Cycling waterproof opinions? Road and MTB use.

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I usually relegate my old mountaineering waterproofs to cycling duties. Current one I use for cycling is now a sponge.

Narrowed down to 2 bike specific choices.

Endura MTR available at £84 from £140RRP.

Decathlon All Mountain Waterproof Jacket at £90.

Does anyone have any real world experience of either jacket?

Endura weighs 215gms. No weight given for Decathlon.


In reply to Prof. Outdoors:

How long do you ride for and how often in lousy weather? I've got the cheap flouro yellow one from Decathlon if its really peeing down on commutes. Not bad at all for 20 quid but too sweaty unless really wet though. For mountain biking up on the moors in poor weather I'd probably just take a light walking/climbing shell stuffed in my bag but planning to not actually wear it. With a water resistant gillet on I find I'm comfortable enough in drizzle and so on. Of course a waterproof keep the rain out but when I'm cycling hard they all seem to keep the sweat in, so unless it's stair rods I tend to find not wearing the waterproof is the more comfy option.

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Thanks for reply.

My philosophy re waterproofs sounds the same as yours whether biking, walking or winter climbing. Waterproofs only in deluge. Warm and comfortable are priorities. Alpkit windjacket is most worn item in both senses of the word.

Cycling is mix of MTB, CX, road and currently a 3 mile commute. Rides tend to be 3hrs plus so would be good to have more resistance.

I think I will mail order the Endura one and see how I get on. Scottish company so always good to support UK.

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As about windproof outlier with fast wicking liner is what I go for when biking. No matter how heavy the rain.

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I've just picked up an Alpkit Gravitas waterproof for road biking / lightweight walking and I intend to use it on the mountain bike too. I've used it four times on the bike and one very wet day in the Lakes so far but breathability seems decent and it's kept me dry. Early days but it's certainly a cut above my old cheap and cheerful DHB wetproof. 

 ChrisJD 04 Oct 2021
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As an aside, last winter got totally converted into using Endura MT500 SPRAY-II MTB trousers for both winter-wet/night MTB and gravel riding in the Peak. 

 LastBoyScout 04 Oct 2021
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I have an Endura jacket (can't remember the model), made of EntrantDT fabric and it has no discernable breathability when cycling in it, so only comes out in a proper downpour as a last resort.

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I've been having this whole discussion with my wife, who now has a 7 mile bike commute, at least twice a week.

I said don't go for waterproofs, you'll just get wet from the sweat. She was not convinced, but has bought, from decathlon, a cycling poncho, to be used on top of her Decathlon cycling top when needed.

Are they a good compromise, waterproof from above at least put presumably plenty of air from below?

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Planet X website. Don’t know how they do them for the price

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Effective for a short cycle commute like that.

 LastBoyScout 06 Oct 2021
In reply to Currently Resting:

> Effective for a short cycle commute like that.

If you don't mind the wind resistance!

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It won’t be that often. So it’d be fine I’d think

 lpretro1 06 Oct 2021
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She'll still get wet in legs n feet due to spray coming up off front wheel and there is no warmth in them. When the wind blows it will be hard work if its a headwind in one of those. There is a reason why they are not popular amongst the majority of riders these days

In reply to lpretro1 and others:

Thank you all for your posts. Food for thought.

In reply to lpretro1:

We are talking 7 miles.  A commuter without mudguards. Well.

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