The UKC Christmas Fingerboard Challenge Article

© Ashleigh Naysmith/Kenny Stocker

Christmas will be unconventional this year, as many people around the world find themselves locked-down at home unable to see family and friends. To lessen the Zoom and gloom somewhat, we thought of a challenge to put your 2020 fingerboard fitness to good use and have a laugh at the same time. Film your efforts and tag #UKCXmasChallenge and @ukclimbing to be featured on our Instagram and for a chance to win a Rockfax guidebook of your choice.

UKC Christmas Fingerboard Challenge 2020: Babies as additional weight are optional.  © Ashleigh Naysmith/Kenny Stocker
UKC Christmas Fingerboard Challenge 2020: Babies as additional weight are optional.
© Ashleigh Naysmith/Kenny Stocker

Try these 5 Christmas-themed fingerboard challenges with your family/housemates. They can also be done on a pull-up bar, but you might have to get a bit creative with the stocking filler challenge. Be sure to warm up properly! We do not accept responsibility for any injuries - especially not if alcohol is involved!

No dabbing/bridging/bracing against doorframes in any of the challenges!

Please note: to avoid indigestion, you can change the order of the mince pie challenge if you wish and do it later on...

Strong people handicap: use smaller edges/pockets, if you can!

Points system per challenge:

Winner = 10 points

2nd place = 8 points

3rd place = 6 points

4th place = 4 points

5th place = 2 points

6th onwards = 1 point for effort!

1. The One-Arm Hang Mince Pie-Eating Challenge 🥧

You will need: mince pies or an alternative festive food, a good appetite

Start hanging off the hold and arm of your choice with a mince pie in hand and eat it. Keep holding on and eating. When you're finished the first one, grab or get a family member to pass you the next one. Continue until your arm or stomach fail. The winner is the person who eats the most mince pies while hanging, so eat quickly if you have no endurance...

2. The Christmas Jumper Challenge 🎄

You will need: a Christmas jumper, a stopwatch

Grab your most festive Christmas jumper (or any old jumper if you don't have one) and start hanging off both arms from the board/bar with the jumper resting on your raised knees/between your knees while a household member starts the clock. Put the jumper on properly (head and both arms through, body pulled down to hips all the way around) while free-hanging, switching between arms as you dress, as fast as you can. No bridging on doorframes or dabbing the floor allowed...and no wardrobe assistance from family members! The winner is the fastest dresser.

3. The Stocking Filler Pull-up Challenge 🧦

You will need: a stocking, chocolate coins or small objects to fit in the holds, a stopwatch

Place chocolate coins/mini chocolates/treats of some sort (preferably wrapped for hygiene reasons!) in the pockets and holds of your board. Alternatively, any small object should do. Hang a stocking in the middle of the board on your pulley system, or tape it to the doorframe if you don't have a pulley hook. Start hanging one-armed and get a friend to start a stopwatch. While hanging one-armed, grab a coin/object out of a pocket/hold and put it in the stocking with your free hand and then pull on with both hands and do a pull-up. Switch to hanging on your opposite arm and put a second object in the stocking. Pull on again and do a pull-up. Switch to hanging on your first arm again and put an object in the stocking... repeat until failure or until all the objects are in the stocking. The winner is the person who bags all the items, or whoever completes it the quickest. Dropped object = 5 second penalty.

4. The Jingle Bells Singalong Challenge 🔔

Choose two good holds to hang from that you feel comfortable doing pull-ups on, too. Play the Frank Sinatra version of Jingle Bells embedded below and deadhang two-handed for the whole song while singing along, doing a pull-up every time the word 'jingle' is sung (yep, even after every J-I-N-G-L-E spelling at the start and the end!) The winner is whoever hangs on until the end of the song, or for the longest time. Use CC captions on the bottom right of the video if you don't know the words! Best/most enthusiastic singer gets 5 bonus seconds added...!

5. Christmas Present Delivery Challenge 🎁

You will need: Christmas decorations/objects, stopwatch, some chairs or stools.

Time for some core, now you're feeling warmed-up...Gather some small (non-fragile) Christmas decorations or presents (about 10, or however many you think your team is capable of!) that can be easily be picked up and clamped between your feet. Get two chairs/stools/something raised and place one to the left and one to the right of the space in front of you if you were to hang off the fingerboard (if it's a narrow doorframe with enclosing walls, get creative and put one in front and one behind you or to the side) and place all of the objects on one of the chairs. Begin hanging off both arms as the stopwatch is started and pick up a decoration from the chair with your feet and transfer to the other. Repeat for each object until they are all transferred. The person with the most 'deliveries' wins, or the fastest person to complete the transfer. Dropped object = 5 second penalty.

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24 Dec, 2020

Best done while drunk you say....

24 Dec, 2020

I didn't test that but I can say that singing to Jingle Bells while hanging and doing pull-ups on the 'jingles' was harder than I expected!!

24 Dec, 2020

No, that's the monkeybarring down the scaffolding in the high street....

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