/ Partially ruptured quadricep tendon - advice please

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staceyjg - on 24 Apr 2014
I've been climbing and running for years, and took up mountain biking late last year, in January, during the monkey trail at Cannock, had really sharp pain in my right knee to the point I could no longer cycle, ended up unable to bend or bear weight, and on crutches for a few days. To cut a long story short, I had 2 months of rest before taking up usual exercise again but recently seen a consultant who's advised that he thinks I've partially rupture the quadricep tendon in my right knee, just awaiting an ultrasound before returning to see him.

My problem is, that in my amazement that he knew what was wrong within the first 2 minutes of the examination, I forgot to ask what exercise I should or shouldn't be doing, in case I make it worse. I've tried Dr Google, but no joy there, so thought I'd ask here in case anyone has experienced this issue before.

I've continued to bike, climb and run, but back off when it gets too painful and make sure that if its hurting to walk, I try to rest it when possible. The pain is just under
The knee cap towards to top of the knee when my leg is bending, or if I extend the leg.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

riddle on 25 Apr 2014
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Try a search on directory. The Institue of Sport and Remdial Massage produces some great quality therapists.

staceyjg - on 26 Apr 2014
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Thank you riddle. Much appreciated.
riddle on 26 Apr 2014
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Have just emailed you a contact based in Birmigham.
aligibb - on 29 Apr 2014
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sports physio all the way.
Static - on 05 May 2014
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Sounds like you need some rehab on that.

Depending on the initial tissue damage you will have had some scar tissue and muscle shortening building up which will make it likely to happen again.

I'm surprised the consultant didn't refer you for physio.

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