on Belulah's book, Red RocksDave Warburton126-May-09
View from StanageDave Warburton125-May-09
Cloud Burst approaching AlmscliffDave Warburton119-May-09
Upper Falcon CragDave Warburton207-May-09
OrlovDave Warburton106-May-09
fairy tale lowDave Warburton102-May-09
Committing to the crux on a new route in JordanDave Warburton102-May-09
Long BowDave Warburton130-Apr-09
Wellington CrackDave Warburton128-Apr-09
JusDave Warburton103-Dec-08
Gavin Pike and Yoshiko Mayasaki on Left Edge at sunrise. Jorasses in the distanceDave Warburton101-Dec-08
WhitestoneDave Warburton130-Nov-08
Whitestone CliffeDaveWarb130-Nov-08
Sunset at Beacon Scar DaveWarb124-Nov-08
syretts roofDaveWarb112-Nov-08
Derwent Sunset DaveWarb112-Nov-08
Franco Cookson Soloing The NightwatchDaveWarb109-Nov-08
Franco Cookson OLDDaveWarb130-Oct-08
Pete Chadwick latches the good holds at the end of the crux of SupercoolDaveWarb122-Sep-08
Beautiful field of Obsidian close to Hrafntinnusker, IcelandDaveWarb117-Sep-08
Sphinx Nose TraverseDaveWarb216-Sep-08
Cosmonaut, VS 4c, Peak Scar, North Yorkshire Moors.DaveWarb102-Sep-08
Is this the highest Sunderland FanDaveWarb127-Aug-08
jas woodDaveWarb116-Aug-08
Railway pillar outside GlasgowDaveWarb114-Aug-08
Smith's routeDaveWarb112-Aug-08
Sue Hazel on the awe inspiring 1st belay of DreadnoughtDaveWarb105-Aug-08
Lucille Offwidth - from the siteDaveWarb102-Aug-08
high force falls in a kayakDaveWarb102-Aug-08
lowa alpine sports 1974DaveWarb107-Jul-08
From the top of Burj DubaiDaveWarb102-Jul-08
Franco soloing Gargoyle FlakeDaveWarb214-Jun-08
Raven's Scar - North YorkshireDaveWarb108-Jun-08
Moonrise at Carrock FellDaveWarb128-Apr-08
Ian Jackson, glides up West Sphinx Direct.DaveWarb228-Apr-08
West Sphinx Direct (E3)DaveWarb219-Apr-08
My 1st E3, Sphinx?, E3 5b, Wainstones, North YorkshireDaveWarb119-Apr-08
From Heather Wall along Stanage (In February!)DaveWarb118-Apr-08
The superb Ali BabaDaveWarb118-Apr-08
Setting Out On The Ali Baba GrooveDaveWarb117-Apr-08
Second CloudDaveWarb115-Apr-08
Me on the beckoning pitch of 'Scarecrow Crack' at Highcliffe Nab, just after a dusting of SnowDaveWarb224-Mar-08
Forest Face (HS4b) at Raven's ScarDaveWarb115-Mar-08
freddy on the crux of BrutDaveWarb112-Mar-08
topping out at sunset, WainstonesDaveWarb105-Mar-08
Keep Peddlin' and PlantationDaveWarb104-Mar-08
Jordan Buys on Carmen Picasso, Gorple, E8 6c.DaveWarb126-Feb-08
Freezing Fog descends into Teesside.DaveWarb125-Feb-08
Matterhorn east face from the rifflehornDaveWarb124-Feb-08
I'll jump, i'll do it!DaveWarb122-Feb-08
Never trust a dog to spot for you II.DaveWarb118-Feb-08
Kitchen WallDaveWarb111-Feb-08
Julian finishing the excellent Chairman's Climb (VS 4b)DaveWarb123-Jan-08
A Fall Off Lion KingDaveWarb120-Jan-08
Stubai Alps - the Rinnensee with the Ruderhofspitze range behindDaveWarb110-Nov-07
Park NabDaveWarb107-Nov-07
Alex on the classic Little Chamonix (V Diff), Shepherds CragDaveWarb106-Nov-07
Snap, Medusa Falls (7a) and To Wish the impossible (7a)slowtrain49127-Oct-07
Stob Dearg - Buachaille Etive Morslowtrain49117-Oct-07
Airlift, Raven Scarslowtrain49213-Oct-07