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Apr 2014

thumbFinger Injuries are almost certainly the most common injuries climbers face. In this article, climbing coach Robin O'Leary... Read more

Feb 2014

thumbElbow injuries (tendonitis) are arguably the most common along with finger injuries. In this article, climbing coach Robin... Read more

Jan 2014

thumbThis is the report from a lightweight climbing trip to the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan where a technical line on an unclimbed... Read more

Mar 2014

thumbIs it possible to improve your climbing without even trying? Jack Geldard thinks that a few small changes in your climbing... Read more

Nov 2014

thumbOver the years I've been asked many times about work as a Rope Access technician. Often by Instructors and Guides working for... Read more

Jan 2014

thumbIn this article, Mick Ward looks at how bouldering has progressed from being something that very few climbers took seriously to... Read more

May 2014

thumbMick Ward takes a nostalgic look back at British climbing, from the post-war boom through to the swinging sixties and... Read more

Sep 2014

thumbBen Davison is one of the rising stars of British sport climbing, having climbed 8c last year he climbed 8c+ just four years... Read more

Popular Destination Articles of 2014

Jan 2014

thumbIn this article Mark Glaister details the best sport climbing venues throughout the UK for the mid to low grade climber. Showing... Read more

May 2014

thumbWhat are the best five HVS routes in the UK? Read this article and find out! Do you agree? Have you done them all? And is the... Read more

Feb 2014

thumbUntracked back country snow and that elusive Scottish powder: Sound good? If you fancy the idea of Scottish ski touring, but... Read more

Jun 2014

thumbWhat are the best five E1 routes in the UK? Read this article and find out which ones Tom Ripley has picked out. Have you done... Read more

Jan 2014

thumbYangshuo is a new destination to climbers, but with it's high quality climbing, wide variety of styles, stunning scenery and the... Read more

Popular Skills Articles of 2014

Jan 2014

thumbIn this article, Dave Flanagan gives 10 tips on how to improve at bouldering indoors and also how to use bouldering to improve... Read more

Dec 2014

thumbDespite climbing winter routes all over the world, Hull's second best climber has never had the hotaches... In this article... Read more

Feb 2014

thumbMost climbers are blissfully unaware of the more common injuries, we - as climbers, suffer from. In this article, climbing coach... Read more

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