Will Bosi on Burden of Dreams, 9A replicas, and plans for the future

© Band of Birds

With Will making fast progress on the world's first 9A boulder, Burden of Dreams (f9A), we got in touch to ask about his experience on the Nalle Hukkataival testpiece, how it compares to the 3D scanned replica at the Lattice HQ, and whether it is, in fact, the hardest boulder in the world.

Will Bosi on Burden of Dreams, 9A  © Band of Birds
Will Bosi on Burden of Dreams, 9A
© Band of Birds

In the interview, recorded at the end of March, we also cover Will's ascent of Alphane, his first ascent of Scotlands hardest route 'Free at Last' 9a+, as well as his plans for the future, including his first trip to the US, and a return to Stefano Ghisolfi's 9b+ route Excalibur.

Check out the interview below:

Will is 22 and based in Edinburgh, Scotland. At 17, Will became the youngest Brit to climb 9a at the time with Rainshadow at Malham Cove. Since then, Bosi has become one of the leading lights of GB Climbing. In 2018, he...

Will's Athlete Page 58 posts 30 videos

7 Apr
Since Will includes the days he spent working on the replica when figuring out how much time the problem is taking, that sends a clear message r.e. The "flash" attempt. You'd have to be a beeee-tah to think that the bay-ta that you collect while working on a fine-tuned replica doesn't count against a flash.
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