Self Rescue for Climbers - Escaping the System

by Steve Long Feb/2011
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In part 2 of this short video series, Steve Long shows how to escape the system.
Part 1 - Tying off the Belay Plate

Having locked off the plate (see Self Rescue for Climbers - How to Tie Off a Belay Plate), you can now connect the casualty or stuck climber directly to the belay anchor so that you are now freed from the safety system - ensure that your anchors can take the direction of loading that will ensue.

Attach a prusik loop to the live rope using a reliable prusik knot such as a klemheist. This can be connected back to the belay anchor using a long sling, then tensioned by sliding the prusik as far down the live rope as possible. The belay device can now be carefully released and slack paid out to check that the prusik is holding the load without slipping. The brake rope should now be fixed directly to the anchor using an Italian (M¸nter) hitch and removed from the belay plate. Finally tension the rope and tie off the hitch with a couple of half-hitches (ìM¸nter muleî)

The system is set up ready to escape

Anchors Out of Reach

If the belay is not a convenient central anchor point, but consists of one or two anchors beyond arm's reach, escaping the system involves a couple more steps. Attach a sling to the belay ropes using a klemheist and join this to the prusik. Having escaped the system you can secure the live rope by tying an overhand knot on a bight below the klemheist and then fixing a M¸nter mule to a karabiner clipped into the loop. The anchors can now be equalized using slings to create a central anchor point. Connect the live rope back to this and if necessary all the rest of the rope can now be stripped from the anchors to be used for a rescue.

Escaping the system if the anchors are out of reach

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