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Feb 2002

thumb Fed up with having to pay to get in to crowded indoor walls? Are they never open when you want them? Let Nick Smith tell you how... Read more

Jul 2000

thumb Want to know how they did the climbing stuff in Mission Impossible 2? Was it Tom Cruise? An exclusive chat with a guy who did the... Read more

Mar 2003

thumb 20 routes to have a good time on by Chris Craggs, plus: why you should climb on grit, what you should expect, and how and where... Read more

Feb 2001

Bouldering comps can be great fun, and they aren't just for a small number of elite climbers. If you're never entered a... Read more

Dec 2003

thumb Well, Fiend says it's the gap between HVS and E1, and that you may have already climbed E0 routes. Charles Arthur says E0 exists... Read more

May 2001

Where do you usually think you're safe? On the ground, belaying? It didn't turn out that way one day in 2000 - and death... Read more

Feb 2001

thumb It's the route that people talk about when they're starting out on slate. The one that Stevie Haston cleaned with a fork, the big... Read more

Jan 2002

thumb "Yeah, well, I only do it safely, you know, small doses. I'm in control. I could stop any time I like." Should soloing be a Class... Read more

Popular Destination Articles of 2003

May 2002

thumb Want a free guidebook to some of Britain's most spectacular sea cliff climbs? Chris Mellor has made his Sea Stack guidebook... Read more

May 2002

thumb This is an extract from Chris Mellor's The Stack Climbing Guide to Orkney - one of eight guides to sea stack climbing around the... Read more

Jul 2003

thumb New Zealand climbing? Pretty damn good if you ask me. The crags are well spread out, but varied, accessible, with lots of fun... Read more

Sep 2003

thumb Utah is not on the usual hit list of destinations for travelling boulderers from Europe, but maybe it should be. Dave Pegg,... Read more

Sep 2001

thumb How would the man who runs the Skye ridge (and his mate) find the challenge of the peaks of the Southern Sierra? Plus details on... Read more

Popular Skills Articles of 2003

Mar 2003

thumb What is the ideal object for cleaning rock boots before you climb, and where can you get it? Why do all those E-silly climbers... Read more

Mar 2003

thumb You've got as many of them as you have hands - so why are so many people rotten at using their feet? And how can you use them... Read more

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