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mav - on 16 Jun 2017

Anyone flown Norwegian airlines long haul, or at all? They have just launched US flights direct from Edinburgh, and the prices are temptingly low. Less than a grand gets me, the wife and the kids a return flight in August! I know that the airports they go to aren't right next to major cities, but that's not an issue. One of the destinations is 40 minutes train from where an old and very good friend now lives, and he is <3 hours train from nyc so the basics of a decent family holiday are in place. what puts me off is i'm not sure how budget their budget model is. 8 hours plus with kids means i want a bit more comfort and facilities than the red-eye to london offers!
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TMM on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to mav:

I saw the recent publicity about these flights as well.
The airport for NYC is in the Catskills. Apparently you can make it work very cheaply for you by making your holiday about the Catskills during the week when accommodation is cheap and then heading into NYC at the w/e when the hotels are cheaper there.
I've flown with Norwegian in Europe. No drama. Bit of bun fight on board as there was not enough space for all the carry on luggage and no volunteers to have their stuff put in the hold. Not much different than an Easyjet, Ryanair or BA flight really.
Lemony - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to mav:

We've flown with them a lot, only short haul.

They're easily our favourite short haul carrier, good prices without feeling like cattle.
mav - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to TMM:

Well it all sounds promising. (we were looking at the flights just started to Providence, RI, about 40 minutes train ride from Boston)
bigbobbyking - on 16 Jun 2017
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Flew to NYC from Gatwick with them a couple of years ago (at that stage they flew to JFK). Nice new 787 with entertainment the same as you'd get in any other airline. No free food, and no free hold bag, but that is clearly advertised in advance so no shocks there. I had no problems, I'd do it again without a second thought if it was cheaper than other airlines (taking into account paying for a hold bag etc).
nniff - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to mav:

No 1 son has used them for flights to Florida several times (work, not play) and has no complaints
Kimono - on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to mav:

flown several times Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale and have found them great.
They use the Dreamliner on this route which is a lovely plane and i also got a free upgrade to 1st class last time so am a happy customer
Dave B on 16 Jun 2017
In reply to Kimono:

Are the sandwiches more expensive in first class? ;-)
JuneBob on 17 Jun 2017
In reply to mav:

Norwegian as a flight experience is pretty good for a budget airline, but I find it suffers a lot from delays.
I thought I'd fact check it, and it seems my experiences reflect reality, Norwegian comes 39/40 for delays:

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