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 gimmergimmer 25 Feb 2023

I am a leisure cyclist- mainly road or tracks on a hybrid bike. As I've got older my hands seem to get colder. My gloves are either warm and bulky and awkward to use the breaks etc. Or they're thinner and colder-including some disappointedly cold cycling gloves from Decathalon. Reasonably waterproof, warm gloves wanted which are not too bulky-any suggestions.


 elsewhere 25 Feb 2023
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My winter gloves are altura night vision waterproof, about 26 quid.

One of my cousins uses usb rechargeable heated gloves.

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 DerwentDiluted 25 Feb 2023
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After a hand injury and the loss of a few digits I now mostly cycle, climbing is something I'm getting back to, but I really feel the cold now (the fingers go totally white and I lose all feeling or have hotaches constantly) so gloves are a pretty important bit of kit.  I've used a pair of 100% hydromatic gloves for a lot of mtb, gravel and road rides and have been really pleased with them so far. On rides in sub zero temps they do leave me cold but I've either used my mountaineering over mitts over them, or used a pair of lobster gloves, but the loss of dexterity is a bit alarming with my loss of fingers, especially on the road bike, so I often just suck up the cold and stick with my 100% gloves, which give me a lot of dexterity.

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 Bobling 25 Feb 2023
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I've got 3 pairs in regular use, fingerless thin ones for summer, full fingered and mildly insulated for most of winter (but not waterproof), and fully insulated and waterproof for days when it's close to zero, either above or below.  The mid level ones that seem to fit your description most are on a large online retailer as: Grebarley Cycling Gloves Full Finger Mountain Bike Gloves with Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Pad Touchscreen MTB Road Biking Gloves for Men Women.

I got them for my birthday a couple of years back and had assumed they would cost much more than they are listed for there!  Excellent as the right hand index finger on them is now worn through so I can get a new pair without breaking the bank : ) 

 DaveHK 26 Feb 2023
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 Wilderbeest 26 Feb 2023
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My hands were getting so cold I have had to resort to wearing 2 pairs. It works very well.

The skinny inner pair and then some large lightweight wind proof mittens from decathlon over the top of them.

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 fred99 26 Feb 2023
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I use some (really old) sheepskin gloves with wool inside. They stand up to the elements quite well, and are extremely hard-wearing.

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I think fit is so hugely important in gloves. I've got a maybe now 15 year old pair of MTB gloves bought from the Nordic equivalent of Halfords and B&Q all rolled into one. Because they are really spacious around the fingers they are really warm for being uninsulated. My main winter gloves are Decathlon ones, they are too long for my short stubby fingers but I need the bigger size for my palms and to not be too tight on my fingers. I can ride to work in them (40 minutes) when it's a bit below freezing and am fine for that time. I have lobster claw ones from when I lived in Finland, but found even there I rarely found them necessary. The Decathlon ones were a bit under 20 quid. I try to avoid riding in pouring rain, but if I know its likely to be wet, I have a pair of Aldi waterproof ones that cost a fiver and turned out to be great!

But overall, I think making sure you size up so they are not tight on your fingers is the main thing.

 Doug 26 Feb 2023
In reply to TobyA:

In the past when I commuted to work in Scotland I'd often wear my climbing mittens when it was very cold, or when not so cold, I had a pair of Dachstein gloves which were good - like Dachstein mitts, they were not waterproof but still warm when damp.

Now I live in the Alps & don't commute to work, my winter cycling gloves are (or very similar). Seem good down to around 0° & if its colder I'm more likely to be skiing than cycling.

 SFM 26 Feb 2023
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Anyone tried using wristwarmers and thinner gloves. I’m curious if that will act as a low bulk alternative to Wreck it Ralph sized gloves.

 Basemetal 26 Feb 2023
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I use Skytech Argon freezer-worker's gloves when it's chilly (sleet, rain, wind). I've winter climbed in them as well, but find them quite well suited to hands sitting exposed on the bars. Dexterity isn't bad, mostly because you can size them accurately and they have long fingers,  and waterproofing pretty impressive for a day out. Obviously they're in the semi-disposable PPE category, but I've been using the same pair for three years now,  for about £6. 

