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 yorkshire_lad2 09 Jun 2022

[OT, but always find immense wisdom and experience here on UKC, and a UK'ers perspective on things is always helpful]

I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations of cycle touring routes (rails to trails included, don't mind a bit hilly either) in the area between Toronto and Ottawa (centered at Kingston ish): see e.g.

We have about 5 or 6 days to spare for a trip, around 300 miles (450kms) total (or a bit less), in July (the trip is tagged on to another reason for going, so taking the opportunity to do some cycle touring).  Preferably road or trail, not mountain biking.  Don't mind the odd night of camping.  Me & my mate have already done "Le Petit Train du Nord" and loved it, and something similar would be ideal.  A circular route would be nice (or linear using the train to return etc), and a visit to a local brewery or winery or two en route would be welcome

Any suggestions of routes or resources would be most welcome.  We've used the Route Verte ( info and routes before.


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Absolutely no local knowledge at all, but have you had a quick look on in their routes section? If nothing else it's eye candy and can give you ideas, but they might have something in the area you are looking at.

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Thanks.  That's provided some great ideas!

 dread-i 20 Jun 2022
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When I was in Ottawa a while ago, I was able to hire MTB's and we went into Gatineau national park for a couple of days. There is lots to go at, with some well made trails / fire roads. Looking back on it, we were somewhat underprepared for emergencies or getting lost, but it turned out all right. A hand held gps might be useful. Its close enough to downtown, so you could base there and cycle in and out each day.

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