Commuting camera - bullet, go-pro clone?

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I'm looking to get myself a helmet-mounted camera for the commute after another very near miss last week (car turned left across cycle lane w/o signalling).

Anyone got any tips for something that is going to capture enough detail but is cheaper than a go-pro? Not looking to review hours of footage but would be nice to have some kind of artefact should I need it.

Read a few online review summaries but don't feel massively more informed.


 LastBoyScout 07 Nov 2022
In reply to featuresforfeet:

I use a Veho Muvi K2 NPNG to good effect - look on eBay and so on...

 nniff 07 Nov 2022
In reply to featuresforfeet:

I had a veho muvi for a while - it did well.  I've got a Chilli tech one at the moment.  It's OK but low level light performance is not great.   However, battery life is about 2.5 hours

The best commuting cameras i've had have been the Cycliq ones - stabilised, good in low light, and good battery like.  But, you pay your money and take your choice...

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I think this thread just about covers it:

There may be other options available now - I went with the bullet cam recommended in the thread. They’ve been perfectly adequate but a combination of a busy life, laziness and an incredibly long winded reporting process has meant I haven’t reported the 2 close passes I encountered since getting them. I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect but cars do now appear to give me more room…

In reply to Tallie:

And this thread is even more specific!

I wanted cyliqs (12 for front, 6 for rear), but they seemed out of stock from every possible supplier..... And wasn't prepared to vest in a GoPro (yet), especially as battery life / memory space could be an issue for longer rides (although I've had a cyclist acquaintance deny this, and he swears by his GoPros), and anyone other that a wingsuit flier just looks like an absolute tit with a GoPro on the noggin. 

So to dip my toe I got chilli tech bullet cams front and rear, cos Facebook bombarded me with their promotions after I'd googled the market once, and they're only 40 quid....

But they're a bit shit. Audio is worthless, even stationary, cannot pick up loud conversation, and moving are a racket of wind only. Visually, definition is only enough to read a numberplate within 2 or 3 meters, and then only if it's hardly moving relative to you, so slow passes are ok, a scary fast pass - no evidence obtained. I wouldn't bother with chilli's. 

ETA: think I'm going to get a Techalogic DC-1 and just suffer the silly appearance on top of the helmet

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 wilkesley 12 Nov 2022
In reply to Just Another Dave:

I use my GoPro, but that's because I like to record my rides and I have a "plan" to edit and upload them as routes to YouTube. I have it mounted on the handlebar. Usually, I don't have it turned on all the time. It gets turned on when I go through some towns, along busy A roads, or where I want to record a section of my ride to make a video.

Most of my rides are on quiet country roads, which are narrow. I always turn it on if a vehicle appears behind me on my Garmin Radar. I don't bother uploading to the police. Most of my close passes are on roads in an area where West Mercia are the police authority. They have an upload system which is very awkward and they don't bother to give you any feedback or take any further action.

 bruxist 12 Nov 2022
In reply to featuresforfeet:

I'm using a Drift Ghost X. I tend to swap it about between mounted on the side of my helmet, or mounted on the underside of the handlebars next to the stem if I want a rock-steady image. Rechargeable battery last about 5 hours; I can fit 9 hours of footage on a 128gb card. It does loop recording (like a dashcam). I'm very happy wth it and if I broke it would buy exactly the same again.

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