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abr1966 - on 16 Sep 2012
Starting to plan a bit of a trip for next spring. I posted on here about a week ago for info about Lincolnshire but we have now decided to go to Norfolk.

We were thinkin of starting around Kings Lynn and heading towards Gt Yarmouth via Cromer?! Neither of us know the area too well at all and any info on routes/alternatives/good places to stay/good pubs would be greatly appreciated..

Jim Lancs on 16 Sep 2012
The north coast is one of he highlights of the county. Take your binoculars and there's limitless scope for bird watching. The beaches at Holkham (and lots of other places) are huge with skies to match. It's also worth the effort to get out to Scolt Head or Blakeney Point to see the seals and other wildlife / coastal geomorphology. You can only see so much from a bike! But there's also plenty of the valleys that run inland (Glaven, Walsingham) that are also worth seeing. Wells, all the (7) Burnhams, Blakeney, Cley, etc are worth a visit. Further east you then have the Broads, so plenty to see.

The only real problem is the 'coast road' is quite busy (around Easter - very busy!), so you need care to find the best ways of joining the points of interest together. There is a cycle 'route' that uses stretches of track and other off road options which can be handy.

Finally, springtime can also see spells of northeasterly winds which blow a misty fret off a very cold North Sea. Goes right through you.
abr1966 - on 16 Sep 2012
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nr on 17 Sep 2012
In reply to abr1966: Completely agree with the comment on Holkham beach - it's well worth the walk. Also, somewhere around West Runton is the highest hill in the county - on a national level it's not worth writing home about, but well worth seeking out if you're in the area. I have a feeling that it even made the Another 100 Climbs [1] book

If you've got a bit of extra time on your hands, keep on going past Gt. Yarmouth, and head on to Dunwich. It's beautiful.

abr1966 - on 18 Sep 2012
In reply to nr: bump.....any other info...?

Scott - on 19 Sep 2012
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Have a look on the sustrans website

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