1. PHOTO ESSAY: A Short Walk Up Wildspitze with Robert Jasper

by Michael Ryan Sep/2009
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Anyway, here's mine.

It's not all sitting in front of a computer at UKC, or being on the phone, or visiting outdoor companies, sometimes I actually get out. It's not been a bad year: Mallorca, Spain, Skye, Arran, the Peak, Pembroke, NW Scotland, the Lakes, Yorkshire, North Wales, Norfolk...yes Norfolk. A highlight was the Oetztal Alps in Austria on a trip organised by Adidas Eyewear to promote their new alpine sunglasses/goggles, the Terrex Pro. A big thanks to Ben Ashlin and Martine Melki-Neumüller at Adidas Eyewear for the invite.

Wildspitze, 3770 m, is the second highest mountain in Austria and is situated in the Oeztal Alps in the North Tirol (Grossglockner at 3798 meters is the highest). We caught a cable car up from Vent then hiked up to the Breslauer Huette at 2365m. Here the assembled outdoor journalists from all over Europe (about 30 of us) were treated to a hearty meal and a slide show by the acclaimed alpinist Robert Jasper (www.robert-jasper.de). Alpinists Robert Jasper, Leo Houlding, Tim Emmett, and Matt Helliker have all been involved in the development of the new Adidas alpine sunglasses/goggles. We will have more on the new Terrex Pro later this month.

An early start saw us slogging up a glacier and a steep gully to the ridge that led to the summit. It was a grand day out, moderate in alpine difficulty, but excellent fun. Hope you like my photographs of the day.

All photos © Mick Ryan UKClimbing.com

Robert Jasper, 149 kbHe's bad. The mean looking super alpinist, Robert Jasper. Click on the photo to make him even meaner.. He's actually lovely and looked after everyone.

wildspitze_15, 140 kbA cable car from Vent at 1900m, then a short hike to the Breslauer Huette at 2365m.

wildspitze_14, 156 kbBreakfast at 4.30am at the Breslauer Huette.

wildspitze_13, 166 kbA snake of lights leave the hut.

wildspitze_12, 88 kbWe went via the Mitterkarjoch, mostly snow plodding with one steep section, a snowed up gully.

wildspitze_11, 103 kbAs we got higher the views were breathtaking.

wildspitze_10, 99 kbOur roped up team of five were the first to the summit.

Herr Jasper was a little out of breath.

wildspitze_8, 131 kbI needed a cuppa on the summit and wanted to test my Primus EtaPackLite Stove at altitude. If you are wondering what the container on the left is. It is commemorative tin box (used to contain chocolate orange sprinkles) to celebrate the marriage of the heir apparent to the Dutch throne Prince Willem-Alexander and his wife Princess Máxima. I store my coffee in it.

The stove worked well, altitude was 3774m (around 12,300ft), and in a coupla minutes the the snow was melted and the water boiling.

wildspitze_6, 137 kbAnd the freshly brewed coffee, Illy of course, and yes that is a French press cup, was good

wildspitze_5, 174 kbThen down a semi exposed snow ridge to the lower north summit


wildspitze_16, 156 kbLooking back at the summit

wildspitze_4, 64 kbThen a big trog down over glaciers and weaving in between crevasses

wildspitze_3, 87 kb....and we are happy and having fun....

wildspitze_2, 174 kbAlthough our eyes were well protected by the Adidas Terrex Pro sunglasses your eyes aren't the only organs you have to protect at altitude

wildspitze_1, 122 kbThen a couple of kilometres over glaciers back to the hut. Not that steep, but because of a steep drop off we stayed roped and wore crampons. Then it was off to the Silhouette factory in Linz where Adidas Eyewear are based, to witness how the sunglasses we were wearing are made.

Mick Ryan climbing on the Peñon de Ifach on the Costa Blanca, 74 kbMick Ryan climbing on the Peñon de Ifach on the Costa Blanca
© Alan James
Mick Ryan is the Senior Editor and Advertising Manager at UKClimbing.com. Mick started climbing in 1978 when in sixth form at St. Mary's College Blackburn (Lancashire, England). He enjoys all types of climbing and climbers and has climbed all over the UK, Europe and the USA. Highlights include doing the Old Man of Hoy and Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Mick was a co-founder of Rockfax guidebooks in the early 1990s before moving to Bishop, California enjoying the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and the boulders in the Owens Valley. After 12 years in the States he moved back to the UK in 2006 to become the full-time editor at UKClimbing.com. Mick's role grew over the next year and in 2008 Mick become the dedicated Advertising Manager, as well as Senior Editor at UKC.
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