5 day mountain bike tour ideas...

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 abr1966 09 Jan 2022

Any ideas about an approximately 5 day tour....

We'll be doing b&b's, on hardtails, point to point or a loop, not too technical....looking at forest tracks and pleasant trails rather than hard rocky descents etc...

Reasonably a roadie and 2 MTB riders...decent kind of places to stay, decent pubs, beers etc...

Thanks for any experience shared ..

 oliwarlow 09 Jan 2022
In reply to abr1966:

The An Turas Mor is a great ride (, if you are quite fast it can be done in 5 days, or you can just do section of it.  Last summer we got the train to Culrain and cycled Roshall back South - this avoid logistics faff of getting bikes further north.  We camped, but can certainly be done with b&b and dodgy rural highland hotels if required.  Only bit that might be tricky is if there is no space at the ossian hostel and you can't afford to stay at Corrour station!

There are a couple of coast to coast options too like the fort william to Montrose from the scottish mtb book (

There are several more that have more technical riding, but they are harder to work with non camping/bothy accomodation.


In reply to abr1966:

Maybe too extreme, but if you love Scottish scenery and hospitality, I’ll mention the Badger Divide. Not done it myself but I’ve got friends planning already to go to do it this year and they are not overly into any really technical or physically demanding routes.

With some pre planning, day lengths should be able to be adjusted to fit your requirements for decent places to stay, pubs, beer, etc., and five days or so should be easily doable for experienced bikers.

Been described as all-road bikepacking at it's finest in the U.K., but all road meaning all different types of road surfaces bikeable though minimising tarmac. Goes though some of Scotland’s most stunning scenic areas. for example but plenty of other google links.

 whenry 12 Jan 2022
In reply to abr1966:

There's the Sarn Helen - might be a bit on the long side (and apparently has some hike-a-bike)?

 MJAngry 12 Jan 2022
In reply to abr1966:

The off road C2C ?

Number 1 from this list

Of course options 2 and 3 are pretty good also.

 Gem 12 Jan 2022
In reply to MJAngry:

I'll start by saying that the route is technical in places but if you can take your time then I'd unreservedly recommend the Lakeland 200 circuit.  Without doubt, the best MTB tour I've done:

 matt3210 12 Jan 2022
In reply to abr1966:

Cairngorm tour?? You could take a few days over it.

Or something a bit longer

Hope this helps.

 GPN 23 Jan 2022
In reply to Gem:

The Lakes 200 is amazing, but forest tracks and pleasant trails it is not! Even in 4-5 days it’s tough going.

The Wild About Argyll Trail (Helensburgh to Oban) and then back on the train would be my recommendation.

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