Glenmore Lodge Winter Skills - Approaching a Winter Climb

We've teamed up with Glenmore Lodge for a new instructional series about decision making whilst winter climbing and mountaineering. The films aim to cover everything on what to look for when walking-in, what to take into consideration whilst gearing up, getting to the base of the crag, climbing and topping out safely.

We hope you find these instructional videos useful for learning basics and polishing up on essential skills, but they don't replace proper instruction and years of experience!

These first films focus on the approach to the climb.

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Agree nice and informative videos , nice relaxed style about them, does look like they robbed the pole shop before coming out. Just wondering if they are supposed to compliment the series that the BMC did with rich...
nice videos, with a lot to think about not usually mentioned, like all the other people.  A bit surprised they didn't explicitly reference the Be Avalanche Aware campaign the hirondus is very light and with all...
These are really nice little videos. I like his quiet, understated manner and easy, conversational style. Also the constant assessment/evaluation he's doing. What we should all be doing in the hills, summer and winter....

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