/ any input on buy a affordable entry level road bike

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mick shocks - on 22 Feb 2013
Could anyone help me,I,m new to road biking but thought it would be a good way of getting fit.I have a budget of around 500 and have been looking at trek 1.1 2012 model or scott speedster 60,what do you think? I live near the ribble valley where there is lots of hills though the forrest of bowland and the trough of bowland where i will be riding mostly will 18 gears be enough?
rockandroad - on 22 Feb 2013
In reply to mick shocks:
18 should be fine, i started on 18 in the lakes and its not that bad.
I've got a cannondale synapse for sale if your interested? started on that but convinced the Mrs to let me buy a new Wilier so its sat unused now... PM if your interested.
Lord of Starkness - on 22 Feb 2013
In reply to mick shocks:

It's not the number of gears but the range that's important.

A compact (50-34) chainset plus wide (13-29) range 10 speed cassette will give you 20 gears, and be a lighter solution than a triple - however this may not be an option on most £500 bikes.

I use this gear combination and have ridden up pretty much everything that North Lancashire can throw at you in terms of hills.

With a budget of £700 you can get the most popular 'winter' bike of club riders in Lancashire -- the Ribble Winter / Audax model - and it's certainly better equipped in terms of components than the entry level Scott or Trek.

If Cash is an issue, Ribble do it on a 9 month interest free finance package.
Minneconjou Sioux on 23 Feb 2013
In reply to mick shocks:

I've just bought a "specialized secteur sport". It is an entry level road bike. Mine is the compact (no hills here) but you can get a tripple.

It looks like the dog's but I haven't ridden it yet as its still winter.
Jim Lancs on 23 Feb 2013
Get down to Decathlon at Bolton or Warrinton.

Decathlon (plus Ribble and Bordman at Halfords) are probably the best value.

Decathlon has the best service.
oxoman1965 - on 09 Mar 2013
In reply to mick shocks:Decathlons Btwin Triban 3 as raved about recently in cycling press. Use the left over money to kit yourself out with the gear you will need.
alasdair19 on 11 Mar 2013
In reply to mick shocks: just got a road bike for same reason, live near peak and discovered that My smallest chain ring is too big for My feeble legs! Didn't realise so spending 50 or so in new front cogs. Triple chain sets seem expensive. Check if the decathalon has a small.front ring.

U have a half price Viking from eBay. Also got someone to set it up for me cause I'm mechanically inept and struggled with the brake set up.

Decathalon is good and cheap for accessories.
Rigid Raider - on 11 Mar 2013
In reply to mick shocks:

I've got an "as new" Bianchi Nirone C2C in 55cm size for sale, which is an entry-level road bike designed for comfort on longish rides. Would suit a rider around 5'10", £680.00, I live just north of Blackburn on the Clitheroe road.
Rigid Raider - on 11 Mar 2013
In reply to mick shocks:

....and in answer to your question, yes, if you're new to road riding it would be worth getting a bike with a triple chainset because there are some steep hills around Bowland and the Ribble Valley. (Jeffrey Hill, Birdy Brow, Waddington Fell, Trough of Bowland, Cross of Greet, Nick of Pendle, Whalley Nab)

If you're looking for good advice, Richard at The Green Jersey in Clitheroe is an all-round Good Bloke.

...and yes, the Triban 3 from Decathlon is a great bike though the wheels are poor. Triban 5 is £499.99 and a little better in weight and spec but it looks a bit odd.

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