VIDEO: The Process: Training with Robbie Phillips - Ep. 5 The Art of Resting

Endurance training is totally the in thing right now! AeroCap, Anaerobic Endurance, Pump Levels, Laps, etc... But sometimes I think that climbing endurance isn't just about the physical, but more so the technical. One aspect of the technical side of endurance that gets missed out is basic recovery. Not recovery between routes or sessions, but the ability to shake out on a climb and actually get something back! It's a sure thing that endurance training will help this physically, but there's no doubt about it that resting is an art and indeed something that can be practised. I think I'm pretty good at shaking out and finding cheeky rests; it's what's made the difference a number of times. It was a hidden semi-rest on "Bellavista's" pumpy traverse that gave me the extra 5% to get through the crux and clip the chains! What can I say... I like to rest :)

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Robbie is sponsored by: Edelrid, Scarpa, Patagonia and Ratho - EICA. He is an ambassador forUrban Uprising.

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