/ 90 miles over 2 days circular route

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SteveX 09 Jul 2018

Can anyone suggest an easy circular 90 mile ish route, using a hut in Langdale for accommodation.

I am thinking we could set off from Lancaster/carnforth and head up via Kendal to Ambleside to Langdale then back via coniston or rusland, round by cark and grange and then silver dale ish.

We do not want too many hills, and 100 miles is a psychological barrier I do not want just yet.

Has anyone done anything like this. Or would we be best heading over Yorkshire way east of York.

I have not much experience of flat parts of the country.

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Rigid Raider 09 Jul 2018
In reply to SteveX:

You could start in Lancaster, take the train to Barrow then ride the Sustrans Lakes peninsulas route back. Not too hilly and passes through delightful places like Cartmel.

Y Gribin 09 Jul 2018
In reply to SteveX:

Are you set on staying in Langdale? If you want fewer hills then try the Forest of Bowland. Otherwise you risk only using the busier roads in the Lakes (to reduce your ascent). That Sustrans option looks good. 

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SteveX 09 Jul 2018
In reply to Rigid Raider: Route 700? Thats looking good, I will have more of a look. Thanks.


Rigid Raider 09 Jul 2018
In reply to SteveX:

I've sent you a PM

Hardonicus 09 Jul 2018
In reply to Y Gribin:

There's a few tough climbs on in the Forest of Bowland if you seek them out!

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SteveX 16 Jul 2018
In reply to SteveX:

Did The Bay Cycle route. Very very good, only had to push once up Bigland Hill, cripes =:-O


Rigid Raider 16 Jul 2018
In reply to SteveX:

In two days? Are you going to write it up?

SteveX 16 Jul 2018
In reply to Rigid Raider:

Who for? I suppose if it would help other people. That would be good. Yes two days. My legs are buggarooed. Still getting into this cycling ?

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The New NickB 16 Jul 2018
In reply to SteveX:

I’d be quite interested to hear about the route, I’ve done bits of it, but mainly at the Morecambe / Glasson Dock end. I’ve ridden Lancaster to Flookborough as well, but all on the main roads. Is it suitable for road bikes or is it a range of surfaces?

SteveX 16 Jul 2018
In reply to The New NickB:

We did it on road bikes with thin wheels https://www.decathlon.co.uk/triban-500-road-bike-red-id_8377759.html , 100psi. Some short sections of roughish path but not much, and caused us no problems.

Parked at Glasson and caught the 9am train from Lancaster to Barrow.

Cycled to start at Walney.

Called in at Roa Island for a Bacon sarnie.

There are some hilly bits here leading past gillaston mill

Lunch at the Buddhist Monastery.

Took the quiet lanes on route at the back of Ulverston, a bit of hill out of Ulverston, then one or two more then a sweep down to Grenodd, very nice, do not be tempted to ride down the A590, you will miss a good bit.

Bigland Hill was a bitch, but it was very hot and we are newish to cycling. At the top of Bigland you can see a thing on top of a hill, looks like a bench, we walked to this, it gives stunning views of the Lakes.

We booked a B and B in Grange, this quite tricky as most want you to stay 2 nights, but bigger hotels may be easier to find for 1. IME Grange is the best place to stop over, though Cartmel would be nice if you want fancy meals.

The ride then is much flatter, an article in the Guardian says the ride from Grange to Arnside is not worth doing, it is, its very pleasant except for 200mtrs after Levens on the A590.

Called at the CoOp in Silverdale to pick up a picnic and more water.

At Hest Bank we picked up the canal, with mixed surfaces, a lovely ride, BUT, we missed our sign to Morecambe so watch out for this.

After this plain sailing into Lancaster and onto Glasson.

Do not miss the Start/Finish sign at Walney for photo at the start. Or the Start /Finish just before bogs at Glasson for final photo.

My Wife to be found it  just challenging enough, but overall enjoyed it and will do something like it again.

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The New NickB 16 Jul 2018
In reply to SteveX:

Thanks, I know parts of it very well (my Mum lives in Hest Bank, my Grandma grew up in Cartmel and I have a cousin in Silverdale), but I hardly know the bit west of Ulverston at all. Was thinking of day trips out from my Mum's up to 100 miles maybe more, looks like I could make a nice route. Maybe go all the way to Walney and cheat a bit by getting the train or being picked up from Grange or somewhere.

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