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mike_302 04 Jul 2018

Hi All. I hope the title has excited you.

Two of us, mid-twenties, planning a September adventure in the Peak district.

We don't care to use a car; coming up from Cambridge, so (I believe) our adventure needs to start somewhere like Chesterfield or Sheffield, where we can get by train; but we can bus inwards from there.

Here's the challenge: can you help us identify a cycle route about the Peak District, ideally not on-road, that has some campgrounds or camping pods associated with it? I mean, our camping concern is obviously weather. We would like to take up some basic camping supplies and stay where we can, but if weather doesn't permit, then we would take the most basic shelters available at any campground offering such a thing -- we're trying to do this on the absolute low-cost, hence going in September rather than August


balmybaldwin 05 Jul 2018
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What sort of bikes? theres some seriously narly descents if you want them, but you'll need a bike thats capable and luggage on your back rather than the bike, but theres plenty of easier trails that you get get by on a hybrid on panniers

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thepodge 05 Jul 2018
In reply to mike_302:

There's a campsite in Hope which is served by the Sheffield to Manchester train. From their you can easily access all of the riding in the dark Peak. 

Pick up a copy of the Vertebrae graphics guide book and go from there. 

Siward 05 Jul 2018
In reply to thepodge:

Lots to go at. I think perhaps you're best planning a rough route first and then investigating camp spots?

http://pdnpa.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=4f0d5bb8b6584b938581b7f96325b06e&entry=6 maybe?

Google maps can be quite useful if you select the Cycling tab, e.g. you can see the Tissington Trail here (heads North out of from Ashbourne) which is essentially a gravelled old railway line:



TobyA 05 Jul 2018
mike_302 07 Jul 2018
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Super advice from all! Thanks. I've taken it all in and done some evening research to come up with the following route: https://goo.gl/maps/hdh8p54Grg32 (out of Ashbourne, as Siward suggested).

These are ridgeback vanteo bikes with pannier racks -- hybrid bikes really, so I believe this series of NCN routes is suitable? Correct me if you think I've highlighted a tricky leg.

The plan would be to tackle this journey over 5 days perhaps? Short trips each day (10-15 miles?) but inclusive of some added hiking in between.

I've now started looking at places to stay along this path: bedsforcyclists, YHA -- nothing has really stuck out here yet, mainly because I was expecting the cost to be lower. On a weekday, min. I found so far is £30 for two people at a hostel (campsites are approx. the same). It goes way up on the weekend at a hostel. Can anyone suggest where else I might be looking, without having to trawl through google searches for "campsites near NCN 68" for days? Also, set my expectations straight for overnight costs along this route?

Thanks again!

JLS 07 Jul 2018
In reply to mike_302:

Personally, for the Peak, I'd be looking for a fixed base and just do a series day foray cafe rides.

Cycling without the burden of luggage is imho much more enjoyable.

I'd also bite the bullet and pay for a youth hostel. (Edale?)

If it does rain having a dry base to go back to will help with moral.

thepodge 07 Jul 2018
In reply to mike_302:

£15 per person per night sounds cheap to me, I'd be surprised if you find anything cheaper.

10-15 miles a day sounds very easy, especially along an ncn.

You're request of being not on the roads made me think you'd be mountain biking. 

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