Edit: I should maybe add I'm prone to Raynaud's syndrome, and I also were wrist warmers (cut off merino socks) and this solution seems to work well for me.

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 Dave B 26 Feb 2023
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I was going to say deacthlon, but you find yours no good. I have the 500 series ones which seem to work fine for me, but you have to size up quite a bit to have room!

The 900 seem like them might be better.. However, if that's what you have, then skip this.

My friend has some rapha ones, and for someone with reynards, they work very well.. They were a LOT of money though!

 wbo2 26 Feb 2023
In reply to gimmergimmer: BD Punishers

OP gimmergimmer 26 Feb 2023
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Thanks for all replies. Realise my Decathalon ones are too tight. So will get some roomy ones. But more suggestions welcome.

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As a firm believer there is a screwfix glove for every occasion, I use these for commuting in the cold;

There are fully waterproof ones but personally find them too sweaty for riding (but ideal for Scottish winter climbing).

 NorthernGrit 26 Feb 2023
In reply to featuresforfeet:

For me I have some thin-ish gloves. I double these up with screw fix builders type gloves when it’s cold (as per the reply above- I find the dipped coating really cuts the wind from hitting the fingers and they stay dry in the wet.) I’ve then got a really thick pair for when it’s properly Baltic.

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In reply to gimmergimmer:

Have you thought about those reusable chemical handwarmers?

Not tried them but can imagine they might work with slightly thinner gloves.

I was out today with some chunky gloves which kept my hands warm and were not faffy with the gear levers but there were a nightmare trying to get stuff out of my back pocket and then empty wrappers back in while on the move.

 Jimbo C 26 Feb 2023
In reply to gimmergimmer:

I have some Berghaus powerstretch gloves that are reasonably warm for their thickness. If it's cold I'll wear my fingerless gloves over the top. Works for me as a compromise between warmth and dexterity.

 Yanis Nayu 27 Feb 2023
In reply to Basemetal:

I’ve just bought some of those for £8. I suffer really badly with cold hands cycling so I’m hoping they do the trick!

 orejas 27 Feb 2023
In reply to gimmergimmer:

boiled wood mittens (EDZ) work really well for me. They can cope with some rain too

 Stenton 27 Feb 2023
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Sportful Sottozero gloves have pretty much transformed my winter riding: 

 nniff 27 Feb 2023
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If it's raining, I wear neoprene gloves.  Endura ones at present.  They've lasted well and my hands tend to be as warm as the rest of me if it's tipping down.

The rest of the time, Castelli Estremo with some thin stretchy liners.  Not thin, or cheap, but not that bulky.

Warmest though are Decathlon wotsit 9000.  Very toasty.  And cheap

In reply to gimmergimmer:

> But more suggestions welcome.

If you don’t mind bulky look, my go to for cold wet mt biking are a Sealskins one 

Gone up in price a lot (had mine many years) but they are great for flexibility despite their appearance to control brakes, etc, the inner stays put even with wet hands so easy on/off, take loads of abuse, fully waterproof, etc.

They have primaloft gold insulation and are good for warmth down to freezing though forget the extreme cold in model name suggestion. Mt biking for hours in minus temps and fingers do get cold. I though use a silk liner at times and as they are the gaunlet version I chose deliberately I can put hand warmers in at the wrist where they are held securely for the really cold/long rides.

Watch out for Sealskins sizing which is or was way off; used to need to size up 1 or 2 sizes for some of their glove models. I went up 2 sizes for this one when I bought.

 felt 01 Mar 2023
In reply to gimmergimmer:

Worth a look. End of season sale, but all sizes covered bar XXL:

In reply to gimmergimmer:

Buffalo mitts, a few sizes up from what you might normally use to keep dexterity. Sorted.

In reply to The Potato:

I would second this.

I commute daily and when the weather hits negative numbers I use a pair of the Planet X lobster mitts linked above and they are great. Coldest I've been out in is -7 and my hands were toasty.

Very warm and give enough dexterity to be able to brake and change gears on a road bike. 

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