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Si_G - on 12 Aug 2017

Looking for hybrid upgrade suggestions.

Been riding a Boardman MX Race hybrid up the transpennine trail for a few years and as parts are wearing I'm looking at upgrades.

Any web site suggestions?

It's not an MTB or a road bike, closest thing is between a 29-er hardtail and a flat bar CX bike, but the tyre widths are odd (37mm) and the fork travel is only 63mm.

Or do I just save up and get a gravel bike?
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Stig - on 12 Aug 2017
In reply to Si_G:
a gravel bike or similar will be faster because of the geometry and the drop bar and because it will probably have thinner tyres, and likely lighter wheels as well. It sounds like a modern cross bike or gravel bike will be much lighter overall and so more fun than your current bike.

Drop bars you will probably find more comfortable on longer rides because you can shift positions.

Depends where you are on the TPT but gravel or cross bikes should be fine on a fast rolling gravel surface (and worse).

Loads to choose from but I think the Boardman CX is generally well regarded and Whyte seem to do good bikes. I would prioritise full mudguard mounts if commuting in the winter and on that count you may be equally fine with a winter bike - Kinesis are popular as winter bikes - I think it's the Tripster which is one of the cheaper ones. Also full hydraulic discs are great if you can afford it (you didn't say what your budget is) do quite good reviews (sometimes a bit gushing I think), as does Cycling Plus.

Good time to buy as it is Sale time on 2017 bikes, e.g. 20% off at Rutland. Depends if you want to risk buying online really...
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Casa Alfredino - on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to Si_G: It really depends on how badly worn everything is, whar spec you want etc. To my mind a boardman MX isn't a bad spot to start as they aren't the heaviest frames - not as light as a road frame for sure but that's not what you are after anyway. If parts replacement is looking extensive and you want good quality replacements, then a full replacement might make sense, especially if you need someone else to do the replacing. That said if you are halfway mechanically minded, doing it yourself can be immensely rewarding. I build out of ebay leftovers and end of bins to keep costs down but it takes research and knowledge.

That said, gravel bikes, cyclocross and monstercross bikes are enormous fun. Like mtb was when it first started. And off the peg, well theres definitely something great about just going riding without the faff. I love my Cotic escapade, but have seen great bikes from Pinnacle, Giant Kinesis, Genesis, On-One, at good prices which will provide a good platform. 63mm forks knock off the buzz of the trail, but are heavyif they are cheap forks and the negatives probably outweigh the positives. For me gravelbiking is about having a nice light, fast bike that is mechanical;y simple which you can have adventures on.
James Malloch - on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to Si_G:

I can't help with any recommendations but let me know if you intended to sell the bike as I could be interested. I've been looking for a decent second hand hybrid...
Si_G - on 13 Aug 2017
In reply to James Malloch:
I'd be keeping it as well!

I've upgraded :
the brakes to 180mm front disk and Shimano Deore hydraulics,
Kendra small block 6 pro tyres,
Spoon Charge seat (after the seat post snapped going over Woodhead)
and stuck in an eBay jockey wheel after it ate the original.
It's the SRAM X5 derailleur which is on the way out. It's a bit bashed and has the comedy jockey wheel frig.
Suspect the fork is the source of most of the weight, but I guess it keeps the front wheel on the ground.
I had been looking at an x9 cage and some wheels but got in a tizz about cage lengths, axle sizes and rim widths, hence the original post.

Did a 16mile/ 90min ride on it today, I reckon upgrading my legs is probably the best investment.
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