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andrew549 on 12 Jul 2013
I'm having issues trying to index the rear dérailleur on a bike its all shimano tiagra with a 11-32 deore xt cassette. It always seems to skip the penultimate gear when climbing up the cassette and then miss another on the way down.

I'm looking for any advice people may have on how to get this to work correctly.
nniff - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to andrew549:

Go to the Park Tools website and print off the relevant 'how to' guide. Provides all the information you need, but sadly none of the skill
quirky - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to andrew549: Make sure it is set up correctly! rather than me type out how to do it take a look on youtube.. plenty of good instructional videos on how to do it. The most important step is to ensure your high and low stops are set correctly.. then it is really just a case of tinkering with set up. Unless of course you chain or cassette or both are worn.....then your buggered until you replace them!
Justin T - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to andrew549:

If everything's set up right but still skipping as you describe could be worth replacing the cabling, sticky cables can make it impossible to get indexing to work correctly as they introduce hysteresis to what should be a linear system.
Captain Fastrousers - on 12 Jul 2013
In reply to andrew549:

I've had this problem on a mtg (deore xt); turned out the shifter was broken and and was 'missing' a stop (i.e. there were less indexed positions than there should have been). This was after a fairly catastrophic broken derailleur hanger.
Roadie_in_denial on 12 Jul 2013 - whois?
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Check that the cassette is fitted and torqued correctly, that the rear derailleur and hanger are not twisted and as has been mentioned above, clean and lube the cables.
Rigid Raider - on 13 Jul 2013
In reply to andrew549:

When did you last replace the cable outer where it curves around to the rear derailleur? They get sticky and rusted up and normal gear selection stops happening. Get your bike shop to cut you a new piece (two or three actually, for future use) and replace, while giving the inner cable a good clean and a light lube or fit a new inner. You'll be amazed at the deterioration in performance you've come to accept as normal.
andrew549 on 13 Jul 2013
In reply to Rigid Raider: Its a friends bike so don't know what it was like new I've had a look at the outers and they all show rust on the ends to I guess a new set of cables will be needed to get shifting back to normal.
Crofty - on 13 Jul 2013
In reply to andrew549: All of the above are good suggestions, one thing to check for which I have seen is the rear cassette has been swapped and has the wrong number of cogs, so your shifter may be an 8 speed and the cassette have 9 cogs (or 6 with 7etc), hence the missing gears.
More than likely cable sticking and set up wrong though. Crofty

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